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Why do people associate "cracking" exams as some marker of intellect?

Mugging up the same set of trivia, tricks and patterns every year that hardly change in a limited time window makes you smart? How?

What's your original contribution there?
You're simply regurgitating patterns of problem solving along with trivia that you mugged up?

How is your creativity being channeled?

invention and society-wide adoption of concept of competitive exams, tests still baffles me.

Like seriously what conditions a society to accept creating a hierarchy around speed of someone's understanding of a concept under a time window & then gatekeeping access to knowledge
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How can carbohydrate metabolism be measured during exercise?


New #openaccess review by @AndyJKing & I in @IJSNEMJournal

Hopefully a useful resource for people researching & reading about exercise metabolism 👩‍🔬📖

A summary🧵1/12…
What are isotope tracers?

Molecules where certain elements (e.g. Carbon) differ in some ways (mass) but less so in others (function)

This means we can distinguish between "label" and naturally occurring molecules, whilst the label behaves similarly to the natural molecule
Molecules (e.g. glucose) can be labelled in different ways.

e.g. just one carbon could be labelled (13C) in a specific position

or all the carbons could be labelled (13C), known as uniformly or universally labelled (U-13C)
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Before it became Merriam-Webster’s 2022 word of the year, I knew “gaslighting” was a good word for my book: Chapter 7, “How Judges Gaslight Domestic Violence Victims in Divorce Trials”…
#2 “Profoundly at odds with the legal meaning of domestic violence and female abuse victims’ own understandings of what brought them to court were the revisionist, gaslighting narratives of their husbands, their family members, and judges.”
#3 “Judges discursively transformed what plaintiffs understood as intolerable and unlawful abuse constituting grounds for divorce into innocent misunderstandings and mistakes on the part of caring husbands, and in so doing gaslighted plaintiffs…
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1/ MBIE has just announced a new #openaccess policy: all peer-reviewed articles + conf proceedings arising from their funding must be open. What does this mean for researchers? Read on for a summary of the new policy.
2/ The policy takes effect from 1 January 2023. There are two compliant pathways: 1. Journal based (Gold) or repository based (Green). Importantly, this means authors will not be required to pay for OA at fee-charging journals - they can upload to a repository instead.
3/ Lets dive into these a bit more. If authors opt for the gold route, they will be required to publish in a fully OA journal which makes thier work open immediately on publication. I believe this excludes 'hybrid' journals which publish a mix of closed and open content.
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When I give talks on Zoom, I try to get a copy of the chat transcript to see reactions. Here are some examples from book talks I’ve given over the past year. #DomesticViolence
- “…This is so fucked up…”
- “what a joke” 也太搞笑了
- “my blood pressure has risen” 血压上来了
- “God, so sad” 天,好难过
- “So hopeless…it’s like this and you still can’t get divorced” 好绝望……这样还不让离婚嘛
- “Truly horrible, this is always the logic of denying divorce petitions” 真的太惨了,不判离婚的逻辑永远都是那一套
- “the plight of women is always ignored” 女性的处境始终是视而不见
- “beating up your wife and kids is no problem, much less beating up a judge” 打老婆孩子都能下得了手,打法官更不在话下
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I ugly cried when I first read this email from my book publisher @EileenAJoy about Alternative Historiographies of the Digital Humanities, upon learning that my book with @dorothyk98 won the @AmerStudiesAssn #digitalhumanities book award: a thread 🧵
The recognition with the prize has been really healing. The toxicity of my field caused me a lot of mental health stress and started a debilitating depression.
Because I called out the racism of the digital humanities, senior white members of the field blackballed me and said I was toxic, warned junior colleagues no one would ever publish again if they worked with me. This was part of the reason why I left.
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Incredibly happy to have this paper out! We demonstrated that cocaine exposure affects gut microbiota composition and that this compositional change modulates neurobehavioral plasticity:… @cellhostmicrobe #gutbrain #microbiome #OpenAccess
A long thread😅
Thanks to all the co-authors! @pauburdisso and of course @VanessaSperand2. Also, the twitterless Amir Segev and Said Kourrich. @TheEllermannLab and @AGJimenezLopez thanks for all the feedback!
Cocaine and other psychostimulants act by blocking catecholamine reuptake. Citrobacter rodentium is a mouse γ-Proteobacteria that can sense host norepinephrine to colonize the gut, inducing dysbiosis.
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Now that we have BCMA directed CAR-Ts (ide-cel, cilta cel), ADC (belantamab), & bispecific (teclistamab) how do we approach refractory myeloma?👇

For triple class refractory, its either alkylator based or BCMA directed therapy. For penta class refractory, some options promising.
One possible future option besides bispecifics targeting something besides BCMA (cevostamab and talquetamab) is GPRC5D targeted CART therapy.…
Here is a slide with current active myeloma treatments and their mechanism of action. #MedTwitter @MayoMyeloma
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"#Emergence, #SelfOrganization, & #Complexity"

🧵 In today's SFI Seminar, Visiting Scholar @cgershen presents the second in his series of talks on core concepts in #ComplexSystems science, streaming now:

"In high school #physics class you are taught that with the initial conditions of a system, you can predict its future states. In #complexity, this is not means #reductionism is not appropriate, #Platonism is not appropriate..."
- @cgershen
"You can see a layer of circuits computing something. What is it computing? Itself. In a 248x248 array, you can program the #GameOfLife inside the game of life. Computers allow us to explore #Complexity, and it's no surprise complexity became a science in the 1980s."
- @cgershen
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Anarchist Studies 30.2 is out now!

Featuring 4 original articles:
* Frank Jacob, 'An Anarchist Has to Live off Something: Emma Goldman as a Capitalist Publicist'
* Spencer Beswick, 'From the Ashes of the Old: Anarchism Reborn in a Counterrevolutionary Age (1970s-1990s)'

(1/3) Image
* Nora Ziegler, 'Power Relations in Grassroots Organising: An Anarchist Dialectics'
* Brian Morris, 'Remembering Murray Bookchin (1921-2006): Dialectical Naturalism'

The issue also features 14 book reviews.

For #OpenAccess articles, including 'Power Relations in Grassroots Organising', see here:

For subscription info:

Want to submit an article to the journal? See here:

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HERE WE GO AGAIN. After the recent acquisition of Knowledge Unlatched and Hindawi by Wiley (and remember bepress anyone?!), it is now time for @ubiquitypress to be gobbled by another big for-profit player, De Gruyter for an "undisclosed sum."… 1/
It is becoming a pattern that open infrastructure providers are scooped up by for-profit
"data services/analytics" companies (these are no longer "publishers") as they *rightly* perceive that the threat to their ongoing feasting on public subsidies is open infrastructure. 2/
Ubiquity provides services to many OA publishers and journals, and e.g. does a lot of backend work for @openlibhums. Naturally, De Gruyter says that Ubiquity will remain "independent" but we all know how that goes. Such acquisitions threaten core operationality of #OpenAccess 3/
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1. Good morning 👋
Tuesdays 🧵Given that most of #Mayo has #Peat soil, it should come as no surprise that the water flowing through the Burrishoole catchment is full of #Carbon, giving the rivers and lakes their typical brown, dark colour
📸credit G. Rogan & J. Cooney Altahoney river Lough Feeagh and a harbour
2. There’s nothing particularly special about Lough Feeagh. It’s a fairly typical, deep, #Humic lake (45m deep), similar to many lakes that you find in all the mountainous regions along the west coast. It’s a pretty nice place to work
3. The impacts of #ClimateChange & #LandUse that we measure in Feeagh, therefore, are likely to be replicated in lakes in any of Ireland’s blanket bog catchments (to varying degrees). We'll look at #LandUse change 1st, and how it impacts rivers and downstream aquatic ecosystems
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🥳 Excited to see this out in @Journal_Of_Comm: in this paper, @BoyerMing, @solecheler, Loes Aaldering, (@VU_PSPA) and I test the effects of politicians' disinformation accusations (including or excluding the phrase "fake news") against news media 🧵👇
@polcom_vienna @IPKW_univie
We exposed participants to a fictional politician’s Twitter page. In both experimental conditions, the tweets contained disinformation accusations: Condition 1 included the phrase “fake news,” and Condition 2 did not.
1) We find that exposure to disinformation accusations reduces specific media trust (trust in the accused news outlet) and the perceived accuracy of the discredited news message.
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🚨Paper Alert🚨

Marine protected areas #MPAs are increasingly promoted as #ocean-based #solution to #ClimateChange, but their contribution to climate change #adaptation and #mitigation remains contentious. Our meta-analysis of 22,403 papers brings clarity. Link below.

🙈Spoiler alert🙉

#FullyProtected #MPAs can can significantly enhance:

©️ carbon sequestration
🌊 coastal protection
🐟 biodiversity
🐡 reproductive capacity of marine organisms
🎣 fishers’ catch
💰 fishers’ income

We identified the potential “climate pathways” through which #MPAs could contribute to #ClimateChange #mitigation and #adaptation. First along mitigation and adaptation dimensions, and then distinguishing among #ecological and #social dimensions of adaptation.

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Just out #openaccess in @PRXjournal : my IMHO so far best text on #farright #protest #rituals in #Germany during & beyond pandemic 🥳 It deals with the puzzle of #movement persistence from an #ethnographic perspective (1/5)…
I argue that the ritualization of #protest is strongly linked to #movement persistence. Basically: when participants believe in the deeper sense of the protest #ritual, they take to the streets despite a lack of both resources & external triggers (2/5)
I draw on my by now >2y #fieldwork in the #German #farright #noPegida that survives in #Dresden for already 8y against all odds (in fact they happen to demonstrate tonight for sth like an “anniversary” - my take on earlier versions…) (3/5)
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TBI SAH - diagnosis and management #LIVES2022
Pathophysiology of t-SAH and grading system #LIVES2022
Here we go - recommend use of #neuro #pocus to help guide management of t-SAH @chiara_robba @aartisarwal @ManniWaraich
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🚨New paper alert🚨
"Studying Mental Health Problems as systems, not syndromes"
is now published #OpenAccess in Current Directions.

I'll summarize the paper briefly here. ⬇️… Image
In the paper, I describe 2 barriers to progress that our field has not sufficiently grappled with.
Barrier (1): diagnostic literalism, i.e. mistaking mental health (MH) problems a person has with the diagnosis a person receives.

In short: MH problems ≠ diagnoses.
This becomes obvious when you look at the history of the DSM, which I briefly sketch in the paper. Diagnoses were meant as rough clinical proxies. They are not the kind of things that lend themselves well to e.g. biomarker discovery, or one-size-fits-all treatments.
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Marc Schiltz @marcschiltz1 from @ScienceEurope talks to us about Plan S, launched in 2018, an initiative for #OpenAccess publishing
"It was clear that the transition to #OpenAccess had to be a priority and we couldn't wait 20 more years" - @marcschiltz1 from @ScienceEurope on #PlanS
"If COVID-19 was important enough to lift embargo periods, why not for other topics like cancer as well?" - @marcschiltz1 from @ScienceEurope
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Last week debated @DSchnekenB on Preprints
Dylan is not fond of them & argued FOR preprints
I've published 2 (more as coauthor) & argued AGAINST

quick thread of my arguments (crowdsourced)

my tongue in cheek CoI - Are these benevolent billionaires or creators of chaos? 1/
I quoted our own paper sarcastically

Is the new ecosystem we described in a bit too quixotic? Or idealistic?

some examples of misinformation in preprints

I remember trying to wade through the data in the early days of the COVID-NephJC project with @Nephro_Sparks
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Más de 130 organizaciones del mundo respaldan hoy el Plan de Acción de @ScienceEurope para las revistas AA diamante (que no cobran a lectores ni autores). “Este apoyo es bienvenido, pero se necesita más” dice @juancommander de @pkp. Necesitamos poner este tema en agenda.
1/7 A pesar de este gran apoyo internacional al modelo de publicación #diamond #openaccess, gobiernos, universidades y parte de la comunidad científica de América Latina siguen considerando que publicar en revistas con altos #APCs es el mayor logro al que pueden aspirar.
2/7 Y lo hacen sabiendo que estas prácticas resultan dañinas para el ecosistema global de las ciencias y altamente destructivas para el ecosistema científico latinoamericano. Pasa a ser más importante dónde se publica que qué se investiga y qué se publica.
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Nice piece in today's @insidehighered: “With Online Social Annotation, Students Read Together” by @susan_dagostino. It's a useful summary of recent #annotation and learning trends with great quotes from colleagues. Want additional context and resources? 🧵…
First, the IHE piece reviews a 2022 study co-authored w/ @EstebanMoralesV @FleerackersA & @juancommander. The study looked at undergrad students' knowledge construction when they participate in @hypothes_is social #annotation. It's #OpenAccess read it here…
Our 2022 study extended a prior Kalir et al. 2020 article that found undergrad students across courses had favorable perceptions of social #annotation, specifically about positive contributions to their course community and learning. Read an open preprint:
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Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS).

Present in ~5% of all people age 50+

Therefore something all clinicians should know about. Brief summary.

#medtwitter @ESHaematology

MGUS shows up on a serum protein electrophoresis (PEL) as a spike. See figure. The spike is called an M spike.

It can be typed on immunofixation (IFE) to determine if it’s IgG or IgM or IgA; kappa or lambda. See below.
MGUS was a term coined by Dr. Kyle.

He called It MGUS because prior to that it was called benign monoclonal gammopathy. Since he found a 1% per year risk of progression to myeloma he felt it the word “benign” may not capture the clinical implications adequately.
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🚨New paper out in @socscimed today!🚨

We find for-profit children's homes deliver worse quality services than council-owned homes.

Privatisation across children's social care worsens Local Authority performance.

#OpenAccess available here:…

Thread: Image
We detail how for-profit children's homes have come to dominate the provision of residential care.

Over 80% of children's homes are now run by for-profit companies...
We then compare the performance of children's homes to see if ownership status matters for quality of service.

Across all domains of Ofsted inspections - it does!

Local Authority run homes are the best: Image
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🚨Welcome to the Iberian Evaporite Structure Database! The first comprehensive assessment of evaporite structures carried out in any region of the world:
Want to know more? ⬇️🔔🧵🔔⬇️ 1/10
Evaporite rocks have unique mechanical properties compared to other rock types, and worldwide evaporite formations have been proposed as suitable subsurface storage sites for carbon, nuclear waste, and Geo-Energy applications, which are key for the Energy Transition 🌎🌍🌏. 2/10
The IESDB includes data of the surface and subsurface stratigraphy, structure, chronology and mining history of outcropping and buried evaporite structures, including a set of maps, sketches and cross-sections: there are 454 data entries per structure! ⚙️📑📊 3/10
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