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@IngrahamAngle 28/ Update: appears Vindman wrote out the SCRIPT of what POTUS was "supposed" to say, per the coup plotters.

29/ and .... he’s GONE!…
30/ V is for Vindman

Roman Numeral V = 5

Vindman is a twin

V and V

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Ok. What do we now know.

3/5/18 Mueller notifies Dowd that he has cleared Trump

3/13/18 Trump announces Pompeo will be nominated SoS replacing Tillerson

3/22/18 Trump fires McMaster. Hires Bolton.

4/9/2019 Bolton starts as NSA

4/19/18 Trump hires Giuliani AFTER TRUMP HAS ALREADY BEEN CLEARED BY MUELLER ACCORDING TO DOWD. Giuliani says his investigation happened in 2018 and was undertaken as part of his efforts to defend Trump from the charges of Russian collusion.

July 2018 Bolton hires the Vindmans

10/13/18 Trump hires Cipollone

12/19/18 Trump hires Mulvaney

12/31/19 Zelensky announces his candidacy for President
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Yes, it says THE PEN on Bolton's umbrella.
Screenshot from WAPO interview
2/ here's the link Bolton's WAPO interview,
Jan 24, 2019…
3/ graphic:

Follow the PEN
Follow Bolton
Bolton CLEANing House
Castle is Clean
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1/ Ultimately, regardless of the decision on witnesses or documents, losing comes with a political cost. And spin as they might, an acquittal is a loss for Democrats.
2/ Now how the voting breaks will matter. But if Republicans hang together on all votes and the acquittal then this entire impeachment effort by Democrats will never have garnered a single Republican vote.
3/ Not retiring Republicans with no political future. No moderate Republicans Senators. Not even any Senators facing a tough re-election. That will be a stinging defeat and will have historical and narrative implications.
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1/ TRAP - the Keyword from Q.

but just #WhoTrappedWho ??

h/t @stormypatriot21
@stormypatriot21 2/ this smells of a STING,


a la Sun Tzu, the Art of Military Strategy

@stormypatriot21 3/ THIS ⤵️ lays out the TRAP, the STING

Step by Glorious Step.

the PLAYERS in the STING?

Fiona Hill
Rudy Guiliani
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Laura Ingraham

Intrigued by the Intrigue?

Why have I all-capped BOLTON?
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1/ Here is an important thread from June 2018. It laid out much of my theories from that time regarding Mueller and DOJ.

This was the first time Trump walked out of the WH to meet the media on the lawn. Why is that significant?
2/ According to John Dowd by 3/5/18, Mueller told Dowd that Trump wasn’t a target of the investigation. Trump then fired McMaster, hired Bolton, fired Tillerson as SoS, hired Pompeo, hired Giuliani and set up the highly compartmentalized computer put in place to hold transcripts.
3/ By the time Trump stepped out onto the WH lawn in June, which as we now know would become a permanent shift in Trump’s PR strategy, Trump had all his pieces in place. In retrospect it’s clear that by this point Trump was unshackled and engaged in a new phase of his Presidency.
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