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March 14th: *posted COVID-19 hoax, anti-socialism rant on FB*

April 2nd: *died of COVID-19, family asking for GoFundMe donations*

I post this not to mock Karen Kolb Sehlke's death, but to underscore the tragic risk one takes when taking this pandemic for granted. #RIP #StaySafe
Dying from a virus you called a hoax less than 2 wks ago is proof that life comes at you fast, but death comes at you faster. This pandemic isn't an issue about which we should be politically partisan. Let's be smart, vigilant, careful, & caring. COVID-19 is apolitical. #StaySafe
...and, NO, the #COVID_19 case of Karen Kolb Sehlke isn't itself a hoax. The following link is to her original FB post & you can read news of her death in the comments, with proof.…

#StaySafe #StayHome #coronavirus #covidhoax @realDonaldTrump @nowthisnews
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Civil Rights leader Rev. Joseph Echols Lowery died at home, surrounded by his daughters, on Friday, March 27, at the age of 98. He did not put down his sword until his last day. #RIP…
It was Rev. Lowery who agreed to have Helen Butler, the Exec Director of his organization, the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples Agenda, join me as a co-plaintiff in our successful federal suit against Georgia’s GOP Sec. of State, now Governor, Brian Kemp.…
Sadly, this is as close as I got to Rev. Lowery. I called him from the King Memorial in Atlanta because he was too ill to meet in person. When I explained Kemp and Kris Kobach’s voter purge program, he told me, “It’s Jim Crow all over again.” And we are ready to battle again.
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Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery has passed from life to life. A giant of the Civil Rights Movement, Rev. Dr. Lowery helped form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which led the mass movement work under the leadership of Rev. Dr. King. 1/ #ripjosephlowery…
I had the incredible privilege to meet and speak w/ Rev. Dr. Lowery on set of the movie “Selma” several years ago. He was at once towering and kind. America would not be America without the work and witness of Rev. Dr. Lowery. 2/ #RIP #JosephLowery #Selma #CivilRightsMovement
Thank you, sir. We honor you on this day. May you rest in peace knowing your hands, your feet, your body and soul helped change the world. 3/3 #RIPJosephLowery #JosephLowery #CivilRightsMovement
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“Four weeks after contacting the Feds, Jen Moore was found dead in a D.C. hotel room. Moore died of an seizure, though her death remains suspicious and the timing beyond disturbing.

Q. Who killed Jen Moore?
A. @BillClinton
#RIP #JenMoore 👀🇺🇸👀
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She hand-calculated the trajectory for America’s first trip to space. Helped Apollo 13 get home.
Yet NASA's Katherine Johnson, winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, remained unknown to most Americans until the movie "Hidden Figures" came out.… #RIP
How NASA's Katherine Johnson did it: #RIP
Before "Hidden Figures" — the story of Katherine Johnson and her colleagues, in photographs.… @nadiamdrake @NatGeo
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1. Attorney General Barr will attend a closed-door lunch with Republican senators next week -- will be Mr. Barr’s 1st face-to-face meeting with Republican senators since Roger Stone uproar… #Trump2020 #News #ShareTheNews
2. #Trump nominates Dana Wade for commissioner of FHA;“Dana Wade is a spectacular individual who has been enormously valuable to President Trump & this dept” said HUD Sec Ben Carson. “We look forward to Dana’s very capable guiding hand… #News #ShareTheNews
3. President Trump praises Martha McSally, Doug Ducey as GOP ‘warriors’ to help keep Arizona red at rally… #Trump2020 #News #ShareTheNews
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Imagine the grace to be laid off and write something like this. That was Mark Hinojosa's character, and I'm going to miss the humanity, smarts, humor, and friendship of this @mizzou prof and @chicagotribune @detroitnews digital whiz. #RIP
@Mizzou @chicagotribune @detroitnews @ONAMizzou When he left Detroit in 2015, Mark Hinojosa urged colleagues to view the city w a compassionate but unblinking eye. "You will find the beauty in its revival, but not be blinded by the radiance of the new. You will continue to fight for the entire city, rich and poor alike." #RIP
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Music and #lyrics by "Irving Berlin" (Israel Isidore Beilin). A paean to the praise and worship-seeking projection of fake self-image, by Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorder-ed trauma victims from broken homes.…
"Words always give you away." – George Carlin #RIP

(There's no business like show business like no business I know)
You get word before the show has started that your favorite uncle died at dawn
Top of that, your pa and ma have parted, you're broken-hearted, but you go on
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just an average winter day in Decorah, Iowa
*via a HS friend of my wife. Decorah is noted for its eagles (and Norwegians, and Toppling Goliath beer)
I seek neither power nor fortune, but the eagles have spoken
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Unconfirmed reports that a (fast track) expelled @UKLabour member lost their life on Tuesday 11th Feb. If this is what it appears to be, then we are appalled that this has been allowed to play out #KierStarmer @EmilyThornberry @lisanandy @RLong_Bailey [Thread]
The despair, distress and isolation that people face in the face of this McCarthy style witch-hunt may now have become a serious safeguarding issue. Nobody should lose their life as a result of social media posts regarding Israel. <0.1%
People's livelihoods are often threatened in the resulting hysteria and frequent speculation surrounding allegations. What kind of socialist works to take away people's jobs (and lives)? #NaturalJustice
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Very sad news. A huge loss for the journalism world and Canada. Christie was tough as nails and independent minded. Great role model. “Dead at 68: Christie Blatchford was a tenacious voice for victims, a thorn to the smugly comfortable”… #RIP #cdnmedia
Christie’s Afghanistan reporting was phenomenal. She was as hard as any infantry soldier, incredibly courageous and took massive risks to tell the story of Canadians at war. Through it all she had humour, compassion, cutting wit and connected with the troops like no one else.
For women like me who cover security and defence didn’t just blaze a trail, she burned the foliage down and paved one. Thank you Christie. You will be so missed.
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1/ Het was mijn eerste volwassen baan en hij was een van mijn eerste cliënten. Hoewel we qua leeftijd niet eens zoveel verschilden, leek hij wel een heel leven ouder dan ik. Nadat hij door meerdere psychoses zijn jonge gezin, succesvolle baan en mooie huis was kwijtgeraakt,
2/ had hij jarenlang als dakloze gezworven door vrijwel alle grote steden van de Randstad, en woonde hij nu middels gemeentelijke hulp in een klein huisje dat hij bescheiden had ingericht.
3/ Tijdens ons eerste gesprek vertelde hij hoeveel stress de deze nieuwe spullen hem hadden opgeleverd. “Ik blijf maar schoonmaken en opruimen, en oh mijn God die wasmachine,
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There are only a few hilltops in Mexico where the monarch butterflies go.
Homero Gómez González spent years trying to protect their habitat from loggers and criminal groups.
"It hasn't been easy," he said last month
His body was just discovered in a well.…
Until 1976, the world didn't know about the remote mountain range where nearly the entire population of eastern North American monarchs wintered.…
As mayor, Homero Gómez González watched his monarch paradise become a @UNESCO World Heritage Site, and he worked with the @WWF to protect it, in hopes of developing it for ecotourism, not logging. #RIP
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Cuz #china is trying to kill me and my race it’s time they start paying all my bills and not only
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This is Sherlin Grovender. He had a Sowell Economics page. He committed suicide after being doxxed & viciously attacked daily by
@Stash_Jack @Fireflyluciferi
@Natz_online @Amerej1 & others who I wrote @TwitterSupport
about telling them of #Cyberterrorism This is the result #RIP
You allowed these #Cyberstalkers 2 run rampant, attacking ppl & spreading lies, hate, make fake profiles w/others photos w/no consequences. I have saved every word and I hope his family sues u
@DaanBarnard @steve_hofmeyr
@danroodt @carteblanchetv
@Boerelegioen2 #BellPottinger2.0
@stash_jack @FireFlyLuciferi @Natz_online @amerej1 @TwitterSupport Oh, and don’t forget The Busting the Myth of nothing clowns 🤡🤠
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Going to tweet about #CoronavirusOutbreak until I have a full enough understanding of what's going on.
Coronavirus cases rise to nearly 650 worldwide as new countries confirm infections…
Deadly coronavirus is MUCH more contagious than feared: Medics confirm the disease that has killed 17 can be spread third hand by a simple COUGH – as Singapore, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia become the latest countries to confirm cases…
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Starting off today's #DavesCarIDService with this 1934 Chevy Master 3 window coupe, with its distinctive kinda-half-moon rear window.
Nope, not a Mopar product but a 1936 Chevy humpback sedan. Picture might have been Wayne County, but per license plate car was registered in Boone County Iowa and time was 1940

it's obviously a Harley-Davidson, specifically a 1917-18 Model J. Harley (as well as Indian) made a few different war models, the J had the unique dimpled tank for the V cylinders. This armored machine gun sidecar example is particularly badass
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J✡️daism is the problem. Everything else is noise.
Paradoxically (ie, doublethink), according to the Talmud those 12 'men' only gang raped a British donkey...
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@regynadeserto Anche #NandoIoppolo lo diceva... e guarda caso, anche lui è scomparso prematuramente per cause derivanti chissà da cosa.🤨​​⭕️“L'ULTIMO MESSAGGIO DI NANDO #IOPPOLO🇮🇹” ⚡️Ascoltare con attenzione ⚡️
@regynadeserto #NandoIoppolo #Rip✨🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
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Best part of senility is finding out you own stuff that you forgot you had- like a hemi motor that your friend has been storing for you for 12 years
Just to be clear, this isn't a late 60s 426 Mopar elephant motor, or a dragworthy 50s Chrysler 392 Firepower Hemi, it's a 1953 Dodge Red Ram 241 cubic inch "baby hemi." Cute little pitbull of a powerplant.
Fun fact: during the 50s Chrysler Corp made Chysler FirePower Hemis, DeSoto FireDome Hemis, and Dodge Red Ram Hemis, and they are all completely different blocks with few if any interchangeable parts.
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1. BOOM! White House SLAMS DEMOCRATS for scheduling the meeting knowing the President Trump will be OUT OF COUNTRY at that time!!

— Won’t Participate in “Highly Partisan” Judiciary Impeachment Hearing on Wednesday… #TRUMP #NEWS
2. Schiff Will Give Democrat Intel Committee Members ONLY 24 Hours to Sign Off on Impeachment Report – That Will Include Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax… #TRUMP #NEWS
3. St Buttigieg Nods as Pastor Says Mexican Illegal Aliens Just Reclaiming Stolen Land.

Which is bs! America PURCHASED our Land from Mexico, agreement signed by Santa Anna, June 8, 1854.… #TRUMP #NEWS
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@1100Penn NEW: Two GOP reps plugged 'amazing' Mar-a-Lago

After visiting Mar-a-Lago to pick up an award from a far-right group, Reps. Hice and Gosar promoted the president’s club on Twitter

via @1100penn
WATCH: Rep. Jody Hice (R–GA) on @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago—

"This place here is amazing.“

"You can’t hide success and its just evidence that this president knows what he’s talking about when it comes to business.”


@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn WATCH: Reps. Jody Hice (R–GA) and Paul Gosar (R–AZ) on @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago—

"Mar-a-Lago’s not a very shabby place."

"The lamb chops were unbelievable."

via @1100penn

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Anonymous Hacks US Government Site, Threatens Supreme 'Warheads'… where did they go & HOW COULD IT BE FORGOTTEN #wedonotforget. Got top Epsteins in May of 2014 & made a deal with corrupt officials where justice would be seen. Officials lied & hunted them
These events where mainstream media reported, 2013 blackout of superbowl was one of their ops. Aaron Swartz MIT. Barnaby Jack coroner in SF took 6 months to give autopsy report. They lied he's part of Obama CIA FBI 5 eyes body count. Remember they were in MSM. It was coded #Qanon
Barnaby Jacks brutal murder right after Michael Hastings put a huge dent in things and the coop agencies needed a honey trap. Enter Lauri Love. No other person arrested for the hack is a known name. All gagged courts. Somehow Lauri Love the Autistic kid got away from big bad govt
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