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#MakeSolo2Happen would work best as a Disney+ show, and that show is called CRIMSON DAWN. Maul has Qi’ra running the daily operations and only makes brief cameos throughout the show.
The show is a few years later so roughly 7-ish BBY. The Rebellion is in the long transition from individual cells to a united group that we see happen later in Rebels. One of these cells is Enfys Nest and her Cloud riders who’ll be the other focus of the show.
The bulk of the show will be Qi’ra and Enfys building this rivalry as both groups attempt to steal resources from the Empire. There’s a lot of questioning the differences between being a criminal vs being a rebel.
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So I keep seeing this issue brought up and I wanted to give my reading of it, so heeeere we go.....
The best way to understand this is to follow the saber and Rey's evolving relationship with it. When it first calls to her, she completely rejects it, which is indicative of her rejecting the call to adventure/destiny.
By the climax of the movie Rey calls the saber and it comes to her rather than Kylo. Many see this as the saber now belonging to her case closed; and while this is true in a way, it's not how Rey sees the situation. And we know this because of what happens next...
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So Star Wars Game is used for their comms, so it's ending. lmao.
Q has posted several times about using online games for comms.

Will they shut down Playstation and Xbox during the 'Pandemic'? Would be catastrophic for sanity.

"We have come to the decision to shut down Star Wars™: Commander on June 12, 2020. As of March 13, 2020, all in-game purchases have been suspended. Star Wars: Commander will remain playable until 11am GMT on June 12, 2020. ..."

text is light, so screencap not good.
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Celebrate the Saga! Reply with your favorite #StarWars memory and you may see it somewhere special on #MayThe4th.
By sharing your message with us using #MayThe4th, you agree to our use of the message and your account name in all media and our terms of use here:
The above legal language applies ONLY to replies to this tweet using #MayThe4th and mentioning @DisneyPlus. These replies may appear in something special on May the 4th!
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So... Rant time! Because I'm tired as hell and loaded with caffeine!
I keep seeing people claiming that older fans, males in particularly think #StarWars is just for men.
Or the idea that we are somehow 'afraid' of strong women, and strong female characters...
These are usually the same people that seem to think that strong female characters are a new thing, that somehow before the current crop of movies that no movie, especially not a sci-fi movie had ever had a strong female character.
Clearly this is bullshit...
Our usual, response is to list Sarah Connor, or Ellen Ripley as examples. We are then usually told something to the effect of "just because you can name one female character doesn't mean that your not a misogynist!" or "if it was made today you'd hate it!"
3/ 25
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Hey folks! Here's my new set of 100 famous characters, 8x8 pixels, using a 16 colors palette!
#pixelart #dotpic #ドット絵 #pico8 #8bit Image
#01 - Luke Skywalker
#02 - Yoda
#03 - Princess Leia
#04 - Han Solo
#05 - Chewbacca
#06 - R2-D2
#07 - C-3PO
#08 - Darth Vader
#StarWars #pixelart
#09 - Dexter
#10 - Dee Dee
#DextersLaboratory #pixelart
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Abrimos un hilo con carteles de cine pintados a mano en Ghana: los encargan a artistas locales porque no les llegan los posters oficiales y les dan "toque especial" que los convierten en verdaderas obras de arte con estilo propio

Empezamos fuerte con #ET (Steven Spielberg 1982 )
#SeñoraDoubtfire ( Chris Columbus 1993 )
Si ya es inquietante lo de la escoba, lo es aún más Robin Williams saliendo del suelo y cogiéndose el pie a sí mismo disfrazado...

#Cujo ( Lewis Teague 1983 )
Pues oye, dan ganas de rascarle la tripa y achuchar al 'perro asesino' que tan malo no parece...

( dedicado a los amiguetes @2000Maniacos )
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1. Wuhan Coronavirus is an engineered offensive bioweapon.

You're not being told this by the Mockingbird media here because the US Gov is directly responsible for the global bioweapons arms race. We've spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-200 Billion since 9/11.

2. The swine flu, hoof & mouth and western Africa ebola outbreaks, etc, were all bioweapon development accidents.

This kind of research is happening here, on US soil, & the last thing our police-state rulers want is for us to be aware of this domestic WMD research.

3. The WHO, CDC, Fort Detrick, NIH & Big Pharma all know what's going on. Their corporate media allies are not going to spill the beans.

We're being lied to, and not just by China.

#WuhanPneumonia #WuFlu #WuhanCoronavirus

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Two of my favorite people collided worlds when @netw3rk read @econoar 's tweet about the @NBA's @SDinwiddie_25's tokenizing his contract on #Ethereum on the Emmy Award Winning #nbadesktop @ringernba.

What a time to be alive!

Thread 1/many
The great @ReformedBroker got the details mostly right, but oversold risk involved for easy Blockchain laughs. @SDinwiddie_25 is turning his contract into a bond, taking the money raised up front, and then paying those who hold the tokens a 2.5% rate until he repays principal.
This has been done before. #DavidBowie (EVER HEARD OF HIM???!!??) did this in the 90's & was met skeptically but ended up being a solid and memorable investment. The ambit of what Bowie wanted to do was much lower than what @SDinwiddie_25's end goals are.…
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Getting ready for my favorite keynotenevery year at #FETC #techsharelive ... I will tweet my favorite tools in this thread! #edtech
@adambellow begins #techsharelive with his parody #fave
#fetc queen
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Last month, had the pleasure of playing 20 questions with brilliant #Reylo writer @umswfan as part of Reylo Fic Recs. Here are her responses. Thank you again AJLynne! 😍 #StarWars #fanfiction #reylofanficrec #reylofanfic (A Thread)
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I’ve been agonizing about this list over the last week. Thank you so much and kudos to ALL the writers who worked and labored to bring us stories simply out of love for our fandom and for us, the readers. Love ❤️ #Reylo #StarWars #fanfiction #ReyandKylo
Unbeknownst to Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, General Hux has sent a surveillance droid to tail him on his covert assignation with the Last Jedi. When the droid sends back intimate footage of Ren and Rey making passionate love, Hux reflects on his his alluring new captain.
This fanfic within a fanfic is the Inception of all crack fics. There’s something for everyone— unresolved sexual tension…a frustrated fanfic writer who is losing their muse…galactic gossip and shenanigans…and inappropriate use of fruit.
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“The first trilogy is about the young Ben Kenobi and the early life of Luke’s father when Luke was a little boy, some twenty years before the second trilogy which includes #StarWars and Empire... The entire saga spans about fifty-five years.” - George Lucas, October 1979
At the time of this quote, George was probably thinking that Luke was about 25-years-old (the same age as Mark Hamill) during the OT, allowing Luke to be a young boy during the PT. And Luke and Leia weren’t twins yet, a change which lowered Luke’s age.
For more on George Lucas’ ever-changing plans for a prequel and sequel (and possibly fourth) trilogy of #StarWars films, I highly recommend reading @jwrinzler’s October 2012 article on the subject.…
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Had a few people ask me recently why I loved the portrayal of Luke Skywalker in #TheLastJedi. So, here we go! #StarWars
Before I dive in, I want to be clear that I understand why people, especially people who love Luke, might be bothered by this portrayal. To be honest, I think that was partially @rianjohnson’s point.
For me personally though, I loved Luke in this movie because it actually answered in a very logical and practical way something I’ve been wondering about since the prequels came out.
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Just saw "Rise of Skywalker." Everyone is wrong. The movie is mostly nostalgia-packed joy. If you love the original "Star Wars," you should be grateful to JJ Abrams for attempting to right his own wrongs in "Force Awakens" and the travesty that is "Last Jedi."
Mild spoilers coming.
Finn and Poe remain boring and irrelevant. But Kylo Ren is given an actual arc, and Rey's reveal is pretty great -- and answers the key "Mary Sue" question about her. The nasty endings for Han and Luke are bought back, and Leia is given some great backstory and a solid ending.
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1/ Launched on December 20, 2011, #SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) was a successful release, but soon found itself rapidly losing #MMORPG customers due to weak end game support and the mistake of opening too many servers at once.
2/ #Bioware quickly reformed the game into a F2P + Premium model that saw many people return or come back to the game casually. Those of us that stuck with it were treated to many years of high quality content and a ridiculous amount of story + #RPG content.
3/ While #SWTOR was never the #WorldOfWarcraft "killer" that people may have wanted, it was an excellent MMORPG in its own right, being constantly updated, even today. I stuck with it many years (2011-2015) and once more in 2018.
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¿Quién se anima a participar en este breve juego galáctico-gramatical?
Abro hilo.

#AulaXtianOlivé #TheRiseOfSkywalker #StarWars #EpisodeIX
Las películas de Star Wars nos tienen acostumbrados a un texto inicial que nos anuncia lo que está por venir.
¿Y si lo usáramos para trabajar aspectos de gramática?
¿Tiene sujeto la oración de la imagen?
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🕘 #9hdesHalles 🕘


Un fil à dérouler.
Une nouvelle année cinéma s'achève, et on commence à faire les bilans.

Depuis 2 ans, je réalise une rétrospective sur cet indicateur qui a su se faire une place dans le paysage français : le #9hdesHalles.

Un indicateur parfois critiqué mais désormais suivi avec attention.
Cette année ne dérogera pas à la règle et au-delà du « Top 50 » habituel ainsi que de la « courbe » des entrées, il y aura des analyses un peu plus élaborées et poussées.

Ci-dessous, les tops et courbes de 2017 et 2018, pour référence.
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um jedi fracassado, isolado em uma ilha remota, decepcionado e descrente com a própria fé reencontra o símbolo de tudo que o fez fracassar e renega suas origens, jogando tudo fora. não tem por quê os jedi existirem, eles são - para ele - o símbolo da doutrina fracassada #StarWars
em sua insistente nova aprendiz ele revê o passado, relembra dos fracassos e ainda que exista esperança, ela representa todo o conflito e fraqueza simbolizada pelos jedi. ela, literalmente, repete os gestos de seus maiores erros #starwars
no que imaginava ser o fim, ele reencontra seu mestre, entre as chamas do que acreditava ser o pilar de toda crença. o que ele não entendia, porém, é que o fracasso pode ser o maior dos professores. e ainda que tenha desacreditado na Força, ela nunca deixará de existir #starwars
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(1/7) After Disney bought the rights to Starwars and started making new official movies, and revising earlier works, I predict we will see a wave of new official art works. #Maclunkey #starwars
(2/7) Harlequin publishing will acquire the rights to Shakespeare and hire E. L. James and Dan brown to write Romeo & Juliet 2: Antidote, and the kids spin off Macbeth jr, throne snatcher.
(3/7) Harlequin will also copyright "The complete works of Shakespeare" so that scholars may not use the term unless they include the new books.
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So I've been watching the #StarWars movies again with my kids. Get ready for a deeply unpopular statement: #RevengeoftheSith is good. I know. I know.
I must now update my #StarWars rankings accordingly:
1. Empire
2. New Hope
3. Rogue One
4. Revenge of the Sith
6. Solo
7. Force Awakens
8. Attack of the Clones
9. Last Jedi
10. Phantom Menace
I am hearing the response that "Phantom Menace" tops "Last Jedi" thanks to the final duel. The final duel is great. Jar Jar Binks is one of the worst things ever to hit the screen. They cancel each other out and you are left with everything else.
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Arrancamos con los anuncios perros, revelan oficialmente la siguiente consola de Microsoft XBOX Series X #TheGameAwards
Senua’s Saga Hellblade II es revelado oficialmente #TheGameAwards
Ya hay fecha para The Joker en Mortal Kombat XI #TheGameAwards y también saldrá Harley Quinn 🔥
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#India is about to sign US #Space Junk Agreement.

Heres why #NASA's #Orbital #Debris Mitigation Strategy is against India's National Security interests. #orbitaldebris2019 #SpaceForce #StarWars…
Objective 1
The first one is to control debris larger than 5mm released “during normal operations” over 25 years — with normal nowhere defined — and require spacecraft/upper stages to be designed such as to “minimize”, preferably, “eliminate”, such release.
To reduce debris from”accidental explosions” and mandates engineering and probability assessment methods to judge a spacecraft’s propensity for such explosions, which figure will have to be less than 1 in 1000. Moreover, energy sources within spacecraft would have to be depleted.
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