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<<BREAKING>> The #SteelTruth about the #Hondurans in the #CaravanInvasion @POTUS @MattWhitaker46 @TomFitton @BorderNarcotics @mbn @DHSgov @SecNielsen
"I just talked to a very good friend who lives in Honduras, I called her because I was worried about the situation in her country
and also her thoughts about the march.
This was her answer, which I asked her to send in writing, so as not to omit or add words:
"No Kathy, everything is normal, here in Honduras, thousands of people have already returned.
The government of Honduras has created a place for those
who return, where they provide shelter, medicines and basic needs until they can return to their normal lives.
Some have admitted that they were paid to make the crossing, but many also realized that they were used to achieve a dream that does not exist.
Some even sold all their
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WHAT IF PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY HAD OF LIVED? OUR NATION WENT INTO MOURNING THAT GOD AWFUL DAY. Our Teacher told the Class he’d been shot; I was 12! Think what kind of EVIL lives to instill fear in humanity? OUR GOV MURDERED THIS GREAT MAN!
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1. @MSNBC report that @DHSgov was monitoring the @WhatsApp communications of the migrants IMO is consistent with my reporting that @POTUS & @GOP were originally behind #MigrantCaravan. IMO DHS is now seeking to obfuscate the comms trails they left. @NSAGov @FBIWFO @FBISanDiego
2. Just like Russia helped Turkey amplify the small Gulenist conspiracy into a fake coup to then be used to wipe out all pro @NATO officers in Turkish armed forces. At least the story finally puts to bet the fantasy that @WhatsApp is private.
3. I started reporting @realDonaldTrump @GOP and possibly GRU were behind the #CaravanInvasion starting about October 17, 2018. Here is one of my early posts. Any political involvement is fraudulent use of US property & Hatch Act violation. @FBIWFO
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This is a George Soros attempt to hobble the court system, inundate our infrastructure and decimate any laws we have on reasonable access to this country. It will mean that some of these men determined to collect payment for invading this country will die. The troops will not be
2/ leaving a fluid situation soon, with three more caravans of hardened criminals behind them this is a threat to our citizens & our homeland, @POTUS It never was about claiming asylum, it was about Soros proving he can destroy America easily by using these people as a human
3/ battering ram to gain entry. He has no interest in these caravans other than what they can do for him: create Open Borders & eliminate the sovereignty of the United States. This is one of the first articles to include WHAT is trying to get in: an army of criminals, pillaging &
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 11/05/18 11:09 EST

Polls are rigged and do not capture an accurate snapshot.
Will You Answer the Call?
Q #QAnon #FakePolls #VoterSuppression #VoteRed #RedTsunami @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q!! 11:17 (Q)!!
What # does the passcode add up to?
For Anons…
Q Adds up to Seventeen = Q!!! ❤️ #QAnon #VoteRed #JobsNotMobs #KAG @realDonaldTrump
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Ask yourself a very simple question.
Why is the FAKE NEWS media continually expending resources to defame, debunk, and cast as a conspiracy,for, as they say, a nobody who started on 4chan?
Why did the FAKE NEWS media attempt to cast blame of recent events on the 'Q' mov…

There is a reason why we encourage 'Memes' so much.
There is a reason why we came here to drop.
There is a reason why they are all working overtime to build code to censor and defend against 'Memes.'
Re_read drops re: Memes
All just a coincidence?
Directed @ 'Q'
#QAnon 🇺🇸😌 #HatchAct

Why did select senior members of the D party [6] send a letter to Don McGahn in early Oct. outlining 'Hatch Act' violations re: Q?
FOIA works in this situation.
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Watch the descriptions, background, political ideology, neighbor comments, work record, arrest record playing into the calculus. How will news agencies report on the putative suspect? If he's depicted as seriously mentally ill, that will deflect from the meme of @POTUS causation.
Assessment: Fanaticism and disconnected zeal lend to the meme and trope that your suspect is a lone wolf. The clearly demented outlier, not ordinary or usual. Like #Antifa is separated from rational liberals such must apply to your alleged suspect.
What are the fact pattern narratives as to "device" postage, postage but not canceled, no postmark, delivered, couriered? The issue of accomplices and codefendants rises, along with presumption of innocence. If he cops an insanity defense posture that changes the calculus.
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CNN reports in Spanish - but not in English - that Honduran President Hernandez said his government detected 5 Syrians with false passports. @CNN #CaravanInvasion #Syrians #IllegalCaravan
This is being reported tonight on CNN's Spanish-language service, but not in English. Honduran President: "A few months ago, Honduras detected 5 citizens of Syrian origin with false passports." I don't have the full video yet.
The Syrians in question were not part of the #IllegalCaravan, but they show the problem. They had already passed through several other countries using false passports of other nations, until Honduras stopped them on their way to the US, according to President Hernandez.
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Listening to @Realpersonpltcs periscope right now.

I agree w/ James R. It's very apparent the LEFT set up today's #FalseFlag w/the bomb plot. They needed a distraction from the #CaravanInvasion and from the WIDELY REPORTED #rodrosenstein testimony that was to happen today.
The Left has lost control of the narrative and will do anything to get it back.
James is going on about ratings. @CNN has the largest budget and the worst ratings. Sound familiar?
Remember @hillaryclinton 's campaign? She spent $2B on her 2016 Presidential campaign, over twice as much as President Trump and SHE STILL LOST!
Why would we cook up a bomb plot when we are winning now?
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Senior Pedo-Satanic cabal calling out his boss. This must be a hack, although a very accurate and truthful one.
The most confusing tweet of #TheStorm for sure.
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