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Also I forgot to flog my tip jar. It's in the bio. Or hit my wishlist for reptile stuff, I'm going to get something in a few months after I get everything :D


(and Thunderbolts)
This show is dense, even though we get bro time and you have to build a boat. Which, I fucking love.

When we last saw Zemo he was pulling a Chapo because he did not wish to fuck with Ayo and Friends.

Smart man.
So we've learned a lot about Zemo in #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier

We've learned he's basically Evil Batman, with his own Alfred, probably named Helmut or some shit.

He's rich, he's incredibly smart, and he's a master manipulator.
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#FalconAndTheWinterSoldier spoilers, in ROT13 code if you want to decode it:
Ybirq gur rcvfbqr! V jnfa'g rkcrpgvat Fnz & Ohpxl gb trg onpx gur fuvryq. Jnyxre jnf flzcngurgvp ohg fgvyy jrag bire gur rqtr. 1/
Gur tbirerazrag npghnyyl qvqa'g onpx Jnyxre. V jnf xvaq bs fhecevfrq. naq gur WYQ erirny! Znqnz Ulqen? Whfg JUB vf Funeba Pnegre fhccbfrq gb or? V ab ybatre guvax fur'f gur Cbjre Oebxre, ohg fur pregnvayl unf cbjre. 2/
Fnenu naq Ohpxl jnf nzhfvat, naq fb jnf Fnz'f erfcbafr. Ybirq gur zhfvp va gur Ybhvfvnan fprarf va cnegvphyne (orpnhfr V'z sebz gurer). Fnz naq Ohpxl ernyyl pbaarpgrq qbja gurer. Boyvtngbel genvavat zbagntr vf boyvtngbel ohg vg trgf gur zrffntr npebff. 3/
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I think its hilarious that Bucky aka Winter Soldier/White Wolf has way more swag than Sam Wilson aka Falcon.

it's also wild to see Marvel go from #WandaVision to
#FalconAndWinterSoldier regarding its presentation of Mental health care (latter being trash).
So the new Cap is basically your typical white American patriot who believes he's entitled to whatever opportunities come his way, entitled to have anyone he wants work for/with him, & if they choose not to he turns cold towards them, but has a black side kick so he's not racist.
We can finish entire series in one more episode. Old man Steve shows up and slaps Falcon for giving the shield he gifted him to a museum/government instead of to Bucky or Wakanda. Old man Steve takes Shield back & gives it to Bucky. The End. #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier
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Según una filtración recogida por @MCU_Direct la actriz Erin Kellyman encarnaría a #MelissaGold en la serie de #FalconandtheWinterSoldier.

Si querés saber quién es, lee el siguiente hilo!

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU
Melissa Gold era una joven que tras una infancia muy difícil, se une a un grupo de luchadoras conocidas como #Grapplers.
Estas chicas, al ser rechazadas en el ambiente del Wrestling se dedican al delito.
Melissa adopta el nombre de #GritonaMimi #ScreamingMimi Image
Caen en manos de algunas mentes perversas de #Roxxon. Mimi recibe un dispositivo que le permite hacer algunas cosas maravillosas con su voz, y adopta el nombre de #SongBird !!!!!

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU Image
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Nuevo video de la filmación de #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier!!! Donde vemos nada más ni nada menos que a #USAgent en acción!! Luchando con el escudo!!!!! 😱

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU
Con quién crees que lucha??

#FATWS #Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU
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