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When was Farage at CPAC last year?

What announcement did he make following it?

What did he create before the EU elections?

Are those who paid the £25 Members or supporters?

What is the difference & why is this relevant?

What is the name of his party?

What purpose would it serve after Brexit is delivered?

When & how many times has Farage met with Boris or his team since returning from CPAC?

Think logically, if you were to take power in the UK would it be via the Conservatives with May neutralised & Boris popular or

try to engineer an election while simultaneously attempt to get the entire Conservative party to step aside?

Why would Boris distance himself from Farage if a pact was already in place (if necessary)?

Are the left able to come together & form a coalition in an election?
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Typical Orwellian Doublespeak title for the "March For No Change" to keep the UK in the Fascist Dictatorship, Anti Democracy, Anti Europe, 4th Reich EU.

People attending #MarchForChange are delusional, brainwashed, ignorant morons carrying water for Globalist Oligarchy & Bankers
The EU is part of the Neoliberal Project for Globalism.

Neoliberal Globalism is Corporatism.
The aim of the Neoliberal Globalists is to transfer all wealth & power to a cabal of unelected & unaccountable Oligarchs & CEOs…

The purpose of #MarchForChange is to pursue the agenda of the Neoliberal Globalists.

The agenda of the Neoliberal Globalists is to transfer ALL wealth & power to a small cabal of anti democracy Ruling Elites…
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Vital to remember that, even if May’s gone as PM by tonight, we’d still have same Cabinet that was prepared to back her #BrexitBetrayal at every stage, from #Chequers onwards.
Her going is only the pre-condition for the change that's needed: it *isn't* the change by itself.
Even if May is no longer PM by tomorrow morning, that's still no reason to vote @Conservatives in #EUElections2019.
Most of the Cabinet/Govt aren't ditching her b/c they violently disagree with her BRINO, only b/c they're worried she'll get them thrashed by the @brexitparty_uk.
@brexitparty_uk Even if May gone, we almost certainly still have ardent Remainer Lidington as stopgap Acting PM, + May-ite Brexit-as-damage-limitation, i.e., soft as possible, still dominant in Cabinet, several of whom would be vying for PM.
Zero reason not to still vote for the @brexitparty_uk.
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I've had many debates with friends and acquaintances over the last 3 years. I'm tired... tired of defending my vote, tired of being told I'm stupid, didn't know what I was voting for, and of those who refuse to accept the result, not least in Westminster. There is a real...
honest sense of betrayal today (29th March 2019). There is a smugness in remainers too. Through all of that, I hope there can be some compassion on those who trusted the promise that the referendum decision would be implemented. It is a hurtful reality for those such as I...
that for various political reasons have failed the "winners" of the referendum. I think of myself as level-headed and relatively passionate about and knowledgable on politics. I have never felt so untrusting of politicians before, never felt a vote could be so meaningless...
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🇬🇧 Brexit supporters got up at 6am to replace EU flags with 34 Union flags
It’s encouraging when Patriots identify with their #NationalFlags
🤔 The D.U.P. will be thinking they’re still in Belfast 👍
🇬🇧 #ThePeopleVotedBrexit #FactsMatter
🇺🇸Britain NEEDS a Leader just like @realDonaldTrump🇺🇸
A confident WINNER who can fulfill the Will of the People

🏴EU would delay #Brexit again to let UK hold a second referendum 🤔 that’s not democratic!
🏴Disgraceful UK gov Ignored their own People
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🏴 BREXIT BETRAYAL- Treachery or Treason?

👍 Please watch and use this 20 Vid to reach out and educate others on the critical importance of BREXIT. PTUK
#BrexitMeansExit #BrexitBetrayal #BBCFakeNews
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This morning I realised I am not just politically homeless but voiceless too.

As I listened to the BBC, Sky etc I realised nobody was representing my total outrage and anger at the current parliamentary shenanigans. 1/
MPs are allowed to glibly discuss the possibility of further referendums, delays and revocation without any challenge whatsoever.

It’s all, “let’s all talk about #BrexitBetrayal . Oh, and now the weather, what a lovely day. What fun”

Panels are stuffed with Remainers 2/
Where are the searching questions about how leave voters might feel about MPs’ proposals?

Where are the Leave Means Leave representatives?

Where’s the utter outrage that our democracy is being being subverted before our very eyes? 3/
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Suella Braverman tells Theresa May that her concessions "do not respect the will of the people" as she quits as a Brexit minister … her letter tells us what we already knew about the manufactured Irish border 'problem' …
The EU’s own report confirms that the Irish Border issue can be resolved with technology – does this expose other motivations in Dublin and Brussels?… … via @Policy_Exchange
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