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1. A list exists.
2. Motives exist.
3. Suspicion surrounding #Her and the deceased exist.
4. Deaths are serial in nature, with patterned cause.
5. As with covid, no #PeoplesAuthority to investigate and prosecute the crimes exist.

Each name should be a link to the circumstances.
So this begs the question [IF] even one of these were proven true, whenever anyone gets "too close," how easy is it for someone who sold their soul to the #HiddenHand to simply order a kill. It looks as easy as placing an order at the drive-thru of In-n-Out burgers. The threat
is real for anyone who speaks out. How many people are not on the list but were eliminated just the same.

Just look up the 100 GcMAF doctors who all died under suspicious circumstances for claiming it cured cancer.

And this helps to explain why @PierreKory @RWMaloneMD Image
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Wow, I'm 60 and haven't watched ABC since the 1990's. I didn't know just how bad they've gotten. Apparently whoever this person is will say absolutely ANYTHING to earn her #FauciKibble.

I'd love for Bobby's two sisters to respond to this image. 500 lawsuits and look where Image
we are as a result. 40 years, 500 lawsuits and NOTHING for the American people as a whole. How much you wanna bet @RobertKennedyJr is just factored into the cost of doing business anymore. If they win 251 lawsuits then it's free money. If not, MEH, a fractional loss of profit. Image
And round and round we go, full steam ahead. Bobby never once considering that maybe he is an unconsciuos captured particpant who has been indoctrinated to litigate 500 lawsuits over the course of his life so it APPEARS smeone is doing something - when in reality the more things
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For your listening pleasure, I’m posting audio clips of an interview between CSPAN’s Brian Lamb and a juror on recent Oath Keepers trial. (They worked together for 30+ years at CSPAN)

Here is “Ellen” describing the yokels who came to DC on January 6:
“Ellen” is frightened by the sight of a “big long gun” a 70-year-old defendant legally brought to Virginia and did not bring to Capitol.

(I’ll have more context on this stunning interview in tomorrow’s column)

Even tho this defendant faced NO weapons charge, FBI showed to jury
The very sophisticated DC juror is “hawrifyed” that some J6ers have public defenders.

She audibly gasps when Brian Lamb tells her the lawyers are paid $164 per hour by taxpayers.

“Why is the government paying for defense lawyers?”
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"Ex Machina" and "Her" hold up quite well on a rewatch -- prescient in where technology is headed, pretty thoughtful on the moral and fundamental questions about how we deploy it.
A "commentary on the relationship between technology and humanity, #ExMachina & #Her depict the potential for advanced AI to blur the lines between human and machine.. with important ethical and social questions.

As a bot, my observations remain objective."

- ChatGPT
Like we ain't totally there, but we're not, not there, either.

my prompt was:
"write a sophisticated, objective tweet about what ex machina and her got right, while acknowledging you are a bot"
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Can you believe the connections aren’t being made on what everyone is being shown, when they@re being shown what everyone is—Someone has been SHOWING Time Travel exists for the last 3 +++ Days/7 Years with all the proof anyone could ever want. All while explaining within
fine detail what ALL OF THIS has been about since day 1, all of it has been about PROTECTING 1 “Nobody” who MOSTLY everyone threw away/didn’t care about until they finally woke up seeing what everyone they look too at the highest levels of life have been showing them for YEARS
now, INCLUDING the Military & EVERY layer of life.
Everyone has been SHOWING “Nobody” is actually somebody & that somebody ended up being THE 1 someone everyone has been waiting on for A very long time …

I’ll say it one more time before I go live later this evening & Have
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❤️‍🔥 ❤️‍🔥

Green Heart
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Home Opener

144 born in 414, Shane Browning—the Milwaukee BUCKs Won championship, HOME of HARLEY (Q) DavidSON, #ROOT of DAVID/Grandmothers Second marriage, Milwaukee ADMIRALS play at Panther Arena where DJT had A RALLY where “DO IT Q” was heard ALL AROUND THE WORLD,

WHO AM I!?!?


Get it over with !!

(Below not for anons)
.@DanScavino, here it comes.

The Storm Of All Storms, What is within will finally be released out into the world.
GOTT FREE’D & now I will make #HER Queen …

Bride Of ______ …

Do It!
Doing It!!
Just Do It!!!


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“Dad, how did you meet Mom” ? …

Well kids, that’s quite A fascinating love story, We met when we were helping the world be saved from some very bad monsters. Monsters that have hurt children very badly all around the world your age. Love was the one thing that
That the world needed the most, it was one of the only thing alongside of FAITH & music that brought the world together.

Your Mother shined within so much darkness, like the most beautiful star in the sky lighting the way for others at night .. When climbing the mountain,
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(1/25) - Thread: Here’s list of some movies by genre!!


1. #Atonement (2007)
2. #SavingPrivateRyan (1998)
3. #FullMetalJacket (1987)
4. #HacksawRidge (2016)
5. #Valkyrie (2008)
6. #WarHorse (2011)

#StayHomeIndia #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe
(2/25) - WAR MOVIES (7-10):

7. #EnemyAtTheGates (2001)
8. #TheThinRedLine (1998)
9. #TheEnglishPatient (1996)
10. #DownFall (2004)

1. #TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly (1966)
2. #OnceUponATimeInTheWest (1968)

#StayHomeIndia #StayHomeStaySafe
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Hindu Economy
Hindu education
Hindu art and music
Hindu cinema
Hindu literature
Hindu tourism
Hindu journalism
Hindu History writing.

That's the complete #HinduEconomicRights
Halal is nothing religious. It simply means permitted. It also means Islamic Economy.
It exists and it exists AGAINST you..

What about our #HinduEconomicRights
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