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@tribelaw Donald Trump is not kidding. The gop are collectively displaying signs common to those held hostage, who have experienced prolonged intimate partner emotional abuse, or who were in the German parliament as Hitler was rising to power. #GOPStockholm #BrainwashedGOP #CultShit
@tribelaw #ImpeachSaveAmerica

Steps to avoid authoritarianism as the the new normal in America needed.

Steps to avoid making democracy a memory in America needed
@tribelaw Noteworthy: John McCain was held hostage. He did not develop Stockholm-like behavior. Trump hated him. The GOP has Trump induced stockholm-like features. Trump is ok with them.
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Democrats are too good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We flipped the House, and we did so while running a ground game that could change the fundamentals of how our democracy works. Progressives should be proud of what we've done to make elections fairer. /1
We helped passed ballot initiatives that re-enfranchise 1+ million voters in FL, that overturned non-unanimous juries in LA, that simplified voter registration in MD/MI/NV, and that counters partisan gerrymandering in CO/MI/MO/UT. That's the hard work, not the fast win./2
Our work on GOTV led to increases in early voting and election day turnout. We diversified leadership at all levels--increasing representation by women, minorities, & LBGTQ candidates. We also closed the margins on GOP-won contests to slimmer ones; we made them fight for it. /3
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My absentee ballot didn’t come so I’m taking an all night bus to NC, voting, and flying back to be at work at 11 in DC. Stay tuned as I live-tweet my venture into madness for the sake of civic duty. #VoteSaveAmerica #iguess
To pump myself up for this trip I’m listening to @PodSaveAmerica. Why? Because @jonlovett @jonfavs @TVietor08 and @danpfeiffer are personally responsible for this trip (and will help me stay strong as I try to get home to vote).
In the part where folks usually promote their soundclouds I just wanna say: if you’re in NC, please vote to #nixthesix amendments. Also, I’m a @HealthCareVoter and I hope you are too.

more after I pack as much as will fit in my backpack.
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Say you want to go canvassing but don't know how to link up with a campaign (and definitely DO link up with a campaign or legit organization, we have 10 days left). Allow me to lay it out . . .
First, do some quick googling. Can you find your local county party ("[x] county Democratic Party") on the web? Facebook? Twitter?
If you do, great! But do NOT just fill out the "volunteer now" form and wait for a phone call. Yes, the form feeds into the county party's database (NGPVan), but that may not be checked regularly by an all-volunteer organization. Call the phone number, message the social media.
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If you show up to the polls and you are not registered to vote, here is what you can do.

Please retweet this to spread the word.

@jonlovett @jonfavs @TVietor08 #vote #VoterRegistration #BlueWave #BlueWave2018 #VoteSaveAmerica #VotingMatters
17 states plus the District of Columbia offer same day registration (SDR), any qualified resident of the state can register to vote and cast a ballot all in that day.…
Provisional Ballot Laws are laws that require a provisional ballot upon verification of the identity of the voter if a voter fails to present proper identification at the polls or when registering before voter registration deadlines.…
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If you want to help Dems flip Congress, Governorships, and Statehouses across the country, but can't phone bank or canvass, textbanking might be for you. It's super easy and it truly makes a difference. The following tweets will link you to orgs/states that do texting.
Progressive organization @MoveOn offers volunteer texting opportunities. If you're interested, you can sign up here:…
Next up is @IndivisibleTeam. They offer texting for a variety of Congressional and Gubernatorial candidates across the country. If interested, sign up here:…
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