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8,300 Kenyans own the same amount of wealth as the rest of us.

Let that sink in.

And these wealthy get tax exemptions, still our taxes, take loans for Kenyans to pay and then steal those too as we pay back the loans.

Let that sink in.
And then using the money they steal from us, they buy and compromise the media and the church, they conduct election campaigns, they pay foreigners to brainwash and polarize with lies, and then they get themselves "elected."

And the game of 8,300 vs 49,991,700 starts again.
So the one thing the 8,300 won't let us talk about is wealth. They fill the public space with noise. Kieleweke, tangatanga, Embrace, referendum, Competency-based curriculum, huduma namba, corruption court cases with no convictions...

Anything so we dont talk about the 0.1%.
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Every sector in Kenya, from education, employment to business, runs on one fundamental law which we inherited from Anglo-Saxons.

We must have it ALL.

And having it all is proved by others having NOTHING. Even if someone has less than us, we must get it so that we have it all.
Having it all is a psychosis which makes the UK and the US be in constant war with everybody and the planet. And it is a white supremacist psychosis. Whites would rather die in the streets than have universal healthcare from which non-whites would benefit.
And because having it all is a disease, a contradiction of humanity, white supremacy needs rituals of violence to affirm this psychosis. Racism and lynchings of both people and animals, and destruction of the planet, become necessary to feed this psychosis. @ErrantNatives
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Dear Kenyans, if I don't live to 2030, please ensure you refuse another education system. Get your mps to write a law barring system replacement in under a century. Because this CBC is cheap, unnecessarily disruptive, and ridiculous #CBCConference2019
.@EduMinKenya took the cheap way out. Instead of putting Kenya's minds together, introducing equity into education and expanding education beyond the schools, they opted for a completely new system with a poor track record. It's intellectual laziness typical of bureaucrats.
No developed country has done this, not even the Anglo Saxons who are mentally unstable because they need to exploit and be in constant war with the planet. The French, for example, introduced a new orthography a decade back, and it's still struggling to implement it. Why?
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