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Let me tell you a tale about #BTECs, which I taught in the early 90s. (Names changed.)

Some of the students I taught General Art & Design (GAD) BTEC also did an A-level or two, but many of them didn't. And far too many of them had already been failed by schools that treated...
...'non-academic' kids as inferior, slow or disruptive. Some of my students did have problems; most often no fault of their own. But they showed up. And together, we learned.

I still remember the 'lightbulb moments' - the pieces & projects when young people found their stride...
B, who wanted to make a monkey's head with the brains showing (I think he went into film special effects); little S, who channelled Botticelli in her chicken-wire and papier-mâché shell; J, who discovered his photographer's eye with my good friend, Rob; P, and his 'graphical...
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Finally a brave journalist stands up to highlight the lies that #KerryChant and the NSW govt have told.

The Adriana Takara story is one of the worst scandals of #covid19

@RebeccaWeisser touches on some of it, but there is more to follow.…
You see, there is good evidence that Adriana, exposed to #covid19 via her #vaccinated nurse housemate, panicked and then sought out a #CovidVaccine
The GP rightly didn't give it to her because of her risk of thrombosis but Adriana had access to #Pfizer because until that time, people living with healthcare workers in #NSW had free access to it

(Yes this is going to anger a lot of people)
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I am thinking of our history on #CanadaDay.

I think of my granny’s words.

She talked about the Potlatch—our system of government—about how our people maintained it even after it was outlawed through the federal Indian Act. … (1/5🧵)
She talked about how our people disguised the Potlatch from Indian agents. They had lookouts and when the signal came that the Indian agent was close, those assembled would start singing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ to trick the agent into thinking they were “good little Indians.”
There are so many stories like granny's, and so many more stories that will never be told. #215+🧡

This is part of who we are as Canadians.

Yet… We are changing. Today, Canadians know more of what it took to bring us here. And they know more of the actions we must now take.
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Elsterkind aus dem Nest gefallen. Eltern schienen sich nicht zu kümmern. Aus der Balkonperektive sehe ich, dass sie sich strategisch gegen lauernde Krähen positionieren.
Jetzt offenerer Luftkampf - 2 gegen 2. beeindruckende Bilder. #GangsOfKunibertsviertel
Wie es weiterging: Feuerwehr klingelte an der Tür. Wurde von Passanten gerufen, Elsterkind war in unseren Hof geflüchtet. Schulterzucken, „Wird von einer Katze geholt, das ist Natur“.
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Dr. Lantin giving a Top 10 review of #ACCACPC research in 2020, a truly crazy year! #ACC21
🔟 No mention of 2020 could possibly ignore the effects of the global pandemic on research, patient care, and the way we share knowledge. #COVID19 #ACC21
9⃣ Imaging indices correlate with prognosis.
- Transplant/VAD-free survival correlates with MPI-DTI z-score
- Left atrial strain correlates with PCWP and helps identify graft rejection/failure
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super-excited to learn today that my book #99Erics just won the Publishing Triangle's Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction! to celebrate, in this THREAD, I will share excerpts from my silly, surreal, sex-positive book...… #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual #books
...first, all of these excerpts, plus book reviews (like the one from Publishing Triangle below), as well as virtual book readings, FREE downloads of the first 5 chapters, & links to purchase, can be found on the #99Erics webpage: #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual Image
...the chapter "Ethical Slut vs. Confused Slut" is about the absurdity of dating straight men after you've spent time immersed in queer women's communities (5 minute read, no-paywall!):… #LGBTQ #queer #feminist #bisexual #books #novels #humor
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100s of rockets launched at tel aviv and most of surrounding areas. Hamas seems to be doing exactly what we said needs to be done a few days ago, various perimeters at once, in large quantities. Impacts already reported in Ashkelon
Multiple direct impacts in Sderot, settlers injured, ambulances rushing to scene, some already there
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Remember when this happened? ..
WORLD = Stage
Break Down

Found this Gem ..

Junkyard foG was one of my Favs too, looking back !!
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«Genova, 118...»
«Presto, incidente gravissimo. Porto di Genova, la torretta... della
capitaneria... e dei rimorchiatori è crollata!»
«Allora, siete nella torretta della capitaneria? Mi dica cosa è successo».
«Una nave. Eh... Ha sbagliato manovra...»
«Una nave... (1/7)
...ha sbagliato manovra e ha picchiato den... Madonna!
Ha picchiato dentro la banchina?»
«Sì, sììì! La nave dei Messina. Nave dei Messina, durante la manovra
per partire, eh... non so cosa sia successo, è andata a picchiar
dentro». (2/7)
«È andata a picchiare in banchina. Ok. Benissimo. La nave adesso
è ferma in questo momento?»
«Non lo so. È crollato tutto! correte!»
«È crolla... Io adesso allerto tutti, ma devo capire quello che succede.
Mi stia a sentire...» (3/7)
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Shock G is a legend. He is a towering icon of Hip Hop culture, and quietly, one of the most groundbreaking artists of all time. If you didn’t know this—if you only knew Humpty, or that he discovered Pac—it’s ok, most people didn’t know.

But let me tell you a story... #ShockG
I once went to Rakim’s house, and on his studio wall, he had an amazing poster-sized cartoon of himself on top of a giant cement block, crushing all the other MC’s beneath it. At the top, it said “The Master Poet.”

When I looked closer, I couldn’t believe my eyes. #ShockG
Rakim told me the story: in 1989, a kid had waited outside his dressing room in Oakland for an hour after a show, hoping to give him this giant cartoon. The “kid” was Shock G, but Digital Underground hadn't come out yet.

Three months later, "Doowutchyalike" blew up. #ShockG
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He is misguiding people without any HELP.

Please report this account having blue tick as fraud & cheat.
👉 @shalabhmani

REPORT URGENT @TeamSaath @ReportTweet_
He keeps on asking about full details.

Grand father of pranav & Vinay Srivastava, both are no more. Rip. ImageImage
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MORGAN STANLEY: in a 90-page report, says, “The workforce is about to meaningfully change. ..

..”Pre-COVID, about ~5% of [office] employees worked from home [3 or more days per week], whereas our survey suggests this number could grow 4-5x.”


Big implications for IT budgets, as companies reconfigure their networks. Nearly 1/4 say they’ll boost spending by 10%+.

“.. we come away from this survey even more bullish on the PC market as we now see a reopening/return to the office as a clear tailwind to commercial PC demand. As a result, we.. significantly raise our PC market forecast and now estimate PC shipments grow 16.5% Y/Y in 2021”
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Since I'm sick of politics, and in honor of Dad's 89th birthday today, I might do a story thread about his bicycle trip from Yakima to Seattle. It's kinda like that movie Stand By Me. Anybody up?
So my dad's mom was a wild one. She left my dad for my Native American grandmother to raise, (her mom). She left Montana and moved to Seattle.
Dad's grandma and her husband absolutely doted on my father and let him run free while they picked in the Orchards in Washington State.
Depending on likes I'll continue this otherwise I'm just shouting into the ether
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A few personal memories of the late #dukeofedinburgh - starting with his last ever official engagement with the Rifles last year.....
It was so impressive that at 99 - and having had a hip replacement two years previously - he waked down the stairs at the Equerries Entrance at Windsor Castle unaided.....
On the forecourt at Buckingham Palace, senior royal officials were in tears as he officially retired in 2017 - months after I revealed palace officials had called a secret meeting about the issue exclusively in the Mail.....
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1 I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about #PeterAinsworth, ex-MP for East Surrey who has died . #RIP He was an important figure in my life for a few years in the 1990s & I remember him as an opponent who received - & deserved - my full respect despite our many & full respect
2 In 1997 he was the sitting MP, having succeeded Geoffrey Howe in what was one of the safest seats in the country. I was the no-hoper Labour candidate. We were the same age but couldn't have had more wildly contrasting backgrounds.
3 I recall three specific incidents from that campaign which demonstrated the fundamental decency of Peter as a person & which show that no matter how deep differences run they should never spill over into personal animosity
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Next up: #4 ranked Malagasy Striped Civet (Fossa fossana) vs. #13 ranked Solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) #2021MMM image 1 shows a stiped civet. It is a small mammal: about 47 a solenodon is about 1 foot long and looks like a large shr
This battle had a lot of help from @am_anatiala and genetic info from @StoneLab_ASU & @sexchrlab #2021MMM
Although the Striped Civet, aka the spotted fanaloka, is Madagascar's second largest carnivore, it's only the size of a house cat. It hunts small birds & mammals, frogs, crabs, & invertebrates (Goodman et al 2003) #2021MMM a civet on the ground at night. it has its head turned again
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NEXT UP: No.7 seed Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) vs. No.10 seed Mara (Dolichotis patagonum). #2021MMM
Genetics & phylogeny content for this #TricksyTaxonomy bout is courtesy of @sexchrlab. #Teamwork #2021MMM
Though it may look to some like "someone put a kangaroo's head on a rabbit's body", the Patagonian Mara, aka the Patagonian Cavy, is neither lagomorph nor marsupial, but one of the world's largest living rodents. #MightyMara #2021MMM
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To be honest I am probably more confused about who I am and why people follow me on twitter than anybody
I don't mind people being mad at me on Twitter as long as they realize they're mad at an invisible rando who has never belonged to, or been paid $0.01 by, any political party, political organization, or media outlet other than Garage Magazine
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My new book, STAMPEDE, is coming out April 13th. (…)

A true joy of researching the Klondike gold rush was diving into the wealth of historical imagery. So every day between now & pub, I want to share a photo. Like this iconic shot of the Chilkoot Pass: 1/ Image
Prior to the 1897 rush, few prospectors worked the creeks off the Yukon. The indigenous people knew of the gold but had little use for it. The Russians barely left the Alaskan coast. Americans didn't arrive until the 1870s. To me these guys look made of soot and frostbite. 2/ Image
Early settlements like Fortymile were poor miserable places. The few miners dug out barely enough gold to cover costs and stay in the country. Sled dogs weren't fed in summer (cuz they weren't working) & so stole and ate anything left unguarded, incl (in 1 story) a lit candle. 3/ Image
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#Beat publisher, @CityLightsBooks co-founder & #poet #LawrenceFerlinghetti died yesterday at age 101.

Back in 2015, @internetarchive was honored to have him over for a "Radical Theater Dinner" w/ Bread & Puppet Theater founder, Peter Schumann & leaders of the SF Mime Troupe. ImageImage
2/ That evening, #Ferlinghetti generously autographed his books of poetry, reminisced with old friends, and recited one of his works by heart.

#poetry #RadicalMusings ImageImageImage
3/ In the @internetarchive, we are honored to house 260+ films, interviews, books & zines featuring #Ferlinghetti, including this 1965 film of the poet ruminating from his home in #SanFrancisco.…
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1/4 جنرل پرویز مشرف نے جب اپنی نوکری بچانے کے لئے اقتدار پر قبضہ کیا تو ان کے اس اقدام کے خلاف ملک بھر میں واحد احتجاجی آواز جو سڑکوں پر سنائی دی تھی، وہ مشاہد اللہ خان کی تھی۔ وہ اپنے گریبان کا پرچم بنا کر کراچی کے ریگل چوک میں پہنچے تھے اور اس شب خون کے خلاف نعرہ زن ہوئے تھے۔
2/4 قانون نافذ کرنے والے اداروں نے اس پر انہیں مار مار کر لال کر دیا تھا، وہ ایک عرصہ اپنی چوٹیں سہلاتے رہے، لیکن آئین شکنوں کو چوٹ لگانے سے باز نہیں آئے

مشاہد اللہ کی سیاست عام آدمی کی سیاست تھی، سینیٹ سے ملنے والی تنخواہ میں گزر اوقات کرتے اور شکر بجا لاتے۔ خواص میں اپنا شمار
3/4 کرایا، نہ اشرافیہ کا حصہ بننے کی خواہش دل میں پالی۔ سیاست کو گالی دینے والوں اور گالی بنانے والوں کے ہجوم میں وہ سیاست کا اعتبار تھے، اپنی جگہ ڈٹ جانے والے پہاڑ جیسے آدمی کو کوہ باوقار نہ کہیں تو کیا کہیں
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