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New research uses detailed data from two #BigTech lenders - China’s @AntFinancial and Latin America’s @Mercadolibre - to examine the forces behind big technology firms’ entry into finance & to test their information advantage. It finds……
1) BigTech participation in financial services is small, but growing. #BigTech firms are more active lenders in countries with less competitive banking sectors and less stringent regulation…
2) Is there is a #BigTech advantage? Do big data and machine learning outperform credit bureau ratings in terms of predicting loss rates on loans? #AI…
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Kinda funny how one day after Q posted this - now all the democrats have decided they want to go after big tech as their cause lololol

#QKnew #Qarmy #BigTech #WeAreTheNewsNow
Whistle while you work...
Have you seen the movie 'Snowden'?
"Facebook is my B*TCH." – re: NSA ACCESS #DARPA PANIC > EXPOSURE.

Facebook’s Data Deals Are Under Criminal….co/IQmtIsoJTc
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Liebe Grünen, bei dem Streit um die #Urheberrechtsreform, #Uploadfilter und #LinkTax geht es nicht um ein paar Youtube-Kanäle von Teenies.
Es geht um die Zukunft des digitalen Binnenmarkts in der EU.


@Die_Gruenen @GreensEP @europeangreens…
Die Digitalbranche ist nicht nur ein sprudelnder Quell von Steuereinnahmen, sondern für einen immer größeren Teil der jüngeren Generationen die einzige Möglichkeit, einen sicheren Job zu finden.

Die #Urheberrechtsreform führt in der jetzigen Form dazu, daß die Digitalbranche in der EU nicht nur jegliche Rechtssicherheit verliert, sondern durch den Zwang zu #Uploadfilter sämtliche Daten durch #BigTech Konzerne in den USA filtern lassen muss.

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Since people have been asking I thought I'd recap my #dystopia talk at @theuxcrunch from Thursday. The examples used are not what if scenarios. These all happened. #triggerwarning's apply. If you can make it thru to the end I have suggestions for how we can claw back some hope.
This is a quote you’ve all probably seen a million times. #Advertising & #techie shitheads love quoting it before they do trends porn. What they never seem to understand is how politically subversive the last bit is. B/c those wankers abuse it I swore I’d never use it.
Still, paraphrasing it is useful for my point. One person’s future is another person’s dystopia and thanks to the fundamental power of the Internet as a tool for distribution we can spread dystopia far and wide. Often before we know it, realise it, or even imagine it.
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1. #TheConners will be airing tonight. This will be my thread linking @valeriejarrett to being the author of the failed Iranian nuclear deal pushed down the throats of the American Public using #FakeNews to accomplish their goals. @therealroseanne was right...
2. In the final presidential debate, President Obama dismissed reports about an agreement to hold one-on-one talks with Iranian officials after the election, but now, two weeks later, fresh claims have emerged on the eve of Tuesday’s election, this time tying senior Obama adviser
3. Valerie Jarrett to alleged secret talks with representatives of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Israel’s mass-circulation Yediot Ahronot newspaper cited unidentified Israeli officials as saying the talks had been led by the Iranian-born Jarrett, were held in Bahrain,
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When asked by @RosenJeffrey at panel’s conclusion for a single suggestion on how to respond to emerging threats to speech, my suggestion was that the next AG empanel a commission on antitrust implication of the concentration of power in social media companies. The precedent for
such an approach is the Meese Report from the 12 member Meese Commission. In this case, an AG assembling the best brains from left —@CassSunstein @neal_katyal @catmackinnon etc— and right on appropriate response to unprecedented concentration of power in hands of small # of
private companies. I doubt there has been a moment in American history where 3 or 4 companies have wielded so much power over the public square as #BigTech does right now. Not sure what solution is, but Commission approach is a beginning.
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Alex Jones masterfully used the notoriety of being banned by #BigTech to leverage more money out of tech-illiterate suckers.

Step 1) 404 your own site for a day
Step 2) Put up a landing page saying you're 'Under attack!'
Step 3) Link to your store & donations
Step 4) Profit💵💵
Say what you will, Alex Jones is a master advertiser and self-promoter. It's fascinating to watch.
Wish I had taken a screenshot later in the day, Alex had added a "Donate" button and a video message to the landing page as well.
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The Purge has begun.

Anyone defending this will have no one to defend them when their speech is silenced.
@Infowars permanently banned from Facebook, Apple iTunes/Podcasts, & Spotify over ‘hate speech’ - criticism of Islam & transgenderism

Americans don’t understand that by #BigTech deleting @Infowars, the same can happen to ANY of us for political speech.

That there is any joy over this Chinese-style censorship instead of outrage over a REAL attack on the free press is seriously f’d up!

@DailyCaller @Breitbart, @townhallcom @ScottAdamsSays @KurtSchlichter @benshapiro @realDailyWire @jordanbpeterson @glennbeck ALL of you are next, though they probably are just happy that their biggest competition are off-line now. #freeinfowars #WWG1WWGA
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I forewarn anyone reading this article:

There are some of the most graphic images of atrocities committed by Islam against children inside (there is a warning message before images)
They include Nigerians burnt alive, their bodies disembowled, beheaded... But it has to be shown.
Inside the article is a journey discovering the hypocrisy of #BigTech & Mainstream Media.
Fulani Herdsmen of Nigeria are a radical Islamic extremist group responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of Christians.
Google/Wiki show HAPPY pics- they are MURDERERS.
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Big Tech & Antitrust, featuring @makandelrahim, @Sally_Hubbard, @tylercowen, @zingales, and moderated by @davidfaber. #BigTech
: I'm reminded of US v Microsoft. Tech platforms controlling arena in which the game is played and also playing the game. Result: Playing field for competition that is quite distorted = Platform privilege. #BigTech
Question is whether they do have marketpower on the advertising side? Yes. Two providers control more than 80 percent of the market.... #BigTech
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Interesting call to action from @markthompson1 and colleagues for #legogovernment Who doesn't want better public services with more resources going directly to serving those in need powered by a digital commons (the what)? What we really need though is more on the how! - #thread
1) I'm a big fan of @markthompson1 and his beligerent poking of government to be and do better in the #internet age. His thinking on #platform government #paas #gaap is right on the money. However, some things to consider as part of the debate...hopefully helpful...
2) I'm not sure comparisons between government and the big #tech #innovators of the past 10 years do the #legogovernment argument justice. There are too many differences for the comparison to be helpful. Think lack of democratic accountablity for starters (more now than ever!)...
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Back in Brussels 🇪🇺 after 3 weeks in DC & NYC 🇺🇸

High on my 'To do' list:

Catching up on avalanche of news on #CambridgeAnalyticaFiles.
Starting here:

‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool.’

Meet @chrisinsilico, the data war whistleblower.

#CambridgeAnalyticaFiles #CambridgeAnalytica
#InformationWarfare #BigTech #BigData…
Read & follow @carolecadwalla for outstanding reporting on the big, dark tangled web of Brexit, Trump, Russia -- and how Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, WikiLeaks, Bannon, the Mercers, are involved.

#CambridgeAnalyticaFiles #BigTech #BigData…
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