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Sometimes, God’s intentionality about us shows in really random things. There are times you have a thought/desire you didn’t even pray about, & you just come across it on your social media or somewhere you weren’t expecting. A God who hears our WORDS and HEARTS. We stan 🙌
There are lovers that listen to every words you utter and grant your desires. Then there’s that lover who not only pays attention to your words, but to your heart too... He listens to every of your unsaid words and satisfies you, how refreshing to know!
The times you craved for shawarma and got it without asking,
The times you needed money and someone just asked for your account number (out of the blues. Lol)
The times you needed a friend and he sent someone to love you... I mean, you remember those times, don’t you?
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Sis, You Said No To Him Already, So Why Are You Still Monitoring His Life?

Why are you stalking him, really? Why are you checking his social media to see if he has the picture of another lady? You already said you weren’t interested, so why?
I’m talking to you my dear, why so bothered? Why do you still look out for him at events or gatherings? Oh, I get it, the Bible tells you to be your brother’s keeper, so you’re trying to do your part innit? Lmao!
I’m not done... why does your stomach knot when you see him talking to another lady? What’s the challenge? I mean, the young gentleman met you and spoke to you about his interest, you said no,
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This word is for someone today.

Do you remember when you were 13? I do. Lol. I remember so vividly. That day, I was so amazed! “So I’m now a teenager”, I thought to myself. Lol. It was weird to me because I thought “something” would change in me.
I was expecting something really dramatic to happen, lol. I didn’t know that’s how my life would keep going, getting older by the day with no drama attached to growing old.
You’re having issues with your relationship with God, you’re confused on how to pray or read the Bible, instead of you to find a solution, go ahead to search for write ups or YouTube videos to help you, you’re saying “later”. Later, when?
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Dear Christian, the devil does not like you. He hates that you're preaching the gospel, he hates that you're setting men free. And so, he uses every opportunity he gets to sow discouragement. But see, we won't settle. With every stunt the devil pulls, we go HARDER FOR JESUS🔥
Testimony here🔥... After I made that last post yesterday, I began to feel really weird. It's been a long time I felt that way. I was about deleting the post in fact.

I stood up, paced around my room, and was close to tears.
I honestly did not know where the weird emotions were coming from, I did not understand what was going on.

I decided to put a call through to my dear friend and described what I was feeling after making that post. My friend just told me to calm down and leave the post.
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Christians, guard your heart so fiercely this season. One of the dirty balls the devil is throwing around this season is jealousy, and it graduates so quickly to hate. One weapon you can use to fight it is prayer, you can’t hate the person you pray for.
It starts with wishing. You will just start wishing your life were like someone else’s, before you know it, it grows to jealousy because your life cannot be like that, and boom! Comparison, Hatred, depression.
Hating on someone you have probably not met or even know personally. Whew!

The same way it is easy to evangelize because of theadvantage of the media is the same way it is easy to grow in jealousy through the same means - media.
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This is Pastor Jeremiah Steepek (pictured below)

He transformed himself into a homeless person and went to the 10,000 member church that he was to be introduced as the head pastor at that morning.
He walked around his soon to be church for 30 minutes while it was filling with people for service... only 3 people out of the 7-10,000 people said hello to him.
He asked people for change to buy food... NO ONE in the church gave him change. He went into the sanctuary to sit down in the front of the church and was asked by the usher if he would please sit in the back.
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Dear Christian, maybe nobody told you that Christianity is not about wearing your favorite church’s wristbands or shirts. There are times you will have to faith it even when it makes no sense, there are going to be times of pruning, you will not like it, but you will THRIVE🔥
How about the times you will have to forgive even when you clearly were not at fault, the times you will have to give all, I mean, the times you will have to spend and be spent,
How about the times you will do all thinking you’re pleasing God, and the HolySpirit comes to tell you it’s a waste, and you will have to start over,

How about the times you are about to sleep, and he puts burdens of people you don’t even know in your heart,
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See Naomi, she obeyed her husband by going on a journey to a strange land, she lost everything, including her husband and her children, she decided to go back home, in pain and shame, and see the way God turned her life around. We stan a God who is called THE RESTORER🙌
God is still restoring lost years! I started this write up with a heavy heart, I write this for you,

For you who see the success stories of others, and weep, not necessarily because you’re jealous but because you’re just concerned as to why your case is different,
I write for you who come out laughing, looking happy to the world, but just soaked your pillow with tears the night before,
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Dear Lord,

May you be higher than every height I will ever attain,
May you be deeper than every depth of knowledge I will ever discover,
May I never find it difficult to proclaim that you are the greatest.

If it ever comes to that point where I would have to choose between God and my achievements, may I, like Paul, say,

"Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.
For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ."
Philippians 3:8

Some went ahead to "discover knowledge" and didn't find God at the end of it, may that never be me.
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You're in a "relationship," and he tells you, "ah! Sis, your husband is going to enjoy you o."

Don't look left, don't look right, take off your shoes and run! Don't worry about coming cars,just RUN!

Get home, dance before God for deliverance from that entanglement/situationship
For the hundredth and twenty second time, what are you doing in a relationship that you DON'T know the end point? What sis, I want to know.

See, when we ask God for signs, let open our eyes to see, let's open our ears to hear, let's open our hearts to understand.
Here is one thing about asking for signs, God is not going to come down to tell you a yes or a no.
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I don't know who needs to hear this, but the fact that you don't have a Facebook, Instagram, or a Twitter account with thousands of followers does not mean you are not making impact. Don't pressure yourself to be like others, not everyone will follow the same path.
Don't put pressure on yourself.

We live in a generation that gives a pseudo sense of importance to people just because of the number of followers they have.
Such that, even if they come online to say what is not correct, so far they have that large number of followers, you will see people who will come and worship and even go the extra mile of insulting people for them, these are the times we find ourselves in.
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This is how you know someone from a typical Nigerian Christian home: if you dare commit any offense the day before, it will be settled the next day during morning devotion. You can’t even escape it. The sermon you will hear that day alone ehn😂😂😂
Send me a hug if we’re from the same home please, let me know my siblings😂

I honestly don’t know how they do it that they will find a way to infuse it in the sermon of that day.
I know many of us disliked our parents for this, I for one will literally have preferred to get flogged than get spoken to because those words legit bite. Lol, but thank God for those words.
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You just got an idea in the place of prayer, you didn't even wait to thank God first, you have carried phone to call Nkechi and Glory to tell them. Please dear, wait to get the full script at least. Don't go about announcing a seed you just conceived. Not everytime cho cho cho.
In your season of "birthing," you will receive instructions and inspirations

Sometimes, just by mere looking at something, you will know what to do, the next big thing, everywhere you turn, you just see ideas.
However, when you receive it, no matter how exciting it sounds, no matter how much you want to scream it to your world, calm down first, else, even though the inspiration was divinely inspired, you might lose it.
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Dear Believer, saying nobody can judge you, means you hate accountability.

Saying “only God can judge me” means you do not respect the position of other believers God has placed around you.

Permit people to call out your wrongs, and learn, you don’t know it all.
Dear Believer, Let People Judge You

"Don't judge me, even though I decide to walk naked on the streets,
Don't judge me, even though I sit on heresies and teach it,
Don't judge me, even though I decide to pick my best of friends amongst unbelieving people... Don't judge me"
These are the sayings of a people who hate accountability, these are the sayings.

If your hands are pure, why are you afraid of being judged? If your ways are clean, why are you scared of standing in the court room?
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Someone said this year happened like, "January, February, Quarantine, December" 😂

I really want to know, how has this year been for you? What did you do differently? Are you happy with your decisions or you think you could have done better?

Let those thoughts off your chest ❤
How do you feel when you hear people say this quarantine season has been the best thing that happened to them? Do you feel jealous, happy, sad, how do you feel really?
Are you part of those that made the money, or smash the goals, or you're part of those that really didn't know this season is going to extend this long?

What will you do differently from now, or what do you wish you could do differently from now?
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A Senior Pastor told a story of how that years ago when the ministry he pastors was about a hundred churches, he was sitting in his car when he heard a voice suddenly say to him, "if you die now, at least you can say you have tried, the world will celebrate you."
He said he entertained the thought for a minute as to how people will say important things about him, when suddenly he understood what was going on, and refuted the thoughts immediately.
He spoke out loudly the word of God that says, "I shall not die, but live to declare the works of God in the land of the living." He silenced the voice that day...
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PRAISE session: You dance your heart out
WORSHIP session: You fall under the anointing and even cry. The move of God is mighty
THE WORD: You sleep off.

If you are the ‘you’ I’m referring to, Kindly wink at me and get prepared. This deliverance session gon’ be heavy😒
Shall we conclude that the spirit of sleep that infects people during the word session is evil, or we are just gon’ pretend?🙄

Back in my uni days, I used to pray and study on my bed, that was the best position for me because I shared the room with three other persons.
It happened that no matter the position I take, until I decide in my heart that I want to sleep, even if I’m so tired, I will not sleep.

But one day, (somebody say one day), maybe it’s pride that entered, I decided to “check” if I could sleep while studying the Bible,
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"Sis, What Kind Of Man Do You Want?"

Sis: I want a good Christian man that's not so spiritual. Let him have a sprinkle of the agbero behavior in him, but let him also be really classy... #Thread
It wouldn't be bad if he is rich, but not so rich so that he wouldn't attract too many ladies.

Have I mentioned I'll like him with muscles but with a little round stomach(very important please). Lest I forgot, he should know how to pray so well too, but shouldn't pray too much..
And the list goes on... Eskis ma, with the qualities you just listed, aren't you asking for someone that's hot and cold at the same time? I mean, what I read was more like, he should be fire, and at the same time ice-block, yeah? Lol.

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I need y'all to join me in prayers😭

I've been praying earnestly that this man I will marry will not finish all his money on bride price, because, see ehn, I BE SPEC!

Me= Spiritual sister, HolyGhost filled o, can teach, can be funny too. We're remaining only 5 in this world 😭
Brethren are you praying? 😭

Help me pray because we need that man's money to go on vacay. If you think I'm lying, ask my guys! 😂
Before you call me, you would have had to load your phone, load it to the brim, cos by the time I'm done with you, you will either call back, or be rolling on the floor laughing hard or speaking in tongues😂😭
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I'm one of those believers that wouldn't use just any slang words because they're the trending thing. All the "life no balance" and the likes. The way my Spirit immediately rejects them is a wonder. My whole being is just too aware of the power my tongue wields.
I have given up fam. I just had to completely give up trying to sound like or act like others. I've used some slang words in the past too, “just because,” but naahhh. Not anymore.
You see, one sweet thing about the Jesus being your LORD and SAVIOUR is his ability to influence your entire being, the way you talk, walk, dress, everything.
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I once lost a scholarship because I didn't check my mail to claim it.

Applying for jobs/opportunities without checking for responses is lack of faith, it is praying without watching for answers.

Dear Believer, today, like Elijah, check the clouds. An abundance of rain is near🔥
This Is A Prophetic Instruction

I'm led to tell you to check for your answers. If you have been praying to God for something, check around, your answer is near. Don't just keep praying, keep your eyes and your spirit alive and sensitive too.
Imagine Elijah prayed fervently without sending his servant to check for the answer, the rain would have come heavily, and might have wept him away, but he was wise. He kept checking.
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"Do NOT be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And the PEACE of God, which transcends all understanding, will GUARD your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

This scripture is true🔥
Here's How To Deal With Worrying - “Try dey enjoy, problem no dey finish.”

The first time I heard this proverb presented in the Nigerian street parlance, I laughed my heart out and muttered, "Nigerians are at it again."
Thinking about it, I want to ask, have you ever been plagued with WORRY? How did it feel? Were you able to do anything? Was your heart rested? I'm sure your experience was awful.
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So I'm here thinking, what if you were the widow in 2Kngs 4:3 whom Elijah told to borrow jars from her neighbors for her miracle, will you be able to get the jars or that's how you will miss the miracle because you're celebrating 600years anniversary of fight with your neighbors?
To those believers that keep MALICE with the HolySpirit in them, how do you do it? How is the HolySpirit in you, is he fine, because, I'm not understanding. 😭😭
Later you'll come and say you are not hearing the voice of God😂

How can you hear his voice? You don silence the guy na 😭. You didn't obey when he asked you to settle, how is he sure you'll obey when he says other things. Don't stress the guy abeg😂
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Before God sent Jesus, he sent a forerunner, John the Baptist to prepare the way. Dear Believer, your own forerunner is JESUS. You're permitted to enter courts and subdue kingdoms through His name in PRAYER. Prayer doesn't just prepare the way, but perfects it. Don't sleep on it!
Underrate Prayer? God Forbid!

We are not part of that generation that are blind to the effectiveness of prayer. No, we are not a part of that generation that judge answered prayers by the amount of money in one's possession.
We are not a part of that generation that backs out of prayer and dedication to God's word because the results don't go our way.

We're not a part of that generation that despise the very activity that wrought wonders in the time of our fathers.
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