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The #HudumaNamba case is back in court for a final day of hearings today - oral highlighting of the final submissions of both petitioners and respondents

Proceedings are scheduled to begin at 10am
@thekhrc @HakiKNCHR @Haki_na_Sheria @HakiCentre @katibainstitute @lawyershubkenya @CEMIRIDE_KE @MUHURIkenya @StrathCIPIT @AmnestyKenya The judges have entered the courtroom and today's proceedings on #HudumaNamba & #NIIMS are now beginning
@thekhrc @HakiKNCHR @Haki_na_Sheria @HakiCentre @katibainstitute @lawyershubkenya @CEMIRIDE_KE @MUHURIkenya @StrathCIPIT @AmnestyKenya Before the oral highlighting begins, the judges are confirming two issues - (1) that the court has all the submissions that have been filed (initial & supplementary submissions) & (2) how we will proceed for the highlighting

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We are back in the court for the afternoon hearing in #NIIMS - follow us @NubianRights and @thekhrc for updates
@NubianRights @thekhrc ICT Ministry PS Jerome Ochieng takes the stand for re-examination. He is being re-examined by Dr Nyaudi, counsel for the 4th respondent
@NubianRights @thekhrc He establishes his background and knowledge of #NIIMS and asks him to describe how the system works
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The 6th and last day of tjr #NIIMS hearing has started - follow us @NubianRights and @thekhrc for live updates
Respondents call their witness PS Jerome Ochieng and he is sworn in
Jerome Ochieng is in charge of the State Department of ICT and has sworn 5 affidavits on behalf of the 5th respondent
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The court has returned for the afternoon session on #NIIMS

PS Interior Kibicho will be re-examined. Follow us for live tweets
Counsel says re-examination will take 1-1.5 hours. The Court releases Jerome Ochieng for the day and he will be cross-examined tomorrow
Respondent Counsel Regeru asks “what is #NIIMS?” - Dr Kibicho states that #GOK is moving into a digital era and that the only lacking area is the creation of a digital population register
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The Judges have arrived and Day 5 of the #NIIMS hearing is commencing with appearances - follow us here for live updates
Respondents say that they would like to start with Dr Karanja Kibicho's evidence, as he has to travel this evening. After that Ms Ochieng PS ICT is due to testify
PS Interior Dr Karanja Kibicho takes the stand and is sworn in
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In court for day 5 of #HudumaNamba & #NIIMS hearings

Today we are expecting cross-examination of govt witnesses, including the PS Interior and PS ICT

Follow us for live updates
The court room is packed while we wait for the #HudumaNamba proceedings to begin
Use #HudumaNamba and follow @NubianRights @Haki_na_Sheria & @thekhrc for updates on the proceedings throughout today and tomorrow
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Jubilee government under #uhuruto has been about drama and little or o perfornance or follow up. What happened to the "cashless matatu operations?" Cards were launched, matatu's boarded to state house, it died soon after! #SirkalGushi
What happened to #hudumanamba card "to be delivered shortly?" Now that the system was found to be worthless, will we continue with generation of equally worthless cards? #SirkalGushi
Will the #uhuruto jubilee government ever prosecute those within its tanks who conspired to deliver fake fertiliser to farmers in Kenya? #SirkalGushi
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"justice should not be delayed" "the purposes of this constitution should be protected." Court gave respondents directions as to the hearing. They expected respondents to issue their witnesses.
"given the imperatives of substantive justice.. we have decided to exercise our discretion in respondents' favor" This would be the last opportunity for the respondents. The 2nd of 3rd of October is set to receive the remaining witnesses.
If they do not show up, the court will make an adverse inference.
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The #NIIMS hearing starts up again with @waikwawanyoike re-examining @iam_anandv
@waikwawanyoike @iam_anandv Waikwa is establishing Anand's area of expertise in data, #DigitalID & cybersecurity. This morning the Respondents had tried to challende @iam_anandv credentials
@waikwawanyoike @iam_anandv @waikwawanyoike "why did you say the law should come before technology?" - @iam_anandv "the objectives of tech projects change over time. A tech project can optimize goals which are not aligned with rights"
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.@AmnestyKenya @thekhrc The government is determined to profit our data by hook or crook. HELB and @CUE_Kenya have made a deal with banks to require smart cards of university students that are also ATM and swipe cards. Biometric data will soon be part of the deal #hudumanamba
Enslaving university and college students to debt is a sweet deal for businesses because this is an educated population which is likely to earn a higher income. It also eases GoK surveillance of educated citizens @AmnestyKenya @thekhrc
The HELB smart card is government blackmail. Instead or providing education as a human right, GoK is making education conditional on people being entered into a database that companies have access to @thekhrc @AmnestyKenya #hudumanamba
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Every sector in Kenya, from education, employment to business, runs on one fundamental law which we inherited from Anglo-Saxons.

We must have it ALL.

And having it all is proved by others having NOTHING. Even if someone has less than us, we must get it so that we have it all.
Having it all is a psychosis which makes the UK and the US be in constant war with everybody and the planet. And it is a white supremacist psychosis. Whites would rather die in the streets than have universal healthcare from which non-whites would benefit.
And because having it all is a disease, a contradiction of humanity, white supremacy needs rituals of violence to affirm this psychosis. Racism and lynchings of both people and animals, and destruction of the planet, become necessary to feed this psychosis. @ErrantNatives
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To understand the corruption and theft of Kenya's ruling elite, we must understand the virus of European neurosis and insecurity, and that it has infected our ruling elite since colonial times. We cannot end corruption unless we address this Euro-psychosis #wasiwasizawazungu
The virus of Euro-psychosis that causes corruption has these characteristics:
1. Extreme insecurity - an instinct to grab and accumulate because you don't know about tomorrow
2. Extreme individualism: you can't collaborate with your neighbor to solve anything #wasiwasizawazungu
3. Extreme laziness - you don't want to work. Notice that aspiring and current politicians can't carry out a single task

4. Extreme alienation - you don't want to work, but still want to profit from the work of others, so you keep scheming to distract people #wasiwasizawazungu
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#HudumaBill2019 #HudumaNamba

1. It lacks transparency on which govt agencies have access to ones information.

2. It does not stipulate who will be allowed to access this information & for what purposes.

3. There is no citizens data protection law to ensure citizens data rights
4. No provision is made as to a citizen requesting to know who has their information or how this can be accessed.

5. Nothing prevents ones private information from being sold by the State to 3rd parties or worse provided to other states.

6. This law can be abused & will as is.
7. No offences are stipulated as to those who have access to this information & abuse it. It states ambiguously in general meaning anybody. There must be a distinction btwn users & providers of citizens data.

8. Citizens data protection law shld have been enacted 1st not last.
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#HudumaBill2019 defines “birth” as "means the issuing forth from the mother after the expiration of the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy, whether alive or dead"

In other words, your kid gets recorded on the slave plantation manager's books for being alive #ResistHudumaNamba
Before #hudumanamba, I would have agreed with having one database with all of one's information. To save yourself the trouble of reproducing the same data at different places.

But wakenya, it is isphilosophically bad and fundmametally inhuman #HudumaBill2019 #ResistHudumaNamba
First, it is not our job to make GoK's work easier. It is the job of different agencies to liase with each other about what they are doing. But instead of that, they are branding HUMAN BEINGS with 666 at birth till death. #resisthudumanamba
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I’ll start with a brief on the genesis of Digital Identification (Digital ID) – entitled Huduma namba in Kenya. I will do 2 threads.

Thread 1. Global Perspective (Digital ID)

Thread 2. Kenyan Perspective (HudumaNamba)

Here we go;

Thread 1

Disclaimer: If you gonn be emotional to a point of becoming inflexible in your thinking, this thread is not for you. I will be factual & provide evidential links where possible. DM open for questions/comments

(a bit lengthy but informative)
Digital ID can be traced to 2014 when world leaders discussed 2030 agenda for sustainable development – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The idea was officially adopted by UN countries in Sep 2015 at UN Summit.
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I was chatting with a couple of friends yesterday and was surprised that one of them was intending to sign up for #HudumaNamba. He was equally surprised that I wasn’t, but had no idea why. Nikaambiwa thread lazima icome.

So here’s why ayam not boarding unless it’s law.
First off, I’m in the innovation space and have worked in technology and product design for the past 11 years. My teams have built systems that scale, and I consult for the largest company in the region.

Take it from me: you DON’T need a new number to consolidate the rest.
The idea that you need a #HudumaNamba to consolidate government services is a blatant technical lie.

Your ID number is already unique, and you cannot get anything else without it. If the government’s efforts were honest, they’d improve their current systems, not add a new one.
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This is what I understand @DavidNdii to be saying, and I stand to be corrected.

Basically, #HudumaNamba is a scheme by the Kenyattas to own all money lent to the natives. (small and micro-credit). #BoycottNIIMS…
The evil genius of #HudumaNamba is saying that all your data on one card will help you with services. Actually, it's to help with debt recovery. If CBA lends you money and you cant pay, they'll come for your house, title deed, cows, chickens, eggs, sugarcane harvest #BoycottNIIMS
So the Kenyattas are selling Kenyans to the highest bidder, like a proper African chief selling slaves to wazungu for shipping to Americas. Any foreigner coming to do business will have to take an Ichaweri oath because the Kenyattas own us and own our property #BoycottNIIMS
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In October of 2017, William Wassink, the chief executive officer of Saya Defense Services, Inc. announced that the company had been awarded a sub-contract...
#thebigwhitelie #thebigwhiteCONservationlie #CONservationLIES part of an "Africa Peacekeeping Program" multiple award for an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract with the U.S. Department of State, via USAID. The primary contractor is Triple Canopy, Inc., a Constellis company.
#thebigwhitelie #thebigconservationlie
“We are honored to work with Triple Canopy to support the United States government’s commitment to bringing peace and stability to Africa,” Wassink said. Headquartered in Abilene with offices in Arlington, Va., and Nairobi, Kenya,..
#thebigwhitelie #thebigconservationlie
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It’s a packed courtroom at Milimani Law Courts as we wait for the #NIIMSCaseDecision We’re hopeful 🤞🏾for a decision that affirms constitutional protections and fundamental rights to #privacy and due process
What’s at stake in the #NIIMSCaseDecision? The right to privacy (including freedom from undue surveillance), due process and public participation in law making, and the rights of marginalized and #stateless communities that have historically not benefited from citizenship
Court is now in session #NIIMSCaseDecision
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Am sure most people want information about this #HudumaNamba
here is what you to know and have.;
NIIMS is a national programme for registration of all Kenyan citizens and
foreign nationals in the country. #HudumaNamba
It will establish central master population register, that will be the
authentic ‘single source of truth’ on a person’s identity. #HudumaNamba
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