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Yes. #ObiWanKenobi show has changed #StarWars #ANewHope #ANH slightly, it doesn't change the undergirding of ANH, it's a nuanced addition.

In the books, only a few people knew #DarthVader was #AnakinSkywalker. Some #Jedi figured it out. #Thrawn figured it out like c'mon dude.
#GrandMoffTarkin sorted it out or someone told him, I forget. Of course, the #Emperor knew that #DarthVader = #AnakinSkywalker. #AhsokaTano found out. #ObiWanKenobi discovered it was true in the show.
#Reva knew. Here's the clincher - did the babies know? Did Luke and Leia really know? Did #DarthVader know that Luke & Leia were his kids? NO! That's not going to change from the OT. Ever. That's the rule.
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If you like #TheMandalorian and what @dave_filoni and @Jon_Favreau did... check out the #CloneWars animated series. The whole series is good, but the FINAL season is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭😭😭
My favorite part of the series was the Anakin development. The animated series shows why everyone revered him but slowly amplified his dark side tendencies.
Animated Anakin is swaggering and charismatic but still temperamental and frustrating.

You feel why he’s The Chosen One and why the Jedi are hesitant to fully believe.
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Look, no disrespect to @rosariodawson, because I love Rosario as an actress, but let’s be honest, compared to everything else that has appeared in #TheMandalorian so far #AhsokaTano looked plain bad.…
So much care and attention went into the visual details for everything in the show such that it really feels that the the things we know and love came to life. By contast, #AhsokaTano looked cheap and a poor knockoff
This is of course not even to mention that #AhsokaTano in #TheMandalorian isn’t even remotely faithful to her animated appearance, which was beautiful in 𝘙𝘦𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘴
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⭐️ A Thread que vai te contar quem é Ahsoka Tano e sua história ao longo de Star Wars!


Ahsoka foi criada por George Lucas e Dave Filoni para o filme e série de Clone Wars.

Da espécie Togruta do planeta Shili, ela foi designada como padawan de Anakin Skywalker por Yoda, sabendo que essa relação poderia ajudar o jovem Skywalker.
Questionara, corajosa e desde cedo construída como uma personagem com ideias e crenças próprias, assim como Anakin, ela sempre foi fiel ao que acreditava e a seus amigos.

Sua relação de mestre e padawan com Anakin cresceu tanto quanto uma relação de irmãos.
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So you're a fan of #TheMandalorian but you've never watched Clone Wars/Rebels. Which eps do you need to watch to get the full significance of the show?
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The Clone Wars
212 The Mandalore Plot
213 Voyage of Temptation
214 Duchess of Mandalore ImageImageImage
305 Corruption
306 The Academy
310 Heroes on Both Sides
414 A Friend In Need ImageImageImageImage
Maul's Return

421 Brothers
422 Revenge
501 Revival ImageImageImage
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