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Thread four of #Fallout76123NV4 run.

Recap: +1 GECK, +1 vertibird plans, FO3 in TTW NV next. Bring over power armor? Probably not.
So like, how spicy do I want this run to get? xD

Fast Shot is a lot more balanced in this NV mod.
I never really understood this drawback of the Ranger perk, tho.
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Thread three of #Fallout76123NV4 run.

Recap: Apparently when you blow up the Cathedral without killing the super mutant leader you lose your chance and the ending slide has the mutant army jacking shit up whoops.
I have moderately high hopes that when doing the side content this run I have more RP opportunities especially involving psycho addiction.
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Thread two of #Fallout76123NV4 run.

Recap: got Healing Factor, Unstable Isotope, and Chameleon mutations in Fallout 76 for longevity.

Heading into Fallout 1 now. So long, Appalachia, and thanks for all the... angler meat.
I'm sure this doesn't come up often but it's interesting that 35 is the maximum age your character can start at in FO1 xD
The real question is do I take gifted. From Vault 76 so I guess it technically fits? Feels cheaty, tho xD
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Alright, new thread for this. The basic idea is a permadeath run from Fallout 76 > 1 > 2 > 3 > NV > 4.

Lorebreaking inspired by this comic xD

Seeing as how there's no endpoint in 76 I'll cook up some condition(s), e.g. a mutation combo.
It might be interesting to deliberately have a condition be... to not set off a nuke.

Need Chameleon + Unstable, no serums or deliberate mutation farming?

Goody goody toon might stop at Signal Strength?
There's a question of how I want to "import" toons between games, but I think it should probably work like this:

- Establish a build in 76.
- Start at level 1 in FO1 & 2, just build loosely according to 76.
- Tale of Two Wastelands 3/NV might start carrying over progression.
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