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Remember these 3 young Nigerians that was executed by the Buhari military administration for drug trafficking > Bernard Ogedegbe 29yrs > Bartholomew Owo 26yrs > Lawal Ojuolape 30yrs. Internet don't forget.
Remember Buhari jailed Journalists > Tunde Thompson and > Nduka Irabo
for their reportage of his actions on the execution of the drug traffickers..
Remember in 2019 Buhari said to the drug traffickers "when you are caught blame yourself.. Vanguard News 21st may 2019
Remember also Buhari said War on drug more deadly than
Insurgency and Banditry ~Punch News 26th June 2021.
Today❗ #Buhari is faced with moral and integrity issues to hand over power to a convicted Drug Baron in May 29th 2023.. The international community are watching, we are also watch to see how that will be a possibility.
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During the pre-colonial era, different cultures used a variety of items as means of exchange. These included cowries, manilas, beads, bottles and salt amongst others.
The first major currency issue in Nigeria was undertaken sequel to the colonial ordinance of 1880
which introduced the Shillings and Pence as the legal tender currency in British West Africa. The units of coins managed by the Bank of England were one shilling, one penny, 1/2 penny and 1/10 penny and were distributed by a private bank,
the Bank for British West Africa till 1912.

From 1912 to 1959, the West African Currency Board (WACB) issued the first set of banknotes (insert hyperlink) and coins in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia.
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PHOTOS: Buhari Inaugurates Anti-Malaria Council, Appoints Dangote As Chairman

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) on Tuesday inaugurated Nigeria End Malaria Council in Abuja, ImageImageImageImage
noting that eradicating malaria would save Nigeria about N687 billion in 2022 and N2 trillion by 2030.
Buhari appointed the Chairman, Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, as Chairman of the 16-member Council, stating that the strategy to tackle malaria had both public health as well as socio-economic benefits for Nigeria.
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I was traveling from Enugu-Anambra yesterday by PT and I saw wonders. Allow me to share. To those who are coming back next holiday maybe from north, once you reach Obollo Afor and Opi, though pace of work is slow but there is hope that Opi to 9th Mile may be through by December
It's being financed by SUKUK 2, 3 and 4. Good quality work but slow pace. If you go through Enugu, don't bother going through Emene and Airport to 4 Corner. Mega Enugu to 4 Corner is seeing serious massive construction. Also 82 Div Enugu to 9th Mile is feeling the wrath of RCC.
Work is almost getting to NOWAS. Sweet work and quality. That stretch of road has not seen this much action from a government in 25 years. Difficult to undertake because of coal layer underneath but RCC is doing the Lords work there. Financed by SUKUK 2, 3 and 4 not Gburugburu
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Charles Kaye Okoye wrote: -

There is a common saying that problem is not giving water to the mo*nkey, the challenge is how to get back the cup from him.

This is the current dilemma in Igboland today.

The Igwe of Onitsha, Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe rose up from a meeting
yesterday in Anambra to announce that IPOB has accepted to cancel the ongoing Monday sit at home.

He went on to declare that the decision followed the meeting by the state government, the traditional rulers and the IPOB leaders.

Igwe Achebe informed
Nigerians and Ndigbo in particular that the IPOB leaders rose from the meeting and placed call to all their members to sheath their sword.

He went on to announce that all churches in the entire Igboland will open to worshippers on Monday 4th April, for Ndigbo to pray for
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Ekperima Onyeze Jesus fooling lazy and greedy Igbos on the internet. I guarantee you most of the people you see here are his boys and this 'arrangee' prayer session would entice deeply superstitious Igbo who believe someone is responsible for their backwardness. Sad
When he did something like this under Gov Willie Obiano, he was somehow "arrested" by the police just a day before he boasted that he'll raise dead bodies in Onitsha and was released the day after he was supposed to have raised the dead only to be singing the praises of
Obiano while giving shootouts to Mbaka and the crook that goes by the name Ebubemuonso

Gov Soludo if serious with ending touting and sundry criminality in Anambra state should start by addressing this charlatan and his likes to save the minds of the youths because
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I'll keep offering up prayers for Nigeria.. I'll keep believing... I'll keep faith. Nigeria is made up of Human beings. Nigeria is NOT BAD, it's the human beings living in a geographical area that are bad, and as long as humans are bad, they will keep electing bad people
among them to various positions of leadership. They will keep shielding and defending their criminals. I'm tired of people I'm sharing space with, but I'll never give up. Daily I ask God for peace, progress and prosperity of Nigeria cos I don't have faith in most humans.
Also I don't understand what people mean when they say "May Nigeria never happen to me". Tragedy happens all over the world. Imagine sending your kids to school in abroad and one of their classmates, a kid like them, enter the school and shoot both kids and teachers dead.
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Why do Christians and Muslims think they're the only entitled ones in this country sef?

It's even worse with the Christians? They think they are better than everyone and their religion is the best.

They started this Islamization nonsense in 2014.
They preached it in all their pulpits. They are the ones again talking about handing over to Christian president. How does that even sound?

How exactly has religion helped us in our constitution or polity?

How has any rulers religion helped or contributed to our GDP?
Are there no other religions who should also take over power since it's by religion?

As long as frivolities and thoughts like this keep springing up, we will continue to run round in cycles achieving nothing.

We should think Nigeria first and not religion first.
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We allow ourselves to be used to destroy PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURES like the brand new railway lines and trains that will bring succour to the masses and still KILL the same masses, yet we blame gov't for not providing enough security.
We are allowed free of charge into a newly renovated stadium that cost lots of dollars to watch a football match live, after the match, we turn around to destroy the sane facility!
Like mummy @iyaboawokoya rightly said
3 attacks on infrastructure in 48 hours means:
(a) Planned & coordinated
(b) Against development
(c) Against the FGN & the people
(d) Treasonable
We all are custodians of our joint patrimony. We can do politics,
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His landlord sent him and his family packing because he could not renew his house rent.

He then applied for loan from the manager of the company he was working for, but the loan was not approved.

He contacted the influential man in his community, but could not find help.
He then called his relatives on the phone , but no one helped him.

He went to Facebook and posted, seeking for help, but the only thing he got was: 2likes and 0 comments.

He became frustrated and sent 120 messages to friends on his contact list, asking them for support of
N100,000. Unfortunately, only 10 people responded to the message. Six out of the 10 said they had nothing to give. Only one out of 4 people gave him N20,000, but the rest kept apologizing and eventually stopped picking his calls.

The landlord locked the house!
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APC Senate Caucus to Tinubu: we are with you

1. Senator Ibikunle amosun never look Tinubu face at the national assembly, baba onifila gogoro dobale fun Jagaban
2. Chief Iyiola Omisore accompany Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to national assembly.

3. You have my full support, no single vote will go to oposition in presidential election in Bornu State.

Senator kashim shettima to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
4. You're the most qualified presidential candidate and the most prepared.

Deputy Senate president ovie omo agege to Tinubu

6. On the presidential election day, Asiwaju by 1pm you'll be declare winner. Sokoto state is ready to support, no single Local government you will
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@PeterObi the liar show us those you built in this form who still remain politically relevant till date.

Him Tu Lie.

Infact @orjiuzorkalu, Mbadinuju, Achike Udenwa, Chimaroke, Sam Egwu and even Ngige please show us those you sired politically who are still relevant.
Rochas wants his son in-law to become governor. Theodore Orji as former governor and present senator wants his son to become governor after being state house speaker for 12 years. Umu eediots. Ngige na Andy ka na azo APC party structure in Anambra State. Umu agadi ekwe nka.
And remember after 2007 he never held any political office and never worried any of his subjects, but want to aspire for the highest office in the nation in 2023.

Unu ka togbolu ka na azo senate and ministers. Umu ishi efvi.
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Tambwal want a president who is not more than 60 years, that can go round the country like a marathoner

And Tambwal and other yoothiefs governors are not going round their states

They are all against local government, states legislative and state judicial autonomy
We don't need a president that can carry blocks but a president that can use his brain to use masson where we need one and academicians where we need one

We need president that can think out of the box not those gominas that are waiting for allocation from the federal coffers
We need a president that can bring out more Osinbanjos, Fasholas, Aregbesolas and other hidden talents all over the nation to move this nation forward

We don't need a yoothief young man that will be borrowing from IMF and other organizations to pay salary
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"....and together with my friend Bola (@officialABAT) we set up AC (Action Congress Of Nigeria),he gave me a ticket, but he said the condition for giving me that ticket was that I should make him vice-president & I said no I am not going to make you vice-president and instead I
nominated senator Ben Obi and he is seated here." - @atiku Abubakar on protecting the zoning policy in 2007

Me: @atiku you both formed a party and he gave you the ticket? Something is not adding up. You couldn't have both formed the party and you will say he gave you ticket.
One thing is clear, Tinubu with others formed the party; they only gave you the platform to run!and yet again He said no to someone's ticket? You get to decide who your running mate is in another man's party, the story doesn't add up. You that needed
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Have you ever heard the name "Maureen Badejo?

Well, she is a UK-based Nigerian.

She is Apostle Suleiman's nemesis.

The woman is hitting aPornstle left right and centre with Suleiman's philandering.

Courageous woman!

She has provided all the women and children aPornstle
touched the courage to step out and spill the beans. And revelations are pouring out in torrents.

They sound dirty! Too horrendous! Ear tingling!

When was the last time you heard Suleiman claim that he is unfazed with the negative tales about him on social media? aPornstle
sure cares these days.

They are pouring out....ladies! children! people's wives, junior pastors' wives.

Bribes paid here and there to hush up victims and those in the know...threats made here and there to force sealed lips...

When Maureen Badejo refused to name a price
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Saudi Arabia reportedly considering accepting yuan instead of dollar for oil sales:

Saudi and Chinese officials are in talks to price some of the Gulf nation’s oil sales in yuan rather than dollars or euros, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing people familiar
with the matter.

The two nations have intermittently discussed the matter for six years, but talks have reportedly stepped up in 2022, with Riyadh disgruntled over the United States' nuclear negotiations with Iran and its lack of backing for Saudi Arabia's military operation
in neighboring Yemen.

Nearly 80 percent of global oil sales are priced in dollars, and since the mid-1970s the Saudis have exclusively used the dollar for oil trading as part of a security agreement with the U.S. government, according to the Journal.

The talks are the
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A man can love you and yet not have you on his mind all the time. It is hard for women to imagine or understand this but it is the truth.
A man's MAP (Mental Activity Pattern) is usually unidirectional and is very different from a woman's MAP which is multidirectional and
all interconnected.

Because there are so many things he thinks about and each of them are isolated from each other he cannot multi-task like the woman who can also have many things on her mind but have them all interconnected and in a sense feeding off each other.
When she talks she is most of the time telling you how she feels, and because what she is saying is how she is expressing her emotions, and because everything is connected one way or the other she can intend to say something to you yet after talking about 50 other things
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Today we submitted an open letter calling on the criminals using ESN and IPOB to raise funds and bring destruction upon the Southeast
over a fake Biafra

It's time to hold these fraudsters to account. We will never let these own goal specialists off the hook this time around. Using a child soldier is a war crime and war criminals should be behind bars. It's that simple

How many of them can send their kids
or nephews and nieces to go die for an audio Biafra? I'll say zero. Yet they're proudly parading a little kid they should have sent back to school and find a way to help his family, they can't do that because from day one this has always been about stealing money from gullible
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In signing the Electoral Bill into law earlier today, @MBuhari objected to s. 84(12) of the law & requires @nassnigeria effectively to amend the law in order to repeal rust provision. The #NationalAssembly must disregard & resist this request. Here is why (Thread)

#ElectoralAct Image
S. 84(12) says:

"No political appointee at any level shall be voting delegate or be voted for at the Convention or Congress of any political party for the purpose of the nomination of candidates for any election".
Now, @MBuhari claims that: The practical application of section 84(12) is to "by operation of law, subject serving political office holders to inhibitions & restrictions", disabling them from running for office or participating as party members under the constitution.
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A thread with excerpts of the Arise Buhari interview.. In no particular order.
Q: “What are your views on IPOB and the demand for Biafra”

A: “I am happy some South-South leaders came to me and said they want nothing to do with IPOB,
so they will just be encircled with no access to anything. And they have properties all over the country”.

Q: “Why are you building so much infrastructure to Niger. Why the attraction to Niger?”

A: “There are many Kanuris and Hausas and Fulanis in Niger.. And oil"
Q: “What are you going to do after Presidency?”

A: “I have a number of cattle”

Q: what have you done to tackle the insecurity of Nigeria.

A : "We closed the borders with the Niger Republic, we stopped smuggling...
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Monday, June 7, 2021

#Port Harcourt based Pastor, Stephen Akinola dies hours after TB Joshua
#Report: ISWAP confirms Shekau’s death, accuses him of corruption
#Oyo herdsmen killings: 50 dead, North wants war in Nigeria - Gani Adams
#Akeredolu fumes over Iganga massacre, orders Amotekun to begin operation
#Akeredolu: Attack on Oyo community premeditated… south-west won’t condone savagery
#Police rifles recovered as security operatives kill ‘gunmen leader’ in Imo
#Gunmen raze home of Imo
#Gunmen attack Delta police station with explosives, six suspected kidnappers killed
#Cop dead as bandits kill 41 farmers in Zamfara fresh attacks
#Bandits invade Katsina village, kill six, steal animals
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Some people saw through President Muhammadu Buhari way back in 2014 by examining his days as Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) under the government of Gen Sani Abacha. While others were shouting 'Change', these eggheads warned Nigerians of the dangers in electing him.
I went through my archival library and saw this beautiful post on on the days of Buhari as PTF Chairman and a write-up warning Nigerians that he wasn't as puritan as the agents of CHANGE made him out to be.
Come with me on this journey of rediscovery. This article is point blank and so prophetic. If only Nigerians believed this...
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Tweet Thread

At no point in its 60-year history has Nigeria’s economy expanded slower than its population for a longer period than between 2015 and 2020, an indictment on President @MBuhari who has led the country in that time.…
2/7 With data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showing a 1.9 percent GDP contraction in 2020, it means Africa’s largest economy has now failed to match its average population growth rate of 2.6 percent for six years.…
3/7 @MBuhari promised to bring wide sweeping reforms to an economy that gorged itself on petrodollars for years, while reducing poverty and creating jobs but the numbers suggest he has done the exact opposite.…
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President Muhammadu Buhari’s romance with Niger Republic has become an affront to the national interest of Nigeria. When he was sworn-in as an elected president in 2015 he went to Mamadou Issoufou’s presidential palace in Niamey, Niger Republic, to celebrate.
They gave him the reception of a conquering Fulani warlord: a white horse and sword.
I found that curious. How can a Nigerian leader celebrate his electoral victory in a foreign country and not Daura, his supposed hometown in Nigeria?
Answer has since been provided through Buhari’s policy actions in the past 5+ years. We have since learnt that Buhari is a first-generation Nigerian whose father, Ardo Adamu Buhari, a duck seller, had migrated from Niger, settled in Nigeria and married a Nigerian woman, Zulaihat.
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