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I will have to find that on Rumble.

I can't wait to read Oli's book. This trans-social-contagion is terrifying. My daughter was indoctrinated in school. She was a "Peer Counselor" and I actually gave my permission for her to participate.

I had no clue that the peers she would be "counseling" would be the gender-confused kids that she was taught were misunderstood and needed allies or #WTLiteralF ever BS they brainwashed her with.

First, she told me she was a Lesbian at around 16. By the time she was 18...

...she decided she was "Gender Fluid" - well, she told me that after I got mail for "Eli White"... I was like, who the HELL...? The meltdown was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

By the time she was 24, this once popular girl had a "boy"friend - who was a REAL...
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So this, flamboyant gay boy, is YOUR vision of a "woman?" Seek help.

Twat here was born with a penis, still has a penis, and you people are egging on this troubled guy with BullScheiße about how "HE" is a stunning and brave "woman." Your commitment to stupidity is impressive.

You choose to play into the delusion, I do not. The funny thing? Dylan doesn't even buy into his OWN BullScheiße - he's an ADULT, I don't give a Scheiße #WTLiteralF "HE" does to HIS own BODY, but how dare HE, or any of you "GenderFluid/Confused" A-Holes, suggest to ANYONE...

...that ANYTHING should be given to a CHILD is a bridge TOO F'n FAR, TaterTot. You inflict your social contagion/construct on your own frikk'n children & stay the literal Fxck AWAY from OURS, you F'n #FreakShow, period.
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Tucker changed his hair, he changed his suit of choice, and I'm guessing he has also changed his mind about... many things since his college days.

I have, but #WTLiteralF do I know🤷🏻‍♀️? I was born♀️, I'm still♀️ and, I'm Heterosexual. What do you people call me? Cishet, how sweet.

Help me understand: You & your people think that abortion is just getting rid of a clump of cells. It's not human, it has no feelings, and it can't feel pain...just tear it up and suck the remnants out of the hosts' uterus and into a sink.

However: The trans community now insists that not only should a non-verbal girl toddler be able to express his desire to be a boy by pointing, and grunting, but the same toddler knew in the womb that she was being born a girl, but already knew she identified as a boy.
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I read the book: "Raising Ryland" yesterday and I'm more disturbed now than before.

This mother found her daughter in daddy's closet, wearing one of daddy's shirts when she was 3. She wasn't verbal having been deaf since birth, but not diagnosed for more than a year...

After finding her baby girl in the closet, she said the baby told her "not to tell anyone." As if this 3 yr. old BABY GIRL had the wherewithal to KNOW that wearing a man's shirt was socially unacceptable. As IF. Then baby Ryland starts signing circles in the air...

...mommy asks, "Do you want to be a boy?" Ry, smiles, and signs circles (that apparently means the baby's uncle [?]) alrighty then. From daddy's shirt to signing circles, to the assumption the baby girl wants to be a boy. Makes perfect sense.

If you're a frikk'n attn wh0re.
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I stopped when I got to this sentence. "Some pharmacists may be able to administer a quick COVID-19 test and prescribe the pills all in one visit. They already do this in many states for flu or strep throat."

Look at the viruses the #CCPVirus is being compared to:

"...flu or strep throat."

If this virus is as incredibly deadly as "they" would have us believe, why isn't it being compared to other viruses that are equally deadly? The #CCPVirus is "SARS CoV-2"...

The list of SARS viruses is long and has a lot of really long words, but it's simply: "severe acute respiratory syndrome." If you have COPD you know how it feels if you get bronchitis. It's NOT FUN! I have COPD, not related to smoking...
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