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Love vs Ego

I have recently started reading Bhagvad Gita As It Is by Srila Prabhupada and I felt really moved reading this particular paragraph.

Especially keep in mind the lines "He (Krsna) takes greater pleasure in His pure devotees Image
assuming the advantageous position of ordering Him than He does in being the giver of orders. Since He is master, everyone is under His orders, and no one is above Him to order Him. But when He finds that a pure devotee is ordering Him, He obtains transcendental pleasure,
although He is the infallible master in all circumstances." End quote.

This is so significant. Shri Krsna could have destroyed Kauravas and other kings with a single use of His Sudarshan Chakra. Even if He fought the war He could have been the one fighting and Arjun would
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JANMASTHAMI 2020 - Smarth & Vaishnav

Generally, many of us might be confused due to 2-day celebration of Shree Krishna Janmashtami. This confusion arouses due to 2 different schools of faith known as #Smartha and #Vaishnava. The first Janmashtami date is for Smartha Image
sampradaya and other is for #Vaishnav sampradaya.

The smartha sampradayat is a liberal or nonsectarian tradition or denomination of the Vedic #Hindu religion, which accepts all the major Hindu deities as forms of the one Brahman. Howerver, Vaishnavism revere Vishnu or
Shree Krishna as supreme being. There are other schools of though also such as #Shaivism which regard God Shiva as supreme God. Shri Adi #Shankaracharya nurtured the Smartha Sampradaya. He was a believer of pure form of Vedic thought which prophesized that the Hindu trinity
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1-Why Is the #Tulsi Plant Considered #Sacred and so central to #Sanatana Dharma?

Tulsi has been revered in India for as long as man has been around.

In every #Hindu home a Tulsi plant holds great importance (1/25)


2-In all those old, #Traditional houses the Tulsi plant used to be grown in the centre of the house,

..on an altar-like structure called tulsi chaura. (2/25)


3-Every #Hindu #Puja ceremony creates what they call #Panchamrita

..and Tulsi leaves are an essential ingredient of panchamrita

Some people say that even when Tulsi is once used in worship, can be cleaned and reused in another puja because it purifies itself. (3/25)
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Inspired by the Persepolis pic, sharing a few 'pillars' seen in India. This set is of the Heliodorus pillar, a stone column in #Vidisha, MP. Could have been part of a Vishnu temple that was once at this site. Indo-Greek, dated to 113 BCE, rediscovered by Cunningham, 1877. ImageImageImageImage
This pillar is a virtual witness of Indian History - bearing inscriptions of Ashoka, Samudragupta and Jahangir. Originally Ashokan, was moved from Kaushambhi to its present day location inside the fort at #Prayagraj to commemorate Jahangir's accession. ImageImage
#ExploreUP: Kaushambhi is one of India's finest excavated sites. It still retains one Ashokan pillar which stands amidst green fields. ImageImageImage
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