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They cry when Trump calls them the "Enemy of the American People" and "Very Fake News"?

Acosta lies about his comments re: Charlottesville & CNN runs a puff piece covering for Antifa violence. Now a physical attack on a journalist, Stelter calls a "messenger."

Who could argue?
Would a "Friend of the American People" lie to them like that?

If they seriously can't see that point, then I feel badly for their "friends". Good people don't treat their friends like a means to an end, insult their intelligence or think they're too stupid to see it.
This is why we call them the #BigMediaHateMachine.

That lie CNN pushed re: Charlottesville is dangerous. You'll hear it in standup comedy routines on Netflix and while covering Antifa.

Remember that the next time Stelter & Acosta cry about feeling threatened by Donald Trump.
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If the Fox Poll is accurate, and not saying it is b/c it hasn't been, it's not flattering to Corporate Big Media.

A media concerned w/ reporting truth would view 50% saying @realDonaldTrump coordinated w/ Russia, as a failure. A #BigMediaHateMachine would view it as a success.
Only fringe Democrats still claim that he did. Corporate Big Media earned the name #BigMediaHateMachine by helping them continue to push that lie.

It is a lie. Always was.

So, when President @realDonaldTrump calls them the Enemy of the People, are they acting like a "friend"?
Friends don't let friends believe conspiracy theories, especially dangerous lies that lead to political violence.

You know who believed wholeheartedly that Donald Trump was a traitor?

James Hodgkinson.

It was one of the last posts he made to FB before shooting Steve Scalise.
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The New York Times pushed WMDs in Iraq and babies being thrown out of incubators.

Unlike Alex Jones, people actually died from those lies.

You just pushed a complete hoax - Russia collusion.

Why aren't you banned?
This fake hate speech justification for banning people like Alex Jones and @PrisonPlanet is ludicrous for this reason alone.

No one pushes more hatred and fake news than Corporate Big Media, which we call the Big Media Hate Machine, for a reason.

For example...
Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists and murders?

Fake news meant to incite hatred amongst the races for political power.

Donald Trump called white nationalists "fine people"?

Fake news meant to incite hatred amongst the races for political power.

I could go on and on and on.
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