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Global leaders pledge US$2.6 billion to #EndPolio at the #RLMForum in Abu Dhabi.

Countries & partners announce commitments to vaccinate 450 million children against #polio each year and to overcome barriers to reaching every child 👉
@DrTedros @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @antonioguterres @UN @UN_News_Centre This pledging event comes on the heels of a major announcement last month that the 🌍 has eradicated two of the three wild poliovirus strains, leaving only wild poliovirus type 1 still in circulation.

@DrTedros @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @antonioguterres @UN @UN_News_Centre #Nigeria – the last country in Africa to have cases of wild #polio – has not seen wild polio since 2016 and the entire @WHOAFRO region could be certified wild polio-free in 2020 👉
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I have written quite a bit about this border closure, and I am tired. I suspect many are, but we can't keep quiet in the face of economic self-sabotage.
Today, @nigerianstat released figures that showed that inflation has reached its highest level in more than a year, food inflation even worse.

Consider that about 60% of Nigerians have nothing left to spend after they have paid for food, then these numbers become even scarier.
Permit me to also talk about the effect on Nigerian businesses.

Two FMCGs I'm aware of export to neighbouring countries. Since this border closure, they've been forced to declare force majeure more than once, meaning in all probability, their clients will look for alternatives.
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Mercury will pass between Earth & Sun on afternoon, 11 Nov 2019 Monday. Most of #MercuryTransit2019 can be seen from all of Africa, till local sunset. @SKA_Africa @SAAOOutreach @AfricaAstronomy @Astro4Dev & others are coordinating a Africa-wide campaign for #ToM2019 #ToMAfrica
It is VERY dangerous to look at the Sun directly using telescope binoculars or naked eyes. Looking at Sun's image projected onto a sheet of paper by a telescope is safe. There r a few public events by science centres etc in Africa where u can see #ToM2019 safely (pic @samyukta_m)
An interactive map of public events in Africa for #ToMAfrica, transit timings, a free handbook on #ToM2019, posters, and a podcast on #MercuryTransit2019 are at…,… and
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Today, I have decided to release the pain and burden I have carried in my heart for a year now, as I write this in tears and IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY BROTHER, LATE corporal Daniel Awonge of 03 NA/53/023LCPL) . On the 7th of March 2018 the neighboring village of iyimagu village
In ikwo LGA of Ebonyi state attacked my village Isobo Ekpaoma village of ikwo LGA of Ebonyi state in the night destroyed over 200 houses killed 6 persons and my brother was one of the victims he refused to run he stood and fought for his community as a gallant soldier that he was
The state government did nothing in the matter, no aid to my people, no justice cos the perpetrators are high in the government, till date my village remains in ruins cos we don't have a voice, we are refugees in our country. I do not have a home to go back to, I can only choose
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Busy weekend in Akure...
So @ishakaa was the target of FAKE NEWS composers like @ChidiOdinkalu this weekend?
I will Chronicle Odinkalu's falsehood and title it:


You know he also lied that he's a Professor & lazy @channelstv call him Prof🤣🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
@ishakaa @ChidiOdinkalu @channelstv No need to do special thread, once you see FAKE + NEWS then your answer should be @ChidiOdinkalu

The 1st falsehood about him is that he's not even a Professor, not even by affidavit yet when @channelstv & the likes call him so, he graciously accepts it..
@twitter Chidi is FAKE.
@ishakaa @ChidiOdinkalu @channelstv January 28, @ChidiOdinkalu LIED that "Over 30 months after Steve died, he was yesterday (26 Jan 2019) "sworn in" to adjudicate on petitions in #NigeriaDecides2019!"
@Twitter should block this toxic being...FAKE + NEWS = CHDI ODINKALU

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Just after its independence in the early 1960s #Nigeria was self sufficient with regards to rice.

In that decade, annual production and consumption numbers were generally between 230 and 280 KMT.
By 1979 with the increase in population to 79 million people from 54 million a decade earlier, consumption had risen to 845KMT p.a., whilst production numbers had fallen behind at 372KMT.

Why did Nigerian eating habits begin to shift in this period?
The shift towards rice began in the big cities as people got busier and had less time to prepare heavier meals like yam or cassava.

There are simply more "fast" options to eat your rice with than yams.

This is the same reason why noodles has gotten really popular.
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October @stratisplatform node map is surprising and possibly a bit 👻.

1) 2,586 nodes 🔥🔥 🔥
2) #Brazil 🇧🇷 is highest growth - 1025%!
3) #China 🇨🇳 say “Hi!” with one #Csharp node.
4) New countries - 🇭🇺 🇮🇷 🇱🇦 🇨🇳 🇹🇼
Germany 🇩🇪 continue to dominate Europe in this #DigitalTransformation. Hungary is new. While smaller countries like Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Malta, and Spain continues their explosive growth! Please join $stratis #hackathon @devpost @EUBlockchain
Middle East has a slight uptick. Bahrain 🇧🇭, Turkey 🇹🇷, and Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 maintain their lead and continue their growth. Iran is new. I suspect we will hear some news from #Bahrain and #Turkey in 2020. Please join $stratis #hackathon @devpost
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In empty UN press briefing room, @UN_Spokesperson Haq who has refused written questions on rapes for 10 days says @AntonioGuterres is in Turkey. No answer on #Halkbank now today's 7 Qs from Inner City Press - thread
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @silas_atefor @robertoizaguir9 @sealbg @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @simonateba Banned Inner City Press asked, again, on #Honduras, while on October 29 thanking JOH's government for $50,000 - what assurances do the UN have this is not from the $1 million JOH was shown to have taken from narco trafficking El Chapo?
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @silas_atefor @robertoizaguir9 @sealbg @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @simonateba @sdnylive @InSightCrime @notibomba @radiohrn @molinafm Banned Inner City Press asked what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the request for leniency filed yesterday with SDNY court by UN briber Francis Lorenzo, with a letter of support from the UN Mission of the Dominican Republic, a UNSC member?
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We are live now!

NCDC DG, @Chikwe_I discussing recent #yellowfever updates in #Nigeria. Tune in NOW to ChannelsTV by via:

“Unlike #lassafever, #yellowfever is not a disease we should be having because we have a very safe and effective vaccine to prevent it” ~@Chikwe_I
”Its the #yellowfever vaccine that protects, not the card. Many people get the #yellowfever card without the vaccine. Please ensure you are vaccinated to stay safe from yellow fever” ~@Chikwe_I
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And we are back! Another #LagosIbadanRail Tour. Haven’t been here since before construction started on the main Station in Lagos. Impressed by how far work has gone.

Follow this unfolding thread. #infrastructure
We’re starting with the Ebute Metta Station, under construction. Will be the biggest of the 10 Stations. #LagosIbadanRail
Construction #LagosIbadanRail #Station
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Live on #WorldPolioDay: Declaring eradication of the wild poliovirus type 3 with @DrTedros. #EndPolio…
@DrTedros 👏👏👏 This historic #WorldPolioDay sees wild poliovirus type 3 declared eradicated 🌎🌍🌏.

Wild poliovirus type 2 was eradicated in 2015: just one strain remains. #EndPolio
@DrTedros "Today we are celebrating another milestone on the road to a post-polio world – the global eradication of wild poliovirus type 3. This is a great achievement, and shows us the tactics are working"-@DrTedros #EndPolio
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1. Ongoing thread covering #IS’s response to and comms around recent developments in northern #Syria. Focus will be on camps, prisons and tactics.
2. 9 Oct: Something weird going on in #Raqqa, which was, per #SDF reports last night, subject to a “large-scale assault” by #IS. Meanwhile, total radio silence from #IS.
3. This is strange. When #IS has mounted flash urban assaults in years gone by, it has intensively reported on them, often as the attacks were ongoing. Think #Palmyra, Dec 16; Kirkuk, Oct 16, #Rutbah, May 16, #Kobane, Jun 15.
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Before we tell ourselves more lies…

"It does not matter if a cat is white or black, as long as it can catch mice." - Deng Xiaoping.

I have a morning meeting (it's Monday), so this will be very brief...
In 1958, the People's Republic of #China, led by Mao Zedong, began a programme called The Great Leap Forward which was meant to transform the country from an agrarian economy into an industrial and self-reliant society.
One of the instruments of The Great Leap Forward was a closing of the borders to foster that sense of self-dependence.

During the Great Leap Forward, agricultural targets were set, as well as steel production targets.
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Yesterday is was simply incredible!
The #FutureofHealthConference continues this morning with a Stakeholders Summit themed:

Advancing #Quality Maternal Healthcare in Nigeria: What are the Missing Links?

@MSDforMothers @MEtiebetMD @TemitayoE @Iyadunnio1 @EpiAFRIC @AfricareNigeria @PharmAccessNIG @AbimbolaOnaolu @ShopsPlus @abtassociates @Fmohnigeria @PharmAccessOrg @MallamPelliks @CAID_Nigeria @ekemma Events like this are important because they highlight the urgency to improve outcomes in maternal health, allow women voices to be heard and bring together all the stake holders - Dr. Osagie Enahire, Hon. Minister of Health at the Stakeholders Summit.
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500 more men and boys are freed from a THIRD Nigerian Islamic school where they were chained up, molested and beaten amid fears thousands of children are being held at other sites… via @MailOnline
The raid in #Katsina, northern #Nigeria on Wednesday was the third such operation in less than a month, bringing the total of people freed from #abusive conditions this month alone to about 1,000.
More than #300youngmen were freed from a second #NigerianIslamic boarding school on Monday, where they were #chained up and #raped.

Men and boys are pictured after being rescued by police in #SabonGarin, in #Daura local government area of #Katsina state on Monday
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My boss used to say that I'm a good learner and so I rarely make the same mistakes twice. #Thread
It's because my mind does this weird thing. I take a pictorial snapshot of important events and can recollect the feelings and sensations years later, as if they happened yesterday. I remember Ebenezers; life's memorials.
I vividly recall when I realised that certain values were becoming rare in Nigeria. Concepts like hard work, diligence, loyalty, love, honesty etc. It was 10 years ago.
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If there is one thing @MBuhari is right about, it is that we love foreign stuff more than our own.

That includes him. He could have got @innosonvehicles, not that Maybach. He could have patronised an Aba shoemaker rather than Gucci (or is it LV? I don't have a sense of fashion)
With that in mind, I recommend, very strongly, that you read this work by @FisayoSoyombo, it was syndicated across various Nigerian media outlets, so it will be hard for you to miss it.
@fisayosoyombo took great personal risk to do this, because from my own knowledge of @PoliceNG, he could very easily have gotten lost and never come out again.
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Lol, i just heard this evening that @paxful will start charging 1$ or 1% which ever is higher of the two options on every internal transfer of bitcoin and customers will only have 5 times to make free internal transfer in a month, like LMAO @raypaxful
#Paxful #Bitcoin #Crypto
It still baffles me and leave me in shock why @paxful and @raypaxful will decide to charge such an outrageous fee on a Bitcoin transaction, 1% which means 10$ on 1000$, 100$ on 10000$, 1000$ charges on 100000$ bitcoin internal transfer 😀.
Even BANKs does not charge such an outrageous amount on money transfer, what’s now the essence of Blockchain ? What’s essence of Bitcoin 🤷🏽‍♂️ ?
Do you guys really beleive you have the user base enough and have become so indispensable that made you think people will accept this ?
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Snr leaders of @NigBarAssoc rigged the leadership elections in 2018. As a result, @officialEFCC launched an investigation in which staff of the Association were arrested. In 1 case a young mother of 2 was detained for over 2 weeks while the ppl who rigged the election walk free.
Unknown to the Bar, the ppl who masterminded the rigging of that @NigBarAssoc election in 2018 kept an ofc in Bolton White Hotel in Garki, Abuja, financed by the Association. A lot happened that was beyond the law & beyond reason - all in order to capture the Bar
Since last yr, @NigBarAssoc got @PwC to second a staff to the Association at a reported monthly pay of N1.8m. This staff seconded to the Association passed out from the NYSC scheme last Tuesday. Meanwhile the best paid staff of the Association is paid less than N300k.
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Every month, @cfmemories (Ncheta Ndigbo) organises an event in Enugu called Nkata Umu Ibe, meant for Igbo people to talk intelligently about issues. You can catch all the videos here -
A year ago, a group of five girls from Regina Pacis Secondary School in Onicha did all Igbo people, and indeed all of #Nigeria proud by winning an award for an app they developed to detect fake drugs
Yesterday, their mentor, @uchesilver, was the speaker at #NkataUmuIbe. For bringing her, I must express my deep appreciation to @pokigbo and @nnannaude as it is important for Igbo youth to have proper role models.
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Let's talk briefly about the law of unintended consequences.

According to Friedrich Hayek, the law of unintended consequences is that actions of people, and especially of governments, always have effects that are unanticipated or "unintended."
This law of unintended consequences is one of the building blocks of economics.

A simpler analogy for my lazy generation is in #GameOfThrones Season 5 when Cersei gave the High Sparrow power hoping that he would use that power to get her perceived enemies off her back.
He did what she wanted, but quickly turned the tables on her and had her put away.

Eventually, the only way she could get out of his grip was to stroll from one end of town to the other in her birthday suit.
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“Exercise Damisa”

On the 15th of January 1966, the Nigerian army led by Major Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, carried out the first military coup in Nigeria. They attacked the cities of Lagos, Ibadan, and Kaduna as well as blockaded the Niger and Benue Rivers.
The military accused the politicians of corruption. In Nzeogwu’s words:"We wanted to get rid of rotten and corrupt ministers….We wanted to gun down the bigwigs our way."
In the weeks leading up to January 15th, Nzeogwu often took his troops on a night-time “training exercise” known as “Exercise Damisa”. Some of the men were unaware that the military exercise they were participating in, was actually a practice run for a military coup to
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Blame casting won't help. Nigeria has suffered from substandard leadership, which was often a mirror of the citizenry at each epoch.

The Post-Independence generation was feckless, post-Civil War fatalistic and post-Oil Boom reckless.
So, today's Nigeria is what you get when 'No Skin Pain' is joined by 'Siddon Look' who is followed by 'I Don't Care.'

Now things have come to a head. All the cans (of worms) kicked down the road by the 2 earlier generations are being fired back upstream by the last generation.
Now, no one is at ease. Each generation resents the ones before or after. Without institutions to diffuse the starkness of our national distress, our institutional memory is clogged with generational buck-passing and blame casting, like we currently do.
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