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The weather in the middle east is already pretty weird - but it is about to get a lot weirder.

Simulations show a spectacular monsoon driven burst of water and energy pulsing over the Arabian Peninsula, bringing rain to the entire desert land mass over the next three weeks.
This thread's coverage fits into our #ExtremeWeather #ClimateChangeNow #DesertRain #ArabianStorms and #WestAfricanMonsoonBurst baskets.

The animations above and below are both from this afternoon. And they show the developing weather patterns which will bring this event.
This is part of series of threads looking at a developing Sahara Water Transportation event (atmospheric river) which appears to be central component of this which was first noted here on December 5th (#AwesomeClimate) .
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[Thread] 1. Is #VaccineRolloutSA moving fast enough to consume the jabs that SA will receive over the next 5-6 weeks? To answer that, we need to look at how many jabs we’ll have and how many daily vaccinations we would need to do to use the shots.
2. How many jabs will we (likely) have for the next 5-6 weeks?
* Business SA on Fri said we'll have 3 mil #JandJ doses by the end of June (if the FDA authorises the release of the jabs in time)
* 4.5 mil #Pfizer doses by the end of June (#Mkhize announced this in May)
3. Business SA/health dpt calculated:
* For the wk of May 17 we needed to do 54 200 vaccinations/day
* For the wk of May 24 we need to do 109 200 vaccinations/day
* For the other weeks until the end of June we need to do 192 500 vaccinations/day
(this is based on 6 days/wk)
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South Africa will be receiving another batch of the #Pfizer vaccine today. We know according to the Health Dep every Sunday from May to end of May we get 325 260 doses. This batch arriving today will mean SA has received over 1m Pfizer vaccines since start of May. #VaccineRollout
As of end of May South Africa will have over 1.3 million doses. As of June doses will double every Sunday to an average of 636 480 doses weekly which will see close to 4,5 million doses of #Pfizer by the end of June. #VaccineRolloutSA
Statement from Department of Health yesterday on how many have been vaccinated under #Phase2

“The total vaccinated in Phase Two as at 18.30 today is 162 281. These vaccinations were with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine.”
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What’s interesting about this #Phase2 vaccine rollout is that even when you get an appointment message some vaccination sites don’t help you. My mom got an sms yesterday to be at a vaccination site at 12 today. We got here earlier just be safe. We’ve already been told to leave.
There are other people who had an appointment for 10am but they’ve also been told to leave. Why is this happening? Probably because those who don’t have vouchers or appointments got the 💉
Unacceptable to have elderly come out, queue only to be chased away.
I understand many want to get the vaccine but if there is a clear message with appointment date, time and place. Those people need to be accommodated. That’s why SMS’s are sent out.
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[Thread]. 1. How many #CovidVaccine doses has #VaccineRolloutSA administered so far?
1. 480 665 (#Sisonke, #JandJ) + 77 505 (Phase1B and #Phase2, #Pfizer) = 558 170
2. NB: For Pfizer the 77 505 are just the 1st of 2 doses, so those people have not yet been fully vaccinated.
2. The number of people getting their 1st #Pfizer dose today = 38 134. That means in one day (Wed) we vaccinated as many people as in the previous two days (Mon + Tu = 39 371), so we're picking up speed.
3. The total number of #Sisonke #CovidVaccinations has increased by 897 (from 479 768 to 480 665), probably because of final vaccination data that was coming in after the trial had ended.
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[Thread] Today's #COVID19sa provincial vaccine rollout by numbers - according to last night's national health department briefing. (Note: Provinces didn't all provide the same info & designated sites have not been updated on the nat'l website) #VaccineRolloutSA #Phase2
2/10 Eastern Cape #Phase2 :
Healthcare workers vaccinated: 67%
#COVID19sa vaccine sites launching today: 25
Senior citizens registered: 74,000
Initial vaccine doses received: ~16,000 out 43,000 allocated
Register here:
3/10 Free State #Phase2
Healthcare workers vaccinated: 24000; 12000 left
#COVID19sa vaccine sites launching today: 2
Senior citizens registered: 37,741 out of 280,000 targeted
Register here:
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VACCINE REGISTRATION: Phase 2 of vaccine registration begins today. Those 60 and above can register from around 4pm today. Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize says the portal will be live and functioning properly this afternoon.
Health Minister Mkhize says this is a significant moment for the vaccine rollout. Phase 2 is scheduled for May-October. Phase 2 includes the elderly (those above 60)
Essential workers (ideally those who are 40 and above first)
Getting vaccinated is not compulsory,it’s a choice.
When you register, you’ll need an ID a number, cellphone number and correct address. This will allow the system to identify a near by vaccination centre. Correct contact details is NB to be contacted when it’s your turn to get the jab.
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Thread: #Malaria is major health threat for #Bastar Divsn-thus @HealthCgGov initiated #MalariaMuktBastar Abhiyan in Jan’20

In #PhaseOne (Jan-Feb’20):

- 14.06 lakh people were tested
- 64,646 (4.6%) found +ve were gvn treatment & were followed up (1/5) ImageImage
Follow-up of cases found +ve during #PhaseOne was done by slide test to ensure that they had completed the treatment.

As no. of #Malaria Cases is generally highest in monsoons in Bastar dvsn- #PhaseTwo of #MalariaMuktBastar Abhiyan was initiated in June’20 in all 7 distts(2/5) ImageImage
During both phases of #MalariaMuktBastar :

- Door to door visits & #ActiveScreening done by #healthteams
-Stickers were pasted outside each covered house
-Treatment of all found +ve was started & cards were gvn for follow-up
-Great toe of person tested was marked wid ink (3/5) ImageImageImageImage
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NOW: @GovSisolak is addressing the state, giving an update on #Phase2 of reopening.

@8NewsNow #8NN Image
“We are currently in a four-week upward trend in Nevada statewide #COVID19 cases.”

-@GovSisolak speaks on latest numbers, adding that ICU/Ventilator needs have remained steady. @8NewsNow #8NN Image
“For Nevada to stay safe and stay open, we must make face coverings a part of our daily requirement.”

@GovSisolak adds that he has signed a directive to require face coverings in public spaces, effective Friday. @8NewsNow #8NN
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[THREAD] La liberté de la presse dangereusement menacée pendant l’épidémie de #Covid19 ⚠️🔽

#FreePress #libertedelapresse #Covid_19 #Deconfinement #phase2 #Edouardphilippe Image
Depuis plusieurs mois, l'épidémie de #coronavirus met au jour et accentue considérablement les crises qui menacent le journalisme. La liberté de la presse est ébranlée, de même que la liberté d'expression et le droit à l'information, en particulier dans les régimes autoritaires.
L'#Observatoire_19, lancé par @RSF_inter le 31 mars 2020, répertorie les atteintes à la liberté liées au #COVID19. Censure étatique, désinformation, harcèlement et détention des journalistes : les entraves sont nombreuses et inquiétantes. ImageImageImageImage
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In Italy, the lockdown was lifted one week ago. #Phase2 has started. In our fourth report, we present the results of the analysis of @Cuebiq mobility data in the past week:… w/ @laetitiagvn @ciro @social_pepe P.Bajardi @ISI_Fondazione
Overall, average mobility and proximity metrics have reached levels similar to those that were observed at the beginning of the week of March 9-15, which is immediately after the first nationwide stay-at-home order was issued (March 8). Image
Users’ movements between different provinces are now at -48%, on average, with respect to the baseline. The increase in mobility has mainly occurred between provinces within the same regions. In the lockdown, the largest average reduction observed was -71% at the national level.
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You asked - here are our updated predictions @covid19mc.
What's new? Better data on reported cases over longer period of time = ⬆️ precision.
First signs #PhysicalDistancing worked. If we keep going (+ ramp up other strategies), "Italy" scenario seems unlikely.
What's next?
Focus on #LTC, #shelters and other vulnerably populations. What emerged over the last couple days is beyond appalling. We can do so much better!
Start thinking about #Phase2 (in the context of #endgame options), e.g., with a tiny bit of room to breathe now, can we re-start other clinical services?
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Ok. What do we now know.

3/5/18 Mueller notifies Dowd that he has cleared Trump

3/13/18 Trump announces Pompeo will be nominated SoS replacing Tillerson

3/22/18 Trump fires McMaster. Hires Bolton.

4/9/2019 Bolton starts as NSA

4/19/18 Trump hires Giuliani AFTER TRUMP HAS ALREADY BEEN CLEARED BY MUELLER ACCORDING TO DOWD. Giuliani says his investigation happened in 2018 and was undertaken as part of his efforts to defend Trump from the charges of Russian collusion.

July 2018 Bolton hires the Vindmans

10/13/18 Trump hires Cipollone

12/19/18 Trump hires Mulvaney

12/31/19 Zelensky announces his candidacy for President
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1/ This year I went independent and exceeded my business goals.

I opened my website and published 7 articles.…

In January I celebrated hitting 3,000 followers and today I’m over 14,000.
2/ My #CleanBillOfHealth prediction was proven true.

My #BadassAG prediction was fulfilled in AG Barr

And we are all watching as #Phase2 unfolds before our eyes.
3/ Back in September I predicted that, after 75 bps rate cuts by December, Trump and Xi would sign a trade deal in early 2020.
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This is called bait.
Bolton was definitely baiting the hook.

Notice all of this in the lead up to the call.

July 19.
An interesting tidbit. It was Volkur and Sondland that messaged Taylor starting a group chat on WhatsApp.

July 19
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1/ Initially, @RepAdamSchiff said it was an abuse of power specifically if there was a quid pro quo that required Ukraine to open an investigation on the Bidens (Including Joe), your 2020 opponent, in order to get military aid.

We now know none of that happened.
2/ Holding the release of aid that by statute must be released or it is lost, as Mulvaney explained yesterday, to see if your partner will follow through on items important to US interests, including cooperation with an active DOJ investigation, is completely appropriate.
3/ Mulvaney gave you a clue. He said yesterday that they realized the aid needed to be released by a certain date. He implied that internal documents would show they always intended to release the funds by that date once the internal review of the Ukraine issues was complete.
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1/ It’s been 24 hours since Barr told the world that, of all the things he could have mentioned, he was particularly focused on the Trump Tower meeting where Comey asked to meet alone with Trump to reveal the dossier.…
2/ Yet the media has barely touched on it. They are like deer in the headlights.


Because investigating this meeting threatens them and their sacred cow, Barrack Obama.
3/ How are the media and their sacred cow Obama threatened by an investigation of the 1/6/17 Trump Tower meeting? Because the key to understanding that meeting is understanding the events that preceded it and followed it.
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Well even NYT's can't ignore the connections of Joe & Hunter Biden to the Ukrainian corruption. That's progress at least! They try to blame the renewed interest about it on Trump & Giuliani but can't deny the Swamp connections are real!
Nothing like using a billion dollars of US taxpayer money to extort a foreign government into firing a prosecutor who was investigating you & your son for corruption! Glad he is the leading Democratic candidate for President too! Show the Swamp Joe!
Connections so Swampy even the Obama State Department were worried about it's effect on the VP's diplomatic efforts.
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1/ Telling Trump he wasn’t under investigation then refusing to tell the public was a perfect device to create a justifiable firing.
2/ Then Rosenstein writing a letter that only mentioned the Hillary firing and having Trump drop the “Russia” hint on Holt interview was a perfect setup.
3/ McCabe had no way of knowing enough information about the principles and their motivations to make a decision to open an obstruction investigation on the POTUS.
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First tweet (not posted by a political handle or advertisments) in our data collection with #loksabhaelections2019! First tweet with inked status! #Elections2019 #SocialMedia #VotingRound2 #IndiaElections2019 #ProfGiri #Research #TNElection2019 #OruviralPuratchi
From 0700 - 0830, we have 20,019 tweets (original, retweets, quotes). Around 9,075 unique users posted these tweets with 2,200 users posting original tweets. Most popular hashtags: #LokSabhaElections2019 14774, #TNElection2019 6153, #Elections2019, 3165, #Ajith 2342, #Thala 2186
Most active users with their number of tweets (original, retweets, quotes) posted,
('@RanjanaSiroha', 76),
('@ThalaDhas', 70),
('@Ebinson18', 64),
('@PsYcho_bwy', 61),
('@Thala15111', 59)
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1/ Interesting timeline of Assange events.

Ecuador grants citizenship and then a few days later, on December 19 2017, they name him councillor in their Russian Embassy.

UK rejects status and Assange escape to Russia “fails”.
2/ Immediately following, 12/21/17, a criminal complaint against Assange is filed under seal in Federal Court. This is the beginning of criminal process that recently led to Assange arrest and attempted extradition.

Credit pic to @ZoeTillman
3/ Then Assange tweets his famous “chessboard” tweet on 1/12/18.

Seems Assange becomes aware that he will escape the attempt to defeat him.

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1/ I think we should open a discussion on the best structure for #Phase2. Let’s start with the biggest difference between 2019 and 2017. Every Republican is now reading from the same playbook.
2/ That’s right. Of all the benefits of a #CleanBillOfHealth the biggest regarding #Phase2 is that now all Republicans know Trump Russia was BS. Yes it was always obvious but for some Republicans they couldn’t afford Mueller undercutting Trump.
3/ Having Mueller in the rear view mirror is a huge benefit as we move forward. The last thing we need is a Republican questioning the process. Party unity is a crucial component in successfully executing #Phase2.
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1/ I think it’s time to update the Comey flipped theory in light of all the new information that has come to light recently.
2/ Let’s start with clarifying what this could mean about Comey. Flipping doesn’t make you a good guy or an ethical guy. It doesn’t mean he’s a white hat. Murderers flip and help prosecute other bad guys. It doesn’t absolve them. People flip to save their ass.
3/ Next it’s important to keep in mind the political environment during the transition. Democrats and Hillary were openly blaming Comey for her loss. Besides Trump he was their most hated villain. Screaming about McCabe’s corruption would’ve been drowned out as partisanship.
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1/ If I am correct that from as early as the transition and then from the first days of Trump’s administration there was an investigation of the coup plotters being run out of the WH, then this testimony is more significant than people realize.
2/ “Flynn lied!” Just look at how McGhan interacts with Yates. He’s careful, gives nearly nothing and questions her. He forces her to explain why she’s doing, why and to provide the evidentiary basis.

3/ Go back and look at the timing of the retirement of Clancy as it relates to Trump’s “Just found out” tweets regarding getting his “wires tapped”.

Credit @langdaleca
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