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Trump is claiming victory in particular states based on partial returns, ignoring the potential for a shift to Biden. He's going state by state though and has not yet said he's won the election. (The race is too early to call)
Trump is saying his opponents want to go to court. It is Trump that has been going to court.
There it is: Trump says: "This is a fraud on the American public...Frankly we did win this election." He wants "voting" to stop but there is no more voting. He says he's going to the Supreme Court.
This is profoundly dangerous talk. Votes are still being tallied.
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Of all the ridiculous schemes that have been floated by the President or AG Barr for how mail-in ballot fraud could affect the election, the possibility of a foreign entity swaying election by mailing fraudulent absentee ballots is the most ludicrous. It defies common sense. /1
To begin with, mail-in ballots are very hard to duplicate on the fly. Each jurisdiction has their own ballot format, form of paper, and races differ for voters by their respective districts. Ballot envelopes also often contain coding that helps election officials track them. /2
Ballot forms must contain certain information that must be verified, like a signature, identification information, and sometimes witness requirements. These would all have to be faked, and done in a way to escape attention. /3
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This story is absolutely bonkers. It sounds like Georgia Republicans are worried that Democrats will vote in droves in November because they've now seen that Georgia's election system cannot be run fairly and efficiently. "Wield voting rights like a cudgel" is odd framing.
I have a different concern. As I explain in #ElectionMeltdown (…), there's a chance Democrats and others won't accept the 2020 elections as legitimate if the see voter suppression as the reason Trump wins a state like Georgia and the electoral college.
Another irony in this story. A Republican operative points to the problems that minority voters had voting IN PERSON in Georgia Tuesday to attack efforts to make voting BY MAIL easier. Bonkers.
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Here’s Episode 4 of #ElectionMeltdown—important conversation on what it means to call an election “stolen” or “rigged.” With @ProfCAnderson, @Dahlialithwick, and me. @Slate
Tomorrow, @Slate Plus listeners will get to hear my interview with the ACLU’s @dale_e_ho about his voting rights trial against Kris Kobach in Kansas. #ElectionMeltdown.
The finale of the Election Meltdown series will be a @Slate live show in DC on Feb. 19, with Danielle Citron, Andrew Gillum, Dale Ho, Dahlia Lithwick and me. The audio of the show will be released in next week’s podcast episode.…
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The donations include $1 million to major Democratic super PAC, Priorities USA. All the major Dems got donations (including Adam Schiff, as I'm sure we will soon hear a lot)…
Yes it appears Khawaja later donated to Trump inauguration as well. It does not appear that this is part of this indictment, though it is hard to tell without seeing the indictment itself (so far I can only find press release)
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On my way to a federal judicial conference in Lake Tahoe to talk about trust in American elections and my upcoming book, #ElectionMeltdown
Book preorder info:…
Had a great time speaking about #ElectionMeltdown at Ca Eastern District judges and attorneys meeting in Lake Tahoe. And a quick time for this before heading back
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Yet another joke about staying in office beyond the term limits prescribed by the Constitution.
How worried should we be about Trump's "joking" about not giving up power and all of the other things making people nervous about the 2020 election and beyond…? I've got a book coming on that. #ElectionMeltdown
And yes I know he could say this is about Ivanka and Don Jr.
The whole point is to push the boundaries of what is acceptable, and to drive those committed to the rule of law crazy.
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