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Mary Gay Scanlon with a key line of questioning about Amazon's predatory takeover of #BigTechBarons
Wow, $200M in losses in one month to go after #BigTechBarons Jeff Bezos says he doesn't remember the details.
I'm becoming a fan of Mary Gay Scanlon. @RepMGS w/a great line of questioning and handling Bezos quite well. Bezos doesn't remember details. now she's on to the Gazelle project. #BigTechBarons

(We put details of these episodes in…)
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This line of questioning from @RepValDemings on the combining of user profiles of Google and DoubleClick against what they promised in 2007/2008 is *incredibly important.* #BigTechBarons
This is a big deal, @RepValDemings putting Sundar Pichai on the spot over Google's choice in 2016 to fulfill its bait and switch strategy. I hope European regulators reviewing the Google-Fitbit deal are listening. #BigTechBarons
Show me the last time a journalist put any CEO on the spot the way @RepValDemings just did, let alone four the most powerful men in the corporate world. #BigTechBarons
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Interesting how @RepArmstrongND links conservative bias to Google's monopoly and adtech reach, and GDPR. #BigTechHearing #BigTechBarons
Useful argument from @RepArmstrongND on how GDPR has helped Google's market share in Europe. #BigTechBarons #BigTechHearing
Sundar Pichai talking about how ad prices have fallen over the last ten years. Not a surprise that such the progressive policy institute 'report' data actually came from Google. #BigTechBarons
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"Why does Google steal content from honest businesses?" @davidcicilline #BigTechBarons
Wow @davidcicilline throwing fire. Asks about conflict of interest in Google preferencing its own properties. #BigTechBarons
"That's a lot of money Mr. Pichai." #BigTechBarons

@davidcicilline on 🔥

Asks about internal quotes of Google people talking about killing the traffic of other sites.

Pichai deflects with talking points about competition with Amazon.
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The #bigtechbarons hearing is starting.
Key point. This hearing is not just a one-off, it is *part* of an investigation. @davidcicilline says they have millions of documents from both the companies as well over a hundred competitors. #bigtechbarons
@davidcicilline notes commonalities of #bigtechbarons:

(1) They each are bottlenecks
(2) They each engage in surveillance
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Here we go... @RepCicilline making his opening statement. #BigTechBarons
Cicilline praising Sensenbrenner and "the former ranking member of the committee" Doug Collins. Pointedly not mentioning current ranking member, Big Tech lickspittle Gym Jordan. #BigTechBarons
Cicilline quotes Ken Buck saying this Big Tech investigation was the most bipartisan investigation he's ever been involved with in Congress
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The tech hearing is delayed 30 minutes.
The committee just sent out a note that the hearing start is now delayed to 1pm. There is also a rumor that Jordan now plans to appear & kick off the hearing with lots of procedural motions to create delay. The show may not really get going until 2 or so. 🤷🏼‍♂️
If I were Chair of a subcommittee doing a hearing with the #BigTechBarons, I'd require them to use this as a green screen
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As we await #BigTechBarons, I have a piece at @TheProspect on how big banks are fighting to prevent an effort by consumer advocates to temporarily bar negative credit items during the pandemic. Pat Toomey is the personal valet for this big bank initiative.…
On credit score protection: “We thought we had it, we thought we were very close, and then McConnell stripped it out at the behest of the junior senator from Pennsylvania,” said @SenSherrodBrown in a little-noticed event in May.…
The more negative credit items, the more big banks can charge for credit, given risk-based pricing. Toomey is helping banks grab billions from vulnerable people who are creditworthy outside a pandemic, and the credit hit sticks with them for 7 years…
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1. Some resources for the #bigtechbarons hearing. First, a list of recent controversies for each company over the past few years.…
2. This is the top GOP member @Jim_Jordan's playbook for the #bigtechbarons hearing. Jordan will be disruptive and hostile to Democrats and come to the aid of big tech CEOs. Unclear whether his GOP colleagues will focus on big tech or follow his lead.
3. This is Jeff Bezos's testimony. Bezos is the most important witness in the #bigtechbarons hearing, he has never testified before Congress.…
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1/ Before tomorrow's #BigTechBarons hearing, I'm going to run down some of the lowlights from my chapter in Monopolized on Amazon, and some areas where lawmakers could question Jeff Bezos tomorrow. Also buy Monopolized!…
2/ The story of "Crazy Harry," a florist in Orlando, gives a good sense of how Amazon monetizes its seller partners but also leaves them in the wind to die
Amazon's revenue from third-party sellers is 4 times what they get from their own retail sales. This idea that they constantly skew the site to favor their own products is just wrong. They make more money being landlords than manufacturers.
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I'm up at @TheProspect noting that the rules for the upcoming #BigTechBarons hearing have been tilted to favor the CEOs.…
Initially lawmakers were going to get 10 minutes at a time to question Bezos, Zuckerberg and the other CEOs. Now they'll just get 5 minutes. The CEOs will get saved by the bell repeatedly.…
Now there will be unlimited rounds of questioning, and @RepCicilline will get as many questions as he wants at the end. So tech reporters - THAT'S THE PART TO WATCH. Don't write your stories early.…
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