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Glazyev, “LaRouche was a guidebook through the dark corridors of the Western ruling elite exposing the hidden springs of the world financial oligarchy’s anti-human policies. Tracing the fonts of its origin from the time of the sack of the Byzantine Empire”
Lyndon LaRouche, Helga-Zepp LaRouche, and Sergey Glazyev, Moscow, June 2001
The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge - EIR (Executive Intelligence Review)
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1. A very worrying issue shared by a #Chinese doctor: infected for the second time/repeated infection.
According to this doctor, their hospital beds are currently largely occupied by ppl with second infections. These patients' pain is 5-10 times worse than the first time.
2. Their immunity is extremely low, and many people rely on immunoglobulin infusions, which cost more than 800 yuan per dose. They need two infusions a day, spending 2,000 yuan for a one-day hospital stay. Don't listen to the experts on TV. After being infected, you can only have
3. immunity for a month. Second infection is very serious. We have run out of immunoglobulin. Many patients lie in bed without being able to buy any. They suffer a lot. I have given up my plan to travel to my hometown for the Chinese New Year. The situation is too bad. But the TV
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1. Summary of audio of a man in #Beijing who fought for more than 43 hours to try to get a #cremation service for his dead family: during the 2-3 hours when I was waiting, 20 more bodied were sent in. Now the waiting time is over 30 days. If I want to jump the queue,
2. the cheapest price is 30K yuan ( $43100). They have the phone numbers of all crematoriums there. I called 4 of them, but none could be reached. I called the crematorium in Changping. They also said the waiting time is more than 30 days.
3. And they only accept local people. Now I may have to choose to pay 30K to jump the queue. They said the body can be cremated in 3-5 days if I pay 30K yuan.
#chinalockdown #ZeroCOVIDpolicy
#CCPChina #COVID19 #CCPVirus #AmazingChina #COVID #ZeroCovid
#XiJinping #CCP #China
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1/2 Wow, you'll never imagine this new #lockdown method at Zhongliangguobing (中梁国宾府) community in Pizhou, #Xuzhou City, #Jiangsu Province, #CCPChina. Every household is to put a lock on the front gate. So unless ALL the families agree to open the gate at the same time...
2/2 no one can go out. They call this new method "Not a single is to be missed 缺一不可". The #CCP is forcing the public to monitor & lock up one other. If you still don't understand, see the locks inside the red circle in the picture. #COVID19, #CCPVirus #AmazingChina #COVID
Sorry, "Not a single one is to be missed"
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Still remember #Xishuangbanna? Where #CCP police pointed machine guns at tourists to prevent them from leaving a while ago. Now this city looks like this. They call this precise control of #COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus. What a joke! What a tragedy!
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Residents in #Beijing #CCPChina are required to wear this electronic bracelet after returning to Beijing from other cities so that their movements can be monitored. The bracelet can monitor your body temperature 24/7, as well as your locations and movements.
You must wear it all the time except when you recharge the battery or have a shower.
The purpose? To fight the #COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus, according to the #CCP.
The bracelets are made by 北京微芯感知科技有限公司 Beijing Microsense Technology Co, which also developed multi-sign sensing equipment that was used in this year's #BeijingWinterOlympics & #WinterParalympics.
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“The police are hitting us!” Woman in #Shanghai crying and shouting. Looks the police are arresting people who broke the #lockdown barricades. #上海 這樣的瘋狂還要持續多久?#CCPChina #CCPVirus
Actually, the real story is: On Apr 14, #Shanghai government expropriated the NAXI International Community at Zhangjiang, Pudong New Area as a #quarantine site & immediately enforced it, with police using violence to evict residents. #CCPChina #CCPVirus #COVID19
剛了解到,故事是這樣的:4月14日,#上海 政府征用纳仕国际社区(浦东新区张江)作为隔离点,并立即执行,警察用暴力驱赶居民。#中共病毒
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Do you @TheDemocrats think that because you support the twisted, non-agenda, agenda of these Left-wing hacks, somehow YOU will be IMMUNE to this kind of bull-Scheiße?

You're wrong. I don't listen to the Joe Rogan Experience, why? (Read on...)

Joe R. thinks that Barry Hussein was the BEST pResident, EVER.

I can assure you, he's not a right-wing, nut-job. HE is one of YOU!

His sin? When he got the #CCPVirus (pretty sure he was fully "vaxed" & boosted) he insisted on Ivermectin.

Shocker of shocks, he lived to talk about it. But now? "They" (you people & your "powers that be") can't have that. Even though Ivermectin & HCQ work, they are super cheap, AND...they save lives. Unlike, BTW, the mRNA-jab AND Remdesivir.
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I stopped when I got to this sentence. "Some pharmacists may be able to administer a quick COVID-19 test and prescribe the pills all in one visit. They already do this in many states for flu or strep throat."

Look at the viruses the #CCPVirus is being compared to:

"...flu or strep throat."

If this virus is as incredibly deadly as "they" would have us believe, why isn't it being compared to other viruses that are equally deadly? The #CCPVirus is "SARS CoV-2"...

The list of SARS viruses is long and has a lot of really long words, but it's simply: "severe acute respiratory syndrome." If you have COPD you know how it feels if you get bronchitis. It's NOT FUN! I have COPD, not related to smoking...
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In the top photo, we see the Patriots of the future. Warriors, fighting for the causes of Freedom, Sovereignty, and our big "R" God-Given Rights.

In the bottom photo, we see Woketarian's. A BRAVE family, celebrating their commitment to identity politics, CRT, the 6 Jan Commission, & AntiFa following prayer to former VP Joey B., & their Lord FauXi.

They are brave because they aren't wearing masks.

They have prayed to FauXi to ask his forgiveness.

Their face diapers were immediately replaced following this photo-op. Then removed so they could indulge in tofurkey & mashed cauliflower.
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Thank you!

So few people truly understand the TRUE, "Bottom-Line." This is an UGLY, UGLY outcome, and the Leftits proles believe in the FauxChi propaganda.

This is ALL about depopulation of the old and infirm.

Followed by population control using the youngest among us.

Go right ahead and pShaah, me. The mRNA jab is NOT a vaccination. It's a "m"essenger protein. Do you know why kids are rarely affected by either the virus or spreading it? Lung capacity. They don't have what the virus needs to survive & grow strong, nor do they have...

...enough force when they cough, sneeze or hurl spittle when they speak to infect others with a viral load high enough to infect another person.

That Scheiße is #FACT, period.

FauxChi KNOWS THIS. HE is the worst kind of smart, stupid person because his position, alone...
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.The vaccinations are going to be tested. THE EUA WILL BE THE TEST. Based on what little we know now, the results will be very bad for some children, especially boys.

This is one of the reasons I keep talking about World One, World Two, and World Three.
The parents clamoring to get their children enrolled in these trials are operating in World Two, the world of belief and emotion. They are terrified of the Great Killer Covid Virus®, and believe the Great Savior Vaccinations® will slay the evil virus monster.
Behind this is a belief, that it is possible to go through life without taking risks.

But the #CCPVirus is in World One, the world of physical law. In World One, the vaccinations have risks of harm, and will till we know far more about them, probably for decades to come.
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#Iran no good for not being able to blow up even just 1 #atomicbomb. #CCP should arrest 8 more #Canadians & kill all 10 if #Canada dares to send #MengWanzhou to #US. #China needs a big purge, ppl like #VickyZhao should all be arrested. #XiJinping needs to learn from Chairman Mao
This is another speech by #LiYi, in which he laughed over the fact that only 4K people died (almost equals to 0 according to him) of #COVID19 #CCPVirus in China, while 220K died in #US. As the result, #China will push #America out of existence.
By the way, his original video is here: . If you care to check the comments, you can find he has many supporters. All reflect the mentality of the #CCP.
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It's Official! Fauci 'The Fraud' Finally Named In Massive Vax Scam Lawsuit Filed By American Frontline Doctors! This Is Big!…
Ali Shultz, Legal Director for America’s Frontline Doctors FINALLY announces that the organization has OFFICIALLY FILED A LAWSUIT that names Anthony (‘The Fraud’) Fauci and others who are COMPLICIT in the FORCED VACCINATION of Americans and OTHER crimes against Humanity!
The lawsuit also focuses on the FORCED INNOCULATION of CHILDREN, who are all but IMMUNE to COVID-19 – a FACT that has been PROVEN beyond any doubt!
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So for the most original, most comprehensive #timeline of the #CCPVirus #COVID19 #outbreak , with evidence all from Chinese media(some were already deleted) and other reliable sources. Just evidence, no conspiracy.…
A group of programmers collected and edited this, with all due seriousness. Then some other people who care about the future of humanity translated it into English, in a hope that this can be translated into other languages too.
Archived original documents are all provided inside this.
I'd say this is a VERY important contribution to the world. And I am honored to be trusted with it and chosen to publish it.
Please do read and spread it!
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Think about this & connect the dots
1 There's a growing feeling the #CCPVirus leaked from the lab & didn't jump from animals in Wuhan wet market.

2. If it was a deliberate leak, it makes more sense to experiment with the smaller & hostile Vietnam or the puppet State of
North Korea or even Taiwan & bring them to their knees. Even their long-pending invasion of Taiwan would have been possible.

3. But Wuhan (China's industrial heartland & pharma manufacturing hub) being the epicentre, shows it has to be accidental
4. Also, if the leak had been deliberate, China would have known EXACTLY what the next steps would be & wouldn't have been caught off-guard. They were lost & confused in the initial days. And, no. They weren't pretending.
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40/n So here is Part-3 of story of #Biowarfare by #CCPChina

Last I spoke about Shi Zhengli. In this part I'll elaborate about work of her team that caused confusion about #WuhanVirus too.

Please read on.
41/n 2003,SARS broke out. Scientists begin to find the source of the virus .

SHI Zhengli began extracting virus from the bat. Their research paper was published on Science magazine. claiming that they had extracted Corona Virus from the bat. Image
42/n 2008,Zhengli's team publishes new paper.

It found:first,both human SARS virus & 2019 #WuhanVirus use ACE-2 infect human cells.

The 3 major finds were:
1)Bat virus can't enter into human cells through ACE-2

2)Human SARS virus couldn't possibly be combined with bat’s ACE-2 Image
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Series of Thread 1/11

So called learning from barbarians has really been brought to extreme this time.

US technology passed through several layers of middleman & through military-civilian integration and finally came into hands of #CCPChina & completed weaponisation of virus

Key figures in #CCPVirus R&D are indispensable:

- Military Medical Department Zhou Yusen & his disciple Zhao Guangyu, Hong Kong's mysterious figure Zheng Bojian

- Master of this technology is Baric, who was drained to Wuhan Virus Institute
@PrinceArihan @arifaajakia

Military Medical Dept through New York Blood Center (Du Lanying, Jiang Shibo, Li Fang), eventually Zhoushan virus was weaponized by military-civilian integration

Through key clue of "restriction site", through literature search, a complete chain of evidence has been formed
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Infographic: How the Global Pandemic Spread From China

An Epoch Times investigation traces how initial outbreaks around the world were seeded by travelers from Wuhan, ground zero of the pandemic (Thread👇)
For at least 3 weeks, #Beijing knew about the severity of the #CCPVirus outbreak in #Wuhan, but downplayed the crisis and suppressed any information at odds with the official narrative.

The coverup allowed the virus to spread, sparking a global #Pandemic.…
Internal documents obtained by @EpochTimes show that patients with #CCPVirus-like symptoms started appearing in #Wuhan hospitals from September 2019, suggesting the disease may have been silently spreading around the city in the autumn.…
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/🧵#رشته_توییت در «سالگرد رسمی» کرونا و سانسورهای گستردهٔ توسط حزب کمونیست چین.
ترامپ ماه‌ها گفت حکومت چین مقصر اصلی این فاجعهٔ جهانی‌ست. حالا که انتخابات ۲۰۲۰ تموم شده، خبرگزاری‌هایِ مختلف پنهان‌کاری‌های چین رو افشا می‌کنند./ ImageImage
/در چنین روزی در سال ۲۰۱۹، وزیر بهداشت #تایوان ایمیلی به @WHO فرستاد و دربارهٔ حداقل ۷ مورد پنومونی ناشناخته در #Wuhan به سازمان جهانی هشدار داد. WHO ماه‌ها بعد روی این مسأله ماله‌کشی کرد و تقریبا گفت این هشدارها معتبر و مستند نبود./
/شبکهٔ‌ سانسور اینترنت در چین در روز مرگ دکتر Li Wenliang (در ۱۸ بهمن ۱۳۹۸) غافلگیر شد. موج عظیمی از مردم ناراحت بودند و خبر به سرعت پخش می‌شد: «شیوع گستردهٔ بیماری واگیردار». جزئیات در توییتِ پایین./ #CCPVirus
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He’s pushing Chinese Communist Party tactics again.

Remember how the CCP of China made their people download an app that showed whether they had the #CCPvirus or not?
Yang also wants a US GOVERNMENT run “social credit” app, similar to the social credit system in China.…
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DNI Ratcliffe will be making remarks today regarding the IC and space defense. 🧐
I wasn’t able to listen to this yet, but here’s an update with links to Ratcliffe’s remarks inside.
Here’s the video of the entire National Space Council meeting. Since I haven’t watched yet, I assume Ratcliffe also spoke here.…
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News Analysis🔎The post-#Election push to pressure President Trump to concede, despite numerous credible allegations of #VoterFraud and ongoing legal challenges, is the culmination of a 4-year-long campaign against him. (Thread👇)…
This campaign started in 2016 when the #FBI launched a politically motivated investigation of his campaign. During his subsequent 4 years in office, there have been consistent efforts to remove him from office.
#Infographic: an overview of some of the main efforts made against the sitting @POTUS.

This is an issue that transcends party lines, as it is not only an assault on Trump, but an assault on the office of the presidency, and with it, an assault on the foundation of America.
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👀👇🚨🔥Forward, spread the truth!🔥🚨
                  🌟🌟🌟ACTION 🌟🌟🌟
                     🗽 转发🌟传播真相!🕊
         #LudeMedia #ChineseWhistleBlower
👀👇🚨🔥Forward, spread the truth!🔥🚨
                  🌟🌟🌟ACTION 🌟🌟🌟
                     🗽 转发🌟传播真相!🕊
    #LudeMedia #ChineseWhistleBlower
👀👇🚨🔥Forward, spread the truth!🔥🚨
                  🌟🌟🌟ACTION 🌟🌟🌟
                     🗽 转发🌟传播真相!🕊
    #LudeMedia #ChineseWhistleBlower
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