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1. President Trump’s First 1,000 Days: In Spite of Constant Harassment from Deep State and Dems, President’s Accomplishments are Historic, If Not MIRACULOUS!… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News
2. Swing Voters In Ohio Focus Group Slam Democrats
– Say Impeachment Is Distraction From Important Issues… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News #DemDebate4
3. Tyrant Kamala Harris Calls 4 Twitter to Silence Trump, Delete His Account – Dems Continue to Crap on Bill of Rights

VOTER MEDDLING against her 'opponent', yet they scream about #Trump is meddling against 'opponent' BIDEN!… #Qanon #Trump2020 #News
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Our oldest cat apparently had a stroke overnight, which The Wife just discovered. Our vet can't make space for her, so she's having to go to the emergency service at the veterinary school which is always mayhem. I didn't get to say goodbye to her or touch her and I am sobbing.
I rescued her--Maxine--14 yrs ago. She was badly injured. We were never able to find a forever placement for her(we ran a small cat shelter for years till my paralysis) as she was given to biting. (She was sent back twice.) So she was ours, biting and all. Very beautiful. Sad.
The Wife called from the veterinary ER. Maxine indeed had a massive stroke, so they are euthanizing her after The Wife spends some time saying goodbye. They gave her a shot of cat morphine so she is not suffering and The Wife is in a chair in the euthanasia room holding her.
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Dear #GOP,

You think you’re capable of outsmarting #Trump. That the savvy that got you elected will best Trump’s infantile vacuum of knowledge. That you’ll escape this #impeachment fiasco.

You won’t. He’s taking you down. Here’s what will happen to you in life henceforth:

When he’s out of office, you think you’ll have escaped sanction because you’re still standing.

You think the voters will vote for you again because you’ll reshape your next campaign in an attempt to absolve yourself from direct enablement of this criminal White House.

But as he starts to go down, you’re going to have to jump ship and adhere to the rules of Congress. It’s either him or your career: it cannot be both.

Most of you will — in the end — choose your career. But you’re forever stained.

And at the end of your life…

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🚨📹#ICYMI: Speaker Pelosi was joined at her weekly presser by Rep. Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. LOTS of #ImpeachmentInquiry news after a week of jaw-dropping revelations.💥See below💥

But first, news about work in the House to #LowerDrugCosts w/ #HR3.
With #MadamSpeaker's stellar leadership, the Democratic House Majority is more than able to WALK + CHEW GUM at the same time.

As they've been doing throughout self-labeled #GrimReaper McConnell's obstruction, @HouseDemocrats are working #ForThePeople and to #ExposeTheTruth.
@HouseDemocrats Just as the past week has confirmed how ill-suited Trump is to the task of being President, it has made something else crystal clear:


Thank you #MadamSpeaker for your principled leadership to #ProtectOurDemocracy.
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The "Di Dia," a completely custom car built for crooner Bobby Darin by Detroit customizer Andrew Di Dia. At $150,000 it held the Guinness Book title of World's Most Expensive Car in 1960. #DavesCarIDService
Fun Fact: Bobby Darin drove Sandra Dee to the 1961 Academy Awards in this car
Bobby Darin was a freaking style icon, I tell you whut
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1932 Ford 5 window coupe, chopped ~4", early 331/354 Chrysler Hemi, Halibrand-style kidney beans on Firestone wide whitewall radial cheater slicks, Ford 9" differential, Aldan coil-over shocks #DavesCarIDService
Color me well and truly stumped here, perhaps a microcar expert can ID. Closest I can come up with is a King Midget, but I know that's incorrect. "M" on the hubcap, if that helps.
Oh my word. 1946-48 Buick Sedanette radical custom. Looks like a 4"-5" chop, plus maybe a 6" full body section job, plus channeled. '38 DeSoto rear bumper. The amount of work that had to go into this is mind boggling.
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1. #News ~ President Trump says second phase of tax cuts will target middle class a "VERY SUBSTANTIAL TAX-CUT"…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #KAG
@realDonaldTrump 2. #News ~ Watch Live: Concerned American citizens protesting Sanctuary City policies of Montgomery County, Maryland on Friday between 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Anti-ICE Protesters Gathering at Pro-ICE Rally

@realDonaldTrump 3. #News ~ President Trump During Democrats 3rd Debate: ‘Our Country Is Going to Hell if Any of These People Get In’… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #KAG
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1. #News ~ Fireworks at Dan Bishop Victory Speech: ‘Voters Said No to Radical Liberal Policies’ & Thanks @realDonaldTrump "— the greatest fighter to occupy the White House, President Donald J. Trump,” Bishop said to applause.…
2. #News ~ Memo to Congress: President Trump wrote, foreign efforts to interfere w/ or undermine public confidence in U.S. elections continue "to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security..."… #Trump @realDonaldTrump
3. #News ~ Rocket explodes inside US Embassy compound in Afghanistan shortly after midnight on 9/11 anniversary…
#Trump @realDonaldTrump #NeverForget
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1. #News ~ Brad Parscale: Trump family dynasty 'will last for decades,' transform GOP. DO IT!…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020
2. #News ~ What President Trump Understands That Democrats Don't… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #Trump4EVA
3. #News ~ Hong Kong protesters beg Trump: ‘Liberate’ our city…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump
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#RIP Valerie Harper
With Hamilton Camp, Paul Sand & Avery Schreiber in a scene from the Broadway entertainment Ovid's Metamorphoses
Photo: Martha Swope, 1971
@NYPL digital collection
@nypl #RIP Valerie Harper
Another scene from Ovid's Metamorphoses, this time with Richard Schaal, who was her husband at the time. Schaal played four different characters in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, including Chuckles the Clown.
"I'm a martyr to my feet."
@NYPL digital collection
@nypl #RIP Valerie Harper. Here with Rosemary Murphy & Lily Knight in a publicity shot for a National tour of the Broadway play Agnes of God
Photo: Martha Swope, 1983
@NYPL digital collection
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1. #News ~ BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Comey Memos Provide Additional Evidence Trump Tower Meeting Triggered Trump Obstruction "TRAP" Investigation & Comey, Brennan, Clapper & Obama Were in on it!… #Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump
2. #News ~ Comey Defended Stealing Memos on Dinner Meeting with Trump Saying He was acting as “Human Being”

— DOJ Gave Him Complete Pass & Refused to Press Charges Anyway… #Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump
3. #News ~ "Occupy Democrats" Shares Wildly Misleading Memes About President Trump To Millions Of Followers and HOW MANY ARE ROBOTS?… #Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump
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1. #News ~ Exclusive–Jeff Landry: Many State Attorneys General "Have Had Enough" of Big Tech - they will “take action” after significant investigations.…
2. #News ~ Newsweek Suggests We Should Be Cool With Cannibalism - trying to get out ahead of damning info soon to come out on Big Names?…
3. #News ~ Obama "to buy $14.85 million Martha's Vineyard estate from Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck"…
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MT GLOBAL MARKETS Momentum Weekly Recap wk33 as of 16Aug19 - PFLUGPOST thread 1/n

• huge Yo-Yo but RiskOff week
• Tariff/Yldcurve/R-word headline sentiment
• stocks closed weak, bonds hot
• ZEW weak
• US permits better
• Mexico cut rates, Norges unch
• NZ PMI 48.2
2/n before I continue... YIELDCURVE INVERTED DID YOU KNOW ?????
3/n update Global Markets YTD as of wk33

• but this week was a YoYo of rare :

• VIX 18/22/18/24/18
• DOW 1200 points range
• NDX -3%/+3.5%/-5%/+3%
• UB and BUXL 11/12 points range
• Crude +7%/-7%/+2%
• Silver +4%/-5%/+5%-2%

on RiskOnOff headlines Trump/China/YldCurve
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LGBTQ people are threatened in life and disrespected in death.
#RIP #JordanColfer

.@HRC mourns Jordan Cofer, a transgender man, killed in the #Dayton mass shooting.… via @HRC
This is about Connor Betts' sibling, Jordan Colfer, written by a friend.…
#ConnorBetts stole the lives of 9, among them his own sibling.
He also stole that person's opportunity to live their life fully, openly & without fear.
Ohio lawmaker #CandiceKeller said LGBTQ people were to blame for mass shootings. I wrote we're more likely to be victims.
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What Racism is
source: Charlie Rose Show

"But when you take it away, if I take your race away and there you are all strung out and all you’ve got is your little self. And what is that? What are you without racism?"

"The comfort of being “naturally better than,” of not having to struggle or demand civil treatment, is hard to give up."

"Mourning For Whiteness"
The New Yorker…
"[...] In “Absalom, Absalom,” incest is less of a taboo for an upper-class Southern family than acknowledging the one drop of black blood that would clearly soil the family line. Rather than lose its “whiteness” (once again), the family chooses murder."

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1. Analysis of US mass shooters

Along with just about everyone in the world, I’m struggling to understand what the hell is going on.
I’m also sick of hearing the politicizing of the recent murders of innocent people. May the victims #RIP
Thread to follow.
2. I took this graphic & did some research. Not easy these days, because of partisan attempts to modify popular research sites after the fact. I’m not in favor of erasing history.
For those of you who think this is important, 6/7 of these are registered Democrats. 1 not a voter.
2a. I also added mass shootings that were not on the graphic. The two latest events, and two that, in my mind, were significant enough to include: Charleston, SC Baptist Church and Newtown CT

(Oh and btw, you political types, both of these shooters also registered Dems)
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Vous activez ts les leviers de la destruction structurelle de notre modèle social et d'un carnage sans précédent, oui : demain avec le nveau calcul, 1 chômeur-se au smic qui aura mis 2 ans à bosser 130j ou 910h ne percevra + que 240€ env. contre 920€ auj = alloc DIVISÉE PAR 4 !
Alors certes cette personne sera indemnisée pendt 2 ans contre 6 mois aujd'hui car, dixit @murielpenicaud "le capital de droit ne diminuera pour personne" : LOL. Qui peut survivre avec 240€ d' alloc/mois, même complétée par RSA ? Le "droit" ne sera pas consommé jusqu'au bout !
Ce qui est le but: forcer les + précaires aux abois à accepter les "emplois" de merde non pourvus. La loi #AvenirPro a réorganisé tt le système formation/apprentissage en ce sens: au service des besoins des entreprises des secteurs en tension et non de ceux des chômeurs/salariés.
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so I finally saw Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Spoiler alert: probably should avoid if you're a Manson Family fan
one of the treats for me was seeing the late great Sergio Gonzalez, my favorite waiter at Musso & Frank. He was probably actually working there in 1969. #RIP
As far as I can tell that's the reason it has angered so many film critics
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When I covered the #SCOTUS for three years, #JohnPaulStevens was one of the great stalwart justices. He was an extraordinary jurist and I feel grateful to have witnessed him on the bench. He penned so many great rulings and dissents.
In 2000, it was Stevens who spoke out against the SCOTUS end run against the election. It was a fundamentally important dissent that was sadly prescient.
Stevens was 99 & died as the result of a stroke he suffered yesterday. His was a life well lived in service to this country,
My thoughts are with #JohnPaulStevens' family and others who loved him. His decency was equal to his intellect. There are few enough about whom that can be said.
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LIVE: #JeffreyEpstein Press Conference
#JeffreyEpstein Press Conference- Comey's Daughter is there
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1. #News ~ SLAVE REGISTERS FROM LONDON Name The Slaves Democrat Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned…

#Trump #Qanon #DemDebate @howleyreports
2. #News ~ BUSTED: Keith Ellison Photographed With Portland ANTIFA Leader, Deletes Pro-ANTIFA Tweet…

3. #News ~ Whistle-Blowing Mothers Threatened, Doxxed by Antifa for Exposing Drag Queen Event Teaching Graphic Sex To Children…

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1. #News ~ It's Official: This Is The Longest Economic Expansion On Record Since First being Tracked in 1854!


#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Trump2020 #WINNING #MAGA #KAG
2. #News ~ Democrat Kamala Harris Sponsors Bill to Outsource U.S. Jobs to Indian Graduates


#Trump #Qanon #MONEY
3. #News ~ Dow celebrates best June in 81 years, S&P best in 64 years…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Trump2020 #WINNING #MAGA #KAG
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1. #News ~ NK welcomes DMZ meet: "If a North Korea-US summit is realized on the line dividing Korea as President #Trump wishes it will become another opportunity to deepen the friendship that exists between the two heads of state and to improve relations"
#Qanon #G20OsakaSummit
2. #News ~ Nxivm: Clare Bronfman Has Secret Meeting With Nxivm Coach Vanessa Sahagun. Will Bronfman’s money and 4Mexican contingent be able to keep Nxivm alive – to brand and bleed followers in the future?…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock
3. #News ~ Christian Church Taken Over by Muslim Group, Converted into Islamic Mosque…

#Trump #Qanon
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