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Hearing under way in Wake County superior court. Mark Harris (R) is seeking to have the court order the state board to certify him the winner of the election in the state's 9th congressional district. Watch here:
Judge Ridgeway questions Harris attorney whether there is anyone the court can order to certify an election because the state board dissolved. Attorney says the board's executive director still has authority.
Judge Ridgeway is suggesting Harris can wait until Jan 31 to take up their arguments about certification with new North Carolina state board of elections
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Bailiff just announced that we CAN tweet and take pictures from the #nc09 hearing. This is a very big deal in NC, where many courthouses still don’t allow phones at all. Many props to Judge Ridgeway and @kzmyers for facilitating as much media access as possible!
“Certification is a process with a mandatory timeline” Dale says. Then makes clear @MarkHarrisNC9 wants NCSBE investigation to continue after he’s certified. “We can’t be in a process that has no end.” #nc09 #ncpol
Dale argues that because there was no protest (within the means of the law) then the board should have certified #NC09 race #ncpol
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Mark Harris and Dan McCready have filed their briefs. I'm still waiting on NCSBE's. Hundreds of pages. Going through filings with @AllisonWSOC9 #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
NCSBE has uploaded their filing to the evidence portal. #NC09 #ncpol


NCSBE says Harris' contentions are refuted by law and fact. NCSBE argues actions taken by the former board and continued by staff are grounded in sound legal authority #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
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NEW: The Bladen County Sheriff's Office arrested Chris Eason on drug and weapon charges. Eason signed an affidavit about McCrae Dowless and is on the McCready team's subpoena wish list #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
In a sworn affidavit, Eason said he handed McCrae Dowless his blank and unsealed ballot envelope #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
Buzzfeed did a profile on Eason last year. He is the brother of Ginger Eason. She was one of two people who told me she was paid by Dowless to pick up absentee ballots.…
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Mark Harris apologized for using the emergency exit to avoid the media last night. He called it a rookie error #NC09 #ncpol…
Mark Harris told @PaulBoydWSOC9 that he communicated with McCrae Dowless frequently during the election but nothing illegal was ever discussed. He says Dowless called him and his wife when the allegations first surfaced and he denied everything #NC09 #ncpol
When pressed on the two women who told me they were paid by Dowless to pick up ballots and promote him, Harris said "I think it's very important to let the facts eventually tell the story." #NC09 #ncpol
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Interesting night: As reporters try to ask questions, Mark Harris uses emergency exit #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv…
In other news tonight: Source tells me: CIAA tournament to leave Charlotte for Baltimore after 2020 #CLTCC…
Scooters are staying, rules likely to come: Charlotte City Council looks to add rules limiting scooter usage #CLTCC…
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To avoid the media, Mark Harris ran down a fire exit staircase. A man tried to prevent us from following but we still did. The alarm went off as he ran out. When media caught up he sprinted across the street to the First Baptist Church of Charlotte's parking lot #NC09 @wsoctv
Not only is it a fire exit, from here Harris entered the door locks you inside the staircase. @TerranceFOX46 got trapped inside while trying to follow Harris. We just let him out #NC09 @wsoctv
Sorry for typo- from where*
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(1/21) The 2017-18 @HouseGOP had plenty of indictments, #GOPCorruption, and ethical breaches (see my 21-tweet-thread: ). Now meet House GOP freshmen being sworn in on 1/3/19. With their baggage, they'll fit right in.

#CultureOfCorruption #GOPComplicit
(2/21) Ross Spano @RossSpano #FL15
In a clear violation of @FEC campaign finance regs, Spano funded his campaign with large, unreported loans from personal friends. Given the amt & his relatively narrow win margin, it's shocking he is even being seated. (…)
(3/21) Anthony Gonzalez @anthonygonzalez #OH16
In another flouting of @FEC regulations, Gonzalez faced scrutiny for apparently (and illegally) colluding with a supportive Super PAC that was funded solely by - wait for it - Gonzalez's father! (…)
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NEW: Attorneys for Dan McCready request NCSBE to issue subpoenas to 48 people for the Jan 11 evidentiary hearing #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
McCready subpoena requests:

1. McCrae Dowless
2. Mark Harris
3. Andy Yates
4. Jason Williams
5. Sheriff James McVicker
6. Pete Givens
7. Walter McDuffie
8. Dallas Woodhouse
9. Robin Hayes
10. Tyler Foote

#NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
McCready subpoena requests:

11. Jeff Smith
12. Sheila Kinlaw
13. Cynthia Shaw
14. Gina Ward
15. Valeria Peacock McKoy
16. Bobby Ludlum
17. Agnes Willis
18. Ginger Eason
19. Cheryl Kinlaw
20. Lisa Britt

#NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
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BREAKING: Rep @StenyHoyer tells @wsoctv that Mark Harris will NOT be seated on Jan 3.

“Given the now well-documented election fraud that took place in #NC09, Democrats would object to any attempt by Mr. Harris to be seated on January 3." #ncpol @wsoctv
Rep. Hoyer tells @wsoctv: "In this instance, the integrity of our democratic process outweighs concerns about the seat being vacant at the start of the new Congress.”
Statement from NCGOP: "We believe Mark Harris is the duly elected Congressman Elect and will be certified and seated sooner rather than later." #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
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3-judge panel that originally struck down the current @NCSBE gave until tomorrow for the board to continue in operation. With the #NC09 Jan 11 hearing, the court has declined a request to stay that order, since governor’s veto was overridden & new board can be appointed. #ncpol
Seems like the 3 judges were none too pleased with the current NC State Board of Elections doing a hearing after the judges’ own extension deadline: #ncpol #nc09
So, am going to try and ‘recap’ how we got to this point in #ncpol and all the different issues/controversies leading up to today’s further bombshell of a court decision, impacting both #ncpol & #nc09. And will try to do so in plain English with story links, so here we go.
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NEW: Three say they gave their absentee ballots to strangers who promised to turn them in to officials.

They all said they don't know if they were turned in.

I checked the voter database. There's no record of these three voting in the 2018 election. Story at 6 @wsoctv #NC09
So what happened to those ballots? Good question.

The two women I interviewed earlier this month who were paid by Dowless to pick up ballots said they always delivered the votes to him. They didn't know if he turned them all in #NC09
An affidavit filed by the Bladen County democratic party chairman says he was told that someone heard McCrae Dowless had a new method... throwing absentee ballots in the trash #NC09
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Good evening. Happy Festivus. Merry Christmas Eve Eve. NCSBE just posted a bunch of #NC09 documents @wsoctv
The attorneys for Dan McCready have submitted 20 affidavits from voters and witnesses. Some of these affidavits have been reported before but many of these names are new to me #NC09 @wsoctv
Callie Locklear, a Robeson Co voter, says she handed her sealed absentee ballot to man outside an early voting location. She did not know the man. The man told her he would personally deliver her ballot to the proper county officials inside #NC09 @wsoctv
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This infamous vote suppressor knows perfectly well that the #nc09 situation involves “election fraud,” not “voter fraud,” bc the voters themselves did nothing wrong. Unlike election fraud (where 1 or 2 people can affect MANY votes), voter fraud is rare bc only rarely would...1/
... a voter risk imprisonment for the one measly extra vote he or she might be able to cast by impersonating someone else or otherwise illegally voting. This is why the GOP tries to muddy the water between the two. It is important to know the difference. Thanks. 2/
3/ via @dale_e_ho
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Going through exhibits just released today from the state's 2016 investigation into McCrae Dowless' Bladen County operation.

Here's a text from one of his workers to a friend: "Only way I get paid is getting people to do this junk" #ncpol #nc09
Another text, from one of Dowless' workers to Dowless: "I'm scared and I don't remember half of what we are supposed to say" (to state investigators) #ncpol #nc09
That's interested because it makes it appear Dowless instructed them on what to say to state investigators. But in a state elections board hearing around the same time, Dowless said he only ever told his people to simply tell the truth. #ncpol #nc09
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BREAKING: NCSBE releases the 2016 Bladen investigative report referred to prosecutors. Investigation found McCrae Dowless was paying workers to solicit absentee request forms & collect absentee ballots.

Workers were required to deliver ballots to him and push certain candidates
Just a few weeks ago, two people I interviewed told me McCrae Dowless paid them to pick up absentee ballots, drop them off to Dowless and promote Mark Harris and Sheriff Jim McVicker #NC09 @wsoctv
Anchor @AllisonWSOC9 is going through the 189 page investigative report. Watch @wsoctv at 5 and 6 for updates
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Some non-#NC09 notes on my end-of-year interview with Governor Cooper:
Governor Roy Cooper told me he has not decided whether he will sign the technical corrections bill that would allow HB514 charter school teachers in Mint Hill, Matthews, Cornelius and Huntersville to join the state's retirement and health systems #ncpol @wsoctv
Cooper told me he is opposed to the four Charlotte suburb cities forming their own charter schools. When asked if vetoing the bills would punish teachers instead of the towns, he told me "We are talking about systems that don't even exist yet." #ncpol @wsoctv
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The transition from Congressman Pittenger's leadership has started.

- Office phones have been confiscated
- Computers are starting to be wiped
- Boxes and dollies are all throughout Pittenger's SCLT office
Pittenger Chief of Staff Jamie Bowers says out of the office messages are being setup to direct constituent concerns to Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
The Clerk of the US House of Representatives will take over if no one from #NC09 is sworn in on January 3rd.

The Clerk will then have the authority to rehire Pittenger's staff or hire new staff to handle constituent requests until a new member is sworn in #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
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NEW: NCSBE says the hearing will be in Raleigh at 10 a.m. on January 11 #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
#NC09 hearing is on the following races:

- NC09
- Bladen Co. Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor
- Bladen Co Commission D3
- Seat 2 on District Court in Judicial District 16B (Robeson Co)
Candidates in the affected contests can submit written briefs by Jan 6 saying why they think the race should be certified or why they think a new election should be ordered. #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
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WHOA. Guys, it's not just #NC09.

In Columbus County, which is next to Bladen, also saw a significant drop in returned absentee ballots. Normally ~15% of absentees aren't returned, but in Columbus, it was over 30%.

The incumbent sheriff, a Democrat, lost by 57 votes. 1/
Democrat Lewis Hatcher (the incumbent) ran against Republican Jody Greene. It was a very competitive race. 2/
WECT9 reported tonight about the discrepancy in absentee ballots. Turns out, the man in the middle of the #NC09 election fraud, McCrae Dowless, was also working for Jody Greene, the Republican candidate, in Columbus County. 3/
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Thread on #NC09, how it's likely to go into a special election due to fraud by Mark Harris's campaign,

and why in the heck a former governor (McCrory) is making noise about a run for a Congressional seat in which he'd be in an embattled minority.
I think it's worth noting that

1) Duke Energy has a legal monopoly on the energy market in NC

2) McCrory (R) worked for Duke his entire non-gov't career (28 yrs)

3) NC is in the path of a HUGE, Duke-backed frack gas pipeline build

4) McCready (D) ... runs a solar energy firm.
Should he make it to Congress, McCready will be part of a D-dominated House. That House has a mandate to pass a Green New Deal and require FERC (agency in charge of approving pipelines) to give more than the casual rubber-stamp treatment they've given to pipelines to date.
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BREAKING: We have obtained a photo of Mark Harris and McCrae Dowless together. The picture was taken in March at a political event in Bladen County. The person who took the photo has asked us to not identify them. #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
Reminder: Former #CLTCC candidate Pete Givens told @wsoctv that Harris introduced him to McCrae Dowless in 2017. Harris was Givens pastor

"Mark told me about this guy's process of, you know, that he had a process..."

The photo of Harris and Dowless was taken in March 2018
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.@SenateGOP are in the #TrumpRussiaConspiracy up to their necks. Kennedy's dubious Citizen's United decision filled GOP coffers to overflowing. Since then, Blavatnik donated:

❄️$3.5m to @senatemajldr PAC from 2015 to 2017
❄️$6.35m into various GOP PACs…
The voter fraud narrative pushed by GOP was, at best, a fig leaf over their own corrupt practices and intentions.

Unlike the groundless claims made against immigrants, Democrats and liberals in general, we now have EVIDENCE of GOP election cheating.
The conservative mvt in the late 80s was hobbled by exposés on leading televangelists. So did they suddenly start practicing what they preached?

Doubtful. The tabloids that exposed naughty clerics practiced "catch & kill" in the last 2 decades.…
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Right after Rep. Rob Pittenger lost the GOP primary to Mark Harris, he told the NC GOP that he thought fraud had occurred in Bladen County. Until 2 days ago, the NC GOP was pushing to have the #NC09 race certified & done with.

Pittenger stayed quiet because he felt the pressure from the NC GOP to get behind Harris so they could win the general election. #NC09

This isn't new info for the NC GOP. They literally tried to dust it under the carpet. For 6 months!!!
By the way, if you're curious what Leslie McCrae Dowless (the guy behind the criminal absentee ballot scheme in #NC09) looks like, here you go. Photo via Washington Post.
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