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LAST BATTLE: 8th-seeded Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) versus 9th-seeded Spotted Linsang (Prionodon pardicolor) #2020MMM
Our last #TeamDogsish competitor is the Red Panda, a small-to-medium sized carnivore (5kg/11lbs/23stoats) recognizable for its white face, red-ish back & long tail with red-and-buff colored rings #StoatsAsMeasurement #FLOOF #2020MMM
Red Pandas have round heads, large pointed ears, & their bodies are covered with woolly hair (even the soles of their feet!) as an adaptation to their cold, native climates at high elevations #MoreFLOOF #2020MMM…
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Fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox; seed 6)


Greater Grison (Galictis vittata; seed 11) #2020MMM fossa facing rightgrison facing left
A Madagascar exclusive (a la Vulpix to Pokemon Red) & listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN, the #FierceFossa is an awesome representative of the endemic Eupleridae fam that can get up to 31.5 inches or 2.4 stoats long! #2020MMM #StoatsAsMeasurement iucn range map: the fossa can be found everywhere in madagascar except the center
Coming up against the cool af fossa is the (admittedly neat cuz it’s a mustelid) greater grison! If you're lucky, you can find this 1.79 stoats long #GrizzledGremlin in a number of habitats in Central America & South America. #2020MMM #StoatsAsMeasurement iucn range map, the greater grison is found in central america and northern south america
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NEXT UP: #4 African Civet (Civettictis civetta) vs. #13 Kinkajou (Potos flavus) #2020MMM (And @PKurnath was a co-author of this battle!!! #Props #TeamAwesome #MyFirstBattle)
Kinkajous are brown, #Dogsish caniforms related to raccoons.They are uniquely adapted to living in trees: grasping with nimble fingers, reversible hindfeet & a prehensile tail from which they can hang upsidedown! #2020MMM #TeamDogsish
In fact, because of these traits, mammalogists originally classified kinkajous as lemurs! (They do converge with primates in their adaptations for living in trees and eating fruit!) #2020MMM #openaccess…
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FIRST UP: No.1 seed Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus) vs No. 16 seed & wildcard winner Pygmy Spotted Skunk (Spilogale pygmaea) #2020MMM
Our #TeamDogsish Pygmy Spotted Skunk is a #smol skunk, blackish-brown in color w/creamy-buff longitudinal stripes over most of the body. The genus name Spilogale is derived from the Greek "spilos" (spot) and "gale" (weasel) (Kinlaw 1995 #2020MMM
The Pygmy Spotted Skunk is @IUCNRedList vulnerable due to rapid human encroachment on their Pacific Mexican habitat, hunting, & predation by CATS AND DOGS! #IntraOrderCarnage… #2020MMM
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TONIGHT THE WILDCARD: Grandidier's "Mongoose" (Galidictis grandidieri) versus the Pygmy Spotted Skunk (Spilogale pygmaea)! #2020MMM
Galidictis grandidieri was recently better-recognized as a vontsira than a mongoose, but since we <3 our players, we wanted to make it easier to find research on them, hence the air quotes. #2020MMM [gif is man doing air quotes]
Often called the GIANT-striped mongoose, this black & light brown-to-cream striped Feliform typically weighs between 500-590g (an average of 2.5 stoats) #StoatsAsMeasurement #TeamCatsish #2020MMM
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