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🔴Hilo de Referencias, Curiosidades y Cameos de #TheMandalorian 3x08 "The Return" #Fraguasidades🔴⬇️⬇️ Image
- Mientras Din Djarin es capturado, vemos una toma en primera persona desde la perspectiva del Mandolariano dentro de su casco Image
- Grogu al mando de IG-12 le dispara el rociador de Bacta a Din Djarin tras liberarlo de sus captores, esto es una referencia a IG-11 que en el Episodio 1x08 de la Season Finale de la Primera Temporada usaba este rociador de Bacta para curar las heridas de Din Djarin - Image
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🔴🖼️Hoy os traemos un hilo de imágenes de gatitos, os gusta el Gato Tooka o Gato de Lothal??🔴🖼️⬇️⬇️ Image
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My theory on the timeline between #TheMandalorian and the Sequels

- Thrawn becomes Heir to the Empire
- But just like Legends, he eventually fails, presumably the end of Ahsoka
- Other Warlords may work with Thrawn, Gideon, Sloane, but all have their own agendas
1/9 ImageImageImageImage
- Captain Pellaeon = Grand Admiral Thrawn's representative on Shadow Council
- Brendol Hux is Grand Admiral Rae Sloane's representative on Shadow Council
2/9 ImageImage
It's similar to Rebels and Thrawn Treason in many respects. Moffs/Governors sometimes had an Admiral or even a Grand Admiral they worked with to protect their sector.
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Me: Korkie would be 50 years old during #TheMandalorian

Also me: I'm going to post every shot of this particular background character because reasons. ImageImageImageImage
I wasn't kidding. Every shot. I don't care how young they are. They're "Korkie" and "Lagos" in my mind. ImageImageImageImage
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Loooong thread: Every reason why the Armorer is the spy who betrays Bo-Katan, Din Djaran, and even her own people in #TheMandalorian.

Gideon knows the Mandos are planning to retake their planet, which the Armorer suggested they do, even though they'd just been given a new home. ImageImageImage
The Armorer has always known a great deal about Mandalorian history and culture beyond the cult, but also about more current events related to the Purge and Moff Gideon's role in all of it. ImageImageImageImage
Yet she has rarely shared any of that information with those who follow her. Instead, she has taught the only that those who are not her followers cannot be trusted, even if they claim to be Mandalorian. ImageImageImageImage
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#TheMandalorian spoilers
I LOVE BEING CONSTANTLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#TheMandalorian spoilers
#TheMandalorian spoilers
where the mcFUCK is rae sloane i am no longer asking I AM NO LONGER ASKING 🔫
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So this week's episode of #TheMandalorian was fine. Not great. The Grogu Order 66 flashback was the best part. Thrilled to see Ahmed Best take the spotlight like that. He deserves the world. (Also nice to see Naboo security forces doing their part ... perhaps Jar Jar sent them?)
As for the stuff at the Mando covert, it was fairly boring. Especially the rescue sequence. I felt like I was supposed to care about that kid and I just ... didn't. Felt like a waste of time. Could have established Bo-Katan's team spirit more economically.
Also, I remain amazed that these elite warriors haven't either set up better perimeter security or relocated. Creature attacks are clearly a recurring problem for them. What are they thinking?
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Star Wars 🧵 - I miss Tony Gilroy. I miss his Lucas energy. He was clearly a great leader. #Andor had a singular vision. It told its story & it told it beautifully. Gilroy had his middle finger to social media & that's what Star Wars needs. Disney put the "rebel" back in SW. 1/5
#TheMandalorian was a STELLAR show & it's been really sad watching it flounder. The Children of the Watch aren't good. They aren't heroes. This had better not be where we're going. I hope I'm wrong but this season has not been nearly as strong as the first two. 2/5
We fell in love w/ a father & son story which has been ditched to tell the story of...the villains. I hope this isn't where we end but we're half way & Mandos are getting more time. #Grogu is as cute as ever but he's just been a set piece so far. The shows heart is missing. 3/5
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🧵It's funny to me how #TheMandalorian popularized the "on-set virtual production" which is a fancy way of saying Hollywood finally, officially, reinvented the "moving panorama" 🤭 Image
Moving panoramas have been a form of entertainment for centuries, though largely forgotten by all but folks with niche interests (👋)now. The concept is the same though. ImageImage
Sometimes the panorama itself didn't move. The viewer did. Structures were built all over major cities in the 19th century to house multi-story panoramas. Here's one from Regent's Park in London, circa 1829. Image
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Why did this episode of #TheMandalorian have Din and Bo for a small bit and then Dr Pershing on Coruscant? I think some may have missed the thematic connections in The Convert.

Both storylines involve being welcomed into a new society, not by choice, but by necessity. 1/8
Dr Pershing isn't very invested in the Republic vs Empire dispute. He is interested in his science, shows an interest in doing what is right, but only when he can do so with minimal risk to himself. He's a coward and a bit selfish. His motivations were set early in life. 2/8
Bo Katan also isn't very invested in galactic struggles. She cares about Mandalore. She will do what is right sometimes, but is often focused more on Mandalore and her self. Her motivations were ALSO set early in life.

They're both broken by having lost their life's purpose. 3/8
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Many of us thought about it from the trailer.

But after seeing the episode, it's a different ship (especially the prow). Perhaps inspired by the R-41 Starchaser. We will know soon. #TheMandalorian

Not the first time I thought I saw this ship in a recent series.

I love SW games so I love their ships. This one was introduced in Defender of the Empire, then appeared in XvT, Mysteries of the Sith, X-Wing Alliance, and even The force Unleashed 2.

Now, we already know the Mando crew really love these games, so...
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#TheMandalorian team is still having so much fun in the galaxy far away sandbox.
And the designers and concept artist served me well: thank you :)
One too-soon-for-Twitter shot is marvelous.
@AmcbToraidhe did you do the (great) bad guy design? Because I thought about you even before seeing your name in the credits ;)
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Hora do resumão do 1º Dia da #CCXP22! Pedro Pascal, Indiana Jones, Kevin Feige, Avatar e muito mais. Segue o fio e veja como foram os principais fatos da largada do evento! #PHnaCCXP
Fernando Meirelles comemora os 20 anos de #CidadedeDeus e revela que série derivada do filme está em desenvolvimento. #PHnaCCXP
A Paramount Pictures divulgou o trailer de #Transformers: O Despertar das Feras. Serão três novos filmes da franquia. #PHnaCCXP
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I think there’s something interesting built into modern #StarWars, which was imbued over time, and was honestly sorta inevitable with its nature: The idea that Star Wars is now drawing from Star Wars. It’s been around long enough now to become its own source of inspiration. 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
First off, it’s important to note that nostalgia is baked into the fabric of #StarWars. It’s not something it DOES, it’s what it IS. It’s the DNA. That often gets overlooked. Star Wars being nostalgic is A PART OF Star Wars. George was lovingly looking back at his own influences. ImageImageImageImage
Creators now have #StarWars ITSELF as an influence. Some of them embrace that more than others, and that’s not a positive or negative judgment on anyone, or on any project. It just is. Sometimes it was a formative thing, sometimes it came to them later, whatever their story is. ImageImageImageImage
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10 Most Expensive web-series ever made. THREAD!
The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power - $58 million per episode. Image
#StrangerThings 5 - $30 million per episode. Image
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About 15 minutes until the Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and 20th Century Studios panel at #D23Expo. Should be some good/fun stuff though I do think people are going a bit crazy predicting, well, ten million things for this.
Safe Marvel predictions: First footage from The Marvels, Echo, and Loki Season 2. Full Blade cast announcement and imagery (if they're not actually filming to show footage). I do wonder if they'll fill in the three lingering "Untitled Marvel" dates in Phase 5 and 6 yet? #D23Expo
But at least one of those movies is probably centered on something/someone we haven't seen yet and shouldn't know about yet, so maybe not...
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Bon ça commence vraiment à m'énerver cette histoire avec le Volume.
Tony Gilroy showrunner de #Andor a donc déclaré qu'ils n'ont PAS DU TOUT employé la tech développée pour #TheMandalorian qui consiste en un mur géant de LED où sont diffusés les environnements CG en temps réel.
L'arrivée de cette technologie, c'est le grand coup technologique de #StarWars à la télévision. C'est salué de partout. Ça permet de simplifier les tournages, prévoir les CG en amont, avoir des lumières directes sur les acteurs...
C'est utilisé au ciné (The Batman ou Thor L&T)...
...sans que PERSONNE ne s'en plaint. C'est salué par les acteurs qui ne sont plus devant des fonds verts. Allez voir les interviews de McGregor à ce sujet.
Et aujourd'hui, d'un coup, il faut applaudir un tournage sans cette technologie ? Vous vous trompez tellement de cible...
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#TheMandalorian 3 Extended Trailer
Version extendida mostrada el 28 de mayo durante el panel de #TheMandalorian que, a diferencia del mostrado el día 26, contiene escenas nuevas.
¡Al final del panel, Grogu vino a saludar!
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I'd like to hear Ming Na Wen's tales of abuse for daring to be a female POC in #StarWars, since the fanbase is apparently a bunch of racists.
Remember all the racist attacks Sasha Banks received for daring to be in #TheMandalorian? No? Because there weren't any.
#StarWars has a gaslighting problem because their executive & creative teams suck. They don't have a racism problem because their fanbase is full of racists.
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Did someone say they wanted to see @PedroPascal1? The one and only Din Djarin has made his way to the #StarWarsCelebration LIVE! stage! Watch now: Image
Did Pedro Pascal swipe the Din action figure? Maybe… #StarWarsCelebration #TheMandalorian
“To see a stoic, armored character like this discover his heart…” - Pedro Pascal on one of the joys of @themandalorian #StarWarsCelebration #TheMandalorian
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🔴📦Hilo de las Nuevas Black Series 6" y Vintage Collection 3.75" de Hasbro durante la #StarWarsCelebration🔴📦⬇️⬇️


- Gran Inquisidor
- Quinto Hermano
- Cuarta Hermana
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.@YNB has taken the stage as the host of the Lucasfilm Showcase at #StarWarsCelebration.
.@YNB took a moment to acknowledge the terrible things going on in the world before inviting us to escape to A Galaxy Far, Far Away. #StarWarsCelebration
Right now they’re playing a montage of moments from #StarWarsCelebration past.
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#SpiderMan director Jon Watts is hyperspace jumping from the MCU to the galaxy far, far away, helming a new #StarWars series on Disney+ set to resemble coming-of-age movies from the 1980s.… Image
Hot off the resounding success of Tom Holland’s Spidey trilogy, Watts is co-creating and executive producing the project with screenwriter Chris Ford, who previously collaborated with the filmmaker on 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”…
Billed as a galactic throwback to classic Amblin films, the series is looking to cast four kids around ages 11 and 12.

That’s pretty young for a live-action Star Wars project — even if you count Baby Yoda, who is technically much older than he looks.… Image
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🔴📦Fotos de producción final de la Hot Toys del "Transport Trooper" de #TheMandalorian que ya ha comenzado a distribuirse en China🔴📦⬇️⬇️
Hot Toys "Transport Trooper" de #TheMandalorian 2x07
- Se espera que comience a distribuirse en Europa para finales de verano
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