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This is an important question: As a Hindu, what is your view on homosexuality ?
So, why is this question important ?
1. Hinduism doesn't discriminate based on your sexuality
2. There are multiple historic references to LGBTQ folks in our books
3. There are many species that exhibit homosexuality & humans aren't special
4. We have RW LGBTQ folks who need love

1. No one can force you to be gay

2. Not too long ago, even left handed folks were thought to be degenerates. What does that tell you ?
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I have heard many heartbreaking stories from #Kashmir and the plight of #KashmiriPandits. But here is one that really got to me. Today I would like to share the story of Sarvanand Kaul Premi in this thread. @AdityaRajKaul @sunandavashisht @AartiTikoo @DrAmbardar
Sarvanand Kaul Premi was born on 1st November 1924 in #Anantnag, #Kashmir. He studied in Punjab University and graduated with the highest merit. Not only was he extremely well educated - he also took part in the Quit India movement as a social activist. #QuitIndia
For 8 years, his blood, sweat and tears went into the fight for an independent India. He also wrote for newspapers, such as the Daily Khidmat. He ended up authoring ~24 books and many more articles & poems. They are mostly in #Hindi, #Urdu and of course, #Kashmiri.
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Train from Nagerkovil
This Hindu Samiyar is being beaten by Christian Mafias
Reason:He got into the compartment which has Majority of them, so they did not allow this old man #Hindu man to sit among them!
Imagine our plight, if we become minority!
நாகர்கோயிலில் இருந்து செல்லும் ரயிலில் #கிறிஸ்தவர்கள் நிறையபேர் இருந்தபெட்டியில்.. ஒரு இந்துசாமியார் உட்கார்ந்து இருந்ததால்..அவரை #வம்பிழுத்து #அடித்து வெளியேற்றியுள்ளனர் #மிருகங்கள்!!😠😠😠😠
அவர்கள் பெரும்பான்மையானால் இதுதான் கதி!!
#FridayFeeling #BlackFriday
It seems he was dragged into war of words & when he try to get away after scolding them these people dragged him in & have beaten him. That's what they say in my group...
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#HappyWomensDay to all. Like I had promised, I am going to tell you about my biggest inspiration - A common woman who faced unprecedented hardships but she managed to take care of her family and #Dharma in a very hostile #Kashmir. She is just a common woman but is my #Shakti
She grew up in a volat!le #Kashmir where being a #Hindu was a cur$e. She survived a #Kashmir where attacks on #KashmiriHindus was a norm. I am not talking about the 90s Kashmir but much much before that.

She was trained to fight in case someone attacked her home.

At that time, girls used to be married off very early, before they even hit puberty but she wanted to study so instead of getting married, she studied for as long as she could.

Then she got married to Hriday Nath Mattoo (By now some of you know who he is).

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THREAD.....1/n There is widespread demand among #Hindu conservatives about translating the messages on the backs of the #RavindraBharatiUniversity ladies.The message is simple….
2/n if you combine the Scribblings on the backs of the ladies….it is a phrase from Gurudev Ravindranth’s song “ Chaand Utheche Gagane” (There is moon in the Sky) with a is PRECEDED by the Bengali gutter-slang “Ba*a”-implying ERECT PEN*S.
3/n Now, the “liberal-brigade” claim that this is “Creative Disruption” at worst and mostly innocent fun. I disagree.
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Hindu Tamil di Medan

AGAMA Hindu Tamil yang ada di Medan memiliki kekhususan yang berbeda dengan agama Hindu pada umumnya yang ada di Indonesia. Agama Hindu Tamil berasal dari etnik Tamil, salah satu etnik terbesar yang mendiami sekitar teluk Benggali, India.

Agama ini
dikembangkan oleh komunitas etnik India di Medan yang leluhurnya berasal dari Tamil. Hindu Tamil saat ini bukan hanya ditemukan di Tamil India tetapi juga berkembang pesat di sejumlah wilayah di Srilanka, yang di sana menggunakan nama Tamil Nadu.

Menurut penelitian Kementerian
Agama (2012) suku Tamil yang ada di Medan tidak langsung berasal dari Tamil, tetapi peranakan di Pulau Andaman dan Nikobar yang merupakan tetangga jauh kepulauan Weh di Aceh. Kini etnik India itu banyak ditemukan di kota Medan dengan tetap mempertahankan tradisi leluhurnya,
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Reports are emerging of widespread anti-#Muslim violence in Delhi, India. Mosques have been set aflame, Muslim neighborhoods attacked, and Muslim cemeteries desecrated by Hindu-nationalist mobs.

Following is a thread of news and analysis as it breaks.

When @thewire_in interviewed a pro-government #Hindutva group about the violence, they replied:

"How dare they protest like this in our country? Is it (their) country? It is our country. We will show them their place."…
Reporting for Vice, @tim_hume writes — Hindu nationalist mobs are hunting and beating #Muslims:…
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Are #Hindu/#Muslim riots inevitable in #India?
-Of course not. (So much academic literature-- see @ProfVarshney among many others).

One key variable is government response. Take two conflagrations in #Gujarat in 2002:
-Feb 2002: 58 #Hindus killed in #Godhra. ~1,000+ #Muslims killed while police (under #Modi) stand by.
-Sept 2002: Terrorists kill 30 at #Akshardam temple. Could have led to mass riots, but #India's PM Vajpayee sent CRPF in quickly to control the situation. No riots.
In both 2002 #Gujarat cases, the initial provocation was extreme (in #Godhra, still disputed whether fire was intentional or accident: Separate question).
-Govt can't stop killing of 30 people, or even 58. But it CAN stop the killing of 1,000.

If it doesn't, it's complicit.
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#Vijayanagara: The Never to be Forgotten #Hindu Empire

In the 16th century, Vijayanagara was a buzzing and important metropolis.

All this came to an end in 1565 when the Deccan sultanates razed Vijayanagar to the ground leaving just the captivating legends
and atmospheric ruins that we explore today.

Socially diverse and religiously tolerant, the Vijayanagar empire’s seat was a metropolitan hub that attracted travelers from around the world. The wealth of Hampi attracted large crowds and a vibrant society,
but it also brought the unwanted attention of greedy enemies. As a result, after repelling centuries of attacks, Hampi finally fell under a combined onslaught of five medieval Islamic dynasties, which won a decisive battle in 1565 CE known as Battle of Talikota.
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Thread👇all Kashmiris @tonyashai @mscully94-believe #IndianMuslims Did Not come out protesting #Lockdown while Biryani/peaceful sleep/security w 98% #Majoritarians NOT just #PoliceForce/ #ArmedForces. U NEVER KNOW what it is to LIVE in w every neighbor hateful UNLIKE in #Kashmir
#DelhiGenocide2020= #IndianMuslimPersecution BY a)98%Hatefilled Islamophobic Bigoted #Majoritarians Next Door Neighbors, Colleagues, Teachers, Docs, Leaders b) #PoliceForces c) #IndianArmedForces UNLIKE your #KashmirLockdown= Kashmiris VERSUS #ArmedForces/Police&NO other factors
DO YOU UNDERSTAND the difference? We realize you ve x 30 yr atrocities by #IndianForces. BUT here #IndianMuslims have faced #Guj2002Genocide & Not a whimper from Indian community- REALIZATION- >100,000 Muslim girls R@ped by Not Just Goons BUT BY ORDINARY #Hindu Neighbors r@ped
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A mob of #RSS Hindu goons spotted a Muslim with skull cap, they attacked him & asked him to chant Jai Sri Ram

From #Bhajanpura, #NewDelhi #Delhi

Watch Full video :

This is organised terrorism against #IndianMuslim
#DelhiPolice is abetting the terrorists
A Muslim Islamic Mazaar (shrine) was set ablaze by a violent Hindu mob in #Bhajanpura, #Delhi.

Watch Full video :

#NewDelhi is burning but Modi is busy with Trump. #DelhiPolice #DelhiBurning
RSS Hindu mobs attacked & set fire arson in Muslim home's, infront of #DelhiPolice

In Jaffrabad Maujpur, New Delhi

Watch full video :

#RSS #Hinduterrorist #IndianMuslim #Jaffrabad #Maujpur #NewDelhi #DelhiBurning #BJP #CAA_NRC_NPR #Delhi #CAA #NRC #NPR
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#BetelLeaf #Ayurveda #Science

According to Ayurveda, betel leaves contain certain elements which can help to cure diseases caused by air and bile. According to the Vaidyas in Sanskrit, betel leaf juice was often prescribed as a remedy for infected ears and pus formation.....
and can cure a headache by applying it on the forehead.
A betel leaf contains vitamin C, iron, carotene, fibre, potassium, iodine and thiamine and hence is used widely in Aryuvedic medicines to prevent bad teeth, treat ulcers and acne.

It help in relieving coughing and even to cure respiratory disorders like bronchitis.

#Hindu #Rituals #Marriage #Love

According to the traditions in many South-East Asian countries, a combination of Betel leaf and Areca nuts is inseparable as they symbolize loyalty in love...
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Worth A Read...

Devotee : "Swami ji, who is the founder of Christianity?''

Swami @Chinmayananda : ''Jesus''

Devotee : ''Who is the founder of Islam?''

Swami Chinmayananda : "Mohammed''

Devotee : ''Who is the founder of #Hinduism?''

Swami Chinmayananda : ''.....''
Devotee : ''What Swami ji, your religion doesn't have a founder?''

Swami Chinmayananda : ''There is no one particular founder for Hinduism as its not an outcome of one personality's knowledge.

Let me put the same question to you.

Who is the founder of Chemistry? Physics?
You cannot answer, because these are sciences which had contributions from plenty of scientists.

In Hinduism, Our Rishis were the scientists".

Devotee : .........

Swami Chinmayananda : ''If you ask a Christian to give book on Christianity, he gives you Holy Bible.
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In Modi we trust ✊🏼

I am going back home ❤️❤️
Is it weird that I cried after reading this news article ?
Is it weird that I have a lump in my throat ?

#Kashmir #kashmirihinduexodus

Waise is proposal ka vishleshan karke aur post karungi.

After reading the article, here is my analysis:
Pros: Temples will be constructed
The townships will be scattered around 10 districts of #Kashmir and if they are anything like the "modern day concentration camps" in Jagti, then we are doomed. It also makes us sitting ducks
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These are some of the fortunate #Hindus of Pakistan who’ve managed to cross over to India. Penniless, unsure of the next meal but happy pure & simple.
What is long due for the earlier migrants, is work permits-as permanent solution to allow them live a life of dignity.
More #Hindu , more disciplined, well behaved & more sanskari than most here..
Only consolidated, constructive measures towards their resettlement as worthy citizens is the perfect answer.
There are 3 #PakHinduRefugees camps in Delhi, these are new migrants, some more arrived on 7th feb. 2 major camps in Jodhpur besides couple small ones, some in Gujrat, some in Jaipur, most forced to live in unhygienic filthy conditions & at the mercy of others, reason?
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This Basant Panchami lets remember Veer Hakikat Rai, a teenager #Hindu from Sialkot, who preferred rather than conversion to Islam

His Muzlim classmates made fun of Hindu deities. In return he asked them how they would feel if anyone insulted Muhammad/Ayesha
As a result, he was taken to Lahore
was given an option to convert to Islam to save his life but he refused to leave his Hindu faith

So he was beheaded at a young age. He attained martyrdom at the age of 14, during the governorship of Zakariya Khan
Later on the character of Hakikat Rai was converted to Hakikat Singh to depict him a Sikh. The incident was also bit modified
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#Rahul Why haven't you not gone to Shaheen Bagh?
#Kejriwal: Did you go?
#Rahul: Why should I?
#Kejriwal: He won't go!
#Rahul: We report Sir!
#Kejriwal: We govern Sir! We administer!

#Rahul: We've not distanced ourselves. We were reporting amongst them.
#Kejriwal: We've not distanced too. We've been running schools,hospitals,built roads,installed CCTVs.They've (#BJP) created ruckus across the country coz they don't have control on #Economic situation. (2/n)
#Kejriwal: They've created a condition that he (Pointing at #Rahul) doesn't have the strength to speak abt #UnEmployment & #Economy. They (#BJP) are powerful that they will shutdown their channel(#TimesNow).That is why,from morning to evening, they talk about Hindu-Muslims (3/n)
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No Perdana Mentari @chedetofficial sir, you aren’t too small, your ancestors, Malaccas were the descendents of the Cholas of the Great Bharatvarsh & your country was named from ‘root’ Himalaya!!

You still exist in the memory of the Vedic traditions of #ShriRam & Ramayan! 🙏🏻
Your ministers take oath of office in the name of ‘Urusan Seri Paduka’
= Shri Ram’s Paduka
President takes oath in the name of ‘Urusan Seri Paduka Dhuli’
=dust of Ram’s Paduka
Your Admiral rank is- Lakshman
Orders for building mosque are issued in name of Urusan Seri Paduka!
You @chedetofficial are called ‘Perdana Mentari’
Your President, Raja Parameswara
Queen-Raja Parameswari
Husband- Swami
Teacher- Guru
Senior teacher- Maha Guru
Student- Siswa
Senior student- Maha Siswa
Your buildings are named,Chaya Surya,Wisma Putra,Wisma Duta
Doot, Bumi, putra!
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See the Muslins at Gulbarga
Harrassing #Hindu shopkeepers
ATROCITIES ON #Hindus at Various places in the country has gone over-board!
This is the fruit of secularism we get for our tolerance!
For allowing them to stay back though the partition was religion based
Why was there no MSM covering this incident
It happened on Jan 9th, I guess!
This their type of agitation against #CAA2019 #CAA_NRC_NPR
Let we Hindus consolidate together behind our Govt & show strong support
#JaiHind 🙏
Does this make sense to anyone ?
While they are thrashing us every where this lady blabbers some stupidity in print media !
Do you sense any conspiracy set by this presstitute couple of India !!
@aditya2585 can you verify this incident from your known sources ?
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हे राम 😢!!
His daughter is just 14 who was abducted from on her way to school! SHO asking for 4-5 days after which she’ll be typically produced with marrige certificate & conversion!
Bomb this terror state, they don’t deserve to exist!
@narendramodi please save #HindusOfPakistan
Here she is!! 😢😢
Guddi sold to Abdul Khalik!
50 similar cases have come to light in last 2 day! Shame on you @ImranKhanPTI
लानत है भारत के मुसलमानों पर जिनके मुँह से एक शब्द नहीं निकलता निंदा में, उलटा #CAA_NRCProtests कर रहे हैं!
@HMOIndia save #HindusOfPakistan 🙏🏻
Another #Hindu kid Radha Meghar of Sindh, abducted, so called married & converted this week!
#Save #HindusOfPakistan from these jihadi monsters!!
@ImranKhanPTI chullu bhar paani mein doob maro!
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BJP's failure in winning 'intellectual' debate became most apparent in #CAA. Reason lies with party. I worked in this space 4 too long to kno how long term agendas are set. Why intellectualism is equated to #Left leaning among a section in #WestBangal & #India. 1/n
I have been consistent in saying that #CAA is a major correction to the historic neglect to human tragedies from sustained flight of #Hindu & other minority from #EastPakistan/#Bangladesh. It's unfinished job of #Partition. 2/n
#Secularism will be threatened only when #India wil institutionally discriminate between two sets of citizens, as it happened in #Pakistan & #Bangladesh not by virtue of giving citizenship 2 d discriminated/persecuted in this 2 countries born out of discriminatory principles. 3/n
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#antihindu Muslim rulers of India, beginning with Muhammad bin Qasim, who established dominance over the Sindh region in the eighth century AD. In so doing, however, Qasim most certainly caused a great deal of destruction, with clear evidence of massive forced conversions.
in the thirteenth century, Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed the ancient university of Nalanda, killing all the Buddhist monks and nuns, taking literally three months to burn every single book in the university’s library
#antihindu #IslamExposed
Similar examples of forced conversions and brutality can be found during the reigns of Mahmud Khalji of Malwa (1436–1469 AD), Ilyas Shah (1339–1379 AD), Babur (1483–1530 AD), and Sher Shah Suri (1486–1545 AD), all of whom destroyed temples, killed non-Muslims,forced conversion
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I am Physicist & Statistics PhD so have ample experience of education and practise of research

#CAA_NRC_Protests shows #India needs urgent educational reform

Riots started in Assam. 84% of colleges in Assam are govt funded compared to 37% national average. Coincidence?

In the UK, undergraduates studying non-medical, science and engineering based subjects receive NO govt funding

In #India, all subjects are massively subsidised, including those inciting the anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim and Marxist ideologies causing #indiaagainstcaa_nrc

In #India, 22% of undergraduate students are publicly funded arts, humanities and social science students

Social science is most popular postgraduate subject and it accounts for 36% of Indian PhDs

Crazy that #India pays to make them become anti-national


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A short #Thread to dispel doubts on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
Q) Does the Bill disallow citizenship for #Muslim migrants ?
A) NO , The bill merely mandates any #Muslim migrant to spend 11 yrs resident in #India before applying for citizenship.
Q) Does #CitizenAmendmentBill discriminate against #Muslims who are citizens of #India or remove any privilege of citizenship they hold?
A) No, the #CABBill makes no comment on the citizenship of existing #Muslim citizens.
Q) Why does the bill disallow #Muslim migrants from #Pakistan #Afghanistan & #Bangladesh from it's ambit.
A) The Bill is meant to provide a safety valve for minorities in adjoining nations who do not wish to live under a #Islamic regime. #Muslims are a majority in these nations.
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