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Making money while you sleep is how you build wealth. The goal should be financial freedom and building multiple passive income streams so you can cover your expenses and lifestyle.

A 🧵 about my current best ways and crypto projects to earn crypto passive income:
There are many ways to earn passive income in crypto: Staking, Lending, Providing Liquidity, Yield Farming, Nodes & more. It depends on the risk you want to take, but usually staking & nodes are the simplest ways & the ones with the least risk, which is also what I mostly prefer.
Note: I'm always referring to #DeFi passive income through your (self-custody) wallet. Do not trust custodial services and third parties with your money, be your own bank and own your keys. You can earn much more by being your own bank.
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Last week marked the arrival of the State Connector☀️on #Songbird

Let’s take a closer look at this exciting new technical solution for secure universal interoperability.⬇️🧵1/6
So what is the #StateConnector?

ICYMI #StateConnector is a new core #Web3 protocol that allows the state of any open system, whether on-chain or off-chain, to be proven on #Flare & used with smart contracts in a trustless, decentralized manner. 2/6
Why build the #StateConnector?

Achieving secure universal interoperability is a challenge that has long frustrated the entire blockchain industry. Existing solutions either require trust in centralized 3rd parties, or they force other chains to conform to their standards. 3/6
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Turing platform #Flare Network has launched its State Connector on its #Canary network #Songbird.
The State Connector will enable states of on and off-chain open systems to be validated for smart contract use and safe transmission to other #blockchains.…
Flare centers on cross-chain interoperability where single-core protocols cannot be integrated by each chain.
Turing platform Flare Network has launched its State Connector on its Canary network Songbird, CoinQuora has learned.
The State Connector will enable states of on and off-chain open systems to be validated for smart contract use and safe transmission to other blockchains. It maintains the security of a full node, strengthening the decentralized feature of blockchain technology.
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London, UK, 29th March, 2022,

#Flare Network, the coming layer-1 that is built to safely connect to all #blockchains, has announced the launch of its State Connector on its #Canary network,…
#Songbird. This new core #Web3 protocol makes it possible for the state of any on- or off-chain open system to be proven on Songbird for use in smart contracts and for safe relay to any other #blockchain.
#Flare’s protocol is faster and more secure than existing solutions such as light client relays and oracles. Whereas alternatives reduce decentralization, the State Connector maintains the security of a full node, increasing the decentralization of #blockchain technology.
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🍌 $SGB Bored Apes are live! 🍌

Yesterday we made history and introduced a completely revolutionary #NFT concept, never seen in the crypto space.

With the @BestFTSO custom Generator tool you're able to create your own art... You are in control!

To generate your very own unique $SGB Bored Ape you need a Generator #NFT & "Shuffle Credits" / $GEN

You will then be able to shuffle traits of the Ape to create something magical. The more $GEN you own, the more you can shuffle, increasing the chance of a rare trait appearing!
Both Generator #NFTs and "Shuffle Packs" (used to receive $GEN) can be bought via the @kings_strategy website:


Every shuffle randomises each trait which will have a certain % chance of appearing, once you're happy you can lock in your Ape and mint!
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The @888InnerCircle expands with the @FlareNetworks realm!

For a chance to buy these #NFTs, join the Flare Discord & check out the "888-flare-realm' channel!


Minting will take place on Tuesday February 8, 2022. #888InnerCircle #Songbird #FlareNetwork
What makes this opportunity especially advantageous for you as a participant of the #Songbird network is the fact that you will be able to pick up an 888 Inner Circle #NFT and pay a minuscule amount in fees in comparison to all other realms selling on #Ethereum!

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#Songbird, even though relatively young, is already an extremely impressive network.

But what you are currently seeing is just a small fraction of its true potential, what's coming will blow your mind!

The party really starts when @FlareNetworks unleashes the power of the State Connector, followed by the F-Asset system!

"The State Connector enables proving any real-world event to any contract on #Songbird / Flare!"…
Due in Q1, the State Connector has many use cases. The one which stands out most to me is the ability to gather transaction data from any blockchain.

This will pave the way for the F-Asset system, a protocol which will revolutionize the blockchain space.
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Según una filtración recogida por @MCU_Direct la actriz Erin Kellyman encarnaría a #MelissaGold en la serie de #FalconandtheWinterSoldier.

Si querés saber quién es, lee el siguiente hilo!

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU
Melissa Gold era una joven que tras una infancia muy difícil, se une a un grupo de luchadoras conocidas como #Grapplers.
Estas chicas, al ser rechazadas en el ambiente del Wrestling se dedican al delito.
Melissa adopta el nombre de #GritonaMimi #ScreamingMimi Image
Caen en manos de algunas mentes perversas de #Roxxon. Mimi recibe un dispositivo que le permite hacer algunas cosas maravillosas con su voz, y adopta el nombre de #SongBird !!!!!

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU Image
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Go to the State Dept Reading Room and search "Mouaz" and you will find the operative at the center of #Libya #Syria #Ukraine #QAnon #TheStorm #Assad…
Here he is with someone familiar...
2015 Ukraine Panel Michael Weiss, Mouaz Moustafa and Damian Kolodiy moderated by Andrea Chalupa Part 2
"Everyone on the National Security Team recommended arming ISIS" @BasedBasterd @almostjingo @BabeReflex_8 @Cara_TXZEAL @BabeReflex_8 @2xwide_dreaming @Arazel50 @RedPilledNative

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