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Everyone weapon will have an ASTOUNDING 245 camos PER GUN in #Vanguard!

Below I am using the STG-44 & MG42 as an example, each camo has its own ID Number. Doing simple subtraction leaves you with 245 camos!


There are actually 254 camo slots for each category of weapon, here are those images for the LMGs and ARs.

These extra 9 camos could include Mastery/CDL Camos, and some of them could even be ZM Camos!

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Looking at the top of this image, you may notice it includes the challenges for all the categories!

Type of kills needed:
- Crouch
- Assists
- Defender
- No Attachments
- Longshots
- Multi-kills
- Point Blank
- Reload
- Sliding
- Mounting
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Just looking at the release schedule coming up, I really wouldn't be surprised if Hazard Zone gets pushed to Q1 2022.

#Vanguard Release - Nov 5
#BATTLEFIELD2042 - Nov 19
#Warzone Integration - Nov 23
#HaloInfinite - Dec 8

Even if Hazard Zone is Free to Play and EA pay creators to play like they did with Apex, are those creators really sticking around playing Hazard Zone when Warzone is so established on so many FPS channels now? This includes the majority of the EA creators.
It seems like 2042 will launch with a good amount of content without Hazard Zone on Day 1, and from a few rumors I've heard, Hazard Zone might need a little longer in the oven anyway.

What do you think? I'd hate to see another mode buried like Firestorm.
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👁‍🗨 Resumen de la situación:

1- Las 300 familias más ricas del mundo lo controlan todo.

2- Estás familias tienen su capital en gestoras de activos tipo #BlacRock #Vanguard etc…

3- Estás gestoras son las máximas accionistas (dueñas) de la mayoría de medios de comunicación.
4- Estás gestoras son las máximas accionistas de #Moderna #Pfizer #JohnsonAndJohnson etc..

5- Controlan todos los organismos oficiales.

6- Controlan la práctica totalidad de gobiernos/políticos y dirigen sus políticas.

7- Los gobiernos controlan a las fuerzas de seguridad.
8- Los gobiernos controlan la sanidad y dirigen sus políticas.

9- Estas gestoras son las máximas accionistas y controlan las redes sociales.

10- Famosos, políticos, periodistas, influencers, epidemiólogos etc.. las voluntades de las personas se compran con dinero/favores.
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A ver, Pedazo de Papafrita, como te podés creer que los mismos tipos que han sumido a la #Humanidad en la miseria mas absoluta por medio de la #USURA despiadada, son los mismos que ahora te ofrecen la salvación definitiva? #BigPharma #Farmaceuticas @SonystyleCg @Ricardo93334602 Image
En serio pensas que les importas lo mas mínimo a estos seres #inhumanos y #amorales? Vos crees que los #FONDOSBUITRE propietarios de el liquido que quieren #inocular en tus #venas son dignos de #confianza? Image
En serio pensas que esto es una cuestión exclusivamente sanitaria? #HERMANO apaga 5 minutos la Tele y ponete a averiguar quienes están detrás de toda esta historieta, no es joda, nos va la #VIDA en ello. Image
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A gang of @NYPDnews officers swarmed onto a train, jumped on and tased a young Black Man. They accused him of fare evasion and many witnesses on the train, tried to explain to the cops that he did pay his fare.
The City Council has consistently failed the people. In 2019 the failed to cut $1 Billion and this year they gave the NYPD an extra $200 Million. We must remove every single establishment backed council member. #VANGUARD
This happened at the 116th street 2/3 train station. The NYPD has admitted that he paid his fare. The officers swarmed him because he taunted them. Wth? Fire them all.
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The Final Jigsaw in the Puzzle

🔸#Wuhan's #Chinese biological workshop where it was confirmed as the source of the virus that causes #Covid19 has a substantial shareholding of #Glaxosmith

🔸Which by coincidence owns #Pfizer

🔸Which by coincidence manages #Blackrock's finances
🔸Which by coincidence manages funds of the #OpenFoundationSociety (#Soros)

🔸Which by coincidence is the interests of #FrenchAXA

🔸Which by coincidence is the #German company #Winterthur that built the #ChineseWorkshop

🔸Which was accidentally purchased by #German #Allianz
🔸Which is coincidentally widely held by #Vanguard

▫️Who coincidentally owns a large proportion of #Blackrock

▫️Who coincidentally has shareholding in all major banks and together with #Vanguard manages USD14 Trillion investment capital
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The story of Black abolitionist Hester Lane features blatant racism and sexism. But it’s also about a subtler version of both: when you’re expected to choose a side because of your identity, and pigeonholed into what someone like you is “supposed to” believe.

Long thread.
Hester’s story is one of the most exciting discoveries in @marthasjones_' wonderful Vanguard - which is saying something!

Hester was a free woman of color in 1820s New York City. She was an entrepreneur, a leader, and a liberator.
Hester Lane bought the freedom of enslaved people - dangerous work that meant negotiating with southern slaveholders herself. She brought out as many as 11 people - she required them to repay her, which enabled her to keep the cycle going.
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Next up at #asalh2020 @AsalhConvention is a plenary featuring @MsLaToshaBrown @ProfCAnderson @cliff_notes @RepTerriSewell @Dr_JZ "The Ballot is Our Bullet: The Power of the African American Vote"
#citeblackwomen @BlackVotersMtr
.@harris_duchess is also here moderating. @RepTerriSewell starts off: acknowledges centennial of 19th Amendment despite all women not being included. Black women's participation threatened some. #asalh2020
Rep. Sewell: We must know our history. For Black women, suffrage history is one of great pain and great progress. Sewell is Alabama's first Black congresswoman. Represents Selma. Honors Barbara Jordan and Sojourner Truth. #asalh2020
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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The whole point of the ‘market’ -as we #Asutrians have been telling you for over a century- is that the prices formed by the countless interactions of our teeming humanity convey info of the best possible quality to help co-ordinate the most fruitful use of scarce resources 1/x
- the greater the nodes on that market network; the more individual needs and preferences expressed upon it, the better the solutions: the more enriched the ‘spontaneous order’ it throws up.
The scrambling of price signals by state lever-pullers is one evil we often discuss - 2/x
- what we don’t address often enough in financial markets (theoretically possessed of the densest and most widespread, most rapid, most frictionless networks of all) is the deadening effect of overconcentration and the move to oligopoly under which we are now suffering - 3/x
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#BREAKING #retraites

Des semaines que @gouvernementFR prétend qu'il n'est pas question de développer la #Capitalisation

Chap.2 Art. 64 du projet de loi : il appelle le secteur de l'assurance à généraliser le recours à l'épargne-retraite, ie la capitalisation

#Blackrock Image
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(1/3) #Vanguard, poco sospechosa de necesitar incrementar el interés por estrategias #DGI, se hace eco también de la positiva eficiencia mostrada por las acciones de dividendo creciente. Además, batir al mercado no es el objetivo del dividend growth investor, ni tampoco ser... Image
el inversor que toma las decisiones más inteligentes de entrada y salida, sino tener una estrategia clara y sencilla, seguir un proceso directo y sistemático, y trabajar con datos conocidos e información real que evite errores de valoración o caer presa de emociones dañinas (2/3)
(3/3) La info que ofrece el dividendo es muy útil, ya que es consecuencia real de otros ratios cuantitativos y cualitativos (causas), como p.e. su capacidad para generar caja, financiarse de forma prudente o mantenerse líder de sus mercados de referencia. Un fenomenal indicador.
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