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220627 kun11xd IG Story
You've worked hard bro! So cool
220627 The8 reposted Kun's IG story Image
220627 Kun's IG and Weibo (1)
IG: It’s pouring outside~⛈⛈⛈😪😪😪
Weibo: 雨季🌧️
[Rainy season 🌧️]
#KUN #쿤 #钱锟 ImageImageImageImage
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


1st msg:

op shared that they're feeling a little lonely bc their friends can go home for the lunar new year but they cant and they're a little envious. its their first time celebrating overseas -c-
-c- and op asked kun and xiaojun what plans do they have for the lunar new year.
LMAO kun said that while xiaojun was reading op's msg and he got to the part where op said they felt alone, he joked that xiaojun sounded like he wanted to cry.

xiaojun said it must not be easy for op since they're alone, whereas at least he has the members with him. -c-
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[220122 🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR

3rd listener recommended song 🎶: 孙燕姿 (Sun Yan Zi) - 逃亡

op said that songs have a charm of expressing the things you wna do but cant seem to do. op said this song expressed their want to run away or escape to the top of a -c-
-c- hill and look down at the city before them.
kun said that he likes going to scenic places like the top of the hill as op said, and looking down at the city bc its very healing. he added that theres a different feeling when you look at sky from the top of a hill, compared to when you're on ground.

kun said other ways -c-
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[220119 🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR

introduction to tonights segment:

kun asked lanlan if she would go to the well-known/famous places when she travels overseas and lanlan said if the time is tight, she would visit them bc she wants to take pictures. but if she has -c-
-c- has more time, she would be more carefree and if she likes a certain location she'll stay there longer.

kun said that nowadays people like to travel to the places that only the locals know of, the less known locations, & hes the same. LOL when he and #CHENLE travelled, -c-
-c- he didnt tell people where he went to when they asked 😂

lanlan jokingly said "you're too mean 😂"

LOL kun said that tonights radio is pre-recorded and was like "the prizes tonight are mine ~"
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[220117 🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


op shared that at work, they have to coordinate w their colleagues to complete a task but their colleague always delays their part which causes op to OT often. there was once, op even -c-
-c- stayed till 5am to complete their work (omg this is ridiculous 😀) op wants to talk to their colleague but they arent sure what to say.
guozhen said that with work, everyone should do whats tasked of them bc if someone delays, it affects you and things that follow after as well. he suggested going to the colleague a few days before the deadline and reminding them to submit their parts so that op can -c-
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[220111 🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR

introduction to tonights segment:

kun asked if zhua ma is the only child in her family and she said she is. kun said that hes the only child too and added that for the people around their age, most of them would be the only child. -c-
-c- kun asked if zhua ma was ever envious of those w siblings & zhua ma said that she wasnt always envious, but at times she would be. like when she sees older siblings bringing their younger siblings out to play (where is she seeing those older siblings can i trade mine 🥲) -c-
-c- kun mentioned that when you're younger, you wouldnt mind being the only child bc you can be pampered a little but as you grow older, then you'll have the feeling of wanting to have siblings.

kun said that even tho you may not have blood related siblings, but there -c-
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a mini thread of 211201 chenle bbl tmi about mark being very bad at pubg, mark and yuta came over for a meal at chenle's

#CHENLE #MARK #CHENMARK #천맠 #맠천 #마크 #천러 #มาร์คเล่อ
all translation credit goes to @wangmoriupdates (go follow them 💕)
context: huya live season is going to start soon and the announced guest for the first episode is renjun and chenle, chenle is therefore pondering upon looking for extra players to help win pubg... mark is... of course the first person chenle mentioned 😅
211201 🏀 chenle 💭 update
9:56 PM KST

🐬: don't joke around my cousin isn't here to carry me i am the one who carries everytime okay
🐬: i am just looking for a helper😀
🐬: even if you beat me to de4th i won't ask mark hahahahahaha
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NCT DREAM 'Dreaming' Track Video Image Teaser


〖 NCT The 3rd Album ‘Universe’
➫ 2021.12.14 〗

#NCT2021_UNIVERSE ImageImage
NCT DREAM 'Dreaming' Track Video Image Teaser


〖 NCT The 3rd Album ‘Universe’
➫ 2021.12.14 〗

#NCT2021_UNIVERSE ImageImage
NCT DREAM 'Dreaming' Track Video Image Teaser


〖 NCT The 3rd Album ‘Universe’
➫ 2021.12.14 〗

#NCT2021_UNIVERSE ImageImage
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#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

hehet kkk

trainer took this

having to proof here is childish

i'm shy because everyone keeps calling me samgyeopsal

i don't like it


i didn't want to show you

say that i have baby fat



i didn't want to show at first
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

i won't show you all again hahahahaha you wish
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

eung it won't work for whatever you say


i'm leaving to eat a meal

see you again
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a mini thread of 211015 chenmark bbl in which chenle lets us know he and mark have mutual in-laws approval from mama lee and mama zhong 🥰

#MARK #CHENLE #CHENMARK #천맠 #맠천 #마크 #천러 #มาร์คเล่อ
all translation credit goes to @wangmoriupdates (please follow them ♥️)
210115 🏀 mark 💭 update
4:22 PM KST

🐯: blurry blurry

first update of the day is mark sending us these very cute selcas

#MARK #CHENLE #CHENMARK #천맠 #맠천 #마크 #천러 #มาร์คเล่อ
©️ wangmoriupdates ImageImage
210115 🏀 chenle 💭 update
6:37 PM KST

🐬: father and daughter(‘s reflections) in the tv screen
- i’m currently not with mark though?
- mark is not here (with me)

cl untionally sending a similar selca to mk

#CHENMARK #천맠 #맠천 #마크 #천러 #มาร์คเล่อ
©️ wangmoriupdates ImageImageImage
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#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

the fast breathing at the ending

i was really tired

i almost d!ed


i tried to pretend that it isn't but it really is very tiring

when i sang the high note in hello future

manager below

said that even down there he +
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

could hear my live voice i was so shy

tired to de*ath tired to de*ath

dreamies have worked hard


the hot sauce bridge originally after my part is with #JENO hyung


while singing

real almost d!ed kkkk
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

my breath

i almost fainted

if you rewatched the stage again you will see on my facial expression that it was very difficult

(in chinese) in the bridge originally i have a part and after that i have to sing with #JENO after that +
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#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

chenle said that if anyone bullies mark he would bully that person back. he also said that he would sit silently and watch #HAECHAN get beaten because he bullied #MARK HAHA
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

i feel like #HAECHAN really enjoys getting beaten by #MARK

know that he would get beaten yet he still bullies him

it's really fun to sit at the side and watch
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

lee #HAECHAN really gets beaten up no matter who he bullies but he still bullies them

take turns to bully then take turns to beat

#MARK never hits me how could he hit me

can a son hit his dad?
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210617 #MARK, #JAEMIN and #CHENLE huya live translation thread 🐯🐰🐱🎮
(i will be watching from mark’s broadcast!)
basic huya rules before the broadcast starts: they’ll be playing pubg for an hour, if they win within the hour then they’ll get a prize from huya, if they don’t they’ll have to do a penalty written by themselves. +
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#2NE1 Image
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