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Just off great @dasairway @OAAinfo #OBAnes airway masterclass webinar with @silv24 chairing, @ProfEllenO @noolslucas @Chakladar_A and @DesireOnwochei giving expert opinions - lots of notes taken, tweets to follow… Image
Right, let’s get to it. The #OBAnes airway - shifting the paradigm; a @dasairway & @OAAinfo masterclass. Two Profs in the corner… this should be interesting. @noolslucas kicks off the webinar. Image
What is a difficult airway? @ASALifeline definition: a clinical situation, conventionally trained anesthesiologist, difficult face mask ventilation/ intubation/ both.

Complications - hypoxemia: @MariePierreBon2 et al @BJAJournals 2020, @DavidGray37 @rosshofmeyr and co, SAJAA…… ImageImageImageImage
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@NoelleHealy (another 🇮🇪 representative - @ISOA_Ireland well represented!) presents on #OBAnes as a team sport - how do we perform better? at #OAA23ASM. Quite an inspiring quote, then setting the stage with @Fionafionakel et al #humanfactors guidelines in… ImageImageImage
Why is teamwork important in OB/ #OBAnes? @mbrrace suggests some lessons to be learned. Prompt action is arguably reliant on good communication, within & between teams. Involving consultant/ specialist care early has been a theme for over a decade. #OAA23ASM ImageImageImage
@DOckendenLtd’ final report highlighted “conflicting agendas and poor teamwork” contribute to adverse maternal & neonatal outcomes? So how do we create good teams?

The @JulieAndrews approach may have the hills alive, but for #OBAnes we may need to start at the very beginning,…… ImageImage
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@OpenAI's #ChatGPT and other tools like it are game-changing technologies that have the potential to revolutionize #humanfactors work in #healthcare.

🧵 1/9
In hospital systems, tools like #ChatGPT can be used to automate many tasks, from data entry to document review, freeing up healthcare workers to focus on more important work.

#ChatGPT can also be used to quickly and easily generate high-quality written content, such as patient education materials and discharge summaries.

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@Airwayman1 presents on #HumanFactors in #OBAnes. MedTRiM: medical trauma & resilience management - reminding us of the Declaration of Geneva #OAA3dc2022 ImageImageImageImage
The Boabab lesson (Zambia) applicable to #OBAnes #OAA3dc2022 Image
The plan for the talk. Your patient - straight after new bag sats drop…
NOT Swiss cheese (@girardDev), Emmental(?) model #OAA3dc2022 ImageImageImageImage
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@ProfEllenO pre-recorded lecture (hope she’s okay?) on avoiding oesophageal intubation at #OAA3dc2022. Talk will focus on preventing unrecognized oesophageal intubation & @Anaes_Journal article from @UniversalAirway (PUMA group) - link below #OAA3dc2022

…… ImageImageImageImage
A trigger for @UniversalAirway to provide guidelines: #OAA3dc2022 ImageImageImageImage
#OBAnes not immune to oesophageal intubation, and at higher risk (historically at very least) of difficult airway. Current findings, although looking at a very niche subset of patients, bear that out. #OAA3dc2022 ImageImageImageImage
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The MB #EQS with its #Hyperscreen has really decent info distribution & #IA, but the touch targets are too small and the capacitive steering wheel buttons require lots of visual, manual, and cognitive load to operate! #humanfactors #UX #IxD
The charging #UI is also very well-designed, but again... input could be better. There are better ways to input time.
And reachability sucks, which doesn't come as a surprise. BMW seems to have tried to mitigate similar reachability issues by shifting menus left toward the driver (basically pogosticking), but that inhibits overview and adds cog load instead.
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Was für eine Opening Slide!
Der Diss-Update-Vortrag
von AG IngPsy Doktorand @UniLuebeck
Mourad Zoubir. 😍
@UniLuebeck Und direkt danach der #PlotTwist:
Es geht gar nicht um den Schlaf.
Es geht um #Schifffahrt!
Und die Schiffsmenschen.
#MariData goes #SelfDeterminationTheory (#SDT)
@UniLuebeck Und natürlich - ist ja #Ingenieurpsychologie - um digitale Assistenzsysteme, die Grundbedürfnisse unterstützen.
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Took yesterday to read the @DOckendenLtd report. The scale and extent of death & injury is appalling. The behaviours reported are unacceptable. That staff withdrew statements very recently is deeply disturbing. But this is not about one Trust 1/5
Nationally the NHS, professional bodies etc need to identify what behaviours are more likely to lead to optimum outcomes & which ones are commonly present in disasters. And how the better behaviours can be encouraged by the systems that influence the frontline. 2/5 #humanfactors
Training staff in teamworking/human factors/CRM/TRM/non-technical skills can’t work in a vacuum. Behaviours trained must be agreed, explicit, examined, expected, role-modelled, routinely assessed and performance managed across the whole system from day 1 to retirement 3/5
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🧵1. #IPERN officially launched on #StPatricksDay 2021 so it's our 1st birthday today!🎂🚑☘ It's been quite a year - we've hosted 10 events featuring 49 speakers (31% International 🌍 65% Female 🚺). Presented at 3 conferences, secured 3 grants and launched 5 SIG! #IrishEMS
2. How it all began… we announced ourselves to the Twitter world on Feb 1st '21. In Ireland this is traditionally the start of Spring (#Imbolc) so a time for new beginnings. It’s also St. Brigid‘s Day our matron saint who Is renowned as a healer #IrishEMS
3. Our official #IPERN launch on #StPatricksDay 2021 featured a fantastic array of Irish researchers presenting "elevator pitches" of their work and also included best wishes from international friends & colleagues! #IrishEMS
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Hello #HumanFactors, #HCI and #EngineerinPsychologiy Bubble, also keen for the first international in-presence conference since 2019?
Yes, HFES Europe will take place in Turin, Italy April 20-22, 2022!
'Early-bird' fee of 370€ still till 20.3.!
Who will be joining HFES Europe in Turin (April 20-22, 2022)?
I would really love to meet some of you researchers for a primi-secondi-dolci outdoor dinner or an ice cream safari.
Anyone up for it?
Drop me a line! :-)
Of course I am particularly looking forward to the closing ceremony of the conference!
Who will win the @HFES Europe Early Career Award 2022? Tension is hardly bearable.
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The Power of Pressure blinks by @danejensen. He teaches at a couple of university and contributes to the Harvard Business Review. Let's see what I can learn.…
"pressure doesn’t have to be a negative thing"

This reminds me of the Yerkes-Dodson Curve which we learnt about in medical school in 2nd or 3rd year.…
This paper, which is essentially a history/review of the Yerkes Dodson curve has over 500 citations. The original paper from 1908 experimented with "dancing mice". They didn't teach us that at medical school! Makes it so much more fascinating.
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So excited for our team's @eurekaprizes nomination! Thank you to all our collaborators! Our work wouldn't be possible without the support of @Curtin_FOWI, @CurtinUni, @DefenceScience and importantly, the submariner workforce @Australian_Navy
Our research sits at the intersection of organisational psychology, human factors and sociotechnical systems design. If you are interested, take a look at some of our papers below! #orgpsych #humanfactors #iopsych
Our conceptual framework exploring endurance in extreme work environments published in Organizational Psychology Review…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/04/2021…
Place-based pathologies: economic complexity maps COVID-19 outcomes in UK local authorities…

#EconomicRecovery #PublicHealth #COVID19 #localities #mapping
DeepMind’s Vibrant New Virtual World Trains Flexible AI With Endless Play…

#DeepMind #VirtualWorld #ArtificialIntelligence #SkillsetDevelopment
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Lots of people asking me to provide a summary of yesterdays Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture. In the lecture I discussed 10 lessons that I have learned about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) through 20 years of applied #humanfactors research. Here they are!
Lesson 1. A human error lens is useless and can be dangerous. I talked here about how using the term in OHS can be misleading and prevent learning. Errors are a consequence of systemic issues, not a cause of anything!
Lesson 2. All accidents/safety compromising incidents are caused by multiple interacting contributory factors. There is no such thing as a root cause
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I'm fascinated by object-labelling memes… as a kind of hybrid metaphor / mental model illustration—a rapid, relatable way for people to create "diagrams" of how they imagine concepts relating to each other, via properties of objects as metaphors

A thread: Image
If we're categorising these somehow, one interesting subgenre is about *material properties* as metaphors: something is heavy, or weak, or spiky, or disintegrates easily (it's interesting how many are about mental health) ImageImageImage
Another common subgenre uses the idea of *one element occluding, stopping, or protecting another* as a metaphor ImageImageImageImage
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What are the #HumanFactors challenges of #AutomatedVehicles? Looking forward to hearing @NatashaMerat's keynote at #AOW2019. Will automated transport add to our daily struggles of 'getting things done' or lighten it? How will it transform societies?…
Why talk about #AutomatedVehicles at the 🇩🇪 Psych. Soc. for Work, Organizations, & Industry?

This year's theme is "New Forms of Work in the Digital World: Strengthening Alternative Competences".

What new competences do we require, collaborating w/ automation in a mobile office?
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Now Dora Foukaneli on IT in transfusion #F2FNHSBT
Some trusts moving faster than others but developments in IT critical for delivery of care…
Implementing new systems: need validation, understanding of system variability in the clinical environment, meaningful mitigations, contingency plan #F2FNHSBT
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