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Exposed! The Nature Conservancy falsely promotes logging as a #climate solution. Stop #greenwashing the #forest industry!…

Follow the thread for details… Image
💰The Nature Conservancy's “mission” is to conserve the lands & waters on which all life depends. IRL, they promote #logging and wood products as a solution to the #ClimateCrisis.
💰TNC aligned with biomass giants - Drax & Enviva via the Forest & Climate Working Group.
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"L'Istituto per gli studi sulla sicurezza nazionale di Tel Aviv ha recentemente pubblicato un rapporto allarmante che avverte delle terribili conseguenze per la Striscia di #Gaza a seguito della crisi climatica. Il rapporto, pubblicato anche da Ynet, ⬇2
espone dati allarmanti sulle miserevoli condizioni della popolazione civile palestinese di #Gaza e suggerisce una serie di possibili misure per fermarne il deterioramento.

Il vero punto critico è proprio questo. ⬇3
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@rwritextinction You need to look deeper into this. In the past few days @ConvocaPe @pulitzercenter published a joint global investigation into the @RSPOtweets it is absolutely NOT effective in stopping #deforestation or handling #humanrights complaints - it fails.…
@rwritextinction @ConvocaPe @pulitzercenter @RSPOtweets A June report by @GRAIN_org @FOEInt @bmfonds @Global_Witness and many other NGOs throughout the world strongly recommended the @EU_Commission DOES NOT use certification as a protective mechanism in the #EU anti-deforestation regulation - it does not work.…
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Mitte Juni im #Klimanotstand: die Woche ist noch nicht vorbei, & in den Worten der UNO, wir stehen vor "hell on earth". Damit wir ob der Hitze, die in Schland herrschen wird, den Rest nicht vergessen, fasse ich das in einem 🧵 zusammen:

1. Hoch #Efim. 1/x…

Gezwungen sein, drinnen zu bleiben:

#TheNewNormal im #Klimanotstand: "Über 100 Millionen US-Amerikaner wurden aufgefordert, bei Rekordhitze drinnen zu bleiben. Solche Temperaturen könnten angesichts der #Klimakrise zur Norm werden."…

Tausende Rinder verrecken:

In mehr als 20 Bundesstaaten herrschen gefährlich heiße Temperaturen, von denen fast 100 Millionen Amerikaner betroffen sind. In Kansas sind Berichten zufolge Tausende von Rindern aufgrund der Temperaturen verendet.

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Upcoming at the #NaturebasedSolutions Conference, 5-7 July 2022 in Oxford and online:
Join Session 3 ‘#NbS in #NetZero: avoiding #greenwashing and supporting the #SDGs’.
Convenors: @OxfordNetZero
1/ Image
2/ The session will:
- address concerns on using #NaturebasedSolutions for #greenwashing, examine the evidence, & explore how to avoid this.
- scrutinise the role #NbS can play in achieving #netzero & in #offsetting, while avoiding negative impacts on #people, #climate & #nature.
Speakers include:
Convenors: Steve Smith, Executive Director @OxfordNetZero @CO2REhub.
@cecilegirardin, Director of Nature-based insetting, Technical Director @NatureBasedSols, Science lead @BiodivOxford, @oxmartinschool, @ecioxford, @OxfordEcosystem.
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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal took over @McDonalds in the center of Brussels and the Place de la Bourse for a #StopEcocideFood action.
We denounce the responsibility of @McDonalds in the ongoing ecocide and its links with #FactoryFarms of intensive breeding.
#Stopspeciesm #XRAnimal
#FactoryFarms are ecocidal enterprises
- #IntensiveFarming is responsible for over 60% of the deforestation of the Amazon and over 15% of CO² emissions
- This industry is responsible for 25% of soil acidification and 74% of the degradation of aquatic areas according to the @FAO
... #IntensiveFarming plays a major role in global warming, zoonoses and pandemics, thus endangering global health and food security.
However, multinational food companies such as @McDonalds, @kfc , @BurgerKing... are mainly sourcing from #factoryfarms.
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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal blocks #Viangro, Brussels' major meat processing site. We denounce the company's #GreenWashing and gov't funding of animal agriculture.
@DavidClarinval, it's high time for a transition to a resilient #PlantBased, #SustainableAgriculture‼️ Thanks to Brieux Van Elst a...
...#Viangro boasts about its progress in sustainability (e.g. new packaging) and presents itself as an #AnimalWelfare advisor, but in fact their suppliers are #FactoryFarms which sell products that are disastrous for #AnimalWelfare and the #Environment... Image
...The group's financial health has been deteriorating since 2013. Already benefiting from a 20,000 m² plot of land owned by @CityDevBrussels, the belgian government recently granted #Viangro a loan of €3m... Image
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Parte delle armi inviate in Ucraina finiscono nelle mani della criminalità e del mercato nero

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1/ @TotalEnergies' East African Crude Oil Pipeline is corporate colonialism in action.

We're unraveling the financial web of the world’s largest proposed pipeline. It's time to #StopEACOP & invest in a climate-safe future.

🧵 Who's banking on EACOP? ⬇️
2/ Canada’s #1 fossil fuel bank is bankrolling the EACOP pipeline – threatening drinking water of 40 million AND worsening the climate emergency.

We don’t have time for fossil fools: tell @RBC to stop investing in climate chaos now ⬇️
#RBCIsKillingMe #cdnpoli Text reading RBC has $25282...
3/ Just 15 U.S. pensions are heavily invested in @TotalEnergies & @CNOOCUgandaLt to the tune of $1 billion.

Urge pensions to live up to their fiduciary duty pensions must #divest for a climate safe future.
👉🏽… text reading "US pensi...
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HAPPENING NOW: New report on "Resisting Corporate Colonialism" unravels the financial web behind EACOP.


Tune into the livestream w/ leaders around the world to #StopEACOP & follow along with our live-tweeting!

.@AmyG_Standearth kicks-off grounding us in how @TotalEnergies' EACOP risks harming the lives & livelihoods of millions.

"This is not just a climate issue. This is a climate justice issue." 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
While @TotalEnergies & those attempting to push through EACOP claim it will benefit local communities, a majority of the fossil oil of the world's largest proposed pipeline would be for export.😡

#greenwashing #StopEACOP
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Here come the ESG scams.

Deutsche Bank and it’s management arm, DWS, were raided yet AGAIN, this time for misleading investors about DWS’s green investments.

#ESG #Greenwashing #GreenScam
Disclaimer: I’m not sure if DWS has been raided before, but Deutsche Bank has been raided multiple times, including again just recently, which was prior to this raid.
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A la veille de son AG d'actionnaires, @TotalEnergies multiplie les interventions publiques pour tenter de désarmer la critique citoyenne et journalistique, y compris en multipliant les mensonges et approximations volontaires.
Tout d'horizon rapide ⤵️
Ci-dessous, ce que @totalEnergies dit pour justifier explorer et forer de nouveaux gisements.

Ce que dit l'AIE : "il ne peut y avoir de nouveaux investissements dans le pétrole, le gaz et le charbon, à partir de maintenant" (mai 2021 - Fatih Birol)

Dans ce rapport de l'AIE (que l'on peut critiqué par ailleurs), il est clairement fait la démonstration que limiter le réchauffement à 1,5°C implique de ne plus développer de nouveaux champs de pétrole, de gaz ou de charbon dès 2021.
@TotalEnergies fait le contraire.
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#SriAgenda in 5min - #May24 9am CEST

Taxonomy CDA: Implications on financial markets and the role of #fossilgas in EU green transition "@Bellona_EU @ClimateBonds…

#fossilfuels #climatecrisis #climatefinance #greenfinance #sustainablefinance @andytuit
@Bellona_EU @ClimateBonds @andytuit there's a lot of #greenwashing in the financial industry, this is why there's the need for a taxonomy, says @ph_lamberts starting his speech

#fossilgas #fossilfuels #climatecrisis #climatefinance #greenfinance #sustainablefinance @GreensEFA
@Bellona_EU @ClimateBonds @andytuit @ph_lamberts @GreensEFA we need to block the CDA-Climate Delegated Act because we want a label that is reliable, we need reliable market infos, if we include gas and nuclear we're distorting the market, says @ph_lamberts

#climatefinance #greenfinance #sustainablefinance @marietouss1 @EleonoraEvi
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Je saisis ce jour le déontologue de la Région Hauts-de-France.

Le lobby de la chasse est tout puissant ici.

Je vous explique en détail : accrochez-vous, c’est impressionnant.


Dès le début du mandat, j’ai été surprise d'apprendre que le président des @ChasseursFrance, Willy Schraen, pouvait désigner une vice-présidente du Conseil régional @hautsdefrance. Choix forcément approuvé à deux mains par le président @XavierBertrand. #LobbyChasseursHDF
📌 J’avais déjà parlé de cette histoire dans un thread de juillet :
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Episode 5. Difficile de passer à côté de cette actu:
▶️La navette fluviale Metz'O, qui va être lancée prochainement sur la #Moselle entre #Metz et #Longeville.◀️

Pourquoi est-elle autant fustigée et de quoi est-elle révélatrice?
🔽#Thread🔽 1/35
Alors comme chacun s’en doute, il ne sera ici pas du tout question d’encenser cette invention.
D’abord, on va essayer de retracer l’origine de l’idée, comprendre d’où elle vient. Ce faisant on commencera à identifier des inadéquations.…
Ensuite vous pourrez voir pourquoi cette navette n’apporte aucun service nouveau ni n’en complète.
Ce qui amènera à la lecture politique, l’interrogation "mais alors pourquoi ?", les opérations de diversion à coup de gadget… Et constater qu’elles sont en fait très courantes. Image
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Komme gerade von der sehr lustigen Pressekonferenz zur Eröffnung des @MiradorGlories mit @tomassaraceno. In den letzten beiden Etagen des Turms in #Barcelona wurde heute eine seiner begehbaren Installationen eröffnet.
Unten gibt es auch ein paar Installationen. Da wird viel von #Nachhaltigkeit, #biodiversity, #Klimakrise erzählt. Sieht alles hübsch aus, aber natürlich fragt man sich: Ist das echt? Oder eher #greenwashing?
Hintergrund: Die Torre Glòries gehört dem börsennotierten Unternehmen Merlin Properties, Ausstellungsmacher @GrupoMEDIAPRO, eines der größten Medienunternehmen Spaniens. Was macht ein Künstler wie #TomasSaraceno dort, der zu #Klimakrise, Überwindung des #Anthropozän arbeitet?
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Une recherche de @greenpeacefr révèle comment les entreprises russes pourraient gagner des milliards grâce à l'#EUTaxonomy.

Ce greenwashing n'a aucun sens pour le climat & offrirait à Poutine de quoi continuer la guerre en Ukraine 👉

#MoneyForChange Image
Dans le cadre de notre campagne contre le #greenwashing de l'#EUTaxonomy, nous avons voulu savoir : quel serait le bénéfice pour la Russie si le gaz et le nucléaire obtenaient le label vert de l'UE ? Image
Même avec des estimations prudentes, les résultats sont sidérants. Les entreprises 🇷🇺 pourraient gagner 4 milliards d'€ de + par an grâce au gaz et bénéficier d'une partie des 500 milliards générés par l’expansion de la capacité nucléaire de l’UE. Image
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[TOUR EIFFEL – THREAD] Pour ceux qui n’ont pas pu tout suivre, voici un résumé des 3 derniers jours sur le scandale écologique et patrimoniale du projet #OneSite pour la #TourEiffel qui a rassemblé les amoureux de Paris contre la politique de #SaccageParis 1/
Tout d’abord, il convient de rappeler que ce scandale n’a pas commencé il y a 3 jours. Le monde associatif, les mairies d’arrondissements, les riverains et les agences environnementales tirent la sonnette d’alarme depuis des mois 2/
Ce combat a été également celui du mouvement citoyen #SaccageParis qui avait sorti un article entier en Novembre 2021 résumant les nombreuses aberrations entourant ce projet, cachées sous la novlangue et les photoshops de la Mairie 3/…
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Je ne sais pas ce qui est le pire dans cette vidéo. La vision d'arbres centenaires splendides qui vont être abattus pour des bagageries dont tout le monde se fout OU @egregoire qui justifie cet abattage.

Deja 20 000 signatures ! On continue, il faut montrer que le temps de #saccageparis est révolu !!…
25000 signatures 👏👏👏👏
#saccageparis Image
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As we remember the #Chornobyl nuclear disaster, we remain gravely concerned at the risk of another nuclear catastrophe due to the war in Ukraine, and we call on @vonderleyen and @McGuinnessEU to withdraw the #EUTaxonomy plan for nuclear & gas

When Russian forces shelled the #Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine in early March, it set off a blaze that was only just brought under control, and shocked the world…
Greenpeace condemned the Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in the strongest possible terms at the time. We #StandWithUkraine and we abhor all nuclear threats

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1/ New evidence coming from Georgia shows that so-called “Advanced Recycling” is just the plastic industry’s latest greenwashing tactic designed to mislead the public. Let’s unpack this false solution for this week’s #FacilityFriday @SenDavidWatters @NHHouseofReps @HowardPearlNH
2/ “Advanced Recycling” is a term coined by the plastic industry that refers to technologies that break down plastic waste into a liquid mixture. Industry claims that this material is used to make new plastics but that is a lie. It is ALWAYS burned. #FacilityFriday Image
3/This week, Brightmark was forced to halt plans to build the world’s largest plastic-to-fuel facility in Georgia after failing prove that its existing facility in Indiana was able to successfully recycle plastic using the same technology. #FacilityFriday
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Oh dear
2028hrs @AlboMP blows his bags abt the retired chief of #Energie Security Board, technically derelict & bereft #economic parasites much like South Australia’s @SAPowerNetworks, who talked💩about what we shld do when the wind doesn’t blow/🌞doesn’t shine

💥@Greens #auspol ImageImage
.. the people who engineered Australia’s internationally embarrassing (well let’s face it hideous & shameful) Santos/ @WoodsideEnergy “gas #transition” to fully #Renewable #energy (oh sorry net-renewable - ie. traded off agst false credits & offsets - in 28 yrs) are dogs #auspol ImageImageImageImage
DON'T fool WITH US you zombies: here's the @WoodsideEnergy declaration-of-war on the human race - enthusiastically supported by SmegMo & Bilbo Baggins' at December's @IPCC_CH #auspol
(@CA_Latest)(Bill Hare now on UN #Greenwashing guard-dog committee)…
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After quick reading @environmentca new Emissions Reduction Plan, two major (& predictable) blindspots have emerged. A short 🧵 #ERP #cdnpoli #climatecrisis 1/7
2/7 FINANCE: describes modest historical process, without providing any path forward for aligning financial regulations with #ParisAgreement for regulated finance institutions/crowns, mandatory #ClimateRisk disclosure, stronger capital adequacy requirements, mandate changes, etc
3/7 FINANCE: Under #SFAC, finance institutions are regulating themselves. Major Canadian #banks lobby against mandatory #climaterisk disclosure & are #greenwashing #sustainablefinance - major policy reforms are needed & are missing here.…
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