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Season Four of Decarceration Nation so far....

Episode 91 #COVID19 in prison featuring @WesternBruce and @ewang422

#cjreform #podcast…
Episode 92 Food in Prison featuring @MikaWeinstein and Leslie Soble of @ImpactJustice

#cjreform #podcast…
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Yesterday, when I was talking about 2020 accomplishments, I forgot to mention the 19 interviews I produced on the Decarceration Nation Podcast @DNationPod

Was so great to talk to so many amazing and accomplished guests in 2020
The year started with an interview with my friend Val, who returned from over 40 years of incarceration last year...We talked about everything from his service in Vietnam to getting to vote for the first time…
Next I talked to a legendary activist, Lisa Fithian about her new book "Shut It Down"

Who knew, just a few months later, protests would break out across the entire country…
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@JoeBiden MUST end the use of the Federal Death Penalty....It was LITERALLY part of HIS #cjreform plan during the was also LITERALLY part of the @KamalaHarris #cjreform plan

These were the promises they made, not some wild demand from outsiders
Don't believe me?

This is from the @JoeBiden campaign promises web page Image
Don't believe me?

This is from the @KamalaHarris #cjreform promises from her Medium page… Image
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Okay in 2020 Michigan:

* Passed the largest expansion of expungement ever (arguably ever in the United States)
* Passed all 20 pieces of legislation from the recommendations of the Task Force on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration
* Occupational Licensing reform
* SNAP reform
There was more, but it is actually possible that MILLIONS of people will be benefited by these changes and it all happened in a state with GOP control of the legislature and a DEM Governor

EVERY legislator and our Governor deserve a lot of credit for working together #mileg
Obviously, there is still a LOT of work left to do and we are dealing with a full-on COVID crisis in our prisons and jails.

117 people have died from COVID in Michigan prisons as of last night

We need the vaccine in our prisons and commutations for people at high-risk ASAP
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A thread - We are so humbled & proud of the guests who shared a bit of their lives with the world on #Amplifiedvoices in Season 1.

As we gear up for Season 2, Catch up, comment, share & support! The more these voices are heard, the further change can go! #cjreform
@ThoughtasWeak was featured in the 1st full episode (3) She shared her thoughts on how her family was affected by both harm & the system, her search for answers, what they thought justice should look like, her spirituality, & journey to healing & advocacy.…
Episode 4 follows Iran Nazario, of @PeaceCenterofCT through his turbulent childhood, subsequent immersion in gang membership & entanglement in the cj system. His inspiring journey to repurpose himself as a proponent of peace & understanding makes an impact…
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1/When my LO was incarcerated, people in my circle helped pay for phone calls for my kids. I have NEVER forgotten that kindness. The bill was often over over $500 per month & I was ashamed that I needed the help. During the winter I couldn’t afford the calls & heat too.
2/A group of great people pooled money for modest Christmas gifts so my kids could feel like their world wasn’t crumbling around them. This gesture gave the kids the opportunity to feel a sense of normalcy. The givers? They didn’t even celebrate Christmas, but cared that we did.
3/Her first time waiting at the prison for a visit, my daughter began to cry uncontrollably while standing “on the line” waiting for her dad to be brought out. An angel of a woman next to her reached over, touched her shoulder and told her she was gonna be ok. #cjreform
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As a survivor of crime, I want more than anything to know others will not endure the same pain I did. Above all else, I want collective safety. Our current system doesn’t create that, in fact, it perpetuates cycles of violence & commits deep injustices in the name of survivors.
2/ We need to stop pretending that we don’t know that there are better ways. Across the country, organizers, community organizations & even young people are innovating with better solutions. #transformativejustice #restoreativejustice #donomoreharm
3/ Who are the innovators you know doing this great work? Practicing violence prevention, harm reduction, seeking restorative & transformative solutions? Add them to this thread to amplify their efforts! #cjreform #harmreduction #endmassincarceration #peoplenotprisons
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Okay, lots of people debating me today on Trump vs. Biden on #cjreform

This is LITERALLY from Trumps website and was posted August 23d

Notice where he says "end cashless bail" meaning EVERYONE who does not have money for bail will be detained… Image
Now, look at Biden's site: Image
Before a few months ago, the Federal Death Penalty had not been used in YEARS....Since Barr and Trump reinstated the Federal Death Penalty, four people have been executed and the fifth is coming soon…
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If you missed the #read4justicewithamber discussion with Aya Gruber author of The Feminist War on Crime, you may access it here via @YouTube
1/ One of my favorite moments was when Aya passionately stated "This thought that there is this neat divide between 'the criminals' & 'the victims' was just never true as an empirical statistical matter." @ayagruber #endmassincarceration
2/ "The iconic 'victims' & 'perpetrators' that all of this massive amount of policy, massive expenditures of wealth in this country in caging people, the images that those were made on, were just racialized, class, gendered images. THEY. JUST. WEREN'T. TRUE." @ayagruber #cjreform
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The police accountability bill in CT has been passed in the House of Representatives after an all night marathon. #PoliceReform #cjreform #policeaccountability Image
For those who want to know who voted how, please note this is a screenshot before the final a few came in last minute. Image
Now on to the Senate 👉
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1/“Interestingly, some of the most ardent prison critics are not troubled by the carve-out to the mass incarceration critique for sexual misconduct...even though there is no such carve out for aggravated assault, drug dealing, or even murder.”-@ayagruber #endtheregistry #cjreform
2/ “The exception for sexual offenses is so taken for granted that few feel the need to mention it or stray from the presumption that sex offenders are just a small minority of those swept away in mass incarceration” - Feminist War on Crime @ayagruber #cjreform
3/ “Reality is that according to a BJS report on the US prison population is that so’s at 12.4%, constitute a higher percentage than burglars & nonsexual assaults & nearly as high a percentage as all drug offenders (15.7%)” Feminist War on Crime @ayagruber #read4justicewithamber
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1/ If you are in NY, are affected by public registration, have a loved one who is, or fundamentally oppose registries as a matter of human rights & because they distract from strategies that actually reduce sexual harm - We must join those on the ground & expand our coalitions.
2/ If you find it difficult to understand why this matters, consider this. A full 32% of the NY Corrections Committee agenda today involves bills that demand further restrictions, sanctions & punitive actions towards individuals who are required to register. #endtheregistry
3/Many of these are measures such as residency & proximity restrictions, parental visitation, & internet surveillance. All of these things have huge collateral consequences, do not protect children, infringe on rights & detract from strategies that help reduce sexual harm.
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Voters often ask why they should support my campaign for County Attorney. I tell them I’ve practiced law over 13 years, I’m the only Democratic candidate with prosecutorial experience, and I have the most comprehensive platform on #cjreform.

But let’s talk about support 👇
Because if there is one thing -- support doesn’t lie.
Our campaign has built a diverse coalition of organizations, elected officials, unions, and civic leaders that all stand alongside us to build a brighter future for our criminal justice system in Arizona.
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@ayagruber reflects - “How did the feminism anti-violence agenda become so tethered to the tough-on crime position? How come gender crime gets a carve out or even veto over #cjreform?...In many ways the feminist war on crime is a feminist civil war”#read4justicewithamber
2 / “It is natural to want to advocate for more crim. enforcement in the face of rape crisis stats & stories of abuser impunity. However, in the rush to punish bad apples we forget that the cj system is culturally ordered, technocratic & beholden to specific political forces.”
3/ @ayagruber unpacks how “Feminist criminal law reforms have always operated within the context of larger social phenomena, from slavery to sex panics.” Check out the Intro, Ch1 Ch 2 this week. Share your thoughts & RT to #read4justicewithamber
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We will be live in just a few minutes with the Maricopa County Attorney candidate forum.

Thank you Mass Liberation AZ, BLM Metro Phoenix, Poder in Action, LUCHA, Trans Queer Pueblo, and Drinking Gourd Farms for hosting this event.

Tune in on Facebook or in this thread. 👇
We are still waiting to get into the Zoom but we will keep you updated when things get up and running.
We are now live!

Here's a link to the Facebook Live:…
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1/ Imagine that you were not allowed to access the internet or your would be sent to jail. There is a pandemic & most communications (zoom town halls, Facebook live briefings, smart tv’s, etc) were happening online or your job or school went to online meetings. #cjreform
2/ Imagine that the probation office didn’t inform you, but you tried to report & it was locked up tight. You can’t get a hold of your officer. Imagine the panic you start to feel. You slip a note under the door and leave a message hoping you’ll be okay.
3/ You are part of an at-risk population for #CoVID19 due to age or underlying medical conditions. You risked your health to report to that office, even had to take public transportation or miss work. #stillnotfree #lessismore
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If you don’t believe in public registries, & haven’t followed the these accounts, I recommend: @endtheregistry @G_Padraic @ThoughtasWeak @RegistryReport @all4consolaws @CCRC_Official @ny_action @CFRJustice @JoshuaBHoe @philawsostef @TheDobbsWire @DavidLeegarlock
Another really great advocate for #cjreform and #abolishtheregistry is @SonsLifeMatters!! Who else is out there that you want to add? I know there more, will you help grow the list? #endtheregistry #valuealhumans #endsexualharm
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We are now live with the @ACLUaz for a virtual town hall on the #COVID19 crisis in county prisons. We will be live-tweeting and you can also stream the town hall below.
Facebook Live:
We need to elect courageous and transparent leaders up and down the ballot in the county government.

I hold an undergraduate degree in chemistry. The pandemic has reinforced the need for an evidence-based policy when it comes to fighting #COVID19 in our prisons.
First and foremost, we are witnessing a lack of leadership in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Quite frankly, the buck stops somewhere else.
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"instead of the mistrial he would have received almost anywhere else, Mr. Ramos was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole."… #cjreform
"According to one committee chairman, the
avowed purpose of that convention was to 'establish the supremacy of the white race'”
"With a careful eye on racial demographics, the convention
delegates sculpted a 'facially race-neutral' rule permitting
10-to-2 verdicts in order 'to ensure that African-American
juror service would be meaningless.'”
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We are now live with @heyjoewatson of AFSC Arizona discussing criminal justice reform and how #COVID19 is impacting prisons in Arizona.

Join us here:…
If you're following along on the livestream, the @AZCorrections #COVID19 Dashboard is here:…
Notable stat, no one has been tested for #COVID19 in the Perryville prison.
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My friends over at the Center for Rational Justice Studies @CFRJustice have just established a twitter presence. Please give them a follow. They advocate for proportional justice, restoration for all & an end to public registration practices. #SORegistry #CJreform #valueallhumans
Thank you for RT @JohnCar123411!
Thank you @AmberSm33136790 for the RT!
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1/ Thread illustrating that the system does not “listen to the victims”...2 years ago, our family was victimized when my elderly “auntie-mom” who had Alzheimer’s was financially exploited & left for dead by someone who posed as a friend and caregiver. You can read the story here:
2/ In Feb., the victim advocate called to say that the sentencing would take place in May, but that the defense was asking for a continuance to allow the convicted to have knee surgery before he served time. She tried to guide our impact statements to ensure that he was denied.
3/ Much to her surprise, I explained that while we understand the system, we wished for accountability & rehabilitation. I reminded her that his sentence was NOT to a life of physical pain due to lack of healthcare. We had no problems with a continuance. #restorativejustice
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1/ Advocates & advocacy groups - please LISTEN! You can call for immeadiate action without making the violent/nonviolent distinction. I know it’s well-meaning, but it can do A LOT of damage to the criminal justice reform narrative. #COVID19 #cjreform
2/ You can say “release the elderly/sick” without saying “leave the juveniles”. You can say “release people” without saying “leave the violent offenders to die”. You can say “release those awaiting trial” without throwing those jailed for tech violations or who are convicted away
3/ Make your evidence-based arguments for your desired outcomes - WITHOUT harming others in the process. Offer to be a part of solutions. Tell the stories of humans who do not deserve to die slow, painful deaths when it could have been prevented. #valueallhumans #COVID19
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New! Joint project w/ @theappeal exploring lives of the "Left Behind," ppl serving life for crimes committed while children. Last yr's youth sentencing reforms in Oregon don't address their cases - unfinished business. #leftbehindoregon #jlwop #cjreform
@theappeal There are more than 100 juvenile lifers in our state prisons. Some are serving "true life" sentences which mean they may never be released. Others do have the possibility of release dates but they may not come until they are well into old age. #jlwop #cjreform #orpol
It's difficult to persuade legislators to unpick decisions already made about past cases, and there are some legal barriers to doing so. The new law #SB1008 does not address the extremely lengthy sentences some Oregonians are already serving. #orpol #leftbehindoregon
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