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1. #QAnon asks us a simple question: Why is the #FakeNewsMedia continually expending resources to defame, debunk, and cast as a conspiracy, for, as they say, a nobody who started on 4chan?
Why the attempt to cast blame of recent events on the '#Q' movement?
Attempt to silence?
2. #QAnon gives a sample of #FakeNewsMedia's #Q obsession from the last 7 days:
3. #QAnon cites Moritz-Rabson's article mocking Nevada Congressional candidate Joyce Bentley for a post on #DeepState having achieved almost total influence over the media. Moritz-Rabson writes, "QAnon 'believers' .. post.. violent threats".…
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1/ After learning details of the massive #Spygate conspiracy, its reasonable to ask:

A. Why did the #FakeBomber prolifically post on facebook about soccer, etc, but never mention politics until March, 2016, the same month CIA/FBI started planning #Spygate?

B. Why did #FakeBomber have numerous daily facebook posts, then not post a single thing for 2 months in Jan-Feb 2016 before he started exclusively focusing on politics?

C. Why was #FakeBomber's @hardrock2016 account created in April 2016, right when Hillary and DNC hired Fusion GPS?

D. Why was his first tweet on June 9, 2016, THE SAME DAY AS THE TRUMP TOWER MEETING and same month Fusion hired Steele?
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2. ...#DeepState lords in the #Democratic party. #HRC and #Hussein aren't the face of the democratic party anymore. We can tell that by the severe lack of attendees at their "rallies". They're has-beens, criminals who will soon be in prison. They're irrelevant, trying...
3. become relevant again. It's an obvious ploy for attention and sympathy. Think about this: Each one of these "targeted" people have insane security, personal assistants, guarded compounds, etc. It has been said that each of these packages were apparently hand delivered...
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The "ISIS" flag on the CNN #FakeBombs is actually a picture of some naked chicks and the slogan "Get Er Done". Not ISIS. Can't find any Google reverse image search hits except some reference to "Boars Butt Brewery" in Charletown, SC. BOTTOM LINE: Looks like a LibTard.
In all seriousness, I'm guessing the creators used this mock ISIS flag to point to an anti-Muslim group of bigots or militant extremist group as a false-flag, knowing the devices would never be detonated and the FBI would waste time tracing this mock flag to some militia group.
One more reason: this is a PURE propaganda false flag. And as with all false flags you have to ask "WHO BENEFITS?". That's almost ALWAYS the perpetrators.
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