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(1/6) Here are 3 points made at the “Moving the Needle on African Fiscal Systems & Good Governance” panel session by Immanuel Mulunga MD, National Pertoleum corporation Namibia. (NAMCOR)

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1. Without certainity you cannot attract capital. African Governments are comminting for limited exploration capital so if there is no regulatory certainity you drive away investment.”

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2. Laws have been in existence for more than 25 years and there is a need to look at them again to see if there is a need for a change/ improvement so as to make them more relevant in a more economically stable environment.
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(1/3)"When making a country investment decisions, companies look at the country's tax regime, signature bonus, ambiguity of the laws, royalty, profit splits.
Countries should propose different proposals for different opportunities- it cannot be a one size fits all."
(2/3) "The things I have mentioned most countries are aware of and to a degree think about, the one thing they rarely think about is exit tax. The stability and fiscal terms around exit tax is extremely important."

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(3/3) Countries see this, the departure of a company from thier country as a negative thing but it is positive, they have done what they came for and they are opening door to enable new investment to come in. - Duncan Williams Senior Counsel Asafo & Co.

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(1/3) "As Governments and regulators we need to keep talking, we need a platform where we can freely exchange ideas and keep each other in the loop on new ideas.  We should be able to reach out to each other to take lessons learned."
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(2/3)"We have IOCs operating in all our respective countries, what are they doing & how are we (Government/Regulator) each managing them to maximise benfits for the country. We must share these learnings so if there is a need we use these learnings to improve our policies,etc."
(3/3) "All of a sudden what this would mean would be what pertains in one jurisdiction applies in another." - Egbert Issac Faibille, Petroleum Commissioner,@PetroleumGhana on the “Moving the Needle on African Fiscal Systems & Good Governance” panel session.
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(1/4) "Local content is an article of faith, we must understand that oil is a resource (it is not ours) that has been given to us to hold in a trust for the people today and for generations to come."

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(2/4)"Therefore the decisions we rake today shall be / must be beneficial to the Government, people and IOcs today as well as generations to come. In Ghana we don't want to develop a monopoly of local content."

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(3/4) "What is more important is consistent fairness, transparency and opportunities created for local content. The IOCs and those that have the knowledge must transfer this knowledge so our conversation is different in 20 years times."

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(1/3) It was a great start to @africaoilweek VIP event where @airune sat on a panel that took a close look at “promoting public-private dialogue to develop equitable exploration and production terms in the African upstream”.

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(2/3) This discourse covered the challenges facing National Oil Companies/Concessionaires and the global private sector, negotiating strong fiscal regimes which are both mutually acceptable, and favour both governments …

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(3/3) …and operators as well as driving public / private dialogue to develop stronger governance.
We look forward to the conference kicking off tomorrow!

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I'm on my way home from 2 conferences, #AOW2019 and @AutomotiveUI #AutoUI2019. There was one thing common to both conferences, namely both confs. had only female keynote speakers. e.g., @NilliLavie, @doc_ux, @NatashaMerat, @Sharonkparker, @dechurch.

Was this necessary?

#imho, Absolutely!
I observed young female students crowding the keynote speakers on several occasions, asking questions & deep in discussion. The enthusiasm was palpable.

Do we need this?

Take a closer look during Q&As.
Are the men or women more outspoken?

Until this disparity is rectified, we need to fuel more female enthusiasm for academic research.

If you're a woman and invited to participate, don't be modest, don't turn down the invite. You're not doing it for yourself. it's for the community.

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What are the #HumanFactors challenges of #AutomatedVehicles? Looking forward to hearing @NatashaMerat's keynote at #AOW2019. Will automated transport add to our daily struggles of 'getting things done' or lighten it? How will it transform societies?…
Why talk about #AutomatedVehicles at the 🇩🇪 Psych. Soc. for Work, Organizations, & Industry?

This year's theme is "New Forms of Work in the Digital World: Strengthening Alternative Competences".

What new competences do we require, collaborating w/ automation in a mobile office?
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