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Die Verschwörungsszene rief schon seit Monaten zu einem "Million March II" in #Frankfurt auf.

Hier einige Highlights des heutigen Treffens des internationalen Demo-Tourismus.

Ein Thread zu #ffm2506. Image
Es waren ganz knapp unter 1 Million Teilnehmer in #Frankfurt (#ffm2506).

"Nach ersten Angaben der Polizei sind etwas mehr als 5000 Demonstranten auf den Straßen Frankfurts."

Vermutlich doch ein paar mehr.
Aber nicht viele.…
#MarkusHaintz vermutete in #Frankfurt 10.000-20.000 Teilnehmer (Polizei geht von ca 5000 Demonstranten aus).

Unser Urteil:
Eine verpasste Chance.
Wenn man schon übertreiben kann, dann bitte maßlos. #ffm2506
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Have you ever wondered if your Network has learned malicious abstractions?

We are announcing DORA – the first automatic data-agnostic method to find outlier representations in #NeuralNetworks.

Here are watermark detectors in the pre-trained ResNet18! Image
How DORA works?

DORA unveils the self-explaining capabilities of DNNs by extracting semantic information contained in the synthetic Activation Maximisation Signals (s-AMS) and employing this information further to identify outlier (and potentially infected) representations. Image
Why synthetic signals?

DORA is fast and data-agnostic – you do not have to have the training data on your hands. Moreover, since modern networks are trained on enormous datasets, explaining representations with ImageNet might be misleading! #StarWars Image
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Lemme say this: I 💗 Ms. Moses Ingram. I think she did a great job portraying her character in the way the directors, script & contract told her to do. I know she studied cos you can see it. But that material was the Cliff Notes & y'all know it.
A #StarWars fan had it accurate: Prolly, the best books she could read outside of the Old Legends Inquisitorius, which is fundamentally confusing, is -- @DrewKarpyshyn Darth Bane Trilogy -- she's more like Zannah. Pieces can always help. I think Ms. Ingram would appreciate that.
Why do that when it's not necessary -- cos...YOU SHOULD HEAR WHAT SHONDALAND AND THE BRIDGERTON ACTORS ARE SAYING & HOW THEY PUT THAT SLOW BURN EFFECT... ALL the actors read Julia Quinn's books.
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Look see, we'll say criticism cos that's what fans understand. You need receipt on your critique #StarWars fans. Periodt.

You need to say, I didn't like Moses Ingram's performance as Reva cos she _____ when a Dark Side user is sposed to ______

Of course I disagree w/that
Moses Ingram was told not to study Star Wars extensively to get a flavor of what IS they kind of character she's representing. THEY told her that. They wanted authentic acting brought to the table as delivered & she did that. Quite well.
Why Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars tells their actors that? Cos of the schism. Intertwining them is...they want to steer clear. It's an art to do it. At SWAG77 we've been doing this since the Schism.
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Yes. #ObiWanKenobi show has changed #StarWars #ANewHope #ANH slightly, it doesn't change the undergirding of ANH, it's a nuanced addition.

In the books, only a few people knew #DarthVader was #AnakinSkywalker. Some #Jedi figured it out. #Thrawn figured it out like c'mon dude.
#GrandMoffTarkin sorted it out or someone told him, I forget. Of course, the #Emperor knew that #DarthVader = #AnakinSkywalker. #AhsokaTano found out. #ObiWanKenobi discovered it was true in the show.
#Reva knew. Here's the clincher - did the babies know? Did Luke and Leia really know? Did #DarthVader know that Luke & Leia were his kids? NO! That's not going to change from the OT. Ever. That's the rule.
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Blunt: Gina Carano knows why she was fired. She couldn't do her job. Like read the script, say the lines by acting them. That's what you're hired to do. Actors do this professionally as contracted & negotiated. You can't forget your lines. Or show up late.
fact remains there are ♾ X ♾ professional actors that will take that role & do it better according to contract.

She FAIL that process. Sorry.
Aside from #MosesIngram being a Yale graduateS-he did her job, played the role, had experience, & followed her contract, prolly showed up early cos homegirl's about to be some sorta producer eventually & wanted to learn, & most importantly KNEW HER LINES FROM THE SCRIPT #StarWars
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I'd like to hear Ming Na Wen's tales of abuse for daring to be a female POC in #StarWars, since the fanbase is apparently a bunch of racists.
Remember all the racist attacks Sasha Banks received for daring to be in #TheMandalorian? No? Because there weren't any.
#StarWars has a gaslighting problem because their executive & creative teams suck. They don't have a racism problem because their fanbase is full of racists.
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So #TopGunMaverick is a fantastic sequel. It strikes the right balance of nostalgia/membaberries with a story that doesn't simply re-hash the first movie & develops legacy & new characters in a fun and emotional way.

This & Ghostbusters Afterlife got it right.
I think my only complaint is that the central mission of the story is basically a real life version of the Death Star trench run, but it's so good I don't really care. The ariel fights in this film are next-level awesome.
I can't help but wonder what #StarWars would be like if it treated it's material and characters with the same level of respect and care as #TopGun did. It could have been something really special instead of the dumpster fire we got with the new sequels.
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So I head to the airport in a few hours. I’m sure the 10 hour flight & 8 hour time swing will be a delight. But for now here’s a thread of #StarWarsCelebration reflections. 1/
I’d never been to #StarWarsCelebration before but I’ve done comic con London before so thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. I don’t think you can be prepared for just how much there is. So many people and costumes and things. All the time. It’s astonishing. 2/
I was only at the edges of things that been organised (more on that later) but even there you cannot comprehend the organisation required to keep all the moving parts in sync across multiple stages/rooms and days. The logistics were insane.
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🔴Anunciada la Nueva Serie de Animación de #StarWars "Tales Of The Jedi" que será una antología de cortometrajes de animación centrados en los Jedi de las Precuelas
Se Estrenará este Otoño #TalesOfTheJedi #StarWarsCelebration🔴⬇️⬇️
- Veremos 3 Cortometrajes centrados en Dooku y 3 centrados en Ahsoka
En los cortometrajes de Dooku, lo veremos de joven junto a Qui-Gon Jinn, la voz de Qui-Gon de joven la pondrá el hijo de Liam Neeson⬇️⬇️
- Veremos 3 Cortometrajes de Ahsoka Tano en diferentes edades de su vida, desde que era un bebé con su familia #TalesOfTheJedi #StarWarsCelebration
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LA GUERRA DE LAS GALAXIAS cumple 45 años. La saga más iconográfica y exitosa, fenómeno social e icono Pop más allá de épocas. Lo cambió todo. Confirmó sueños imposibles y fantasías sólo al alcance de la imaginación de un niño. Hilo de CURIOSIDADES #StarWars #Cinemelodic
Es el primer Hilo de los 3 que haré sobre "Una Nueva Esperanza" exclusivamente. #StarWars #Cinemelodic
Me flipan las cifras. 8 millones de dólares fue el presupuesto inicial, pero distintos problemas de producción obligaron al estudio añadir 3 millones. Total, que la primera de Star Wars costó 11 milloncicos. #StarWars #Cinemelodic
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.@YNB has taken the stage as the host of the Lucasfilm Showcase at #StarWarsCelebration.
.@YNB took a moment to acknowledge the terrible things going on in the world before inviting us to escape to A Galaxy Far, Far Away. #StarWarsCelebration
Right now they’re playing a montage of moments from #StarWarsCelebration past.
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New #StarWars merchandise is available as of today in the #DowntownDisney Trading Post in honor of the original film’s 45th anniversary.
New t-shirts (in adults and youth sizes, respectively) and a limited edition pin promoting #StarWars #ObiWanKenobi. #DowntownDisney
New #StarTours merchandise in honor of the attraction’s 35th anniversary. #DowntownDisney
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#StarWars Pride collection button-down shirt available at the Trading Post in #DowntownDisney.
There’s also a #StarWars Pride spirit jersey and new droid named BB-PR0UD. #DowntownDisney
Another #StarWars Pride hoodie and two different-colored t-shirts. #DowntownDisney
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“We are moving on from the Skywalker saga”: Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy discusses the past, present, and future of #StarWars for V.F.’s June issue.
Kennedy is well aware that, when she speaks, it shakes a galaxy.

🔗: Image
As for any missteps along the way? Kennedy acknowledges that navigating such an expansive mythos makes that an inevitability. “Maybe ‘Solo’ should have been a TV show,” she muses. “But…”

🔗: Image
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#SpiderMan director Jon Watts is hyperspace jumping from the MCU to the galaxy far, far away, helming a new #StarWars series on Disney+ set to resemble coming-of-age movies from the 1980s.… Image
Hot off the resounding success of Tom Holland’s Spidey trilogy, Watts is co-creating and executive producing the project with screenwriter Chris Ford, who previously collaborated with the filmmaker on 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”…
Billed as a galactic throwback to classic Amblin films, the series is looking to cast four kids around ages 11 and 12.

That’s pretty young for a live-action Star Wars project — even if you count Baby Yoda, who is technically much older than he looks.… Image
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ich hab da mal eine logische Verständnisfrage zu #StarWars , die mich seit längerer Zeit beschäftigt:

in Episode IV baut Böses Imperium so einen fiesen Todesstern, Rebellen schicken X-Wing, Todesstern im Eimer. 1/x
Episode VI baut böses Imperium grösseren und fieseren Todesstern.

Kommt X-Wing (jaja, zusammen mit anderen) und pustet das Ding vom Himmel über Endor. okay... 2/x
Episode VII kommen dann die neuen Bösen von der "Ersten Ordnung" (Grüsse gehen raus an die Vollpfosten, die sich solche Namen ausdenken!) und haben die echte Spitzenidee:

"Hey, wir bauen diesmal einen noch viiiiel grösseren Todesstern aus einem Planeten!" 3/x
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Let's talk about toxic fandom for a minute, particularly the reaction against the new Monkey Island game's art style, and how negative fandom reaction is actually just a natural (yet irrational) sociological fear response to loss.
First, let me say that I am super jazzed to get another Monkey Island game from @grumpygamer himself and I will buy and enjoy whatever it is. I know it's going to be great. #videogames
Second, I don't get the crazy reaction to the 'new' art style. I can't see, objectively, what's wrong with it. Did people only want pixel art because that's the way the first two games (over two decades ago!) were made?
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Los que no habéis visto las series de animación de #StarWars porque "son para niños" os estáis perdiendo (abro hilo):
Desarrollo de personajes.
El cómo se profundiza en la personalidad de ellos, Anakin y Obi-Wan sobre todo, los claroscuros que se van dibujando en su relación.
Ver cómo se van convirtiendo poco a poco en hermanos a través de la Fuerza, unidos por el credo de los Jedi (del cuál luego hablaremos).
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Pour fêter le 4 mai #MayThe4thBeWithYou, on va faire les partis politiques français dans #starwars.
Le NPA, c'est les Mandaloriens de la Death Watch. Tenants d'un passé qu'ils croient glorieux et veulent défendre cette tradition, jusqu'au bout, quitte à foncer dans le mur (si possible plusieurs fois).
Mettent des coups de boule aux autres.
Se font exterminer par l'Empire.
EELV, c'est les Gungans, respectueux de la nature, trouvent que tous les autres sont des connards pompeux qui mènent le monde à sa perte.
Ont un talent certain pour choisir un candidat qui les fait perdre ou qui est confortable avec l'institution d'un régime dictatorial.
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The relationship between Florida & Disney started
in 1965 when Walt began buying up worthless swampland in what was then the middle of nowhere

Disney wanted land, power, and control and they wanted it cheap!… #disney #florida #reedycreek #politics #news
Wasn't just cuz Walt wanted to build another Theme-Park,

“Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”

Disney wanted to build a self-sustaining 'imagineered' city where folks would live, work & play under the auspices of Disney… #disney #epcot
So under that premise, the Florida Legislature let Disney have independent autonomy under the

Reedy Creek Improvement Zone

Where Disney would be its own county gov, run its own police, fire, sanitation, etc without any of that messy local political oversight #disney #florida
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My #fandommenace friends (or whatever name that’s being used these days by #starwars fans): The line “that’s how we’ll win; not by destroying what we hate, but by saving what we love” is as cringe and nonsensical now as it was then. In context.
However, I think we can apply that to our own situation now. We all want the Disney Trilogy to go away and never, EVER come back, but how does media thrive? By getting attention. I would like to suggest a way that we can destroy what we had by saving what we love.
STOP GIVING THE DISNEY TRILOGY ATTENTION. Don’t put it on ranking lists. Don’t respond to people on Twitter talking about it. NONE OF IT. Any time you give it the time of day you give it legitimacy. STOP IT.
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MEGA MONKEY THREAD: Every day until #ReturnofMonkeyIsland releases, I will be sharing an interesting piece of #MonkeyIsland content. This is the beginning of that thread. Image
DAY 1: @mixnmojo's "Secret History" features! Full of fun facts, interviews, and Easter eggs. Here's the link for their article about The Secret of Monkey Island:…
DAY 2: The @LegendOfMI website. All of it. The best source for Monkey Island content on the web, and it's actively maintained!
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