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#ELB: Donor Sues True the Vote Claiming He Gave $2.5 Million to Fund Jim Bopp Litigation to Expose Fraud in Battleground States to Help Trump, But the Group Withdrew Their Complaints and Did Nothing. He Wants a Refund.
The complaint alleges that True the Vote through Bopp finally agreed to give back only $1 million of the $2.5 million to fund absurd voter fraud litigation, in exchange for an agreement not to sue for the rest.
The complaint also alleges that True the Vote withdrew its four lawsuits filed by Bopp in consultation with the Trump campaign.
The reason for the withdrawal have not been made clear publicly.
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#ELB: Breaking: In Total Loss for Trump Campaign in Its Most Major Remaining Election Case, Federal Court in Pennsylvania Dismisses Case and Denies Motion to File Amended Complaint [link to opinion]
The federal court judge just EXCORIATES the Trump campaign for seeking to disenfranchise nearly seven million Pennsylvania voters with SHODDY legal arguments. We told you it would be this way:
From the judge on the merits: "Plaintiffs’ only remaining claim alleges a violation of equal protection. This claim, like Frankenstein’s Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together from two distinct theories in an attempt to avoid controlling precedent."
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#ELB: In Outrageous 2-1 Decision Ignoring Reliance Interests and Rejecting the Purcell Principle, 8th Circuit Panel Orders Segregation of Late Arriving Ballots in Minnesota, With Strong Hints Late Arriving Ballots Will Be Excluded from The Count
another link to the opinion that might work better:…
Not sure if the state should go to SCOTUS at this point on this, but if they do it would test the reliance theory.
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#ELB: “The Supreme Court’s Pro-Partisanship Turn” My new one @GeorgetownLJ Online. Here is the abstract:
The Supreme Court’s conservative majority has taken the Court’s election jurisprudence on a pro-partisanship turn, which gives political actors freer range to pass laws and enact policies that can help entrench politicians (particularly Republicans) in power... /2
and insulate them from political competition. /3
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The donations include $1 million to major Democratic super PAC, Priorities USA. All the major Dems got donations (including Adam Schiff, as I'm sure we will soon hear a lot)…
Yes it appears Khawaja later donated to Trump inauguration as well. It does not appear that this is part of this indictment, though it is hard to tell without seeing the indictment itself (so far I can only find press release)
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#ELB: Save the Date (Feb. 28, 2020) for Important @UCILaw Conference: “Can American Democracy Survive the 2020 Elections?”
What a lineup we have for this Feb. 28 @UCILaw event, "Can American Democracy Survive the 2020 Elections?"!…
Nifty flyer for our Feb. 28 @ucilaw event
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#ELB: “Joaquin Castro doubles down amid backlash over tweeting names of Trump donors”
In light of the donor disclosure controversy involving Joaquin Castro, I'm going to tweet out the abstract of an article I wrote on this topic, Chill Out: A Qualified Defense of Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws in the Internet Age… (Journal of Law and Pol)
Everywhere you look, campaign finance disclosure laws are under attack. Disclosure has been opposed by the National Organization for Marriage, Senate and House Republicans (including Senator McConnell, who used to call for no limits and full disclosure),
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#ELB: Gaming Out the Census Citizenship Question Endgame: What Comes Next, and How Will Things End?
From this @Arianedevogue @cnn report, it sounds like DOJ will tell Judge Hazel that they are still thinking of what reason they might have for including the citizenship question on the census, but not say what that reason IS. /1
If DOJ responds this way in census case, it will trigger an evidentiary hearing in Maryland on whether Administration acted (and continues to act) with racially discriminatory intent in seeking to add citizenship question. /2
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#ELB: DOJ is Looking For Path to Continue Adding the Citizenship Question on the Census After Trump Tweet: My Thoughts on What Happens Next
For those wondering, the #ELB post about Trump and the citizenship question on the census is only the second time "shitshow" has appeared on ELB. The other one involved Kobach and a quote from @VP Pence's office.
And DOJ confirms it in writing to Judge Furman:
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#ELB: Federal Court in Maryland Census Case Gives Trump DOJ Until 2 PM Friday to Stipulate that Census Question Is Off the Census or the Case Goes Forward A sign things are still unsettled in rump Administration, despite yesterday’s champagne popping.
WSJ: “Nobody has any f—ing idea,” one of the people said, asked what the president’s tweet was referencing. The person described the tweet as “meaningless.”…
*Trump, not rump, Administration
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#ELB: I Testified at House Judiciary Committee on Foreign Interference in the 2016 and 2020 Elections, and the Implications of the Mueller Report and President Trump’s Statements Welcoming 2020 Foreign Help (written statement and hearing video)
My favorite moment in today's hearing was when I was able to respond to Rep. Buck who wrongly suggested I said that taking all opposition research from foreign sources was illegal, pointing to Steele dossier. I highlighted this part of my remarks, quoting from Repub House report.
As I explain in my testimony American leaders from Washington and Hamilton to Justice Stevens and Justice Kavanaugh have recognized the need to keep out foreign influences over American elections.
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#ELB: “Supreme Court conservatives sympathetic toward Trump census citizenship query”
Looks like CJ Roberts is accepting the pretextual excuse that the citizenship question on the census is necessary to enforce the Voting Rights Act. (It's not). So it's the ideological Roberts, not the institutional Roberts showing up here @Slate…
By the way, here's how many Voting Rights Act section 2 cases the Trump DOJ has brought where it might rely upon citizenship data:

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