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Soeben erschienen: ein 3-Teiler mit @JannesvanRoermu über #Covidpass #Covidzertifikat Wir haben nachgehakt, Zusammenhänge mit #FunctionCreep und E-Id gefunden. @RecheckHealth hat einen Leak gekriegt um was mit unsere Daten passiert #CovidGesetzNein #CovidGesetzJa (1/)
Was #FunctionCreep von Innovation unterscheidet ist die qualitative Veränderung der Funktionsweise. Einer der möglichen Function Creeps für das #Covidzertifikat überschneidet sich mit der Agenda von mächtigen Interessensgruppen #Privacy #Datenschutz #digsec
Unterdessen behauptet @BAG_OFSP_UFSP das #Covidzertifikat #CovidPass sei nur lokal in der App der Smartphone gespeichert. Ein Leak und weitere Recherchen haben gezeigt: es stimmt nicht. #UVCI #transparenz #digsec >>…
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Just out: a 3-parts series with @JannesvanRoermu on #Covidpass #Covidcertificate We’ve been digging deeper in its links to #FunctionCreep and E-id. Bonus material: @RecheckHealth received a leak on what happens with our data when tested/jabbed #CovidGesetzNein #CovidGesetzJa (1/)
What distinguishes #FunctionCreep from innovation: it involves a qualitative change in functionality. One of the possible function creeps for #Covidpass #Covidcertificate coincides with the agenda of powerful interest groups. #privacy #dataprotection…
Meanwhile, in Switzerland @BAG_OFSP_UFSP claims #COVIDcertificate is stored only locally in the App on your smartphone: "Neither personal data nor the certificates are stored in a central system”. A leak and further research showed: it's more complicated than that #UVCI (3/)
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✅Zugang zu selbsterzeugten Daten (460)
✅Förderung v #Anonymisierungstechniken (462)
✅Strafbarkeit d #Deanonymisierung (463)
✅Rechtsanspruch auf #OpenData (463)
✅Verbesserung Datenexpertise öffentlicher Stellen (464)
#Forschungsdatengesetz (614)
#Forschungsklauseln (615)
#OpenAccess als Standard im Forschungsbereich (615)
✅Wissenschaftsfreundliches #Urheberrecht (616)
✅Nationale #Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (616)
✅Europäischer #Forschungsdatenraum (617)
✅Datenteilung: anonyme Daten für Forschung im öffentlichen Interesse (618)
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New paper warns of catastrophic loss of EU's birds. Net loss of 600 million birds between 1980 to 2017

That's one out of every six birds

#ornithology 1/12
In fact, 900 million birds have been lost during that period, but this is set against an increase of around 340 million in some species

The eight species showing the largest declines make-up around two thirds of this total decline & the same is true for increasing species

The house sparrow has been worst hit, losing 50% of its population - 247 million birds.

Changes in agricultural policy and management have driven declines, however urban populations are also declining which may be linked to food shortage, avian malaria or air pollution

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Not only the Quran has regional reading traditions, also Islamic prayer books in pre-modern times appear to have had them!

In a new #OpenAccess publication, I study the reading traditions of al-Jazūlī's Dalāʾil al-Ḫayrāt.

A small summary thread 🧵…
The Dalāʾil al-Ḫayrāt was composed by the Moroccan Berber Muḥammad al-Jazūlī in the 9th/15th century, and from then until today is probably the most popular Islamic prayer book. Any library that has an oriental collection at all, is likely to have several copies.
I stumbled on this topic utterly by accident. I was browsing through a collection of Malian manuscripts, when I stumbled upon this text (…), and I noticed a really odd feature... On the 2nd line, we see the word اكثركم "most of you", but that vocalisation
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Our @EnvSciTech #openaccess paper on respiratory aerosol emissions. We tested 60+ volunteers aged 12-61:
1. Males emit 34% more aerosol than females, on avg.
2. Adults emit 62% more than minors, age 12-18
3. Singing emits 77% more than talking…
4. Voice volume (as expected) AND exhaled CO2 are correlated with emissions, so....
5. Age and sex effects are attenuated if modeled w/ voice volume and exhaled CO2, suggesting indoor CO2 and noise monitoring are agnostic to demographic diffs - a good thing b/c #COVIDisAirborne
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How will climate negotiators deal with diminishing carbon budget for 1.5C?
Some thoughts from our recent @OneEarth_CP paper "#UNFCCC must confront the political economy of net-negative emissions"
Now available #OpenAccess for 2 months… #COP26
Basic problem is quite easy to understand. We're very close to 1.5C, and even if you think it's still possible to stay within the remaining carbon budget (<500 Gt), this would mean that every country needs to reach net zero pretty soon.
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Misinformation spreads rapidly online. In response, Facebook & @Twitter have suggested using ordinary users as fact checkers. But our new #OpenAccess article, in the inaugural issue of @journalsafetech, finds this is likely not a viable solution 1/… Image
Ordinary users -- and machine learning models based on information from those users -- cannot effectively identify false and misleading news in real time, compared to professional fact checkers, according to our experiment. 2/
In the study, each day 90 Americans and six professional fact checkers (PFCs) evaluated the veracity of a sample of news articles. We collected 12,883 evaluations across 135 articles. 3/
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Hello, it's me. How #openaccess are you?
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to know.
It has become easy thanks to the app developed by @snsf @Dimensions @unpaywall
A tutorial thread – please retweet
1/8 Image
Hello. Now get your report in three steps:
1.Enter your name and get the list of researchers
2.Click on the person with your affiliations
3.Request the report by entering your email address
2/8 Image
The report will be sent to you within a few minutes, particularly on a Sunday evening, as an attachment.
Let’s have a look at it.
3/8 Image
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Ayer tuvo lugar el primer @TEDxUValencia organizado por alumnos d la @UV_EG en el q participé con la charla "Cómo publicar Ciencia y no morir en el intento". Os hago un resumen hasta q tengamos la grabación 1/9 🧵 Image
En la actualidad se publican más d 6 millones d artículos científicos al año. Esto q puede ser indicativo del enorme avance científico plantea la duda d si ¿realmente todos estos artículos tienen suficiente rigor científico? 2/9 Image
Al principio los científicos mantenían relaciones epistolares, d entre las más famosas se encuentra la correspondencia que mantuvieron #DarwinWallace acerca d la variación y la distribución d las especies y q contribuyó significativamente a elaborar la #TeoríaDeLaEvolución 3/9 Image
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In honour of the #Hernia2021 congress hosted by the BJS strategic partner @eurohernias, here is a thread of recent hernia-related BJS papers.
European Hernia Society guidelines on management of rectus diastasis #rectusdiastasis #Hernia2021 #Hernia…
Reporting guideline for interventional trials of primary and incisional ventral hernia repair #OpenAccess #Hernia2021 #Hernia #VentralHernia…
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219 Seiten - so lange ist das Urteil des #Bundesverwaltungsgericht im #FTTH #Glasfaser Streit. Ich habe mit lesen begonnen und werde in diesen #Thread ein paar Kommentare posten. ⬇️

Das Urteil samt Zusammenfassung befindet sich auf der Website des #BVGER:…
Als Hashtag für diesen Thread verwende ich #P2PvsP2MP.
Eine gute Zusammenfassung samt Videobeitrag von 10vor10 befindet sich auf der Website von SRF:… #P2PvsP2MP
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📢New article alert! What does international law say about leaving #fossilfuels in the ground to meet the #ParisAgreement #climate goals? And how could it evolve to do so? I explore these questions in a new #OpenAccess article in @ESG_Journal…🧵
Some background: as a recent @Nature piece by @st_pye & others shows, if we want to keep below 1.5C, large parts of fossil fuel reserves (oil: 58%, gas: 59%, coal: 89%) are 'unextractable'… (2/n)
This message also emerges from the annual #ProductionGap report (heads up: the next one is coming in 2 weeks!) by @SEIclimate @IISD_news @UNEP & others: we need to start winding down production *now* to keep global #climate goals within reach @mlaz_sei @_aploy @SEI_Erickson (3/n)
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We all have the intuition that our brain makes us unique.

In our new article published today in @NatureComms, we show that seconds of brain activity captured w/ ms temporal resolution are sufficient to differentiate b/w individuals over weeks, months & even years. 1/ Image
The project started when @neurohazardous visited @misicbata & myself in 2018 for an internship sponsored by the @NSERC_CRSNG CREATE program for Complex Dynamics in Brain & Behavior in the context of his Masters at @McMasterU. 2/
@neurohazardous was interested in mining large datasets of electrophysiological resting state activity to discover markers of complex behavior. 3/
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In "From Populism to Climate Scepticism", @Robert_A_Huber, @estherGreussing, & I show that there is more than ideology that connects populist citizens & climate sceptic beliefs 🌍. Out now in @Env_Pol. 👀 #OpenAccess
Full paper here:…
We argue that, beyond political ideology, populist attitudes affect climate attitudes through two distinct channels that are linked to the ideational core of populism, namely institutional trust & attitudes towards science.
Our argument: (1) Pol institutions are the central actors in implementing climate policy. Individuals who distrust these institutions are more sceptical about climate change.
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With Elsevier's @paul_abrahams stating a rejection rate over all Elsevier journals of ~77%,

we can use this figure to calculate Elsevier's publishing costs using the available market rates for publishing services:…
Assuming Elsevier publishes at least as efficiently as the companies that are on the record with such costs, the figure comes to lie at US$574.74 per article (in our scenario B), i.e., very close to the estimated average per-article publishing costs for the industry:

If Elsevier's revenue per article also were to clock in at the industry-average of around US$4,000, then each article would provide Elsevier with about US$1,200 in profits, given their posted profit margins of just above 30%.
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'FOLLOW FOR NOW, Vol. 2: More Interviews with Friends and Heroes' is now available from @punctum_books!

Get a pretty paperback or open-access .pdf here:…

#OpenAccess #ScholarLedOA #OABooks #culture #interviews #hiphop Image
@punctum_books A lengthy discussion between @kodwoeshun and @GreatDismal from 1996.

The finale to FOLLOW FOR NOW, VOL. 2 from @punctum_books.

Get a pretty paperback or open-access .pdf here:…

Illustration by me. Image
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1/7 #SeaTurtleTalks

"Stranded turtle bones reveal divergent life-history characteristics for critically #endangered #hawksbill #seaturtles inhabiting US waters"

Sometimes🐢wash ashore (strand) dead. Let's talk about what their🦴can tell us about their past life. #TurtleTuesday
Global #hawksbill pops. declined >80% in the past 100yr. Study of immature🐢was recently identified as🌎priority. Hawksbills typically inhabit🌴coral reefs but juveniles also forage in subtropical US waters➡️Texas & Florida. Yet, little is known about their ecology in the US
To address this knowledge gap, we studied the growth layers, #stableisotopes & #traceelements in the🦴of 94 US-stranded turtles (1989–2012). This led to new data on:
1⃣ stage duration (oceanic vs. neritic)
2⃣ size-at-age relationships
3⃣ age-at-maturation
4⃣ growth rates
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After a quick break, I’m back tweeting at the second concurrent session, Holistic Care. Chaired by @IlsaHampton @Pall_Care_Aus #21OPCC
@IlsaHampton @Pall_Care_Aus .@deb_rawlings from Flinders Uni Research Centre for #PalliativeCare, Death & Dying, is first up talking about the role of death Doulas. #21OPCC
@IlsaHampton @Pall_Care_Aus @deb_rawlings Background research findings about the role of Death Doula = regulated but not registered role, may be in a voluntary or paid role #21OPCC
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If someone you love has a serious medical event or injury, do you want them to be cared for by someone who has experience, expertise, pride & satisfaction in their role? Our #openaccess paper will be of interest to you. A thread [1/6]…
Published #openaccess today, we report high burnout & low wellbeing from a survey of 1,372 staff working across 22 New Zealand Emergency Departments [2/6] @acemonline @NursingCENNZ #FOAMed…
Burnout was highest amongst nurses. ED nurses have been sounding the alarm throughout 2021, reporting understaffing, overcrowding & a mass exodus from ED nursing roles [3/6]…
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Our paper on mask filtration is out!
And it's #OpenAccess.
Filtration Performance of Layering Masks and Face Coverings and the Reusability of Cotton Masks after Repeated Washing and Drying.…
Two key results from this paper:
1. Doubling up a cloth mask over a surgical mask works better than using just one mask, EXCEPT if the surgical mask has an electrostatic layer.
If you are using an electrostatic mask, there is no point adding a cloth mask over it.
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🚨New #OpenAccess Article 🚨

New review article highlighting key points in fluid resuscitation for septic patients, on the wards or perhaps on the verge of needing ICU.

I admit, not without agenda (⬇️fluid overload)

Freely available through Sept 2:…
A few editorial points:

Most of the evidence presented involves critically ill patients, but the lessons shouldn’t much differ if you have a hypotensive/malperfused patient on the wards.

Without the benefit of vasopressors, it’s difficult to determine how to safely resuscitate
We advocate for a hemodynamically-targeted approach to fluid resuscitation. It’s difficult to assess fluid responsiveness in the ICU, moreso on the wards.

(Proposed approach, not prospectively validated)
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NEW PAPER out in @naturesustainab w/ #OpenAccess for 30 days!!!

We identify six modes to co-produce knowledge, action & change for sustainability + their unique benefits & risks! 👉…

Deeply thankful to the inspiring team of 42 behind this work!!! THREAD👇
1/ We systematically mapped differences in how 32 initiatives from six continents co-produce diverse outcomes - knowledge, reframing, networks, practices, policies, institutions, etc. – to foster more sustainable social-ecological relations at local to global scales.
2/ This analysis was itself co-produced over 3 years by 42 scholar practitioners involved in leading and/or researching these initiatives. We came together to critically reflect on and learn from our commonalities & differences.
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ICYMI here's a 🧵of titles on our Summer #TibetReadingList which we published last week - you can see the whole list on our website too!… Image
First in our broadly categorised #Buddhism section on #TibetReadingList is "Under the Shadow of White Tara: #Buriat Buddhists in Imperial #Russia" by Nikolay Tsyrempilov published in May 2021 by the @FSchoeningh Publishing House.

Available on Amazon here: Image
Published by @OxUniPress in April 2021, “The Dalai Lama and the #Nechung Oracle” by Christopher Bell offers the most sustained discussion and history of the Nechung Oracle to date #TibetReadingList

Available on Bookshop here:… Image
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