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Saying *anything* negative about Reagan is a landmine when it comes to White “moderates”. His legacy has been effectively sugarcoated for as long as I’ve been alive and it has everything to do with unexamined bigotry and fragility. Debunking him means debunking Americana.
Receipts on the Reagan racism that kickstarted so much of the socioeconomic strife we’re experiencing today: #SouthernStrategy101
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FYI this poutrage about Trump getting booed is a consequence of over 50 years of the MSM and @GOP convincing the White American majority that you can “respectfully” be a racist and vote for systemic racism without incurring any real world consequences for it. #SouthernStrategy101
They don’t know how loathed Trump is outside of the Fox bubble and they have no fucking clue about the extent of his criminality or incompetence because they’ve segregated themselves away from diversity and reality.
These were the same jackasses screaming give him a chance in early 2017 b/c none of the racist, sociopathic, predatory shit Trump’s done across his lifespan lost him any respect from them and they wanted ALL of those “attributes” in the *White* House. They all deserve a BOOOOO.
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As if what we really need in this moment is more White men who wouldn’t be where they are today without racism pretending they get to referee the definition and confrontation of racism. 😒
Y’all can go ahead and stop imploring Republicans to denounce the racism they voted for, they’ve officially launched the inevitable “this isn’t actually racism” portion of their programming. Stop fishing for cover on their behalf, they don’t want your rehabilitation by proxy.
Seriously the issue at hand isn’t that the @GOP is unapologetically racist, it’s that their racism has been obfuscated and mainstreamed for 50+ years to the extent that folk are still asking if they condone racism with a straight face even after they nominated/elected KKK Trump.
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The real question about Trump’s unpopularity: How are his poll numbers so high?… #SouthernStrategy101 #WhiteNationalism
What's behind the abortion bans? White supremacy requires white babies—lots of them… via @Susanfrom29
What took so long for women to win the right to vote? Racism is one reason.… via @washingtonpost
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More than $1 trillion in worldwide stock value was wiped out on Monday… via @markets #TrumpTradeWar #InstabilityInChief
Trump's economic adviser says America 'will suffer' from his trade war… #FiscalMalfeasance #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
GOP senator: Bankrupt farmers should be happy to 'sacrifice' for Trump… via @owillis #MAGA #AmericanSociopath #SelfInducedEconomicAnxiety
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Propane Jane discusses why bigots play the victim, how learned helplessness stands in the way of holding Trump/the GOP accountable, and why reconciliation and reparations are necessary to dismantle America’s systemic racism via @RickSmithShow…
Follow the money: the story behind race, income and test scores on national exam…
75 Percent of Republicans Say White Americans Face Discrimination… via @RollingStone #SouthernStrategy101
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In Crosshairs Of China Trade War: Kansas Corn, Pennsylvania Coal, Florida Gold, Trump Re-Election… via @Forbes
Top Trump adviser: 'Heck of a lot of US companies' about to lose money… #MAGA
Trump adds $2 trillion to national debt he promised to 'get rid of'…
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Racism shut the government down. Tell the story accurately.
Oh and by the fucking way, Trump and the GOP don’t (and never did) have a mandate to build their racist ass wall in the first place. The very thought of this and other heinous ideas was why 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary than did Trump. We didn’t vote for this SHIT.
Matter of fact the GOP’s racism is one of the main reasons they just lost the damn House. They’re going out the same way they came in, virulently racist and egregiously fucking stupid, incompetent and negligent. Mark it down.
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The WWC voted for Trump b/c allegedly they were “economically anxious” and though the GOP’s done nothing but divest from their communities for the last 2 years they’re feverishly in support of government spending on a racist, futile border wall. Cue LBJ.
Note the lack of outrage from rural/WWC Republican voters who depend on the dwindling social safety net to survive and are barely hanging on in Trump’s economy while their “representatives” literally throw away billions of dollars on a fucking wall. #SouthernStrategy101
Trump administration considers rollback of anti-discrimination rules… #JimCrow #SouthernStrategy101
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They don’t think they’re stupid, they KNOW they’re racist and xenophobic.
I said this in 2016 and will keep saying it until it sinks in. LEARN THE SOUTHERN STRATEGY, it’s the *only* strategy the GOP’s had for 50+ years now and it works b/c mainstream White fragility refuses to believe that racism shapes American politics.
YES, they are fearmongering about Latino/Muslim refugees/immigrants 2 weeks before an election. How the fuck else do y’all expect the 90+% White GOP to rally its racist base? 🤷🏾‍♀️ What the fuck else do they even have to offer the deplorables but a culture war? Not a damn thing.
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What’s more shameful is the White American majority voted for Trump precisely so this would happen, and the more he justifies such heinous actions by calling the undocumented “animals” the more his approval rating rebounds. #ThisIsAmerica
Never forget that White Americans voted in majority for dictator Donald Trump and EVERY racist, inhumane atrocity his corrupt government commits. @HillaryClinton called them deplorable for a reason and they prove it daily.
Propane Jane discusses how the deplorables’ dehumanization of marginalized groups has paved the way for dismantling of every civil rights advancement of the 20th Century and the illegitimate ascendancy of #InstabilityInChief via @RickSmithShow…
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Dear White America, you played yourself. #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
Go ahead and mark Wednesday, December 20, 2017 as the day that the myth of “economic anxiety” as justification for White working class people voting Trump/the @GOP was officially debunked as blatant BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA. ✅
I wonder if they’re economically anxious this morning, or if they’re still deluding themselves that the @GOP gives a flying fuck about them or their empty wallets...
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