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It might be unpopular but it’s also true that the EXACT same nuance is required to understand why the Black American voting majority enthusiastically supported both the “crime bill” in 1994 AND Bill & Hillary Clinton from the 90s until now.
Feels like I’ve mentioned this blindspot umpteen times before, but here it goes again for the nosebleed seats. People need to understand that “defund the police” rhetoric on the far left inevitably catalyzes White fearmongering about Black “lawlessness” on the far right. 🙃
In other words, the folk whose main goal is perpetuating fuckery of the Democratic party’s agenda and its marginalized base want nothing more than to paint BIPOC communities as resistant to law & order while simultaneously aiding & abetting White supremacist domestic terrorism.
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Classes canceled in Chicago public schools as tensions escalate over COVID-19 protocols | via @Twitter… Image
The other thing to remember is #WeTriedToTellThem ALL of this shit was gonna happen (all over again) but HELL NO. This is yet another consequence of MAGAts who have both a death wish and outsized influence on every single public/private system in 🇺🇸 running the asylum. 🤡👹👺🦊 ImageImageImageImage
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Is this snark or legit “not all White people” in *my* TL in the year of our Queen Betty White’s 2022?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🧐 #DyingOfWhitenessWithJonAndJane
Asked & answered. 🙄💅🏾☕️🧾🌴 #ScreenshotsAreForever #Bloop
I can assure you you’re roasting your own self, dear. 🥴 Deplorable and unexamined White privilege are a CHOICE, they go together like PB&J.
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Omicron is surging, but Houston students headed back to school | via @HoustonChron #ThanksGreg 🤡👹 #Ominous #SeparateAndUnequal… ImageImageImageImage
Classes canceled in Chicago public schools as tensions escalate over COVID-19 protocols | via @Twitter… Image
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PSA🚨: The White American majority has been voting GOP for the last ~60 YEARS, ever since LBJ signed the Civil/Voting Rights Acts. This is *readily Googleable* info and it’s bordering on a dereliction of basic American citizenship for SO MANY folk to STILL not know this FACT.
GOP a Bridge to 1960, When 90 Percent of the Population Was White | via @NYMag #PleaseLearnHistory #SouthernStrategy101 #AintShitChanged #GoogleIt #IDareYouToWakeUp…
What were slave “masters” and explorers/navigators/COLONIZERS, if “not” authoritarians (sociopaths)?
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How much did I tell y’all so? Let me count the ways… 💅🏾🧾🌳
Needless to say, White folk in the suburbs are experiencing a very rude awakening. Too many Americans think they successfully White-flighted themselves to safety and are shocked & full of poutrage b/c the shit blew up in their faces & their kids brought Rona home to kill MeeMaw.
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