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1/ For a professional, collateral consequences can include being tossed out of networking groups which contributes to making it impossible to get a job in your field. I was kicked out of a group called The Financial Executives Networking Group.
2/ Before my arrest, I had helped a number of members. But, a few years after, my membership was revoked. I took it as another loss and never tried to reach back out. I wasn’t ready to advocate for anyone, let alone myself. But,
3/ a number of years have passed and I sent an email to the president of the organization today. I explained that I wasn’t writing for me, but for others. I explained recidivism rates and I talked about all of the good things I had done.
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Feeling maxed out. Found another Fb grp based in my town promoting violence & indefinite incarceration for ALL sex offenders & the typical misunderstanding of what pedophilia is. 😡😡Spent 20m reporting individual posts & the entire grp 1/
The registry does not do anything except make it easy for holier-than-thous to HARASS & kick ppl who are down. How did society decide that it’s okay & even encouraged to marginalize & aggress against one population?? I’m not an expert on Christianity, but I’m certain 2/
Jesus would NOT behave this way, would not support what is being suggested. #ENDTHEREGISTRY #sexoffendertreatmentworks #doyourresearch #pedophiliaisRARE 3/3
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1/“Interestingly, some of the most ardent prison critics are not troubled by the carve-out to the mass incarceration critique for sexual misconduct...even though there is no such carve out for aggravated assault, drug dealing, or even murder.”-@ayagruber #endtheregistry #cjreform
2/ “The exception for sexual offenses is so taken for granted that few feel the need to mention it or stray from the presumption that sex offenders are just a small minority of those swept away in mass incarceration” - Feminist War on Crime @ayagruber #cjreform
3/ “Reality is that according to a BJS report on the US prison population is that so’s at 12.4%, constitute a higher percentage than burglars & nonsexual assaults & nearly as high a percentage as all drug offenders (15.7%)” Feminist War on Crime @ayagruber #read4justicewithamber
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1/ If you are in NY, are affected by public registration, have a loved one who is, or fundamentally oppose registries as a matter of human rights & because they distract from strategies that actually reduce sexual harm - We must join those on the ground & expand our coalitions.
2/ If you find it difficult to understand why this matters, consider this. A full 32% of the NY Corrections Committee agenda today involves bills that demand further restrictions, sanctions & punitive actions towards individuals who are required to register. #endtheregistry
3/Many of these are measures such as residency & proximity restrictions, parental visitation, & internet surveillance. All of these things have huge collateral consequences, do not protect children, infringe on rights & detract from strategies that help reduce sexual harm.
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“We have to be more proactive than reactive.” - @Tamilbond4 On sexual harm & the state violence that is public registries. Part of recent virtual panel discussion with authors, @JudithLevine & Erica Meiners. Watch it here: #endtheregistry #endsexualharm
“I am hopeful that there is an opening for partnerships between secular society & those who are in spiritual communities of one shape or another to move change forward.” - Andrew, lived-experience organizer and clergy member. #valueallhumans
“Alliances of all kinds are important as we work to make people whole again. Sitting in a room full of people who agree with us may feel good but won’t move the mark.” - @amberspeaksup #endtheregistry #nomoreharm #supportsurvivors
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If you don’t believe in public registries, & haven’t followed the these accounts, I recommend: @endtheregistry @G_Padraic @ThoughtasWeak @RegistryReport @all4consolaws @CCRC_Official @ny_action @CFRJustice @JoshuaBHoe @philawsostef @TheDobbsWire @DavidLeegarlock
Another really great advocate for #cjreform and #abolishtheregistry is @SonsLifeMatters!! Who else is out there that you want to add? I know there more, will you help grow the list? #endtheregistry #valuealhumans #endsexualharm
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1/ I would like CT to remember what happens when we don’t consider those who will be affected by well meaning reform. When we overthrew the death penalty individuals were sentenced to life in prison - in SOLITARY-like conditions, which is arguably more cruel than death.
2/ When we consider the social death and ever-changing, perpetual punishment that is public registration, we must consider those who will have no path off to prevent a similar situation.
Incremental reform must also be smart reform, we must not build further infrastructure into broken systems. /end #cjreformCT, #endtheregistry #valuallhumans
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1/ Sometimes it is very necessary to speak truth to power, even when people discourage you. Individuals assert that people will not hear, or that their “hands are tied”. Feelings do not negate FACTS.
2/ We must hold leaders accountable to do what they can, when they can and pledge to take steps to get there even when it will take time, work, public education and planning. They should be committed to truth and overall societal benefit. #wearehuman #cjreform
3/ What is NOT acceptable is to send the message to any human that they do not matter. It is NOT acceptable to entertain ideas that perpetuate false narratives and harm more people than they help, simply because we are not paying attention to details. #SORegistry
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Thread 1/I’ve been on my state's Sex Offense Registry for 9 ½ years. I was placed on it for ten years, so I am scheduled to be removed later this year, in July. If we truly believe that the registry alerts people to danger (spoiler alert: it doesn’t), then it’s interesting
2/that at the beginning of the summer, I’m considered a threat to public safety, but by the end of the summer, I’m miraculously transformed.

In reality, the entire time I’ve been on the registry, I haven’t been a threat. It’s true I committed an offense in 2008. I was guilty
3/and I take responsibility for it. The moment I was arrested, I started a journey of self-discovery to determine why I would cross a societal boundary I knew was wrong. I studied, I read, I met with a therapist, I met with more than one rabbi, I meditated, I wrote, and I
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