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We have thousands of aid volunteers flooding into #Tijuana right now. Millions of dollars floating about, being vacuumed in by NGO’s and American Non-Profs, an obscene amount of capital and social currency circulating above the reach of the people of the caravan,...
... our Central American Exodus Community.

All the while, virtually no Politcal Organizing here, in TJ. With the exception of the righteous work of the people participating in the Hunger Strike, currently underway (Btw: how many news articles have you read about that?),...
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.@cain_nate Please make a public pronouncement that you love your life, and there is no reason why you would ever do anything to harm yourself. Don't lift weights, drive, fly (for sure), swim, shoot, etc. Stay away from anything that could "Accidentially" harm you! #HRCBodyCount
.@cain_nate, just checking to make sure you are still there! Remember, don't fly, ask Ron Brown. Whoops, he's dead.

.@cain_nate, just checking to make sure you are still there! Remember, don't fly, ask Ron Brown. Whoops, he's dead.

#MigrantCaravan #Hillary #Honduras #MAGA #StopTheInvasion #BorderControl #StopTheCaravan #IllegalImmigration #Haiti #Caravan #Q #QAnon
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1) THREAD: #MigrantCaravan and Tear Gas

Under the Obama Administration, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, border troops used 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile—the official name for tear gas—at the U.S-Mexican border at least 79 times during Obama's..
2) presidency. Pepper spray, another substance commonly used to disperse crowds, was deployed by U.S. troops at the border at least 434 times when Obama was president. Another interesting thing to note is under the Obama administration, more undocumented Immigrants have been..
3) deported than any other President in the history of Presidents. Now, although CBP data does reveal how often these gases were used, that's about all it reveals. The circumstances under which the Obama administration deployed tear gas at the border are entirely unclear..
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1. A 26-y/o Guatemalan woman's impaled onto rebar & concertina piercing her side & buttocks Fri while illegally scaling San Diego border fence w her kids, ages 3 & 5. Her treated injuries weren't life-threatening & kids were medically cleared.…
2. A a 31-year-old Honduran caravan member w several previous arrests in Florida & a previous deportation from the U.S. June 4, 2018 illegally entered US Friday night & assaulted #Yuma Sector agents.…
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Breaking: The bridge to the port of entry has just been closed to traffic.
Video showing the east pedestrian entrance (right side) and the vehicle lanes traveling to the United States at the San Ysidro border crossing

Developing....possible border shutdown coming.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents secure the closed vehicle lane adjacent to the east pedestrian entrance into the United States. Seen from the Mexico side at San Ysidro. #MigrantCaravan
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Trump: Day 669
-160th Day at Trump Golf Club
-212th Day at Trump Property
-Says "Standing with Saudi Arabia"
-Declares Unwavering Loyalty 2 MbS
-Pressed DOJ 2 Prosecute Enemies
-Stock Market Plummets 551 Points
-Issues Lifetime Ban 2 Pot Investor
-Asylum Ban Blocked by Fed Judge
Day 774 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 625 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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What this stretch of border wall actually looks like....
The concertina wire only extends about 2 hundred feet. The hill and stretch to the ocean are still the same old fence. #MigrantCaravan
All of it directly behind the podium where Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen inspected the “fortifications” and staged her press conference.
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1. @MSNBC report that @DHSgov was monitoring the @WhatsApp communications of the migrants IMO is consistent with my reporting that @POTUS & @GOP were originally behind #MigrantCaravan. IMO DHS is now seeking to obfuscate the comms trails they left. @NSAGov @FBIWFO @FBISanDiego
2. Just like Russia helped Turkey amplify the small Gulenist conspiracy into a fake coup to then be used to wipe out all pro @NATO officers in Turkish armed forces. At least the story finally puts to bet the fantasy that @WhatsApp is private.
3. I started reporting @realDonaldTrump @GOP and possibly GRU were behind the #CaravanInvasion starting about October 17, 2018. Here is one of my early posts. Any political involvement is fraudulent use of US property & Hatch Act violation. @FBIWFO
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🚨San Diego!🚨

YOU can directly support the #MigrantCaravan & get people out of detention. By serving as a “custodian” for someone charged under the Trump admin’s “zero-tolerance” policy, you can ensure someone’s release & give them a fighting chance at asylum. Here’s how: /1
We’ve been posting bail for people charged w/ “illegal entry” in SD under #OperationStreamline. The court made it harder for us to post bail by requiring people have “custodians” in the community in order to be released, even if their bail's been paid. /2…
Here’s where we need you! We’re looking for community members, congregations, and organizations willing to serve as “third-party custodians.” This will mean the difference between freedom and detention. If you can volunteer, please fill out this form: /3
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*Thread* My team and I arrived at the border two days ago. Since we got here, things have seriously changed. Many of the #militia #blackwater agents sent to the border to “defend” against the “#MigrantCaravan” have joined our side. While Donald awaits a #borderwar, his very
men are turning on him. A coup has begun... AGAINST him. It’s like a fog was lifted from the minds of the programmed #Blackwater agents. Numerous reports about #Trumpstraffickingring have awoken them. Several #NationalGuard and #ICE members have said they would break their
silence about what is going on in the #migrantcamps. These are people who JUST 🐬ed since we arrived. We shared stories with them and one man shook in trepidation. He broke down later to @TheShieldGuards and admitted he watched a fellow #ICE agent molest a little boy but he
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Dr. E. Michael Jones on The Real Cause of the Synagogue Shootings

This guy makes some major points that most will just write off as being antisemitic, unfortunately.
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UPDATE: The Presidential proclamation barring certain non-citizens from seeking #asylum after crossing the Southern border is out. How will they limit it to the #MigrantCaravan? How much more illegal can this thing get?

I haven't even read this, so let's get through ittogether
(This thread is going to be a sequel to yesterday's on the "final interim rule" rushed into effect in anticipation of this proclamation, so you might want to read that one first.)

These #s appear to be the entire justification for the proclamation, and they badly need context. They may sound scary if you're new to the issue, but check out the overall historical picture & tell me this is a natl. emergency worthy of suspending a 4,000 year-old legal right
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1/ ME, A VERY TIRED #IMMIGRATION LAWYER: this just in, our awful government is doing an illegal thing to #asylum seekers

YOU, A CONCERNED CITIZEN: Like, *how* illegal though


*pours a Laphroaig double*

okay, let's do this
2/ 1st, this is not exactly an executive order. That's coming later, via "Presidential proclamation"--obvs a totally cool & normal way to make things happen in a democracy

This "final interim rule" skips usual due process and goes into effect NOW, because #MigrantCaravan
3/ N.B.: This doesn't complete cut off all possibility of legal protection for #asylum seekers. "Withholding of removal" (a form of relief I like to call "asylum lite") and protection under the Convention Against Torture remain. That's not to say that this is necessarily OK.
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I must've missed this. WTF!

2,100 mostly UNARMED Guard troops on border as #Trump vows to send more to stop #MigrantCaravan


Via #GodRules YT


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Good morning. The #migrantcaravan has now been on the march for three weeks. Here’s a quick update from last night, when I spoke to several members after Trump warned he wanted soldiers to shoot them if the migrants threw rocks.
News of Trump’s comments had reached the caravan by Thursday night in Matias Romero Avendano, where the migrants were camped in a soggy sports field on the edge of town, a few miles from where Mexican families celebrated the Day of the Dead in the town cemetery.
“They won’t shoot because we’re not criminals,” said Erik Miranda, 39, of Trump’s threat that soldiers would open fire if attacked with rocks. “I lived there for 15 years. I know the United States is a country of laws.”
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Show of hands:

Does the #MigrantCaravan make you feel a little uneasy but you're afraid to say anything because you don't want to be seen as racist?

Do you find yourself thinking about it in terms of jobs and national security?
Well, the problem is, actual racists are the ones who came up with the "job stealing criminal" narrative.

They knew they needed to wrap their racism into something that goes down easier.

Because no one wants to admit they're racist.
So even though it should be obvious that people generally drive economic growth, racist laws disenfranchise them and make them liabilities. Then they're derided as a drain on the system.

What if we empowered them to contribute? Would the #MigrantCaravan be ok then?
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My thoughts on the migrant caravan (THREAD):

There are some important things to consider about the caravan of asylum seekers coming to the US border. I am sharing these thoughts as an immigration lawyer who has practiced asylum law for ten years.
1. Ever since our failure to protect Jews during the Holocaust, the United States has righted that failure by recognizing its obligation to protect individuals fleeing persecution in their own countries. (cont...)
We have signed international treaties and written our own internal laws honoring this responsibility. Our asylum laws require that an individual be in the United States in order to apply for asylum (see 8 USC 1158).
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We've been tracking social media activity around the #migrantcaravan currently making its way north through Mexico. We analyzed over 2 million tweets from Oct 23–26. Here's what we found...
There is a significant imbalance in user activity. 1% of accounts are responsible for 18% of the tweets, 5% are responsible for 44%, and 10% are responsible for 57% of the tweets. We've seen similar proportions around live, politicized events before, but it is still striking.
This imbalance leads to misleading trends in the overall data. Scrolling through the tweets would give you the impression that most are opposed to the refugees entering the US. But that's not necessarily the case.
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"Storming the border."
"Mid Eastern terrorists."

This is white nationalist framing. No surprise it's coming from the President - we're used to it. But learn to recognize it, call it out, and most importantly: replace it. #MigrantCaravan
A few months ago I got to meet Kelvin Pierce. He's the son of William Pierce, founder of the white supremacist group the National Alliance, and author of The Turner Diaries. (It's a racist novel called a "bible of the racist right" cited as inspiration by Timothy McVeigh).
His story of growing up in a household of one of the white nationalist movement's founders was jarring: enduring years of abuse, neglect, hatred...all of which he had to find the tools to overcome.

I asked him, how do you know white nationalism when you see it?
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#Mexico helping unvetted African migrants to U.S. border, many from Al-Shabaab jihadi hotbed

Caravan Jihad? you better believe it!
#Muslim captured coming over southern U.S. border had ties to #Taliban

#Jihadis among the #MigrantCaravan is not as ridiculous as @CNN would have you believe
Pakistani Muslim arrested crossing #Texas border, lied to #FBI

Caravan Jihad? 🤔
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1) #Prediction: Most of the people in #MigrantCaravan currently looking to stage a #SorosFunded #Invasion at the #USBorder are going to die. But not in the way you think.
2) As they approach closer, #PresidentTrump has made it #CrystalClear that he will use the #Military to close the #USBorder to keep the embedded #ISIS #Terrorists out.
3) There is one group even more opposed to #ClosedBorders than the #Democrats, whom just want #IllegalVotes. One group who will stop at nothing to keep the #Borders as porous as possible.
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Ask yourself, what type of security threat actually spurred Mexico to shut down their own border, this time?

#MigrantCaravan #qanon
Think “Trail of Tears”
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