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I'm re-upping my tweet of this from August 2018 because I'm still mystified as to why Ed Kutler's & Mike McSherry's FARA violations aren't being investigated by SDNY alongside Vin Weber's FARA violations (OR MAYBE THEY ARE WE JUST DON'T KNOW YET?)
This is one of the supplemental statement Amendments from Mercury Public Affairs with #TooLateFARA info for "European Center For A Modern Ukraine"…
you'll notice Ed Kutler's name on there. Also, Mike McSherry, who, SURPRISE! worked for the Trump campaign.
Boop! Here's Mike McSherry in some #GoodJournalism by @RosieGray (again, I don't love Buzzfeed but this is solid reporting here) So it's not like McSherry's ties to tRUmp campaign and to Manafort shady shady lobbying weren't known. From August 2016:…
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Now that that Skadden #TooLateFARA is out, I really think you should take another look at this, @washingtonpost.
I respect your organization & I think you need to declare FARA registrations alongside bylines of anyone you publish.
You're a national treasure.
Set the standard.
We all know the compromised @nytimes won't.
But your tagline is, "Democracy Dies In Darkness."
Shine some light on the PR-FARA Industrial complex.
Mark what is spin to protect TRUTH.
Don't allow the PR Industrial Complex to use your trusted reputation as their weapon in this information war.
Label propaganda as such. If a writer you publish is FARA-registerd or a registered lobbyist, DISCLOSE IT IN THEIR BYLINE.
Your country needs you.
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OK so this is super super fun BECAUSE.......Schillings would later register FARA paperwork. how much later? 2 weeks later. Halloween.
Here's some actual journalism from the nytimes on this subject, good for them!…
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I think we should call it the Alt-Lite Public Relations Disinformation Industrial Complex.
ALPRDIC, pronounced "Alpra Dick."
@TundraEatsYou @LincolnsBible @ericgarland @WarfareNavel @JamesFourM @Grzabjj @ArleBear @Green_Footballs @KlasfeldReports @lukeobrien do y'all approve?
Charter Members of ALPRDIC =
CRC Public Relations
Cambridge Analytica
Campaign Solutions
Anything Paul Manafort ever touched
All Philip Anschutz anything (Particularly Examiner brands & Clarity brands)
Federalist Society
Jim Watkins
Chuck Johnson
Project Veritas (aka Project Provokatsiya)
National Review
iHeartRadio fka ClearChannel
Salem Media
Faux Newz
Bravo TV
Everyone with a #TooLateFARA
New York Times-you'll need receipts for that last one, so here you go:…
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With news that Mueller team referred Tony Podesta & Vin Weber FARA stuff to SDNY, may I remind you:
APRIL 2017: Podesta Group files new disclosures in Manafort-linked Ukraine lobbying
European Centre for a Modern Ukraine…
European Centre for a Modern Ukraine is mentioned in Paul Manafort's #TooLateFARA for Ukraine Party of Regions from June 2017.…
And Podesta Group & Mercury Public Affairs both filed as reps for European Centre for a Modern Ukraine in April 2017 #TooLateFARA
European Centre for a Modern Ukraine #TooLateFARA
Podesta Group FARA…
Mercury Public Affairs FARA…
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