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"instead of the mistrial he would have received almost anywhere else, Mr. Ramos was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole."… #cjreform
"According to one committee chairman, the
avowed purpose of that convention was to 'establish the supremacy of the white race'”
"With a careful eye on racial demographics, the convention
delegates sculpted a 'facially race-neutral' rule permitting
10-to-2 verdicts in order 'to ensure that African-American
juror service would be meaningless.'”
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When you hear people say Bernie never passed any bills, share this clip where former GOP congressman describes what it was like to serve on the same committee as #BernieSanders key phrase: pride of authorship #NotMeUs #NVCaucuses
Here add this for a second opinion
Longer clip where Ney says if he has to choose Trump or Bernie it’s a no-brainer. The Republican says Bernie. Clip thanks to @TRNshow
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People keep throwing the line out that “Kamala put black people im jail” but her record as a prosecutor shows an emphasis on reducing incarceration for drug crimes. What can we say for the other top candidates? /1
People focus on the 94 crime bill but most of mass incarceration is actually due to laws passed in the 80s. Biden ran as a tough on crime candidate & criticize a Bush bill as not going far enough. Biden sponsored 3 bills in the 80s…
Bernie voted for the 94 bill and against a 95 bill aimed at demilitarizing police. He also ran as a tough on crime candidate using these votes as late as 2006…
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Here we go!! #DemDebate #TeamWarren
"Sometimes there are issues that are bigger than politics." YES, @ewarren!! WE MUST PURSUE impeachment!


#DemDebate #TeamWarren
@ewarren Bernie calls out #MoscowMitch McConnell. Tell him he must “do the right thing and allow a free and fair trial in the Senate" #DemDebate
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I'm going to try and continue to do policy analysis threads for the #2020Election! To that end here is a thread on Maternal mortality #maternalhealthjustice #2020Policy
The US has the highest maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world. Bet 700 & 900 women die from pregnancy/childbirth related causes every year. 3/5 pregnancy-related deaths are preventable (CDC). Black & Indigenous women are 3-4x more likely to die than white women
.@KamalaHarris has been the leader on maternal mortality. More than including it in her 2020 platform Harris introduced the Maternal Care Access (CARE) bill in 2018 (requiring implicit bias training) w/ @SenGillibrand & again in 2019 @nataliereports /1…
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I've been meaning to write a long thread explaining the various #CJReform plans and what I'd ideally like to see in a perfect world addressed by them. Apologies that it's taken me so long but this semester has been killing me!
Let's first start with what Hillary proposed in 2016. First of all she connected education, policing, and rehabilitation to #CJR with her call to end the school to prison pipeline & prioritizing rehabilitation for non violent drug offenses as well as ending mandatory minimums /1
Hillary's policing reforms required community collaboration and implicit bias training. She also called for body cams and more judicial dept involvement in civil rights issues (this is for police shootings). She also called to end private prisons /2
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Today I attended the second meeting of the @GovWhitmer task force on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration...I had one big takeaway...

#cjreform @safeandjustmi
@GovWhitmer @safeandjustmi In a room filled with activists, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, formerly incarcerated people, legislators, and like half of the @ACLUofMichigan we all agreed that MENTAL HEALTH CARE IN OUR JAILS is in CRISIS and NEEDS attention...needs attention badly @safeandjustmi
@GovWhitmer @safeandjustmi @ACLUofMichigan Too often, we talk about ONLY diversion, but even with the best system of diversion, some folks will end up stuck in the mental health block in the jail, and for those of us who have been there, that is NOT okay, not one person disagreed @safeandjustmi
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This should send shivers

Haughton had no criminal record, lost both of his jobs.

“They messed up my life. I want the world to know that the system is not right. If I didn’t have strong people around me, they would probably leave me in jail. You’re lost in the system”
@ByLynhBui "Months after his release, he is only now fully rebuilding his life after the setback devastated him and his family of six children."
@ByLynhBui "Twenty days after his arrest, a state police lab test looking for drugs in the bottles came up negative. Yet the 45-year-old father sat behind bars for two more months total before the last of the charges were dropped after a second all-clear in a federal lab test."
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Suspect is a "documented gang member...should have been in prison, and not allowed to be in our community...Based upon his prior arrest record, he is a violent individual who should have never been considered for early release, based upon Assembly Bill 109" - Chief Tom DaRe
And now 4 people are dead. I ask again, when is the national conversation on keeping behind bars people who need to be kept behind bars?

I ask @benshapiro @LarryOConnor @RealKiraDavis @KurtSchlichter and anyone else with a California voice to interview @GardenGrovePD Chief Tom DaRe, who today asked Sacramento to rethink the disastrous AB109
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Thursday thoughts on #risk assessment tools, roughly paraphrased from Janus & Prentky, 2003. "Like any tool of science, actuarial risk assessment can be used for good or ill." Used well, it can make decision-making more transparent.
Used poorly, ARA can have unintended consequences, including justification for "increasingly aggressive and expansive preventive detention #laws." Janus and Prentky "urge caution and mindfulness in using ARA."
In other words, we should consider not only the #science, but also the effects of relying on ARA. The accuracy of these tools does not address underlying concerns about legal paradigms that promote incapacitation based on group-based risk #Statistics. #cjreform
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"Hilliard pleaded not guilty during his arraignment, was released, and ordered to stay away from the victim."

Hi #CriminalJusticeReform #CJReform, could you work on keeping behind bars someone charged with 20 cases of sexual assault. That'd be swell. Thanks.
“We’re doing our part, trying to protect the community, trying to keep people from reoffending, and committing these kinds of crimes. Then literally, Friday someone’s arrested, then Saturday morning they’re back out and recommitting (crimes) within a day or two"
Make sure to read every horrifying word of this article…
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Okay, I have been skeptical about @PeteButtigieg (more than skeptical), but if he is actually committed to the #cjreform in his #DouglassPlan, he is making some SERIOUS commitments
1. I have long argued that the Federal government should be incentivizing states to reverse mass incarceration, that is plank one in the @PeteButtigieg plan (needs some tinkering along the lines of the "Reverse Mass Incarceration Act:" but this is a start
2. Eliminating incarceration for drug possessing is a good idea...he should not implicitly make the distinction between dealers and users, but he says reduce sentences for other drug offenses and make it all retroactive (very important) @PeteButtigieg
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Kids are playing in their yard when a fugitive ends up on their property. Police come over, hold the kids at gunpoint and make them all get down on the ground. The family dog comes out, and an officer tries to shoot it. He misses.
The dog runs underneath the porch. Some time passes. The dog comes back out. The cop tries to shoot it again, misses it, and hits one of the kids in the knee.

Qualified immunity.

So the police won't be held accountable… #CJreform cc @ConLawWarrior
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LONG THREAD: With today's announcement of substantial investment in data-driven pretrial criminal legal system reform, we are long-overdue for a broad conversation on addressing community needs, the role of philanthropy, & the ethics of certain models of social science research.
We hope this will be a starting point, though it appears the train has already left the station:

Good quality research. Evidence-based. Data-driven.

These buzzwords are quite popular in #cjreform circles, among nonprofits, researchers, foundations, & elected officials.
Yet no one required such rigorous investigation to incarcerate millions of people, including hundreds of thousands pretrial, which has caused generations of harm.

Research did not create our present criminal punishment system.

Racism & fear did.
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THREAD:This is Henry before he got a death-in-prison sentence, aka life without parole. An Army veteran who became addicted to drugs while stationed overseas, he committed 4 robberies in Alabama in which no one was physically injured, the largest amount he stole was $103. (1)
Henry has spent 33 years in Alabama prisons for this. He's committed no violent acts in prison, yet is still considered a "violent offender" because of his crimes, and thus was denied multiple appeals for a sentence reduction that would have given him a chance for parole. (2)
Henry got clean in prison. Despite being surrounded by contraband drugs and alcohol, he's completed every rehab program available & remains steadfast in his sobriety. He's worked in the prison kitchen & craft room & in his spare time reads his Bible and goes to the chapel. (3)
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1) OTHER BRANCHES. YES, YOU. Stop not checking earnestly if your stuff is constitutional.

2) And just because courts say it is doesn't mean they're right. Stuff is overturned a lot. USE YOUR BRAIN
"at the very moment technology is making it easier for the police to get warrants, judges are tripping over themselves to excuse them."
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US Sentencing Commission put out this FAQ on the #FirstStepAct, thanks @SLandP #cjreform…
Also this revised impact analysis for #FirstSteoAct, again, thanks @SLandP…
This seems to be pretty strong evidence that the #FirstStepAct will positively impact racial disparities 1) Fair Sentencing Act retroactivity
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Every person who knows someone in prison should discontinue subscribing to your publication.

Your argument: b/c the government can't pass a budget people in prisons should not get one of their ONLY special meals of the year

CO's can eat out 365 days a year - We are NOT PROPS
Other problems:

1. Did they interview ONE former or current prisoner about the state or food or about the importance of special meals - EVEN ONE?

2. Why is @USATODAY carrying water for this Correctional Officers Union uncritically @glennEmartin @JustLeadersUSA @ShakaSenghor
Another way to put how gross this article was ..

What GOOD would have come from denying people in prison their special meal?

How would that have helped the correctional officer get paid OR made the prison better off?

You never even asked @USATODAY
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An easy breakdown of why Tom Cotton is not only WRONG but Dangerously WRONG on the #FirstStepAct

1. The act is modeled after state reform that reduced recidivism. IE He is PREVENTING a bill that REDUCES crime and INCREASES public safety…
2. Mr. Cotton likes to use scare-tactics, he says the #FirstStepAct will let "SCARY PEOPLE OUT"

But, these people will GET OUT ANYWAY, the question is HOW not IF they will return. Mr. Cotton is supporting "scary people" returning With NO programming…
3. In fact, for the people Mr. Cotton likes to fear-monger the most - remaining in prison WITHOUT PROGRAMMING is an INCUBATOR for RECIDIVISM. Again, Mr. Cotton is arguing, in essence, for MORE crime not less when he opposes the #FirstStepAct on these grounds
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Today, America holds more prisoners, by far, than any other country in the world. Our overcrowded federal prisons consume one quarter of DOJ's discretionary budget. This undermines other important priorities, like preventing crime and treating drug addiction.
The largest increase in the federal prison population is nonviolent drug offenders, and this is because of inflexible mandatory minimum sentences. These mandatory penalties don’t allow judges to distinguish between drug kingpins—who should be our focus—and lower-level offenders.
We also have to consider the racially disparate impact of these unfair laws. The majority of illegal drug users & dealers in our country are white, but 3/4s of all people incarcerated for drug offenses are African American or Latino.
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Yesterday @ the gym I listened to my favorite podcast (I don’t do political podcasts) called @HowIBuiltThis with @guyraz. The episode featured @SteveMadden & the ups & downs of his career. Two things struck me - his admission that he grew up believing that the most important /1
Thing was money, and his obsession with earning more 💰 caused him to engage in shady behavior that he knew in his heart was wrong & illegal. That “value” is like we also see with the Trumps, & while I don’t know folks like that, it struck me as ironic to hear about now. The /2
Other point of discussion was that Madden readily shared the inherent unfairness to blacks within the criminal justice system. He was in prison & saw 1st hand that mandatory drug sentencing laws disparately affected blacks & were unfairly harsh. We need his voice on #CJReform END
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#THREAD 1) Stories about how recent #HWH closures are impacting federal prisoners & their families are still pouring into our offices
2) We've learned of postponed release dates, reduction of #HWH time, and people being placed at #HWHs far from their homes
3) Last week, @Reuters covered the issue and helped spread news of this issue all over the nation! #HWH #cjreform…
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#THREAD: We've been hearing from fed prisoners & families about halfway houses being closed & people losing valuable re-entry time/services
2) So last week we asked all our federal #incarnated members what they were hearing and experiencing firsthand. #HWH
3) We were overwhelmed w/ responses & utterly appalled. We want to share some here. #HWH
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