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13 Oct
Well, @inecnigeria just got more interesting. @YIAGA u see the problem?

Surely if "Independent" in @inecnigeria means anything, these guys will look to find a more suitable job for @Laurestar than REC. What is she going to do now, delete her tweets?!
Whoever nominated @Laurestar to become an @inecnigeria commissioner is a cynical #NeverDoWell & if @NGRSenate proceeds to even consider the nomination, we shd all kiss #goodbye to elections in #Nigeria

Mind u, there lots of vacancies to fill in @inecnigeria in the next 6 months
It seems clear that @NigeriaGov has no plans to see an end to these protests anytime soon or a return to a governable country. To #EndSARS & #SarsMustend, we probably have to add #CancelLaurestar & #RejectLauretta. This is wilful...!!
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9 Oct
I have worked & advocated against extra-judicial killings #EJKs by @policeNG for over 3 decades. In 2012, when I put out figures on #EJKs by @policeNG, the reaction of @NigeriaGov was to order my arrest. Today, we remain on #EndSARS.…
10 yrs ago, @OSFJustice released a rpt on @policeNG under the title #CriminalForce. I worked on that. It detailed a culture of wasting human life under a chapter titled "A Human Abbatoir". Despite our best efforts with @policereformNG, few ppl took notice. We're still in #EndSARS
In its 2008 rpt, the MD Yusuf Presidential Commission on Police Reform wrote that @PoliceNG was byword for “unlawful arrest & detention, extortion, torture, rape, #EJKs & other forms of brutality."

That report is still on the shelves of the SGF. We are still stuck on #EndSARS
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7 Oct
The @_AfricanUnion has made a fetish of discouraging "unconstitutional changes in government" in #Africa. This past week, the soldiers in Mali have set up an artifice of compliance. Around the continent, though, at least 20 presidents are ex-soldiers. It's #RegimentedDemocracy
Take a look at #African countries in #RegimentedDemocracy ruled by #SoldiersInCivvies:

Equatorial Guinea
Guinea Bissau
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
These are soldiers from liberation movements, insurgencies or regular armies. But this doesn't quite tell the full story. In Madagascar, for instance, @SE_Rajoelina is the son of a soldier. Algeria's transition to Abdelmadjid Tebboune was in the gift #RegimentedDemocracy.
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12 Sep
#Nigeria's Attorney-General & Minister of Justice, @MalamiSan, claims to have amended Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) in the Legal Profession under powers conferred by s.12(4l) of Legal Practitioners Act. There're no such powers? We have a HAGF can't do basic due diligence.
The power to "prepare, and from time to time revise, a statement as to the kind of conduct which the Council considers to be infamous conduct in a professional respect" created in s.11(4) of the Legal Practitioners Act, belongs to the #BarCouncil not to the HAGF.
The #BarCouncil is a statutory body created by s.1 of the Legal Practitioners Act. It comprises 57 persons, made up of:
1. HAGF as president;
2. All state attorneys age metal
3. 20 reps of @NigBarAssoc.

No meeting of the #BarCouncil has bn called in order to amend the RPC
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11 Sep
So, following the supposed #AtyapPeaceAccord, today, 11 Sept, 2020, suspected #ArmedHerders attacked Mañyi-Mashin village, in Zamandabo ward, Atyap Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf LGA in the latest instalment of #SouthernKadunaMassacre

They fled only after #OperationSafeHeaven responded
By then, the attackers had methodically set the settlement of Mañyi-Mashin on fire burning most of the structures & looting & carting away much of what they chose not to burn. They also killed 2 ppl:

Cecilia Ishaya, 62, widow & mother of 6;

& Iliya Sunday, 56, father of 8.
3 days earlier, on 8 Sept, another militia of #ArmedHerders reportedly attacked 3 Atyap youths from Atakmawei village, also in Zamandabo Ward.

They killed Anthony Magaji, 25, final yr HND student with Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic, Zaria;
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6 Sep
Around 02:00 hrs today, 6 Sept, 2020, #ArmedHerders reportedly attacked Buda in Kajuru LGA of Kaduna State, killing at least 3 persons in #SouthernKadunaMassacre:

1. Rev. Alubara Audu, 45, a father of with 5;
2. Adamu Tata, 40, father of 4; & 3. Ishaku Peter, 37, father of 5
In addition, the attackers abducted the following:

1. Sani Peter, 25; &
2. Esther Sani Peter, 20.
From the neighboring community of Kemara Rimi, the attackers reportedly abducted the following:

1. Ojo Aminu, 35;
2. Danfulani Makaranta, 37;
3. Namiji Gwamna, 36;
4. Ali Musa, 36; &
5. Grace Mathew, 16.
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1 Sep
Nasir @elrufai has caused to be issued on his behalf a tissue of untruths, #halftruths & falsehoods concerning his brutal persecution of his critics as @GovKaduna. To help his memory, here is a litany of #bodybags of critics who have suffered at his hands…
Barack Zebedee: Ph.D student in fisheries & hydrology in Biology Dept., Ahmadu Bello Univ, Zaria: Arrested in May 2017 on charges of incitement for a post on a WhatsApp group created to mobilise assistance for victims of #SouthernKadunaMassacre…
Gabriel Idibia: journalist with The Union newspaper, dragged to court reportedly for being inquisitive about @elrufai's declared his assets as demanded by law.
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21 Aug
They are asking for #FairHearing. What happened to #FairHearing when he:

1. evicted state civil servants from their Government quarters against a court order

2. demolished the house of my classmate, Inuwa Abdulkadir, #LifeBencher, against a court crder

3. demolished Durbar Hotel Kaduna against a court order.

4. demolished ‘Kasuwan Barci’ against a ourt order.

5. demolished the House of Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi against a court order.

6. sacked thousands of Kaduna teachers against a court order.

7. disregarded a court order to conduct LG election at a stipulated time & did it at his time.

8. Disregards fines imposed by the courts against his govt

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18 Aug
A headline speaker for the Annual Conference of @NigBarAssoc #NBAAGC2020, is Kaduna State Governor, @elrufai

The Association's motto is #PromotingTheRuleOfLaw

So, pls, join us on a brief journey to discover why many lawyers are now asking @NigBarAssoc to #CancelElRufai2020 Image
In June 2020, @CivicMediaLab declared Kaduna the most dangerous state in #Nigeria. Its record of 493 persons killed between Jan & June, is higher than reported deaths in the #BokoHaram/ISWAP terrorised territories of Borno; 290, Adamawa; 37 and Yobe; 5.… Image
In Dec, 2019, @qzafrica named @elrufai at the head of a list of "powerful" #Nigerian govs who "now regularly use security agents to arrest & intimidate journalists & activists who dare to question their actions or attempt to hold them accountable."…
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6 Aug
In Oct 2014, a female soldier in @HQNigerianArmy received a pass to travel to Ogbomoso, Oyo State, SW #Nigeria.

The commercial vehicle she boarded ran into bandits near Odo-Oba Road, 5 of whom reportedly set upon the female soldier & #gangraped her.…
Following the #gangrape, she obtained an extract from the @PoliceNG crime diary, a sworn affidavit & a medical report, which indicated that she sustained “injury of right ankle joint with laceration & bruises around the thigh region.”…
By December, 2014, when she reported sick at the Military hospital, the matron confirmed that she was around 12 weeks pregnant.

Thereafter, the rape victim was court-martialed, charged with 1 count of ‘conduct prejudicial to service discipline,’ found guilty & dismissed.
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2 Aug
It's useful to remind myself what it means sometimes to be #Nigerian
There are no adjectives for the barbarism of the personnel of @FRSCNigeria in this clip

The only thing that cld be more barbaric is the response of the #CorpsMashall & his ppl

It's criminal of @FRSCNigeria to think demotion is punishment for this crime…
Nothing - absolutely nothing - provides an excuse for the savagery of @FRSCNigeria personnel in this case

They clearly committed aggravated assault

A charge of attempted murder wld not be out of place. @FRSCNigeria has a duty to charge the officers…
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29 Jul
Sapele Branch of @NigBarAssoc had 115 members on penultimate electoral roll for #NBADecides2020 2020. Now, they have only 70 &, of that no, about 20 don't belong to the branch. U want to know how they got there....?

Isiokpo Branch of @NigBarAssoc has just had its list of eligible voters of #NBADecides2020 apparently halved by magic. It is called #NBAAbracadabra. It's live!
There is new branch of @NigBarAssoc. It is called #InternationalDiaspora. We take #DiasporaVoting serious. They have a lot of members oh. #Cumansee #NBAAbracadabra...
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26 Jul
Kaduna State, the site of #SouthernKadunaMassacre & #BirninGwariSlaughter is home to the following military & security installations:

1. HQ, 1 Division, @HQNigerianArmy, Kaduna

2. Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna

3. @HQNigerianArmy School of Military Police, Basawa Zaria
4. Air Force Institute of Technology, Mando

5. #Nigerian Military School, Zaria

6. Military Training Center Parade Ground, Mando

7. Armed Forces Command & Staff College, Jaji

8. #Nigerian Military Training School, Kaduna
9. @HQNigerianArmy School of Legal Services, Basawa, Zaria

10. Maritime Training School Basawa/Palladan, Zaria

11. Fire Service Training School, NCAT Palladan, Zaria

12. #Nigerian Navy School of Armament, Kachia
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22 Jul
Yesterday, @officialEFCC charged 2 staff of @NigBarAssoc with 14 counts of digital fraud in connection with rigging #NBADecides2018, which produced Mr. Paul Usoro as the President of the Association.

His tenure ends next month. It's a long story... THREAD…
Leadership elections in @NigBarAssoc were always scandalous. Until 2016, they elections were through delegates.

The delegates began to make money through the process & it became a big deal to be selected as one. Once you were one, you became rich…
By 2014, the process had become too expensive. In #NBADecides2014, "money spoke very loudly. By some estimates, @NigBarAssoc's 2014 elections were the 1st in which the campaign expenditure easily crossed the One billion Naira mark."…
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10 Jul
Earlier today, @PoliceNG in Kaduna arrested Madam Yemi, Deaconess at Living Faith Church, for domestic terror on Princess, a 14 yo, Kajuru IDP whom she'd taken from her parents as domestic

Madam & her kids wld put knife on fire & burn this kid with it from face to genitals.
Madam Yemi who did this to a kid works in @NNPCgroup

Her hubby who never lifted a finger to end abuse works in another another big oil company

They have money & are big contributors to their church

The church community is working hard to fix the case. All we seek is justice.
The injuries this kid suffered under the roof of & at the hands of Deaconess Yemi & her children are too horrific to be fully shared on record.

She has burns from hot knife methodically inflicted on every part of her anatomy from the scalp to her genitals.

Who does that?!
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10 Jun
1 reason why ordinary citizens in most #African countries don't take #COVID19 serious is they think it's a #BigMan's thing or God's anger with #AfricanBigMen.

In turn, the big men have converted the #virus into an electoral instrument. It's an interesting story. Come with me....
In April, 82 yo @PresAlphaConde in Conakry did referendum to extend his tenure to #LifePresident. 2 weeks thereafter, his powerful #ChiefOfStaff, Sékou Korouma, promptly died of suspected #COVID19…
In Ethiopia, the onset of #COVID19 forced the govt of PM, @AbiyAhmedAli to declare emergency. Citing inability to prepare, @NEBEthiopia postponed elections due Aug 29. Tenure of govt ends early sept. Now the have got extension.…
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24 May
Last week, Rev. Fr Nichodemus Benedict from the Catholic Mission in Idon village officiated in #MassBurial of 11 victims of the most recent #AdaraMassacres, in Makyali around 13 May. Departing from usual script, the #MakyaliMassacre was in daytime.

The victims in this #AdaraMassacre included 6 members of the local vigilante. Makyali is about 55km from Kaduna city. The killings in Makyali took place between 07:00-11:00 hrs in daytime & the killers reportedly overran soldiers on their approach to the village
At least 2 other members of the local vigilante in Makyali are still reported missing from this instalment of the #AdaraMassacres. On the same day, 2 other villages - Idanu Doka & Unguwan Rana Doka - not far from Makyali, were also attacked.
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22 May
Here is a briefing for all those "impressed" by the #tearsandswindle enacted by #LittleNapoleon in this clip in Calabar yesterday. It's not the 1st time: On 17 Jan 2017, @ben_ayade announced abolition of all forms of taxation for low-income earners in Cross River state.
According to his spokesman, Christian Ita, @ben_ayade made the order after signing the 2017 budget of the state into law, saying: “I am sounding the last warning that henceforth I don’t want to hear any1 who earns less than N50, 000 a month being taxed in any form in the state."
On that occasion, @ben_ayade also cried. But if he had occasion to "abolish" again in May 2020, the same taxes he had abolished with the same words & tears in 2017, it is because the 2017 abolition didn't work & the 2020 abolition won't work. Let's stick with the tears 1st....
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28 Mar
As #COVID19 makes #landfall in #Nigeria as a #publichealth challenge, it's worth recalling that @Mbuhari was the 1st &, so far, only #Nigerian head of state or President to have made the state of #Nigeria's #healthsystems his reason for taking over power.

When he sent Gen. Abacha ahead to announce his arrival in power on 31 Dec 1983, @Mbuhari asked him to say this:

"Health services are in shambles as our hospitals are reduced to mere consulting clinics without drugs, water and equipment."

Gen Abacha said much more that remains true today:

"There is inadequacy of food at reasonable prices for our people who are now fed up with endless announcements of importation of foodstuffs. Our educational system is deteriorating at an alarming rate"…
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23 Mar
Does #Nigeria have #COVID19 test centre outside the 5 @NCDCgov molecular lab network:

1. @acegid_lab in Ede, Osun
2. NCDC National Ref Lab, Abuja
3. @ISTH_Irrua , Edo
4. @LUTHofficial Virology Lab
5. @nimrnigeria, Lagos.

None in the North; none in SE. But we like the figures?
If there isn't, then I am willing to go out on a limb & wager the numbers being put out by @NCDCgov right now may be part of the problem rather than part of the solution in giving people a false sense of security, since testing isn't really available to most who cld need it.
So, look at the political geography of access to testing: if you present with symptoms in Calabar or Port Harcourt, u have to motor specimen to Irrua; From Katsina or Damaturu or Yola, it's a v long ride to Abuja. Where is the storage to make sure specimens don't degrade?
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21 Mar
#Africa between the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn has bn fortunate so far wth confirmed cases of the virus that Zimbabwe's @edmnangagwa complains didn't give notice. But while #COVID19 notice period marinates, what have the continent's rulers done? THREAD…
If anything, u cld say West Africa got a bit of a #headstart in pandemic virus management with exposure to the #EbolaVirusDisease, #EVD, 5 yrs ago. Sierra Leone, Guinea-Conakry & #Nigeria were 3 countries in the region that saw #EVD up close. So how have the prepared?
U can choose where u begin but Sierra Leone is as good a place as any: it was epicentre of another virus, Ebola, just 5 yrs ago. While #COVID19 was processing entry visa in China, on 21 Feb, @PresidentBio decided to wed a 2nd time a wife he wedded in 2013…
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