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#BigTech: They're not just passively allowing #misinformation on their platforms (Zuckerberg). Tech tycoons like Peter Thiel have worked directly with #DisinformationDoctors. Funding at UCSF is a mess.

Then there's Cambridge Analytica's Patrick Fagan.…
Thiel is an old Stanford friend of Great Barrington Declaration author Jay Battacharya and has been platforming his failed "Mass Infection" strategy.

The GBD is part of the Koch Industries-fueled anti-science effort (see: @EXPOSEDbyCMD, @CDPNetworkMap).…
Battacharya and his GBD co-author Martin Kulldorff are friendly with boomer tech bro millionaire Steve Kirsch whose @SubstackInc has been an organizing hub for far-right doctors - and politicians like @SenRonJohnson.

He got early funding from @elonmusk.…
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Excited for the first antitrust oversight hearing w/ both @linakhanFTC & @JusticeATR kicking off soon. Excited to hear what these Khan/Kan-do enforcers will discuss w/ @SenAmyKlobuchar. Tune in here:….
.@SenAmyKlobuchar laying out long history of American antitrust enforcement, tracing back to the founding. America founded by those seeking economic freedom from monopolies.
More @SenAmyKlobuchar. Calls out list of bipartisan bills, including tech bills like S. 2992 w/ @ChuckGrassley. Well past time to get those passed.
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.@TaylorLorenz and @washingtonpost with @cbouzy orchestrate a targeted hate campaign against @ThatUmbrella with the specific purpose of harassing him off YT. They are calling on @YouTube to delete his channel in an orchestrated campaign. They do the thing they accuse him of.
Also, notice how they are targeting YT CEO. She's been their darling for a long time but this is the signal that it could change instantly if she doesn't play along. This is a threat to her. "Do our bidding or you're next Susan!"
Watch out @SusanWojcicki. They're coming for you now. But if you stand up for the first amendment you'll win the admiration of millions instead of satisfying the bloodlust of a couple of weirdos paid by #AmberHeard who I remind you is a PUBLIC FIGURE. #NoCensorship
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As a privacy-focused company, we support the AICOA.

What is The American Innovation and Choice Online Act?

This thread aims to provide a simple explanation 👇

@SenSchumer Big tech is not a fan of the legislation.

Google, Apple, Amazon, Meta and have poured US$95 million into efforts to discredit these bills.

#AntitrustVoteNow @SenSchumer
More choice and less data-driven targeting and manipulation

#AntitrustVoteNow @SenSchumer
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January 6, 2021…
An online pro-Trump prayer meeting was filled with defiance on Wed night @January6thCmte, even as evangelical & charismatic supporters of Trump admitted that chances the election will be overturned were slim.
Leaders of the Global Prayer for US Election Integrity have organized 30 prayer calls, in which they've aired unsubstantiated claims of election fraud, including several thoroughly debunked allegations, while offering fervent prayers for the president.
But as members of Congress debated an objection to accepting the certified vote totals from the 2020 election in Arizona, organizers of the prayer call admitted there were few legal options left to oppose President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.
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(1/9) Today, my fellow Nobel laureate #dmitrymuratov and I are proud to launch an action plan to tackle the information crisis unleashed by Big Tech & rebuild independent journalism. Here’s why:
(2/9) The huge potential of technology to advance our societies has been hijacked by #BigTech and a business model that deliberately promotes hate & hate & lies for profit.
(3/9) This is an existential threat to democracy & peace. For facts to stand a chance, we must end the amplification of disinformation by tech platforms and invest in journalism as the antidote to tyranny.
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The Deep State progressives behind Joe Puppet are the actual "fascists" They're creating an all powerful State via endless executive orders, vax mandates, weaponizing gov against political foes & censoring speech & info, with MSM & #BigTech in their pocket...
Dems no longer hide their intention to stack the Court, remove the filibuster, & add new states, even as they import millions of potential voters via illegal migration & manipulate our system to make vote fraud easier...
So Biden has great nerve calling #MAGA "semi-fascists." He STOLE the election with help from the FBI, #BigTech, and MSM burying the Hunter Biden story.

These disgraceful hypocrites ALREADY overturned democracy, they just don't want YOU to find out!
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@suxsonica @dagoneye @AlfonsoFuggetta 1/
Buongiorno Sonia, concordo con te, non si deve fare una guerra di religione a Microsoft ma stare nel merito. Tutte le #BigTech che operano in Italia portano per l'86% i loro guadagni, prima nei paesi a tassazione agevolata, in Europa, Paesi Bassi, Irlanda, Lussemburgo, poi nei
@suxsonica @dagoneye @AlfonsoFuggetta 2/
paradisi fiscali, report semestrali di Mediobanca "I giganti del web", su questi dati avevo preparato una presentazione "I padroni del web". Di fatto la PA, non aderendo al CAD art. 68 e art. 69, crea un danno erariale ogni anno di centinaia di milioni di euro.
@suxsonica @dagoneye @AlfonsoFuggetta 3/
Poi sempre #GAFAM, fanno parte del programma Prism della NSA. Poi c'è una sentenza della Corte Europea, #SchremsII, luglio 2021, rispetto all'illecito di continuare a mandare i dati dei cittadini europei, quindi anche quelli italiani, in America. Quindi direi proprio che non è
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This week on my podcast, I read my recent @Medium column, "View a SKU: Let’s Make Amazon Into a Dumb Pipe," about how interop can help us demonopolize Amazon and tame its market power:… 1/ A modified Amazon product listing page; the buy with Amazon
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
To explain this proposal, I need to start with an axiom: there are lots of problems with Amazon (lots!) but the fact that Amazon is really convenient is *not* one of those problems. 3/
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Why none of my books are available on Audible; Sarah Gailey's "Just Like Home"; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/  Image: Paris 16 (modified)
Today at 10hPT/13hET, join me, @evan_greer (@fightfortheftr), @CharlottesWWWeb (@PublicKnowledge), @SumitEcon (@CRAdvocacy) and @ProtonMail for a Reddit AMA on the new US #BigTech #Antitrust bills: 2/
Why none of my books are available on Audible: And why Amazon owes me $3,218.55.

3/ Image: Paris 16 (modified)
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@MartinKulldorff @Eric_Schmitt @JeffLandry .@peterthiel cut a sizable check that Schmitt’s credibility could wreck. Postmarked W. Hollywood? #Missouri understood: Schmitt’s campaign’s cofinanced by #BigTech.
@carinabergfeldt @JackSuntrup @j_hancock @jrpsaki @kgilsinan @tonymess @The65Project #mosen
@MartinKulldorff @Eric_Schmitt @JeffLandry @peterthiel @carinabergfeldt @JackSuntrup @J_Hancock @jrpsaki @kgilsinan @tonymess @The65Project Bilförsäkringsbolaget har fått från domstolen beskedet att nåt ganska känsligt har hänt som är numera känt. Ingen skulle det ha förutspått. Kvinnan drabbats av ett könssjukdom som överförtes utan kondom och fick $5M ändå: något som vi har svårt att förstå.…
@MartinKulldorff @Eric_Schmitt @JeffLandry @peterthiel @carinabergfeldt @JackSuntrup @J_Hancock @jrpsaki @kgilsinan @tonymess @The65Project Bilförsäkringsbolaget har fått från domstolen beskedet att nåt ganska känsligt har hänt som är numera känt. Ingen skulle det ha förutspått. Kvinnan drabbats av ett könssjukdom som överförtes utan kondom och fick $5M ändå: nåt som vi har svårt att förstå. @Nyheter24 @anders_aslund
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @Rajeev_GoI, @zapalak, Anne Neuberger, Vivek Lall, @NiNanjira and @KanchanGupta

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@KanchanGupta: #BigTech is now playing an interventionist role in democracy, #RedTech is being used for #surveillance and subversion, while #DeepTech is about criminality.

Anne Neuberger: In the ongoing #Ukrainewar, #socialmedia companies wanted to control the #information imbalance but that has caused public resentment over the lack of #transparency and access to complete information.

#Raisina2022 @orfgeotech
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With #Raisina2022 kickstarting today, @orfonline is delighted to announce the launch of the 6th edition of our flagship annual journal of essays, the #RaisinaFiles.

Edited by @samirsaran and @anahitakhanna95.

Click here to read: Image
Are the contours of a new geopolitical formation—the DragonBear—characterised by deepening relations between #China & #Russia in key strategic areas, now increasingly visible? If so, what are #Putin's geopolitical choices?

From @vtchakarova

To forestall ceding more manufacturing output and control over critical #supplychains to #China, other nations must be prepared to rethink long-standing conventions about international #trade, writes Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner.

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue2022
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Thread on corporate America. Too may conservatives are caught up in a 1990’s business school view of laissez-fair economics assuming those corporations are acting to maximize shareholder value as opposed to advancing an agenda & are acting removed from corporate cronyism… (1/8)
…Instead, corporate America is - across multiple industries - using massive market power combined with government-corporate cronyism to impact negatively - in real time - the lives, liberty, & ability to pursue happiness of the American people… (2/8)
…It is hardly deniable that #BigTech & #BigMedia are using their power along with govt regulatory protection to impact what we read, see, & hear in a way designed to affect policy. It’s true re: #COVID, race/CRT/BLM, gender/trans (e.g. Disney), CO2/Energy & more… (3/8)
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„Digitales Publizieren und die Qualitätsfrage“

🧵 zum Stand der Dinge, nach dem Workshop des @Projekt_AuROA (…). Zugleich eine Zusammenfassung für jene, die im Sinne guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis veröffentlichen wollen:

#auroa22 #GeiWiPublizieren
Klar scheint:
1) #DigitalesPublizieren hält viele Potenziale für bessere Wissenschaft bereit.
2) #BigTech hat absurde Angebote & Abhängigkeiten implementiert, die Wissenschaft nicht verbessern. (Seit 2016 schlimmer geworden, vgl. .)

#auroa22 #Siggenthesen
3) Es ist dringend an der Zeit, wieder zu dem zu kommen, was Wissenschaft eigentlich benötigt.
4) Von Verlagen unabhängige scholar-led Magazine sind eine Alternative.
5) Eine andere ist die engere Zusammenarbeit von Wissenschaft & kleineren/mittleren Verlagen.

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#Partenariato 4.0
#Colao sembra avere le idee chiare sulla #TransizioneDigitale e sull’utilizzo delle relative risorse del #PNRR, lasciare ai privati la gestione mettendo a gara vari lotti per la copertura territoriale delle telecomunicazioni (fibra e 5G), indicando chi dei 👇
privati realizzerà
il #cloudnazionale (anche con #bigtech) e il governo dei dati dei cittadini. L’idea “dell’infrastruttura pubblica”, del bene comune, del ruolo dello Stato nella trasformazione del Paese e nel rilancio delle #PoliticheIndustriali sono questioni cancellate. 👇
Impostazione stroncata nella redazione del #PNRR e nell’allocazione delle risorse, compresa la sparizione dell’Istituto della Cybersicurezza (realizzato invece a livello europeo e dagli altri Paesi UE). Da ultimo la scelta di ridurre anche il controllo pubblico della rete 👇
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O #PLFakeNews tem um novo texto alterando a #RegraDeRemuneração exigindo que as plataformas paguem por conteúdos de notícias. Reconhecemos que houve uma nova tentativa, mas essa regra pouco especificada ainda não está pronta para se tornar lei. O Congresso deve retirá-la do PL.1/
Em nossa análise, explicamos por que este PL não é o lugar certo para a regra de remuneração. 2/…
Apoiar-se nos direitos autorais para conseguir um acordo justo para veículos de imprensa é arriscado, com consequências para a concentração da mídia, a liberdade de expressão e a imprensa livre. 3/
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Brazil’s #FakeNews Bill has a new draft amending the #RemunerationRule requiring tech platforms to pay for publishers’ news content. It's nice that the drafters tried again with this underspecified rule, but it's still not ready to be a law. Congress should delete the rule. 1/
In our analysis, we explained why a remuneration rule has no place in this bill.

Tldr: relying on copyright to get a fair deal for publishers is a dangerous gambit, with consequences for media monopolization, free expression and the free press. 2/…
The rule assumes that copyright gives publishers the power to license (and thus control and block) quoting and discussing the news.

Rather than giving a cultural veto to publishers, lawmakers and regulators should address adtech, and promote competition and transparency. 3/
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L’#Ucraina come paese pilota della Quarta rivoluzione industriale sponsorizzata dal #WEF – il mio nuovo articolo per #IntelligenceForThePeople 🧵
Non molti sanno che l’#Ucraina è un paese pilota nel processo di digitalizzazione di numerosi aspetti della vita dei cittadini, ed in particolare nella realizzazione dell’#IdentitàDigitale, elemento chiave della cosiddetta #industria40
L’#IdentitàDigitale, comprendente ID card, passaporto biometrico, patente di guida, status vaccinale, contratti assicurativi, assistenza sociale e sanitaria, fiscalità digitale, è in fase avanzata di implementazione, malgrado il conflitto in corso.
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Decided to consolidate my #BidenCrimeFamilly Posts into a thread, so that everyone has the resources. There is probably more, but this is a good start #BigTech #ElectionIntegrity #pedo #censorship
At the same time, everyone knew this was real. Here is the FBI document stating they had the laptop…
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This week on my podcast, I read "Vertically Challenged," my latest @locusmag column, on the "vertical integration" of #BigTech firms, who have merged and acquired their way to dominance:… 1/ A 'big brain' Talosian alien from 'The Cage,' the 1965 pilot
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
While tech firms practice many kinds of vertical integration, the most important one is the business of *being* a platform and *competing* on a platform. 3/
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#WOB - Hoe de Overheid massaal de media- en burgers controleert, censureert- en door mensen van buiten de overheid laat debunken…/
De vorige WOB-draden over signaalwaarden en framing, lieten zien hoe wetenschap- politiek werd

VWS en RIVM zagen aangeleverde berichten van oa het LIMC via ‘omgevings analyses’.., dat het wantrouwen in het RIVM toenam

Inkl. beeld van de “Stakeholders”
Op die manier werd al in een vroeg stadium van de pandemie alles afgescanned om te kijken welke personen iets schreven en welk bereik dit kreeg…

Er kwamen toen al opmerkingen vanuit de bevolking mbt #Transparantie …/
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#YouTube #BigTech deleted #UkraineOnFire film from our production official channel, I'm asking everyone who like our film to download it from our Vimeo here and post it everywhere. As a copyright holder we giving to you - The People that rights…
There is a link on Amazon, shadow banned - you can’t find it without direct link:…
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