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1. Brennan arrest coming soon?
Big revelations and new information have been coming out in the last few days,
both from DECLASS, both from reliable sources,
which infer that #SpyGate arrests are coming soon

listen to what Sen. Lindsay Graham said yesterday:
2. all roads lead to Brennan [CIA]
as the Mastermind of all the [5] Spy Operations against Trump.

the Brennan Spy Operations were approved by Obama in person,
and by his Nat Security Advisor Susan Rice.
3. shall we see the arrest of John Brennan by Sept 5 ?
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1. #News ~ America Is Drowning In The Left’s Lies About President Trump - Witch Hunt!!… #Trump2020 #KAG2020 #KAG
2. #News ~ "These People Are Morons" — Tom Homan Has Some Hard Facts For Google Employees Who Signed Anti-ICE Petition…
3. #News ~ Democrat New Mexico Congresswoman, Deb Haaland, Defends Antifa as “peaceful protesters” Same Day Antifa Violent Attacks on Innocent People in Portland Saturday…
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Thread on @GeorgePapa19, #christopherSteele, #JosephMifsud, #AlexanderDowner and the places where each of them either met each other or worked. My good friend @murraygilman & I were both in London at the same time this past May and came up with the idea to put together...
... a silly and serious @GeorgePapa19 Russia Colussion Hoax Tour, hitting the restaurants where he met Mifsud and Downer, where he worked, and for fun we added the office of Orbis to the tour, where Christopher Steele works. Murray and I love the whole #spygate story.
So we started out at the @AndazLondon hotel by the Liverpool metro station. The pic below are of the lobby and the restaurant and of Murray and I. Had fun imaging where @GeorgePapa19 sat with Mifsud and the supposed “honeypot.” Great food and a good place for a pvt meal.
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Poll 1/
What do you think will come first?

Major #Spygate arrests


Major #Pedogate arrests
Poll 2/
What do you think will unite USA and the world more?

Major #Spygate arrests


Major #Pedogate arrests
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1. #News ~ FTC Prepared To Break Up Big Tech
– ‘If You Have To, You Do It’… #Trump #BigTech #TechBias
2. #News ~ Democrat Congressional Candidate Dan McCready of North Carolina Says Opponent Lacks Faith In Public Schools - Sends His Own Kids To $18,000 a year Private School…
3. #News ~ Randy Constant of Chillicothe, Missouri, Leader of Largest US Organic Food Scam Ever Gets 10-Plus Years in Priosn…
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Several Investigations by OIG are no longer listed under "Ongoing Work" - this would indicate they are completed

FISA abuse
FBI Misconduct
FBI's Confidential Human Source Program
FBI's Covert Contracts

Link on 2/2

@almostjingo @watchful1
Including this here - interview with @jsolomonReports & @seanhannity

Listen to interview & then you will know why those OIG Investigations all wrapped up at the same time.

Thank you @g_occhionero for post

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Thread: Obama/Clinton National Security Transgressions 2009-2016: A Walk Down Memory Lane

1. There are continuing revelations that the Obama regime was running an illicit surveillance op against a Republican presidential candidate and a president.
2. There are best-selling books that are being written about the criminality. A forthcoming book by Andrew McCarthy could be a must-read based on excerpts recently published in a National Review article. Here is some of that article:

3. There really was a collusion plot. It really did target our election system. It absolutely sought to usurp our capacity for self-determination. It was just not the collusion you’ve been told about for nearly three years. It was not “Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia.”
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1. #News ~ President Trump: New Hampshire Speech Broke Elton John’s Arena Attendance Record

- Secret Service closed doors at abt 12,000 Capacity
- Thousands more people watched on large TV Outside… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020 #NH #Rally
2. #News ~ President Trump Rips Democrats for Calling Supporters NAZIS

"They look down upon the hard-working citizens who truly make our country run"… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020 #NH #Rally
3. #News ~ Pro-Trump Activists Targeted By Portland Stasi, Several Arrested, Warrants For Others - Stemming Back To Brawl W/Antifa clubhouse Cider Riot in May When Reporter Andy Ngo Was Assaulted… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020
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Thread of 21 notables collected over the past 12 hours.

Notable are not endorsements.



FBI Agents Raid South Austin Semiconductor Firm on Wednesday. Federal law enforcement spokesperson confirms agents were at Vorago Technologies on South MoPac Boulevard, but wouldn't say why. #QAnonRaids…

The Chinese were archiving and monitoring emails on HRC’s unencrypted private server. #QAnonHillaryClinton #QAnonChina

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1) A thread on Adam Lovinger, a little-known, but important player in the #Spygate scandal.
2) Adam Lovinger worked as a strategist in the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment (ONA) which is a think tank that looks 20 to 30 years into the military's future.

His job required a top-level security clearance.
3) Lovinger grew concerned over the ONA's use of outside contractors, cronyism and a revolving door policy due to analysts leaving to join the better-paid ranks of private contractors.
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Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos are scheduled to speak at conference organized by a QAnon supporter, and which features on its website an American flag with a big Q on it.
After months of egging on right wing sorta conspiracy theories of the "#Spygate" variety, and some apparent wink at crazier QAnon types, Flynn and Papadopoulos are going fuller Q now, for $.
Not the most convincing denial.
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1. #QAnon Is turnabout fair play? FBI spying on American presidential campaign? Now we spy on FBI? H/T to "Rusty Shackleford" who many believe is McAffe proxy. Drones capture #FBI/#NYPD boxing up #Epstein's computers on #PedoIsland
2. This thread continues anew taking up from where the previous #QAnon/#Epstein/#FBI thread left off:
3. "Screaming & shrieking" were heard "coming from #Epstein's cell early Sat morning" -CBS

a.) Hung men do not "shriek". It is anatomically impossible (no air flow).
b.) Do first responders "shriek"?
c.) Do ppl recognizing their murder 2B imminent "shriek"?
#QAnon #Q
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•An #FBI bulletin dated May 30, 2019 surfaces Aug. 1, 2019 calling out #conspiracies & #ConspiracyTheorist as being #DomesticTerrorism

•QAnon included…
•July 25, 2019 articles like this one by @RollingStone mocked #conspiracytheories, and their danger to public safety

“...and thanks to a hashtag, the baseless rumor likely has a whole lot of new believers”…
•Today as soon as #Epstein was found dead Twitter had 100 MILLION people making #Epstein, #TrumpEpstein, #ClintonBodyCount, #Clintoncide #EpsteinMurder TREND

•It’s a safe bet that the 100 MILLION people talking about Jeffrey were not all Conservatives/Republicans🙄
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(Judicial Watch vs DOJ OHR 302S 02107)
#FBI 302 Interviews with #BruceOhr302s on #Spygate Released To #JudicialWatch #QAnon

(Judicial Watch vs DOJ OHR 302S 02107)
#FBI 302 Interviews with #BruceOhr302s on #Spygate Released To #JudicialWatch #QAnon…
(Judicial Watch vs DOJ OHR 302S 02107)
#FBI 302 Interviews with #BruceOhr302s on #Spygate Released To #JudicialWatch #QAnon…
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I didn't get 'anything' done today-
But, I got 'Everything' done at the same time.
This young Independent, came on #ThePeoplesBridge very angry @ my @POTUS Message,
( I asked him where he saw the name Trump? He had 2 think about that one lol).

@POTUS He & I spoke for 1 1/2 hours, with Chicago looking on.
The Banners had long been packed away, but the honks & well wishes kept coming.
This young man noticed this, & my dear Patriots helped educate him about integrity, every bit as much as I did.
And I thank U 4 this.

Part 2)
@POTUS I spoke of Smedley Butler & Adm. Rogers.
I explained about @GenFlynn & 2 watch 4 exoneration.
I spoke of #Spygate and #Russiagate.
I spoke of 'coincidences' & watching 4 them, and mathematical 'probabilities'.
I spoke of #Chemtrails and the ending of them in HIS lifetime.

Pt 3)
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The Ohr 302s provide factual evidence that a legitimate coup was attempted against the President of the United States.

This is unprecedented. It must never happen again.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #SpyGate
@RudyGiuliani confirmed that John Durham has been spending A LOT of time in Europe.

Substantial evidence United States intelligence agencies outsourced spying methods to circumvent American laws to spy on our citizens without predicate and to influence a Presidential election.
As we know, Italy has flipped and is with @POTUS.

@RudyGiuliani drops Ukraine, UK and Australia also. People in Europe have been trying to get this to the FBI for a long time. This was a deliberate coverup.


#QAnon #WWG1WGA #SpyGate
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🚨 BREAKING - @JudicialWatch just released 34 pages of Bruce Ours 302's

@JudicialWatch Here's @JudicialWatch breakdown of what's in Ohr's 302 documents.

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1. #News ~ BAMM!! Wonder why all the attacks against President Trump!? Narrative Control?

SEX SCANDAL ROCKS FBI: Top Agents Under Fire For Reported Sexual Affairs with CNN Reporters…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump
2. #News ~ Insanity! Cory Booker Campaign Demands Trump Cancel All Campaign Rallies; ‘Inspire White Nationalist Attacks ’…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Incitement
3. #News ~ Jimmy Kimmel Goes After ‘Evil, Soulless, Old Creep’ Mitch McConnell After Mass Shootings…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Incitement
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Thread: News Summary from the Week that Was (28 July – 3 August)

1. As usual, the legacy media either skipped, obfuscated, or never provided the proper context and follow-up on a number of stories over the past week. Here’s my take on what they missed.
2. Let’s get started with some more #WINNING on the federal judiciary confirmation front. This is an YUUUGE Trumpian legacy:

2A. Instead of focusing on the reshaping of the judiciary, the liberal media and activists are focused on calling McConnell “Moscow Mitch.”
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1) This is my Q thread for August 1, 2019

Q posts can be found here:

Android app:

My Theme: August is a HOT Month
2) This morning, Q deleted all the placeholder posts from the /patriotsfight/ board.

The board is still operational but the catalog page is empty.…
3) There are no posts showing on the index page.…
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1/6 -
This is the precise moment I knew #TheStorm was 117% legit.

I watched the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony event #Trump hosted at the White House for Sen. Dole on 17 Jan 2018 & the #USArmy Band played a song.

This song. 👇 (queued)

2/6 -
It's an old song from a 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, but it's been recorded by many artists over the years. I just happened to remember the Ray Charles version.

So I checked, and was the same song.

3/6 The confirmation clearly expressed in the lyrics made the hair stand up on my arms & the message couldn't have been more clear.

✅ Keep your head up
✅ Don't be afraid, it will end
✅ Press forward
✅ Trust yourself
✅ You'll never walk alone/#WWG1WGA
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Let me get this straight:

Mueller’s law firm was working with State Dept. to get special permits from US Treasury for the Russian Uranium One bank during the same month that the FBI was working to get a FISA Warrant on Carter Page?

Why not, right?!

In case you are wondering... these are the things an “OFAC License” is for:

• Frozen Funds
• Travel to Cuba
• Agricultural & Medical in Iran & Sudan

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