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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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“The 18 mos prep by FVEY's & certain NATO countries is coming close to a head.”

Brit Watchdog Finds Cambridge Analytica & Brexit Funder Arron Banks Misused Private Data & Mueller has his comms w/ RU diplomats.

📌Trump = Leave Camp’n fuqqery

📌Winter is coming

📌Monaco arrested Dmitry Rybolovlev, the RU Fertilizer King.

📌Charges are related to corruption & “trading influence”. Seems focused on Monaco/France & not linked to the US.

📌Police Want to Question 'King of Diamonds' Lev Leviev in Massive Smuggling Case

Two of Leviev's relatives & 4 employees of his companies have been arrested.

#Comey: Let’s Vote to Uphold Our Nation’s Values

📌The lying, misogyny, racism & attacks on the rule of law from our president are awakening the vast middle of American politics.
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I'm sitting here at 5:17 in the quiet hours of the morning hoping out country will be saved. It's not unlike the time I was hoping my daughter's tumor was benign or that my wife's brain tumor could be removed and hoped she would pull out of it ok.
Did we do enough? That is the question many will ask ourselves tonight and tomorrow. Could I have written one more post card, made one more phone call, knocked on one more door, gotten one more person to the poll?
I see people who quit their jobs to go all in, those people are my heroes. I served in the military but they get it, they know what's on the line today, they did all they could. They left it all on the battlefield. We leave it up to the people now to use their voice.
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My absentee ballot didn’t come so I’m taking an all night bus to NC, voting, and flying back to be at work at 11 in DC. Stay tuned as I live-tweet my venture into madness for the sake of civic duty. #VoteSaveAmerica #iguess
To pump myself up for this trip I’m listening to @PodSaveAmerica. Why? Because @jonlovett @jonfavs @TVietor08 and @danpfeiffer are personally responsible for this trip (and will help me stay strong as I try to get home to vote).
In the part where folks usually promote their soundclouds I just wanna say: if you’re in NC, please vote to #nixthesix amendments. Also, I’m a @HealthCareVoter and I hope you are too.

more after I pack as much as will fit in my backpack.
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My friends,

In less than 24 hours, the fate of this nation will be decided by the one person who can send a message... Y - O - U! do not be tempted by negative ads by the other party AKA GOP. Do not be persuaded by the poles the news people tell you. only you can decide
My friends,
We....cannot...let....this...election slip through our fingers,period! The fate of this country, the legacy of @BarackObama, the very progress we fought so hard for, and more is at Absolute stake as well as my right as an individual with special needs.
the rights of women everywhere especially my friends in the sex working business and the adult entertainment business especially my friends @MsPrincessDD @drsuzy @thekatiemorgan @Melissa_Hill3x @ChelseaClinton @HillaryClinton and all are at stake in this country.
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The #Hypocrisy of the @GOP They will vilify an 88 year old holocaust survivor & say he's "buying elections" but give the koch bros, the mercers (who originally funded the dossier) and adeson are just donors who really aren't trying to buy elections.
If he were truly buying "elections," paying off every person in the "caravans," and paying the millions upon millions who have marched against this fascist regime, he would be broke by now.
Who are the real "angry mobs"
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You've battled cancer 3x. U worked for 35 yrs to get a house, car, a nice savings. Sure u have great insurance, but still worked hard to keep up w/healthcare costs. Paid off 85K of medical debt. Yea, right? U did everything right. U owned ur own business'
Paid double in premiums to SSI (Insurance program for self employed = SSD) than ur hubby did in his contributions to his SSD fund. Worked side jobs & pd into SSD. Then u get sick due to complications of chemo. U spend 6 1/2 YRS fighting 4 ur life. Living in extreme pain everyday.
42 surgeries. U win ur battle, but u will forever live in pain & need surgeries every 3 or 4 yrs. Then u find out ur losing EVERYTHING. UR home, cars, savings, ur pets (because u can't find a place that wants u let alone pets!). U embark on 3 1/2 yr battle to get declared legally
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.@realDonaldTrump has said that when considering who to vote for on Tuesday, we should pretend he’s on the ballot. I think that’s a great idea. So here’s a list of some of the things he’s done since taking office (THREAD):
—He defended Neo-Nazis who marched and murdered a protestor in Charlottesville
—He implemented a policy separating young children from their parents at the border, which tore apart hundreds of families, and then incarcerated the children in cages
—He took Vladimir Putin’s word over our own intelligence community, accepting Russia’s denial that it ever attacked our election
—He implemented a “Muslim ban” restricting immigration from several majority-Muslim countries despite this being flagrantly unconstitutional
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Dear friends,

This is my final Twitter thread before November 6th, 24 days ago I started a tweet about why I wanted to vote Democrat and so should you. In the 24 days since it began more than a thousand of you liked it very much and nearly 500 of you retweeted the
thread to inspire people to go and vote. now, in the 3 final days before the most life-changing election in the history of this country, I am saying this with my heart and my soul, when November 6th comes around and you are inside the voting booth, I want you to think about
Everything that I said in the thread, everything I meant was real, everything I said was legit from the depths of my heart and soul. I love this country deeply and I love the people who made America what it is and still do. Everyone of you matter. Every person matters
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My closing #Midterm2018 THREAD: Let's look at how Ted Cruz has knowingly worked to divide and mislead Texans. #txlege
Please RT
#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #GOPVotingBlue
Ted Cruz FACT: He's invested millions of dollars in digital influence campaigns.
Maliciously targeting you, your family & friends.

Operating largely in the shadows, using firm that harvested data on stolen from millions of unwitting FB users. #TXSen #txlege #TX14 #Psywar #Psyop
Ted Cruz FACT: Files reveal that AggregateIQ—also known as “AIQ”—is the developer behind campaign apps created for Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, as well as a Ukrainian steel magnate named Serhiy Taruta.
#txlege #TXSen #BetoForTexas #Midterm2018 #CruzCrew…
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Off to #GOTV canvass. Texting too voters tonight. How are you working to #TurnUSBlue and hit DC with a #BlueTsunami2018 of epic proportions?
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@realDonaldTrump Donald Trump and Republicans are putting us on path to recession. The $1.5 trillion Wall Street tax cut went directly to stock buybacks inflating value, exploding our annual deficit, providing no YOY wage growth all while engaging in trade wars with our allies #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump We need to make this abundantly clear. Republicans passed a huge $1.5 trillion Wall Street 1% tax cut which exploded the the annual deficit from $454 billion to $1 trillion. Now, to fix this out of control spending, they want to cut Social Security and Medicare #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump Republicans are suing in 20 states that mandating insurance companies to provide pre-existing condition insurance coverage options is unconstitutional. Donald Trump’s administration is refusing to defend against this lawsuit putting coverage at risk #VoteDemocrat
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1/ Rachel Maddow pointed out yesterday, Thurs. 11/1/18, just 5 days before the midterms, a Trump administration executive order takes effect & eliminates the Obamacare rule that insurance companies can't deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Starting yesterday, they can.
2/ In her ominous announcement, Rachel referenced the Wall Street Journal, & this quote: “This is also the first open-enrollment period under a Trump-administration change expanding access to cheaper plans that don’t cover the panoply of benefits mandated by the ACA. (con't)
3/ Those less-expensive plans can also deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.” Here is the article: The open-enrollment season is kicking off just before the congressional elections in which health care has emerged as a top issue for voters…
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Someone called for a lynching in my town FB group today, and nobody seems to have a problem with. Still waiting for @facebook to do something about it since the admins are fine with violent hate speech. @ACLUNJ #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBlue #resist
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"Far-right media does not create unstable individuals, but it has proven remarkably successful at radicalizing them and providing them with targets." MAGAbomber & synagogue shooter's similar extremist media diet, w/ anti-Semitism at its core. v @Bellingcat…
Radicalization is the conversation we must have. Trump sends troops for fake immigrant invasions while his information war has created the real threat. He & GOP propaganda media are radicalizing far-right extremists—terrorists to terrorize & kill Americans. Also BTW Putin's goal.
You'd think after Americans were killed by terrorists radicalized by lies about migrants, Republican @MarshaBlackburn would take down this ad claiming the caravan has “gang members, known criminals, people from the Middle East, POSSIBLY EVEN TERRORISTS"
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Don't let #polls determine whether or not you vote. Don't assume a victory or a loss based on current polling. Why? Because they are inherently flawed, and not truly reflective of a whole group of people of any sort. (more)
2/ Polls have two major aspects: Sample and Methodology. These are the parameters that define how the poll is taken and how accurately it reflects a population.
3/ Let's start with sample, also called sample size. It tells you how many people are polled to get the results. Most of the big polls you see in the news have a sample size somewhere around a thousand. This works for the pollsters, because it's a manageable
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It’s been 251 days since the #ParklandShooting
Yesterday, @DLoesch said R voters need to bring guns to precincts to “vote”

#GunReform has been lost in the news, but it’s on every ballot Nov 6.

Powerful— click on each of the 245 people in this to hear their gun stories⤵️
I am an American Citizen and a registered voter.

I hereby pledge to never vote for a candidate who accepts money from the @NRA

Earn that F rating and you can earn my vote.

Nov. 6 #VoteBlue 🌊 for #GunReform & common sense #GunLaws

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I am exhausted. Since Trump became president I cannot sleep. There are days my stomach is so full of anxiety I want to crawl in a hole and end it. My existence, my ability to take care of things very personal to me, all depend on policy and the direction of this country. 1/
My oldest son is 21, but he is a high-functioning autistic child w/ aspergers. In order to properly care for him he needs Medicaid. I cannot afford health insurance and if I could the deductibles would make care impossible for all of us. I am always fearful and ever watchful. 2/
I have twins who are 19. One of them is transgender. He completely passes as male & recently had top surgery. That being said, none of his transgender care is covered by insurance & the direction the administration is taking on trans rights has us all deeply concerned. 3/
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1/Oh, well if a trump advisor says it’s so, it must be! You are gross for giving this a platform @ such a critical time, & trump said that the stock market is “the POTUS’s fault” when Obama was in office. Know what crashes stocks & the economy? The GOP. End of 1st tweet.
Unlike you simplistic trumpers, here’s some real economic analysis: (1). The tax scam 1 cost Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security $500B. That, in turn, hurts the economy bc ppl have no $ to spend, & consumer confidence is low. Consumer confidence is important, bc
(2). it’s one of the better indications of how the economy & market are doing. Business confidence is often an artificial construct—it’s based largely on fear, not reality. Consumer confidence, on the other hand, is literally based on whether individuals have any $ to spare. So,
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Congress has the power to override SCOTUS decisions thru statutory amendment or enactment

E.g, in the 1976 case of GE v. Gilbert SCOTUS held that firing or disciplining pregnant employees was Not an unlawful form of sex discrimination under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

In response, Congress enacted the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, which prohibited termination or discipline of pregnant employees on the basis of pregnancy (among other provisions).

#WhyElectionsMatter ♀️
Another example—
In the 1980 case of City of Mobile v. Bolden, the SCOTUS held that discriminatory intent must be shown regarding changes to voting practices that disenfranchise minorities in order to demonstrate a violation of the U.S. Constitution and Voting Rights Act of 1965.
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@AriBerman Why is @BrianKempGA allowed to have any responsibility over the voter rolls when he is an invested party in the upcoming election? He should be removed from any authority over the voter rolls. He's already been involved in a lawsuit related to Ossoff & Karen Handel, who was in
@AriBerman @BrianKempGA the position of Secretary of State with authority over the voter rolls herself, when she was declared winner in an election with highly suspicious results. Kemp who stepped into Handel's position, was told by the court to preserve the related hard drives with all
@AriBerman @BrianKempGA data intact for the court case, but defied the judges orders and erased the drives. He should have been restrained from ever having any responsibility over the voter rolls or any other election related responsibilities.
Handel is also again on the
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2) GOP have purposely driven up the deficit with tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans & corporations as well as & excessive defense spending. They plan to drive it up further with tax cut 2 so we have no choice but to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & Health care.
3) Social Security doesn't drive up the debt but Republicans have been lying to fool you into thinking it does.
Social Security was in great shape & in the black until George Bush stole the $$ for his wars & never paid it back.
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