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How the legend #Rakeshjhunjhunwala started his journey. The #Story in his own words⤵️. The journey from 20 lacs to 2.5 crores. #RIP #Omshanti #Thread 🧵#Investing #Stockmarket #Stocks. 1/10
My father was also interested in #stocks. When I was a young child, he and his friends would drink in the evening & discuss about the #Stockmarket. I would listen to them and one day I asked him why do these prices fluctuate. (2/10)
He told me to check if there is a news item on Gwalior Rayon in the newspaper, and if there was Gwalior Rayon’s price would fluctuate the next day.

I found it very interesting & I got fascinated by #stocks, I self-taught myself. 3/10
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Vous vous souvenez de Grease ? #RIP Olivia Newton John.
Mais vous souvenez vous de lui ? Image
C’est Tom Chisum ce personnage.
L’acteur c’est lui Image
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#Rhodesia was never a typical colony and was never a burden on the British tax payer (that occurred after it became Zimbabwe).
Even President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, who had hardly shone in leading his own country told Mugabe in 1980:
“You have inherited the jewel of Africa.” Image
Where others saw only stone-age war, plunder and slavery; these men saw an opportunity for themselves and for a new nation in the true Spirit of the Magna Carta and Westminster system. What they achieved within the lifetime of one ethnic-European man is incredible! Image
They entered a land fraught with danger& imminent death. Wild animals, debilitating disease, slavers, tribal war lords, without basic infrastructure.
There were no roads, no reliable agriculture, nothing but their wits, skill &determination to create a nation that was self-funded Image
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1/ $UBER with a strong report, finally seeing meaningful profitability (and importantly FCF). GBV +33%, EBITDA $364m (4.5% rev margin, 1.3% GBV margin) $382m of FCF, and reaffirm long term ability to hit $5B of EBITDA (with $4B+ of FCF) in 2024
2/ Driver supply has improved, wait times down, % of trips surged also down (and both trending towards pre-covid levels). Doing this while avg driver earning well >$30/hr in the US. This is a sustainably profitable business now.
3/ Delivery business in transition from hyper-growth -> profitability and digesting the "covid bump". $UBER US delivery +21% in Q2 (and active couriers +53% Y/Y playing catch up). Helps that they're seeing a rationalization of the competitive environment. (#RIP 15min delivery)
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⭕♨️🗿 Érigé en 1980, #RIP les Georgia Guidesones sont un ensemble monumental de six blocs en granit situé dans le Comté d’Elbert, au Nord-Est de la Géorgie.

5 dalles massives de granit émergent de la terre, mesurant chacune 5m de haut, et pesant plus de 20t chacune. 🤔

1/8 ImageImage
Ensembles, elles soutiennent une pierre de 11 tonnes, cette pierre de couverture repose sur les cinq dalles, qui sont alignées astronomiquement.
Cette structure est écrite en 8 langues différentes : Anglais, Espagnol, Russe, Chinois, Arabe, Hébreu, Hindi et Swahili,...

2/8 ImageImage
...chacune des langues est écrite sur les différentes faces des 4 grandes pierres verticales. Mais l’on retrouve aussi l’écriture de 4 autres langues anciennes : Le Babylonien, l’Égyptien, le Grec et le Sanskrit, présente sur les 4 tranches de la pierre de couverture.

3/8 Image
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Incredibly sad - and infuriating - news. The bodies of the British journalist @domphillips, and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira, have reportedly been found. They were reporting in a remote Amazon region on illegal invasions by mining/logging interests.

Dom was one of those journalists who began working in Brazil, fell in love with the country, married a Brazilian woman, then devoted himself to dangerous, intrepid reporting on illegal exploitation of the Amazon: a stark reminder of the value and danger of real journalism. #RIP
There will be indignation and demands for justice, but it's hard to be hopeful. If someone had told me in 2018 that Marielle Franco's assassination would remain largely unsolved 4 years later, I wouldn't have believed it. And yet. Read about Dom here:

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Forbearance went from near 5,000,000 to under 500K today. The Forbearance Crash Bros were all really Anti-Central Bank Housing Bubble Boys 2.0 people; I just gave them a new name for 2020/2021

The biggest reason this group failed is that they didn't read. Reading is a good thing, not a bad thing…
The quick version was that most people who made over 60K got their jobs back by October 2020, so Forbearance was going to collapse, and it was going to take time getting off the data line. This is why a credit risk profile blackguard could have helped 😉
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Team A van @hollander_team is gestart, Team B en de verzorging zijn onderweg naar het 1e bivak & wisselpunt in #Vragender We zijn dit jaar te volgen via @Stg_Roparun
Enorme dank aan het sfeerteam van @Stg_Roparun die de teams ondersteunen 🙏🏻 ImageImage
Dit weekend neem ik in mijn gedachten mee #WalterKers #opperschipper #RIP 🙏🏻 ImageImageImage
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One of many losers of the tragic murder of Palestinian journalist #Shereen_Abu_Aqleh is what I describe as Supremacist Islamism.
#Thread 1/
First let’s define it:
It is a hard core conservative vision of Islam that sees Muslims as superior to others, including Other Abrahamic faiths.
It also views every rule of Sharia as sacred tenant of the faith that can’t and shouldn’t be subjected to modern interpretation 2/
With the rise of Islamism in 70s, Supremacist preachers gain dominance and popularity in many Muslim countries including Egypt & Gulf states.
Sheikh Sharawi in Egypt was one example. His interpretations are still popular, but many didn’t take as suitable for modern era 3/
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Deborah was stoned and burnt to death today @ sokoto state college of education for blasphemy.

In a voice note, she reacted against posting of religious contents in their class group chat on WhatsApp. Rest In Peace Deborah
All the Christians in the north on my list are asking “why did she say it?” and “ na she kill herself”.

You can't be in the north and not understand this simple safety tip. Do not say anything whether good or bad about their religion. Except you want to be killed.
Also, Nothing will happen to her killers, no waste your time with #justice for, just #RIP
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👇🏾The man who said Millenials don't buy homes is part of the anti central bank trolling crew that has been terrible for 11 years. He will never, ever forecast sales
Not demographics at all 😇🤟🏽😉
Economics is demographics and productivity; the rest is stamp collecting! However, demographics and mortgage rates are prime for housing. 2020-2024 will be different for many years because of #Demographics.
People buy homes, not an MBS. 😉
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Households cash flow 🔥🔥🔥🔥📈
Credit stress 😴💤
Looks good here! 💪🏽
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We lost another of the absolute greats this weekend with the passing of the legendary artist, writer and creator George Pérez. His career is truly a testament to what one can achieve in life when singularly focused on what one loves to do.

And George loved comics. (1/8)
Everything about it.

Every detail.

Every energy crackle.

Every brick in the wall.

Every character, both iconic and obscure.

Every nuance to every complicated costume ever.

Every creative partnership with his favorite collaborators.
And in this singular focus, George did it all. We creators may all have access to the same tools of the trade: pen, paper and imagination, but what George could do with his prodigious talents was off the charts.
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Remembering Pete Seeger on his birthday 🎂
📷 Annie Leibovitz, Croton-on-Hudson, New York, 2001
"The history of Pete’s life is the history of music changing the world."
- Tom Morello Image
Pete Seeger by Elliott Landy
Newport Folk Festival, 1968 Image
Pete Seeger & Joan Baez at Newport
📷 Bill Eppridge, 1964 Image
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My final Disney park visit last summer. It was hot. They kept yelling at my baby to get the mask over the nose, outside. It was Pride. Every store was filled with only rainbow gear, including on toddler mannequins.
Had a verbal altercation w a creep and his 10 pals who all cut in front of us at Pedos of the Caribbean. All 10 of them, fat but healthy looking, ran onto the ride. When I told a Cast Member about it, creep yelled at me and claimed they were with a "disabled" person. #neveragain
The boomer lesbians behind us in head-to-toe rainbow gear, back us up and start screaming at the creep. She yells "Bullshit! You're not disabled! I have a bad knee and I couldn't get a disabled pass!" Bless their hearts.

tldr: It is no longer the happiest place on earth.
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🔴 La @CNIL me confirme que l'utilisation du système anti-robot "reCAPTCHA" de #Google doit être soumis au consentement. Lettre de la CNIL du 11 avril 2022 : réponse à une plainte
@CNIL Suite à une plainte que j'ai déposé en juin 2020 sur l'utilisation de @Interieur_Gouv de #GoogleCaptcha sur le formulaire de signalement de l'#IGPN, la CNIL a demandé au ministère de ne plus l'utiliser.
@CNIL @Interieur_Gouv La CNIL juge que #GoogleCaptcha "permettrait par ailleurs des opérations d'analyse de la part de Google" et que donc "la collecte d'informations n'aurait pas pour seule finalité la sécurisation du site".
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A thread of notable defunct College Football Programs. #RIP💀😭 (add more if I missed yours)

Program Numero Uno: Jacksonville University Dolphins

Seton Hall

1882-1930 1962-1981
Cal State Fullerton Titans

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1-) Greeks massacred the Turks, Scottish Historian George Finlay noted that a Greek priest, named Phrantzes, was an eyewitness to the massacres. Based on the descriptions provided by Phrantzes, he wrote:

Source: History of the Greek Revolution.… Image
Finlay: Greeks seized infants from their mother's breasts and dashed them against rocks. Children, three and four years old, were hurled living into the sea and left to drown. When the massacre was ended, the dead bodies washed ashore or piled on the beach… Image
Finlay: Turk Women, wounded with musket balls and saber-cuts,rushed to the sea, seeking to escape, and were deliberately shot by Greeks.

Source:George Finlay, History of the Greek Revolution, Volume 1. William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1861. p. 263 Image
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Бывает же… Это, извиняюсь, гроб Яакко Куусисто (Jaakko Kuusisto¹). Скрипач, композитор, дирижер — умер месяц назад. Молодой ещё был, от рака быстро сгорел. Очень крутой.

В малых составах, в частности ↓ гроб Яакко Куусисто (Jaakko Kuusisto¹). С
, с Ранталой² играл. Прикладываю. “Vanhojapoikia viiksekkäitä”. Локальный «эвергрин» в Финляндии. Её все играли. Юха Вайнио написал. Наш пацан был, пил, как не в себя…

В версиях с вокалом — это ↓
… история о старике, жителе скалистого острова и не менее одиноком тюлене. Два представителя исчезающих видов. «Усатые холостяки» — это перевод названия. Дед играет на губной гармошке, а тюлень навестил послушать.

Такие дела.
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#RIP Sally Kellerman
A lovely portrait by Alfred Eisenstaedt, for a Life magazine feature October 20, 1970. Image
#RIP Sally Kellerman
Another shot for Life by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1970. I'm listening to Kellerman's 1972 album Roll With The Feelin'
#RIP Sally Kellerman
Here she is in Baumholder, West Germany, for the made-for-TV movie 'Verna: USO Girl', shown on PBS December 15, 1976.
📷 Brownie Harris Image
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#COVID19 cases 🇭🇰 (February 24th)

• new cases: 8,798

• local: 8,795

• imported: 3

• Total cases: 84,046

• local cases 5th wave: 70,696

• reported cases: 17,269
19 Delta cases

4,334 Omicron likely
360+ RCH with outbreak

420+ staff infected

1100+ residents infected

37 RCHs with clusters more than 10 cases
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Um arrepio percorreu meu braço inteiro... #RIP
Chocado. Mark Lanegan era daqueles que a gente sabia que vivia com a saúde debilitada, mas que sempre dava um jeito de ir empurrando a vida pra frente e que a gente esperava ouvir cantando com aquele vozeirão aos 90 anos... Todas as vezes que o vi ao vivo foram especiais...
Meu show favorito do Lanegan foi um no Studio SP (imagina você ver um ídolo ali, coladinho no palco) e outro em um festival em Bruges, na Bélgica, com (outro amado aqui em casa) Greg Dulli, em que ele cantou uma das minhas favoritas do Screaming Trees, "Sworn and Broken". ImageImageImageImage
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11-month-old girl with no known chronic illness passed away in Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday. Positive for COVID-19.

Admitted to TKO A&E with seizures 19/02. Later transferred to QEH ICU. Treated with Remdesivir. Passed away at 6.59pm 20/02.

HA's Dr Lau Ka Hin:
As the patient was only in hospital for a short time, the case has been referred to the coroner.
Numerous family members had tested positive for COVID-19 by rapid antigen tests at home.

The PCR test performed on the baby girl had at Ct value of 17.

After her condition continued to deteriorate, she was intubated. She suffered from cardiac arrest.
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Remembering André Breton on his birthday 🎂
📷 Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris, 1961
"He was an advocate of the playful who could be unbearably pompous, a priest of love who sometimes seems, in his writings, to have had a purely abstract interest in the subject."
- Jonathan Jones Image
André Breton in his studio, rue Fontaine, Paris, 1956
An outstanding portrait by Sabine Weiss, who we lost last year #RIP Image
Anna Riwkin took this famous 1935 photo of the leading (male) lights of Surrealism.
Tristan Tzara, Paul Éluard, André Breton, Jean Arp, Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, René Crevel, Man Ray
Today we're celebrating Breton's birthday 🎂 Image
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