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I will not try to prove that the two languages are different. But will try to prove that we all are same and that !#Hindu religion is oldest surviving, continuing religion which we all are part.
Image 1: Pasupati God dating ~4500 years (3 faces)
Image 2 : God Shiva with 3 faces in Elephanta caves.
@Nathan_KB @BtKAS_
Use of Swastika by ancient Harappans widely used by continuing population across the Indian continent

Image : from harappan excavation
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Meta-Post on the Calamitous Consequences of #PopulationControlLaw if Implemented in India: #Thread

GOI & many Indians are mistaken to think that #PopulationControlBill's the magic-wand to solve demographic snag, #ClimateChange & #poverty by reduced #population footprint.

1. The #PopulationRegulationBill:

First the #PopulationControlAct itself. It was introduced in Rajya Sabha in July 2019 with "2-child policy per couple." The Bill's presented with the associated rewards for adherence & also penalties for violation.

2. The Govt's locus-standi on #PopulationControl:

The GOI has already built a narrative regarding #PopulationControlAct. Popular figures speak of it as the need of the hour. Many back it, articles have been written & a perception's created leading to implementation of the Bill.
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When Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja Was Told To Salute A Mleccha 🔥

As a young prince, the Son of the great Kingsmaker Maharaja Farzand Shāhājiraje Bhonsale, Chattrapati Shrimān Shivaji Maharaja visited Bijapur (Karnataka) and saw the pathetic state of the local Hindus.
The following were his words when he was told to pay his respects to the Adilshahi Darbar!
Chattrapati Shrimān Shivaji Maharaja's reaction after entering Bijapur
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Good news - Achieved by our #Hindu Brothers
The priest refused open the Thandu Mariamman temple at Mandavali as they started a chicken Briyani hotel next the temple!!
This is a temple existing for many many yrs. #Hindu Munnai brothers lodged a complaint & now with
Police orders the chicken Briyani center was closed - Priest opened Devi's temple for Dharshan
When our temples were in lock down these were the things happening around it. Either lands were grabbed, temple destroyed or such non veg shops were opened!
#SundayMotivation ImageImageImageImage
Briyani center guy wa so arrogant that he did not budge to the request of preist. Priest don't want to argue & get into a tussle with him, hence closed it permanently. Now with Hindu Munnani Brothers & police Temple is opened for Dharshan
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#Thread on the Legend of Hun-t’ien (Kaundinya) and Liu-yeh (Nagi Soma) who founded the first Hindu Kingdom of Khmer in Funan (present day Cambodia).#Hindu #Hinduism #Cambodia #History #india #bharat #indic #civilisation #IndoChina #khmer #asia #legend #indian
As per the extracts from the works of French Sinologist Paul Pelliot who researched on Indo China history, there exists a strong historical link between India and the Hindu Kingdom of Khmer in Funan (present day Cambodia).
The research says about Hun-t’ien (Indian name Kaundinya) whom Indian legend regard was a great Brahmin who received his spear from Asvatthaman (Aswathama), son of Drona, teacher of the Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata.
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Secular Mob Attacks #Hindu Houses while carrying #Muharram prossession in West Bengal. They Vandelised a Shiva Temple ,All this happened in presence of police which was busy escorting the mob.Twenty Hindus have been gravely injured in this one sided Clash!!
Not only this when these #hindus came on roads to protest against Isiamic imperealism. Instead of Consoling them the police did lathi Charge on them
These Hindus are asking is it crime to be a hindu in west bengal?Y Entire state machinery works only for the muslins?
Police neither protected them
Wen they tried to defend themselves they were nested too ?!
What country we are living in?
Is it completely taken over by Sharia ?
No one cares about Hindus or their lives
It's same from Kashmir to Kanyakumari !!
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Why are nationalist anchors avoiding this?

1. China is not in a mood to de-escalate the situation on the LAC
2. 5G construction noticed near Demchok area
3. Fresh construction works were seen along the Pangong Lake

Is diplomacy failing?… @TimesNow (1/n)
1. China building missile air defense infrastructure near Doklam, Naku La 'clash points'
2. China building 5G infra along LAC, fresh construction at Pangong Tso area
3. Missile site just 50 km away from 2017 stand-off site in Doklam… @TimesNow (2/n)
"A residential project for both the PLA and some civilians, on hold because of COVID-19, has begun in Yume, Lhunze County in the Shannan Prefecture of Tibet. This is just north of #ArunachalPradesh."… @TimesNow (3/n)
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#Islam, #Quran, other Islamic holy texts, prophet and other Islamic figures, and social media posts.
Let me start by stating certain facts.
1. Islam is a world religion, is in the public domain and its doctrines are published in the public domain.
2. The Quran is similarly 1/n
available in the public domain. It is propagated as the fount of all wisdom by certain people.
3. The prophet is held up as the ideal human being by some people, as an important world figure by others.
4. #Islamic doctrines, #Quran are published on social media.2/n
Nothing wrong so far. However, there is nothing right about the things that happen next.
Consider the following situation. Somebody publishes a post on social media saying that Islam and its prophet reformed some pre islamic society, somebody publishes a post comparing Islam 3/n
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Temples of #SouthIndia are shining examples of marvels of architectural grandeur created by our #Hindu civilization. Image
#Meenakshi Temple (also referred to as Meenakshi Amman or Meenakshi - Sundareshwara Temple) is a historic H'indu temple located on the southern bank of the #VaigaiRiver in the temple city of #Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
It is dedicated to Meenakshi, a form of #Parvati, and her consort, Sundareshwar, a form of #Shiva. The temple is at the center of the ancient temple city of Madurai mentioned in the #Tamil Sangam literature, with the goddess temple mentioned in 6th century CE texts.
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#Minorities_In_Pakistan are living the hell life in Pakistan, and the reason is single behind this that:- Pakistan is a _Islamic Nation.

Soon there will be a day when not a single person from a minority live in Pakistan.

1. Another forced conversion of #Hindu girl..
.. Ram Bai forcefully converted to #Islam and married to already man with children from #MirpurKhas.

2. Dead body of a Hindu girl, Diya Meghwar was found in Nasir canal, Tando Allahyar, #Sindh under suspicious condition. She has been missing for weeks.. #Minority_Butcher_Pak
3. A 15-year-old Christian kidnapped by a married Muslim with four children. Soon she will be converted to #Islam and then #Nikah. After some time they will sell her or kill her...
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Just after signing an open letter alleging online harassment Mehmal Sarfraz went OnAir with Indian media describing the so called curbs on freedom of expression in Pakistan.

This at a time, when world is critical of Indian #hindu supremacist govt’s fascistic policies of gagging, arresting & prosecuting journalists & free speech activists in India.

It served a purpose of providing Indian media outlets another chance of anti-Pakistan propaganda.

This step by Mehmal Sarfraz also provided a justification for Indian media to cleverly equate India’s media blackout of Kashmir, curbs on free speech of Indian #Muslims & Indian civil society, by blaming Pakistan for engaging in similar behavior.

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#اردو اور #پنجابی پر لعن طعن ہورہی ہے اس میں نہ اردو اور پنجابی کا کوئ قصور ہے اور نہ ہی یہ دو زبانیں بولنے والوں کا قصور ہے بلکہ اردو کو سرسید، جناح ، مولویوں نے مذموم سیاسی و مذہبی مقاصد کے لیئے استعمال کیا اس کی وجہ سے تنازع بنا - زبانوں پر تعصب شرعا” حرام ہے

#SNC #AikNisab
صحیح بخاری کی حدیث سے تمام زبانوں کا احترام واجب ہوگیا ۔ مگر تحریک پاکستان کے مولانا ظفر علی خان (پنجاب) کی جہالت ملاحظہ فرمائیں کہ بغیر کسی شرعی دلیل کے جنوبی ہند کی زبانوں کو کمال بے حیائ سے “کافر” قرار دیا ہے ۔ اور یہ تلخ حقیقت شفقت محمود #SNC #AikNisab کی بھی سمجھ سے باہر ہے
آل سعود و وہابیوں سے تمام اختلاف اپنی جگہ مگر اس حقیقت سے انکار محال ہے کہ آل سعود و وہابیوں نے دنیا کی ۹۰ سے زائد زبانوں میں قرآن کا ترجمہ کروایا اور مفت تقسیم کرتے ہیں ۔ اور اس پر جناح و دو قومی نظریہ ٹولے کی جہالت واضح کرتا ہوں #SNC #AikNisab #Urdu #Punjabi #اردو #پنجابی
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The power of #Hindu unity

This may seem like another Hindu temple but the story behind it deserves to be told. During the Portuguese rule in Goa, the temple here was destroyed by the invaders.

Few years later, an elderly man felt the presence of Datta Bhagwan at the site.. ImageImage
He expressed his desire to rebuild the temple along with his family & villagers but unfortunately lost his life before that could happen.

For a few yrs, this place was illegally occupied by |slamists who turned it into Mini Pakistan, Hindus feared to even venture into this area.
In 2008, a group of Hindu activists fought the Jih@dis who had plans of converting the site into a Kabrstaan and freed the site from their clutches and performed Murti Sthapana & Pooja of Swami Samarth in a single night. Image
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It's great to see folx celebrating #KamalaHarris as an #interfaith icon. But, I wonder if we're going to have any serious conversations about how her story represents the way #ChristianSupremacy makes it so common for folx to embrace Christianity over other religions. 1/
#KamalaHarris was raised primarily with her #Hindu mother, but that she now identifies as #Christian. She also went to a #Baptist church as a child, along with friends in her neighborhood. Presumably (like most places), church attendance was normalized, Hindu temples weren't. 2/
So, despite the strong #Hindu influence at home, her #Christian identity became central. She doesn't even identify as both, which is totally possible if your religions aren't exclusivist. eg: I identify with 2 religions (both non-Christian) because of my interfaith upbringing. 3/
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#thread on article by #SoumyaDeb on @IndiaFactsOrg

He tried to defend well the words exonym #Hindu and oxymoron #Hinduism.

He cited historians #romilathapar @D_N_Jha #RobertEricFrykenberg


@Aloft_Incumbent once stated that the WORD '#Hindu' didn;t exist. To which I disagree.

Should she disagree with facts I provide, please reply.

Magathenese a #Greek traveller long back noted India as '#Indus' ~400 BCE.

@Sanjay_Dixit @mamatarsingh

India was known as country bounded by INDUS river, Himalaya & sea from 3 side.
FaXian 400 AD called India as Shintu, and Hindu is corrupted name of Chinese name IN-TU. (H+Indus)

#Hindu word existed even before another Abrahamic faith took birth.

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.@nytimes Was just asked how I stay so positive speaking up for #Hindu rights when everyone seems to be against Hindus? Answer: My training in psychology. I believe the REAL reason Hindus are bullied has nothing whatsoever to do with #Hinduism per se. It is because Hindus are...
viewed as soft targets/doormats/pushovers who won't speak up or fight back. Many have no idea of their own power or how profound & beautiful their spirituality is. They have low self-esteem. In psychotherapy, my specialty is helping abused people find their voice, regain their..
power, and change the dynamics of their relationships. So Hindu activism is just an extension of what I feel I do at work. And at work I see patients learn, grow, change behavior, and kick ass. I've seen wilting lilies transform into fierce tigers. So I'm confident we'll have a
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Fed up of this bullshit "Make hospital, in place of Ram Temple in Ayodhya".

Most non-BJP politicians, pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-seculars, lutyens & librandus are relentlessly asking this.
Answering to them in this thread.
@Cyber_Hunttss @IndUSGurl
#RamTemple #RamJanmBhoomi
Many of such hypocrites called the Bhoomipoojan death of secularism in India, derogating the decision given by a constitutional body, Supreme court & these hypocrites outcry constitution 24*7.
Let's talk about some more facts & logics(Although these aspects don't matter to them).
The #RamMandirAyodhya is going to be built on donations from believers in Sri Ram.
Central Govt has donated just ₹1 in that fund and UP state Govt has not donated any money yet.
The owner of the land is #SriRam, which would be managed by @SriRamJanmBhumi Teerth kshetra trust.
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JANMASTHAMI 2020 - Smarth & Vaishnav

Generally, many of us might be confused due to 2-day celebration of Shree Krishna Janmashtami. This confusion arouses due to 2 different schools of faith known as #Smartha and #Vaishnava. The first Janmashtami date is for Smartha Image
sampradaya and other is for #Vaishnav sampradaya.

The smartha sampradayat is a liberal or nonsectarian tradition or denomination of the Vedic #Hindu religion, which accepts all the major Hindu deities as forms of the one Brahman. Howerver, Vaishnavism revere Vishnu or
Shree Krishna as supreme being. There are other schools of though also such as #Shaivism which regard God Shiva as supreme God. Shri Adi #Shankaracharya nurtured the Smartha Sampradaya. He was a believer of pure form of Vedic thought which prophesized that the Hindu trinity
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𝐃𝐚𝐥 𝐋𝐚𝐤𝐞

💧 Is in #Srinagar & is the 2nd largest in the UT of #JammuAndKashmir.

💧 Named as the Lake of Flowers, Jewel in the crown of Kashmir
...... Image
💧 The shoreline of the lake is about 15.5 km, encompassed by a boulevard lined with Mughal era gardens, parks, houseboats & hotels.

💧 It is integral to tourism & recreation and also a source for commercial operations in fishing & water plant harvesting in #Kashmir ImageImage
𝐖𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐫 𝐋𝐚𝐤𝐞

💧 It is the largest freshwater lake in India and one of the largest in Asia, 40 km northwest of #Srinagar with a size of 189 Sq. km.

💧 The lake lies at an altitude of 1,580 m with a depth of 14 mtr, it has a length of 16 km & a breadth of 10 km. ImageImage
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Hinduism or Hindutva as we know today is a term given to Sanatan 'Eternal' philosophy (Vedic) the only known, oldest, surviving religion or faith (pick as may please u) to date

@MJKSaddozai let me know if you find evidence contrary in this #Thread

The estimation of vedic (one who follows Vedas) philosophy evolution is around ~52kya with known astronomical records. I know vedas will render all the history and science books OLD as its verses are decoded and solved scientifically
Lets come back to topic #Hindu. India was known to west as country on the other side of INDUS river covered by Himalaya and sea from 3 side. Chinese travellers FaXian 400 AD called India as Shintu, and Hindu is corrupted name of Chinese name IN-TU
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Henna and the bride - Cultural and religious significance
It is not easy to trace back the origin of henna usage but it can be safely said that henna is being used for more than five thousand years for both healing and cosmetic purposes. Ancient civilizations were Image
known to use henna for various purposes, including its healing capacities, especially for brides.

Some historians argue that henna was brought into India by Mughals in the 12th century, but deities on 4th-5th century CE #Ajantacave murals have henna decoration. The henna
decoration is clearly illustrated on many more very old murals in southern India and Sri Lanka.

Coming on to more about henna, the term #Mehendi has its root in Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika’. A plant used to create the temporary colouring and it is mentioned in our Vedas that
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Kashmiri separatists came in many dress, shapes and colors: Hindu haters, Jew haters, white haters, atheists, religious supremacists, Islamists, communists and so on, such as, Hindus For Human Rights....they even used the word 'Hindu'

More at Thread
#Hinduphobia #HinduGenocide
Kavita Ramas:
* Wife of Pakistani Zulfiqar Ahmad
* Advisor of Ford Foundation President Darren Walker
* Connection to Open Society Foundation
* Parents & sister connected to AAP PARTY
* President/CEO Global Funds for Women (doesn't exist now)

Read on…
Zulfiqar Ahmad's uncle is Pakistani left-wing intellectual activist Eqbal Ahmad, who moved to US in the 1950s from Pakistan, was vocal about Palestanian rights. He was indicted in the 1970 trial of conspiracy to kidnap Henry Kissinger + bom Pentagon…
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#History of Pakistan’s Proxy War in #Kashmir
1.Three unsuccessful wars of 1947,1965 & 1971 made #Pakistan realize that annexation of #Kashmir was a tough nut to crack through conventional wars after which it resorted to its tried & tested means of Proxy war... ImageImage
..which it had used in #Afghanistan (Operation GIBRALTAR) with a strategy of 'bleeding India by a thousand cuts'. However, the action started in #Kashmir only after 1987 due to its involvement in #Afghanistan
The late President Zia-ul-Haq code named the #Proxy war as Operation #TOPAC as it was his brain child for annexation of Kashmir through an amalgam of subterfuge, subversion, force & religious fundamentalism.. Image
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--The Tryambaka Offerings, Pt 3 (Final) --

In past 2 threads, I covered the Tryambaka Ishti of Sakamedha, explaining exactly what “sister of Rudra” meant, and the Mṛtasanjīvanī mantra here. Links to previous threads:……

Naturally, Qs may arise. Mṛtasanjīvanī mantra is dedicated to Shiva by some scholars. How can one claim it denotes the mind? Ans - If you read previous threads, it is clear that context of tryambakaṃ yajāmahe… is meditation on the mind+

#Hinduism #Vedic #Sanatani #Hindus
A mantra is identified as belonging to a devata if it does not change in other occurences. As eg, rudra gāyatri has “tanno rudraḥ pracodayāt” that remains unchanged while occuring elsewhere with minor changes in preceding words – so, it denotes rudra devata only+

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