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Let me remind Kenyans that the separation between politics and development is a colonial divide.

The colonial administration divided the two to make African nationalists appear like people who just make noise and dont care for the people at all.

The devil is in the details.
The colonial administration believed that the purpose of colonialism was to "develop" Kenya and rescue us natives from backwardness by bringing us into global capitalism as wage laborers or resource harvestors and producers.
So colonialists divided Kenya into the urban & settler areas on one hand, and tribal reserves on the other.

They allowed wage labor on settler farms and in the cities, but used the provincial administration to prevent any political activity in the reserves.
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When politicians pick stone and arm others to fight, you laugh, because you don't have the intellectual skills to ask what kind of so-called middle income country has gynaecologists paid by PhD holders behaving like that in the 21st century.
And you don't have the intellectuals skills to ask those questions because the person making bedroom jokes also says you don't need to learn history. And the person in State House writes history in his family's name on your money, your institutions and a Mombasa ocean front.
And then they violently destroy your school system and all the accumulated knowledge teachers had gathered, telling you that we are exam cheats and that theives think we are unemployable. And then you ululate about #competencybasedcurriculum
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.@AmnestyKenya @thekhrc The government is determined to profit our data by hook or crook. HELB and @CUE_Kenya have made a deal with banks to require smart cards of university students that are also ATM and swipe cards. Biometric data will soon be part of the deal #hudumanamba
Enslaving university and college students to debt is a sweet deal for businesses because this is an educated population which is likely to earn a higher income. It also eases GoK surveillance of educated citizens @AmnestyKenya @thekhrc
The HELB smart card is government blackmail. Instead or providing education as a human right, GoK is making education conditional on people being entered into a database that companies have access to @thekhrc @AmnestyKenya #hudumanamba
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My generation, those born from the 70s to the 80s, were children during the Moi era.

We never knew dialogue. We knew silence and fear. The idea that the public had a say in this country was dismissed with "Wanjiku doesn't need a constitution."
Moi corrupted everything with money and surveillance. I know friendships that broke, families betrayed, because Moi compromised a brother to betray a brother. Moi supported dictators like Abacha and rescued Rwandan genocidaires in 1994. That the evil that runs in Kenya's blood.
But Moi's presidency followed the Uthamakistan era which was worse. Jomo killed many heroes, including the Mau Mau leaders. He tainted the souls of his people with oaths. He exported land greed from the white highlands to Coast and the Rift Valley.
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8,300 Kenyans own the same amount of wealth as the rest of us.

Let that sink in.

And these wealthy get tax exemptions, still our taxes, take loans for Kenyans to pay and then steal those too as we pay back the loans.

Let that sink in.
And then using the money they steal from us, they buy and compromise the media and the church, they conduct election campaigns, they pay foreigners to brainwash and polarize with lies, and then they get themselves "elected."

And the game of 8,300 vs 49,991,700 starts again.
So the one thing the 8,300 won't let us talk about is wealth. They fill the public space with noise. Kieleweke, tangatanga, Embrace, referendum, Competency-based curriculum, huduma namba, corruption court cases with no convictions...

Anything so we dont talk about the 0.1%.
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#HudumaBill2019 defines “birth” as "means the issuing forth from the mother after the expiration of the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy, whether alive or dead"

In other words, your kid gets recorded on the slave plantation manager's books for being alive #ResistHudumaNamba
Before #hudumanamba, I would have agreed with having one database with all of one's information. To save yourself the trouble of reproducing the same data at different places.

But wakenya, it is isphilosophically bad and fundmametally inhuman #HudumaBill2019 #ResistHudumaNamba
First, it is not our job to make GoK's work easier. It is the job of different agencies to liase with each other about what they are doing. But instead of that, they are branding HUMAN BEINGS with 666 at birth till death. #resisthudumanamba
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If you hate theory, and think philosophy is useless, this post is not for you. Don't waste your time reading useless stuff. Go fix a tap or mix cement. Be relevant.

For the rest of us humans, this is a lesson in what is wrong with #competencybasedcurriculum
Now, when you jump with your kids, it's supposed to be spontaneous. Maybe you're playing a game. If you're a teacher, you want kids to have fun as they learn. If it's sports, you want to teach a particular skill. If it's with music, you want to teach dance.
The point is that you don't analyze the techniques and purposes of jumping, unless you are in college (TVET or Uni) taking a class in kinetics class or maybe physical therapy.

But from the picture from @KICDKenya documents, you will see that KICD has spoiled all the fun.
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Thank you Kenyans for raising this issue, but surely, calling on the government to do something is really part of our problem.

GoK only knows how to issue orders. How does telling schools to open at 8am help? Kids wake up at 5 to reach at 8.…
Any time you want to talk about education, you must go beyond the schools. Because education is one of those things. It's a micro-cosm of society itself. You can't have functional schools in a dysfunctional society.

What are the issues?
As some of you celebrate taking the SGR in 4 hours to your beach property, remember that those billions could have been used to make a public transit system that would make people leave their cars at home. Without traffic, kids wouldn't need to be on the road 3 hours in advance.
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This is lesson I'm giving here, I would never give in class. Because universities are still stuck in the 90s.

What is happening with #competencybasedcurriculum is the transfer of the education system from disciplinary power to governmentality.

Displinary power is the way GoK controls you using institutions like prisons and schools. They tell you when to wake up and when to sleep, when to eat and when to play.

Governmentality is when the GoK controls through your life outside those institutions, like in your family.
GoK tells you how to be a parent. It no longer gives teachers a syllabus - it even tells us how to teach and demands a lot of paperwork to prove that we taught exactly the way people in Jogoo house said we should. Hence they demand printed evidence that your kid made a sandwich.
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It doesn't take a genius to see that @KICDKenya and Twaweza have been advised by a PR agency to hit the media waves with a bang and defend the colonial, racist new education system #competencybasedcurriculum
For the last two years, @KICDKenya pretended we didnt exist, and they avoided being on the same panels as us. They hoped that giving us the silent treatment would make us stop talking. But how can we, when we are the where #competencybasedcurriculum rubber meets the road?
But the truth prevailed. All the things we predicted would happen have happened, and even worse than we could have imagined. But instead of changing their minds, like good educators and scholars should, @KICDKenya is continuing this historical mistake #competencybasedcurriculum
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Please stop insinuating that we are 'lazy parents' who want to be 'absent from the lives of the children'. I find that very insulting.

Most of the parents I know are very involved both in the education and other aspects of their kids lives.
The calls, messages, WhatsApp texts, emails & DMs I get - parents asking for book recommendations, activities that they can involve their children in, interests in writing and the arts that they are trying to nurture, complaining why @timeoutKE events are not regular enough 1/2
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.@KenMijungu Just to clarify:


I am not one of those who have a problem with implementation, textbooks or training of teachers. I am against the approach itself. #competencybasedcurriculum #sidebar
For me, the problems of implementation etc came from CBC, not the other way round.

I believe that even @KICDKenya doesn't know the monster that CBC is, that's why it didn't want to communicate to the public in the first place. #competencybasedcurriculum #sidebar
For the same reason that no one knows what CBC is, the textbooks had mistakes and took long to produce. And KICD didn't have the guts to face the teachers. To this day, some trainers secretly admit that they're still not sure what CBC is. #competencybasedcurriculum #sidebar
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So that we're on the same page about #KenyaVision2030's plan for education. Note the following:
1. Equation of education to training
2. Reduction of goals of education to the economic ones
3. Increased role of private sector, especially vouchers
#competencybasedcurriculum is about preparing workers, building private schools at the taxpayers' expense. It's not about children and the nation. @EduMinKenya looks confused because they're following donor money around. That's important for understanding #SessionalPaper2018
Just to show you @EduMinKenya's lack of vision* and educational insight, this one of the first pages. Talking about education "fit for purpose" and "modernizing and rebranding" makes you see that the point is the look, not the the substance of education #competencybasedcurriculum
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