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Vote for #Farage and get this. This man is Crispin Odey. He bankrolled #VoteLeave and made 220m when leave won by shorting the pound. Farage helped the markets to fluctuate when he 'conceded' the referendum early. You are being used to fill their pockets. #BrexitParty #EUElection
Odey also has links to Rees-Mogg. He helped Jacob set up his hedge fund, and also helped towards his election costs. They are all in this together, they pretend to care about the working-class, but in truth they are exploiting us to make more money.…
Thank you to everyone that has RT this so far, please keep sharing it, it may help some people change their minds about the #EUElections2019…
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@_aLFRe_ @derbeHotline @TajanaGudenus 1. Why do I have a problem?
I'm in Germany.
But would not rule out intelligence services being involved in the #Strache-Video.
@cicero_online mentions #Mossad (Israeli secret service) - I'm not certain.
German #BND - I would not rule out!
@_aLFRe_ @derbeHotline @TajanaGudenus @cicero_online 2. #Boehmermann (GER comedian): Knew about #Strache-Leak in April 2019, but I think this is too big for him.
"Zentrum für Politische Schönheit" (#ZPS from #Ruch, is a far left leaning outfit engaged in "political happenings") may be involved. I also posted names.
@_aLFRe_ @derbeHotline @TajanaGudenus @cicero_online 3. My take: The #Strache-Video
- was planned for a long time
- planning includes befriending & gaining the trust of #Gudenus
- Gudenus introduced the "fake billionaire" to #Strache
- the #villa had to be set up (cameras & more): Ask re owner, who rented it out?
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.@SebDance on the money here. It’s unbelievable we are still getting this it’ll be alright in the night no-deal wto rubbish from Parliamentarians like Jenkins who are paid by us to understand these things and make sensible decisions
The no-deal scenario has not changed. There is a reason why parliament has a majority against no-deal and there is a reason why EVEN the government who want us to brexit did but prepare for no-deal.
It’s because it’s insane. Not only do we lose our frictionless trade with the EU we lose ALL our trade deals and trading arrangements we currently have.
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Today, we have lodged an official complaint about the Electoral Commission’s handling of the registration of EU citizens for this year’s European Parliament Elections.

To mitigate the damage done to the democratic process in the UK we are demanding for EU citizens to be able to sign this little-publicised extra form necessary for EU citizens on the day of #EUElections2019.

Our concerns with the Electoral Commission:
▪️The Commission reneged on a 2014 commitment to send out the UC1 form to registered EU citizens
▪️ The Commission provided vague and confusing information, preventing EU citizens from successfully registering.


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Contacted by older man who was refused Tx from DLA to PIP and had his ESA stopped as deemed fit to work after medical. Diabetic. Very advanced nerve damage & severe circulatory problems. Client woke up 9 days after refusal and 2 of his toes had fallen off inside his bed socks... WARNING - This thread contains material which may not be suitable for everyone. Please exercise care.
His toes fell onto the floor. The circulation to those toes were so severely compromised, doctors had said they felt amputation would be the only option. Not that it was needed in the end as they had autoamputated...
Now working on appeal. People's lives are being SEVERELY blighted by the #DWP and this cruel and punishing Tory govt. Austerity was a choice to appeal to Tory heartlands. Many disabled and chronically ill people feel like they have a target on their back...
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In the late 1990s Farage used to casually refer to "niggers" & "nig-nogs". He hasn't changed his views, he's just become more careful. We need to expose his racism to the public. Decent people must be shocked into realising why they have to vote.
#EUElections2019 #Brexit #FBPE
Our biggest adversary in the @EUElections is not Farage, it is apathy. We need to get decent anti-racist folk off their sofas and into the polling stations. It is better to shock them with Farage's language than to let Farage prevail with all that will follow from that.
Some Remainers don't want to reproduce Farage's foul racist language. But that is a stance which protects Farage in his lie that he is not a racist. We need decent people to see what Farage is in all his true racist ugliness.
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Remember why we want to stay in the heart of the EU where we belong making decisions and developing the project with our partners? Here are some things we have achieved together

Euratom works for all of us to deliver treatment in our times of great medical need
A small detail but extremely useful to keep our friends and families and businesses just a click away when we are travelling within the EU
Our biggest benefit, FOMis a personal freedom we can’t get anywhere else in the world. It’s so envied across the globe that other trading blocs in the world are trying to adopt similar schemes for their own citizens.
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In the past, I've talked about bullying. I was bullied at primary school, secondary school, university, work and even by fellow remainers. The one thing I never did or will do is appease them. 1/11…
So if anyone thinks they can get me to accept May's deal to appease the far right, they have another long hard think coming. 2/11
If anyone thinks they can get me to support voting for Labour, because otherwise The Brexit Party might get more seats, they need to think again. Any Brexit is appeasement. I'm no appeaser and I'm not a coward. 3/11
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New #hustingsthread.

Having looked at the opening remarks I have picked out highlights and links to some of the questions covered in our excellent #hustings last Saturday. #EUelections2019 #PeoplesVote
“What Areas of Policy are better coordinated at EU level rather than National Level?”

Julie Ward of @uklabour views areas of refugee policy and sharing responsibility for them and also online safety and security, holding the platforms to account as crucial work for the EU.
Link to answers from all candidates to this question.

Question 1 What areas of of Policy are better coordinated at EU level rather than national leve?

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Next week, Europe will have its most important rendezvous with voters for a generation!
373.000.000 citizens will vote to choose the direction the EU should take.
What about you?
All you need to know about the EU and #EUelections2019 in this thread ↓
What is the EU?
What are you voting for?
From the advantages of the #SingleMarket to the protection of our fundamental rights, the EU unites us in our diversity.

Vote in the #EUelections2019
What do you get from the EU?
From safe food to studying abroad, clean air to cheaper phone bills — you get the best deal from being in the EU.

Vote in the #EUelections2019
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After @ElectoralCommUK’s failure to fulfil their own promise and improve #EUelections2019 registration process for EU citizens, I’d like to note that some councils did outstanding work to ensure @the3million can vote. @NewcastleCC was one of them. So today I posted my vote. 1/
Not only did @NewcastleCC write to EU citizens to tell us about the need to register *and* fill in a separate declaration form, the council also included that form itself with a return envelope. 2/
After I had sent that off the council then confirmed receipt of the declaration form and eligibility to vote, and then sent my postal voting docs shortly afterwards. Thank you very much @NewcastleCC! Exemplary! 3/
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I've noticed that it's been several days since I even tried to pass comment on Brexit. Indeed, I struggle to think of a period of this length since #EUref when there has been so little to say

That's despite being just over a week out from #EUelections2019 , being into the 5th week of CON-LAB talks and the UK finally asking about changes to the Political Declaration

But none of this is addressing the fundamental blockages in the process

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In /most/ regions (in England) the LibDems *do* have the best chance in the #EUelection2019 /however/ treating each region each region the same is naive and wrong. There are small regions (3-5 seats) and large regions (8-10 seats) and they can be treated differently.
In a small region, tactical voting necessitates targeting a single party - and it should be the party that has the most natural support in that region i.e. the one that has the best chance of winning and the most people would be comfortable voting for if asked to vote tactically.
From the polling and tactical voting calculators I've seen, most are simply looking at the base voting intentions and selecting the highest - none of them are asking or trying to work out which party tactical voters would be most comfortable voting for.
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1/ A short thread on the YouGov poll on the #EUelections2019 #Poll

My own interpretations and views, using information from the YouGov website.

Headline is Brexit Party leading at 30% followed by Labour at 21%.

29-30 April
2/ So what can we learn from this poll beyond the headlines?

Firstly, it is a poll. Polls have a margin of error.

Next, the headline numbers exclude Don’t Know (DK) and Won’t Vote (WV).

This chart shows the extent of these categories 👇🏽
3/ As can be seen in the chart, DK topped the poll! Ahead of even the BP.

And WV came in 3rd, behind the BP but ahead of all other parties. More people stated they Will Not Vote than those who support the Labour Party. Astonishing really!

More about this later.
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Já vestiram as bóias para nadar com os pequeninos na piscina europeia? Vamos a isso.

SIC, agora

#Europeias2019 #EE2019 #EUElections2019 #DebateEuropeias
Bom, começa mal, que não mudaram o gajo que marcou um enorme auto-golo da última vez. O treinador não percebeu a derrota
Primeira pergunta: o que trazem de novo?

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1/ Saw wee bit of @daily_politics #BBC2 #Scotland superfluous to their #Brexit discussion. Job losses, limited youth opportunity, choking off of essential labour force enhancement as well as curtailment of #DevolvedPowers & real threat posed to @scotgov continuity is meaningless!
2/ That short discussion centered, as it was within #Westminster bubble & which toxic #Tory is internally most palatable to their party & who can lead 'next round' of post #Brexit negotiations. #BorisJohnson seems favourite held back from embarrassing himself awaiting election.
3/ #Scotland just isn't in the mix at all. We face the gaping maw of #Brexit with only @theSNP truly, directly & unequivocally holding us back; saying with the facts of devastation all the while: we must stop this threat in its tracks before its too late.
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Une ministre décide de rejouer le mauvais jeu de dupes « moi ou le déluge » en faisant croire que le seul adversaire du RN et de l’extrême droite serait un parti qui fait a aggloméré des conservateurs et réactionnaires.

il y a 33 listes en course pour les #EUelections2019
HES est fière d’avoir sur la liste @enviedeurope deux membres de son bureau national.

@ARNAUDHADRYS et @tictux sur une liste qui défendra l’égalité des droits en #Europe pour toutes les familles et défendre les libertés sur notre continent #euelections2019 #lgbt
Quand on tente de se faire passer pour le seul rempart contre l’extrême droite alors que les politiques que mènent son gouvernement sont d’une nature plus qu’équivoques, c’est un sacré culot.
Que ce soit sur les droits des femmes ou d’autres domaines. #EUelections2019 #LGBT
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This week our Saturday campaign centred around the #EUElections2019 but had a Star Wars theme. Our main group was in #Chester at the Cross. Our volunteers just couldn’t help themselves and did a little dressing up. #maythefourthbewithEu
Our boards were appropriately themed, even special stickers and we had our leaflets ready
We had a visit from our MP @ChrisM4Chester who gave us some encouraging words about a #PeoplesVote.
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It’s quite unbelievable what appalling candidates are standing in the North West region for the #EUelections2019 .

1st up we have Robinson. Racist, convicted criminal, banned from Facebook and PayPal for his far right toxic propaganda.…
The Brexit Party (UKIP mark II) are presenting Clare Fox, a person of some very dubious opinions ove the years. I think Warrington especially and the rest of our region will have little time for her obnoxious past appeasement of IRA violence.

Info on the UKIP list topper seems thin on the ground but since the leader Batten has displayed his islamaphobic and misogynistic credentials readily several times on TV, his candidates will be pretty much the same…
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Twitter is has locked several accounts in Germany because of misleading content about elections.

Most prominent examples: @RAStadler
and @SawsanChebli.

In this thread I try to show different perspectives, because reality is complex. /1
Misleading content about elections isn't a new rule by Twitter.

Because the Twitter rules state that users must adhere to local laws and there is a German law against misleading voters it always was prohibited.…… /2
What changed is the option to report such content.

It was announced on 24. April and rolled out in the EU on 29. April. /3

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You can register online for the #EUelections2019 But if you are an EU27 citizen in the UK and want to be sure you can vote on 23rd, the most reliable way is still, unfortunately, to print out the form and post it today to arrive on Tuesday. 1/
Then call on Tuesday to confirm its been received. If your close to your council, perhaps even consider hand delivering it. 2/
This is the latest update from @the3million on registering online.
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📢BREAKING: @ElectoralCommUK asking campaign groups to cease using online platforms for EU citizens to fill in declaration forms to take part in the #EUElections2019

This is scandalous - after reneging on its 2014 commitment to instruct councils to send out the extra form needed by EU citizens the electoral commission now re-instates hurdles - disenfranchising EU citzens from their probably last nationwide vote.

Those online platforms for EU citizens to fill in extra form now outruled by the electoral commission should have been in place in the first place.

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Thread 1/6
To #Labour voters who back a #PeoplesVote and are campaigning to #Remain in the EU, please ignore this angry article. It does not speak for the majority.
The worst thing Labour supporters like Owen can do at the #EUElections2019 is lecture and patronise Remain voters.
Instead, let's be honest about the progress made in moving #Labour policy on #Brexit forward, while recognising we are not where we need to be.
The good news:
-203 Labour MPs voted for a #PeoplesVote in parliament
-34 Labour candidates have signed the @Remain_Labour pledge.
Less good news:
- The NEC decision confirms that backing a #PeoplesVote is an 'option', but did not commit to it unambiguously.

#Remain campaigners have every reason to be frustrated. But instead of attacking them (as Owen does), we need to convince them to stick with Labour
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In case you were wondering, more than 210,000 watched the EU presidential #MaastrichtDebate livestream. We don’t know TV numbers yet. #EUelections2019 #EP2019
Also, content on the #MaastrichtDebate appeared in more than 20 million social media feeds Monday night
This week we will release a 35 minute audio highlight package of the debate as part of EU confidential #podcast #EUelections2019
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