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This is flat out perjury #TwoScoops @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @We_Have_Risen @JarradKushner @DawsonSField @Knowita47918362 @RevisitedRick
Exhibit 01. Original Opening Statement in the star chamber page 7…
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Heard GOP mention the FEB raid of the Burisma raid in FEB 2016 first time today and Lindsey REPEAT #TwoScoops @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @GTS_Watch @JarradKushner @almostjingo @klauswynter312 @We_Have_Risen @DawsonSField @Knowita47918362 @BabeReflex_8
Of course they didn't get the facts steps. When the money was unfrozen in London everybody assumes ended there and cleared. Nope. Burisma wasn't was Zlochevsky's belongings seized.…
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Signal Group met with
1⃣George Kent
2⃣ V i n d m a n
3⃣+ met w/a staffer of Brendan Boyle (sent staffer to Ukraine w/Shifty)
....just keep going ⬇️…
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1/A major move that must be considered that may have disrupted stay behind network in the Kingdom @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @klauswynter @We_Have_Risen @BabeReflex_8 @2xwide_dreaming @1foreverseeking @RevisitedRick @DawsonSField @SeekerOTL @RealestAhole
2/Can you imagine how furious our clown house was when they learned that the “Prince of Counter Terrorism” Brookings Institute Darling was not going to be King?

Clowns groomed MbN and called "DC's favorite prince"
+ Brennan's counterpart
3/And then losing #KhashoggiKoolAid too?
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Not going to believe who is on the Defense Innovation Board at the Pentagon @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @2xwide_dreaming @We_Have_Risen @ProudAmericanP2 @klauswynter @BabeReflex_8 @almostjingo @TheLastRefuge2 @1foreverseeking @SeekerOTL @ECEverett1 @sibeledmonds
2/Russians, Chicoms, Election Meddlers & J.E. connection #TwoScoops
3/W. Daniel Hillis – Edge - Epstein
Physicist, Computer Scientist, Co-Founder, Applied Invention.; Author, The Pattern on the Stone

@1foreverseeking has great research on Edge* #FreakShowDeluxe
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@felixsater talks to reporters during a break at the HPSCI "interview" on Jul 10/19

-talks Glenn Simpson perjury #TwoScoops
-"That's is close as your gonna get to Russia, is Glen Simpson"

@BenKTallmadge @DawsonSField @TrumpWarRoom @themarketswork @drawandstrike @almostjingo
2/SCHIFF, et al were NOT EVEN THERE! Their staff on both sides. That's it.
3/Further, HPSCI "communications director" comes out with this 8 hours ago:…
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1/As expected the conspirators are coming out of the wood work to weigh in on @POTUS


@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo @themarketswork @TheLastRefuge2 @MischaEDM @1foreverseeking @JarradKushner @Joestradamus91 @jodieiscool1
2/Laufman crawls out of the woodwork to appear on Maddow re POTUS remarks…
3/Who is Laufman?

FORMER Chief of the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section (CES) in the National Security Division at the Department of Justice (DOJ) as of Feb 07/18.…
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NDI + Brookings Connections #TwoScoops x 2

Worth noting this connection to add to Brookings & #RegimeChangeDeluxe
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @TheLastRefuge2 @themarketswork @almostjingo @MadAddictSport @2xwide_dreaming
h/t @AnnieNBarney
NDI also ties all the back to London via Sussman...
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Wow. Cameron Kerry writes: 44 "issued several cybersecurity executive orders in successive Februaries. While the current administration did not get out its first cybersecurity order in time to match the February pattern..." @BenKTallmadge @drawandstrike…
⬆️And even linked to WAPO LEAK of Trump admin's draft of the executive order on cybersecurity @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @JarradKushner @2xwide_dreaming @We_Have_Risen @AnnieNBarney…
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2/Madame Fu Ying and C.H. Tung are also connected to this 🎁Travel

3/Rick Larson WA-02(D)
🎁Travel Documents…
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#Pinchuk card 😂@stranahan @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @909946zill @We_Have_Risen 2 members of the International Advisory Board also sit on the Strategic Advisory Board for #Genie #CohenHearing
+ Clapper
+ Pinchuk
+ Jafar
+ Chalupa
+ 🇨🇳💰…
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1) Sounds vanilla right? I know I know the Waldman texts, Deripaska, et al. Based the title sounds vanilla right? @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @909946zill @MadAddictSport @TheLastRefuge2 @almostjingo @wynterklaus @DavidPDuffy25
2) "Convened by the Atlantic Council and Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity"

Who is ↪️Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity↩️?…
3) A fellow Hamilton 68er

Hamilton 68 🎪…
Nellie Connected - MITRE…
👢from transition 45
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(33) The look that says "I've earned my day off, I'm going to play golf & I don't care what the losers think about that." #MAGA
(34) The POTUS-Lindsey Graham golf match was not a one-off! This is a good sign, IMO.
(35) When the Left wants you dead so much that armed special agents follow you around the course in golf carts. Thank u POTUS for ur service
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(1) Team Trump photos thread started on 10/8/17 that will bear no resemblance to the chronological order of events of the last 2 weeks.
(2) I begin with a pic that paints a thousand words. Crooked, Commie Carmen Yulin Cruz has to acknowledge the President while others smirk.
(3) Carmen Yulin Cruz is the failed Mayor of San Juan who won't lift a finger to help #MakePuertoRicoGreatAgain, while millions will.
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