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Well isn't this a kick in the pants...

These two people knew each other and worked together.
Is this man really dead?…

And then there's this....
Stopped by 16th CPD Tonite w/ Pizza. Let them know "Guys, this is another Jussie Smollett but in Minneapolis.
These 2 worked together at a night club" Their eyes got huge
I call over my shoulder "Don't worry, you have Patriots on duty, we'll get the truth. Be safe out there"
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Most Anons know who Veronica is. Veronica is more than a digital soldier. Gets up rain, snow, or shine and stands on #ThePeoplesBridge. Gets the message out. Never wants anything for it. Brave, Honorable, and Sweet. Lets all help her go on tour and expand.…
Take a look at her profile to see what she does and the effect she has on people. @whaleswarrior

@CyndiLo23380158 is the patriot that setup this GoFundMe to help Veronica out. Thank You Patriot.
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Sweet lady on the Bridge to O'Hare???
You decide.
#TheMoreYouKnow thread to share my experiences from the Milwaukee Rally, several Chicago Q Meetups, & someone's past that might not be in this for the right reasons as most Anons.
Have you heard of #ThePeoplesBridge?
Or the #BerniesBridge?

They might as well be one & the same.
Let's start with something recent that should explain to our Q community about this person's character & her true beliefs.

🚨#Bernie & Socialism supporter🚨
And she still supports him saying Bernie is blackmailed somehow.
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I pass a homeless couple in the morning. Very nice people.

When asked how I could help, "Some hot soup would be really appreciated" was the answer.

I know it's not gourmet, but it's what I have time to make though.

@StormIsUponUs bracelets too😊

Feeding homeless for the last few years, I know their "drill'.
Coffee they have to pay for, hot water... They don't.
So, throwing in a bag of Instant coffee will help with this 'hot drink' problem as well 😊
Larry always asks for 'double cup' when he goes to Starbucks (I know, don't get me started on that)

In this case, they came in quite handy to transport hot soup, stoppers and all🤗
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New Q (21 Nov): 6 companies own 90% of MSM > propagandists for D's (legalized by Hussein w/repeal of Smith-Mundt Act allowing domestic propaganda).

Disney bought Fox > becoming more anti-Trump.

POTUS bypassing MSM via Q team!
2. This is why all the giant media companies have expended countless resources attacking Q & Q supporters, researchers, analysts, & reporters. We are taking their power (of controlling the narrative) away from them.
3. This video is a perfect example of how repetition of the same talking points/phrases is used to brainwash the public aka "Operation Mockingbird".

Review past "4am" & "Mockingbird" drops:

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The PeoplesBridge
Pt. 1)
Cold & Drizzly has never stopped me from standing on #ThePeoplesBridge
W/everything going on in R Country as of late, I took some time 2 think abt what Message I thought would B most helpful 4 Chicago 2 see today.
Pt. 2)
These R the words I chose, 2 let the good people of Chicago know, that all was well, & there is a #Plan
I also thought about the coming days....
Pt. 3)
What could Chicago 'reference back' 2, when those that do not know all the ins & outs of what is currently transpiring, need 2 be able to 'remember' seeing, something that would ease perhaps a bit of fear, or not understanding.
This was important for me as well.
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Pt. 1)
With all the made up hearsay controversy surrounding @Potus in the last few days, I wanted 2 hang a Message letting the good people of Chicago know, that the 'woke ones' understood what the 'deal' was. M$M working in tandem with 'their handlers'...
@POTUS Pt. 2)
Trying 2 spin narrative that was as much propaganda as was straight out lies.
What could I put out for people 2 understand that 'we know', & #WeThePeople are not worried?
@POTUS Pt. 3)
Keep in mind that this was ONLY my 2nd time ever displaying Q+ on #ThePeoplesBridge, I really didn't know what 2 expect from the motorists today.
But I wanted 2 let my dear city know, that Patriots knew that this entire Impeachment scam is not going 2 work, & all was well.
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Dimo's Pizzeria Pedo Thread

Went 2 Dimo's Wicker Pk last night, 2 see if what I had heard about the sick, #Pedogate art on the walls was real
Sad 2 say it is, & it is disturbing
Wonder if the Patrons know
I was tempted 2 tell them
Pt 1)

When I first walk in, there is a 'display' of drawings hanging high above head, taped 2 the blood red wall.
The thing I thought was perhaps customers drew these, as they were simply taped directly onto the wall.
Only a few drawings that I would say had illuminati 'hints'
Pt. 2)
I'm going 2 you 'down the path' that I traveled last night, showing you what I saw, what I recorded, as I recorded it.
I must tell you that the 'energy' in the restaurant was very eerie... from the blood red walls 2 the lighting which exacerbated the feeling of 'yuck'.
Pt. 3)
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The lady with the snarky comment yesterday...
As she passed again today,I told her how much everyone on Twitter loved her comment and photo.
She said "Whhaatt?" so I repeated myself. 😆
Pt. 1)

She told me she had no idea what I was talking about with the Banners, so I took a @StormIsUponUs bracelet off my wrist, offered it to her (she declined my gift lol). and continued her little 'dissertation'.
She came at me with "You have the right to your opinion, but as a driver, you cause a distraction and could cause an accident". To which I told her "There has never been an accident attributed to my information being disseminated and furthermore".
Pt. 3)
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CPD Again... Pt. 1)

I had 'visitors' again today, Chicago's finest of course.
As I began my conversation with the 2 good Officers responding to a man I had encountered on #ThePeoplesBridge, who was aggressive, abusive, foul-mouth, and just rude.

I'm pretty sure it was this 'Prince Charming that called in a complaint.
The 1st thing I informed the Officers of, so there was no errors in what was going 2 happen was "I am NOT taking my Banners down, so don't even go there. I am going 2 be here for another 30 minutes.
Pt. 2)
If some 'crank' thinks his 'taking the lazy way out' & calling y'all is going 2 change this fact- It's Not".
I continued w/ "If he thinks his calling CPD was going 2 have me "Not offer Hope" 2 Chicago today...He is confused, because I do- & I am going 2 today as well.
Pt. 3)
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Pt. 1)
This man passes by, takes photos of the Banners and proceeds to tell me "You're breaking the law"...
My response?
"I stand under the Protection of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution Sir".... that didn't set too well with him.

Pt. 2)
He came back with "You ARE breaking the law", & of course I had an answer 4 this as well.
"If I was breaking the law, CPD would have been able 2 get me off 4 years ago, because I've been standing on this Bridge every single day, with Messages since April 18th of 2016.
Pt 3)
So, he proceeds on, phone in hand... & I have a feeling that he is calling CPD 2 complain. As he drives away, I notice stickers on the back of his car, and take photos of my own....
Lo and Behold....😊
I'm pretty surprised, but not really.
But just wait, it gets better.
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I didn't get 'anything' done today-
But, I got 'Everything' done at the same time.
This young Independent, came on #ThePeoplesBridge very angry @ my @POTUS Message,
( I asked him where he saw the name Trump? He had 2 think about that one lol).

@POTUS He & I spoke for 1 1/2 hours, with Chicago looking on.
The Banners had long been packed away, but the honks & well wishes kept coming.
This young man noticed this, & my dear Patriots helped educate him about integrity, every bit as much as I did.
And I thank U 4 this.

Part 2)
@POTUS I spoke of Smedley Butler & Adm. Rogers.
I explained about @GenFlynn & 2 watch 4 exoneration.
I spoke of #Spygate and #Russiagate.
I spoke of 'coincidences' & watching 4 them, and mathematical 'probabilities'.
I spoke of #Chemtrails and the ending of them in HIS lifetime.

Pt 3)
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@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #KAG2020 #ONENATIONUNDERGOD
I forgot the INDIVISIBLE part!
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